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one of the best episodes yet... extremely funny!!!
murray_mg4 November 2005
Warning: Spoilers
Big Idea has done it again, and it's a very welcome thing after the last few episodes. "Sumo of the Opera" was a letdown, even though it had some cute moments. I'm still wondering why they used the sock puppet character Lutfi, instead of his alter-ego, Khalil. "Princess and the Great Pie War" was just lame, making me think the creators have a difficulty making a strong lead female character funny ("Esther" took itself way too seriously). But hold on to your hat, the fun is back! (wait, it's a Fedora....) As the cover clearly shows, this is a good-hearted parody of "Raiders of the Lost Ark". As a dedicated Spielberg-Lucas fan, every detail that matched the "Indy" movies had me giggling. Really did their homework on this one. Of course, the myriad Monty Python-like asides, running gags, and inside jokes were terrific, right down to the ringtones on Larry's cell phone, and Larry's mugging toward the audience at odd camera angles. And Bob gets a substantial role in this episode, that doesn't happen very often. Check the closing credits for a nod to the "3-2-1 Penguins!" series. And of course, the Big Idea in this episode is tolerance, patience and forgiveness toward bullies. I highly recommend this episode, especially to skeptics who don't know anything about VeggieTales, and dismiss it as just kiddie-religious programming. This is high quality entertainment that just happens to have a decent message attached to it, as are all the VeggieTales ( yes, even "Sumo" and "Princess" ).

One last note: the animation in this episode is the most awesome they have ever done. The computer-generated characters and backgrounds have beautiful, rich texture, very close to 3-D without the goofy glasses. Remember how good the animation was in "Larry Boy and the Rumor Weed" and "Jonah"? The graphics here are way better than either of those. See it for yourself, there's lots to love in this episode!
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