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The kids will like it
PassionforGod17 December 2006
The movie is cute, and no doubt one the kids will like. As an adult, I found it harmless and watchable. My three children 6-11 enjoyed it a lot. I loved Michael Clark Duncan as a voice talent. I could have listened to him and the character he played all night. Other actors did not seem as polished, allow Wallace Shawn and Debra Jo Rupp were good as expected. There is not as much action with the dogs playing sports, however. The movie (no spoilers) is about Air Buds 5 puppies and how they are kidnapped. The bumbling kidnappers foil everything, but Air Bud and his "Dog Wife" (a subdued Molly Shannon) head out to rescue their pups along with two middle school age boys. The movie seemed to borrow quite heavily from the live action Disney's 101 Dalmatians. All in all, it's still a nice way to have a family night.
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Mediocre Child's Fare
kevin_s_scrivner15 March 2007
My 7-year-old daughter loved it, as Disney execs crassly calculated that she would. That's the problem with "Air Buddies." It's a strictly by-the-numbers children's film filled with carefully calculated cuteness, a couple politically correct morals, and enough potty humor to avoid the dreaded G rating. As a parent, or even as a 10-year-old, you've seen it all before, and done better before. Think "101 Dalmatians Meets Home Alone" and you get the general idea. I'm of the opinion that a good children's story is a good story, period. "Air Buddies," which is about as original as recycled paper, fails to meet that standard. It isn't the worst video your child could watch, but there are megatons of better ones.
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oh god make it stop!
pkzeewiz18 May 2010
Warning: Spoilers
OK lets recap..A young boy named Josh (Kevin Zegers) moves to a new town because his dad dies. He moves there with his mother (Cynthia Stevenson) and his younger sister Andrea. He finds a stray dog and finds out it can play basketball and he himself joins the team and him, his buddy Tom (Shayn Solberg) and dog Buddy win at the end, and he was having his dog taken away from him by the dogs rightful owner who abused him but he got it back...PART 2 - A vet named Patrick Sullivan moves in on Josh's mom and freaks little Josh out but he finds out Buddy can play football so he, along with his friend Tom, join the football team. There is Russian animal circus owner trying to kidnap Buddy, but it all works out in the end and they win the big game PART 3..Patrick Sullivan (played by a new actor) marries Josh's mom (played by a new actress) and all seems well, Andrea is older and plays soccer and Josh gets the hots for Andrea's British coach Emma so he joins soccer along with his friend Tom and finds out that Buddy can play soccer too, meanwhile Buddy mates with Emma's golden retriever Molly and they have pups, and a crazy dog catcher kid naps all the dogs and Josh and Emma and Andrea have to get them back just in time to win the big game. PART 4 has Josh in it for just a little while (Kevin Zegers departure from the series) and sister Andrea takes over and find that Buddy can play baseball and he joins the team, he has kidnappers on his tail and it all works out in the end. Patrick is now replaced once again with Richard Karn in the role and Cynthia Stevenson is back as the mom and they now have a son named Noah. Also the friend Tom sees his farewell here. PART 5 Cynthia returns as the mom but Patrick is replaced by Alf Humphreys and once again the Bo Jackson of animals (a.k.a. Buddy "Air Bud" Framm) this time around finds that hes pretty good at volleyball and yea kidnappers, puppies and so fourth.....

NOW THIS BRINGS US TO A WHOLE NEW SERIES... AIR BUDDIES There is 5 puppies in this house -- The old house from way back when. Both Josh and Andrea are away at college and young Noah and the 5 puppies (there was once 6) live under one roof. Daddy Patrick (who goes by the name Patrick Framm although he used to be Patrick Sullivan and the name Framm is his wives original husbands surname)tells the back story of how their next door neighbor had a dog named Molly, who still lives there (although Molly was actually from a dog that lived in a mansion a good distance from them when the dogs originally met). Anyway the pups get rowdy and they try to find homes for them, but they are being kidnapped by bad sports are played and thats a bonus, and in the end it all works out and all 5 dogs are split up to loving kids... The End This story has major flaws, but it's a kids movie, it's a new franchise and I am the only dork that cares. This movie is loaded with C.G.I. and yes THEY TALK NOW!! All animals do.

This series has ripped off 101 Dalmations so many times, and they are watching it at a drive in here. This movie has stupid things like the bad guys being trapped in a barn, with a cell phone but never call anyone. Such a silly movie.

Actors and voices such as Don Knotts, Patrick Cranshaw (both who died shortly after this film was made) did good jobs as the sheriff and his hound. Cranshaw had played in some of the last air bud movies as well. Molly Shannon and Tom Everett Scott did the voices of Buddy and Molly and Abigail Brelin did a great job as Rosebud, the only female pup.

Good for kids and much better than any of the Air Bud sequels.. 3/10 stars
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Richard Karn, I have had enough
freakfire-126 April 2008
Dear Richard, I know we all loved you on Home Improvement with Tim Allen. But seriously, do you not have anything else to do besides lame sequels to Air Bud? I would have thought Tim might have actually give you a bit role by now or even becoming his personal assistant. I know that seems ironic, but the pay benefits are much more rewarding.

Everybody would see you around Tim and instantly think "Tool Time". You would even get roles with Bob Vila more often. Instead, you appear for 10 minutes with a Golden Retriever and smiling. I know there wasn't much of a script, but you could have added to it. I mean, come on. Tim owes you one.

But seriously, this movie does nothing for the Air Bud line. Quite the contrary, the fake talking puppies are cornier than actually seeing the dogs play sports. The original was better. And you, Mr. Richard Karn, know that more than anybody.

This is an "F" movie.
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pre-teen girls loved it
jrbritt11 January 2007
We rented this movie (along with Material Girls) for a group of four 9 & 10 year old girls to watch on New Year's eve. They absolutely LOVED it. Surprising to me, 2 of them commented that they liked it much more than the Material Girl (the Hillary Duff movie - and these girls are the age where most are big Hillary Duff fans), It is corny and there were a few parts I didn't care for. I think the part suggesting that the puppy was drunk from swimming in some wine would have been better left out. (Tell me - wine isn't fermented yet at the point he was swimming in it, is it? I'm thinking it was WAY too early in the wine making process.) I also don't care for gas jokes - but the girls laughed.

I have not seen any other air bud movies (guess there have been several?), so I cannot compare - but it was cute and a reasonable safe bet for the pre-teen set.
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Why do I keep punishing myself with these?
benjaminweber21 July 2018
Like a preacher needs pain, Like a needle needs a vein, I feel the need to watch awful dog films. Fact.

This is exactly what you'd expect from a series of films that should have stopped after the first one, or from a large corporation like Disney manufacturing children's films. It is the archetype of a bad children's film, written in a day on the back of a napkin. It is painful to watch, particularly whenever the sheriff's dog starts talking. The most fun you will get out of watching this is by trying to work out what accent the villain is trying to pull of. Cockney? South African? Swedish? Some unholy mixture of all Germanic languages in a blender?

Seriously, don't bother. There are good films, there are entertainingly bad films, and there are stale, manufactured children's films like this one.
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If you love puppies, watch this movie.
marbohm13 December 2009
We're all over 55 in this household and still enjoyed this movie. We rented this because we loved Air Bud. This movie is darling! Voices of the pups and other animals are perfect for each animal. Wallace Shawn as the goat's voice is right on! And Don Knotts for the bloodhound's voice, (Sniffer), is just great! If you're looking for a light movie that contains all the right family values and you think puppies are adorable, you'll want to watch this movie! Clearly, the animals were well trained. And the cameramen and editor did a great job. And the special effects were really good because all the little puppies look like they REALLY were talking! If you can, watch the other "Air Buddies" movies. We've seen two of the others and like them as well.
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Perfect for kids
Jonas_fan1125 February 2007
This is a very, very cute movie, in a few ways, one way is that the dogs, and puppies in this movie are cute, and the other way that it is cute is just the whole idea and plot of the movie. I would most definitely say that the whole aspect of that pretty much nothing in this movie could really happen, makes it so adorable! I think that if you are a kid, or an adult, but mostly a kid, you will totally and completely fall in love with this movie, like I have. One of the best things about these dogs is that you can't be allergic to them, lol! I think you should definitely see this movie, puppy and or dog lover or not you will completely love this movie!
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Watch in a Group or it's Garbage
gcowz21 May 2017
If you watch this movie on your own it's garbage. It's a dumb dog movie meant for kids, that's it. However if you watch it in a group it's hilarious. I might have enjoyed it mainly because of how great my group was, but I still find that most groups will enjoy it. Have a dog lover with you, because one of my friend's loves golden retrievers and started crying throughout the movie. She cried over air buddies. Even if you don't have a dog lover there's still plenty to enjoy from the terrible animation to how surprisingly racist the movie is. Air bud is god please watch all of his movies
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I love this movie...
taylorkingston14 April 2015
Warning: Spoilers
I absolutely love this movie. It's so adorable. I love how it's sort of a spin off from Air Bud, which I also love. But instead of a kids movie about dogs, they make it a kids movie about dogs, that talk to each other. So we see it from the dog's point of view. This movie is fun, cute, sweet, teaches children valuable life lessons and is a movie that the entire family can enjoy. This movie has spawned many sequels where the puppies get into all sorts of adventures, from meeting Santa Clause, to being in a dogsled race, to going into space, to finding treasure.

This movie is about five puppies. The "Air Buddies", as they are known. They're Budderball, Mudbud, B-Dawg, Bud-dah and Rosebud, the only girl. These puppies are very special. They are the children of a dog who can play basketball, baseball, soccer, volleyball and football. How adorable is that? The Buddies all live with different families, but they meet up to play. Their parents, Buffy and Molly are dognapped, the five adorable puppies, set off to say them. And it's adorable and hilarious.

Family Friendly? Definitely.

Overall, I give this movie a 10 out of 10.
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Cute, but cuteness doesn't do it all
sashank_kini-119 February 2008
Five ways to make a film successful, no matter how the film really is:

1) Have tons of nudity. The very next moment, the movie is a Showgirls (I heard many adore the movie)

2) Let it be based on a superhero. Superhero movies have mystical powers to captivate the attention of the audience. Eg. Spiderman, Fantastic 4, Transformers

3) Action does it all. Include guns, detonators and all kinds of weapons and have a boom film. It attracts teen boys and guys.

4) Star power: Make Denzel act in a Z-grade film and the next day, the Z transforms into an A.

And 5

Make it a cute movie, like this one. Easier way is to include adorable dogs. This formula woks well all the time as there are a number of avid dog lovers like me who would swarm over to watch this film.

I was a bit ambivalent whether this film would be good enough, as some movies based on dogs have been a bit too sweet. This one too leads the league of sweet movies.

Frankly speaking, the story could've been a lot better. The tiger thing would normally be present is a B grade flick. The voice acting could've improved. Some of the dogs were funny but the voicing of the Sheriff dog was bad.

Even the Sheriff dog's lip movements looked unreal. The puppies were really cute, especially Buddha, who was funny. But the names of some could've been somewhat more different. For example, 'Rosebud', 'Mudbud' and 'Budderball' had so much 'bud' present. Instead of mud bud, they could've kept mud-'something else.

It was edited for obtaining 'G' rating but it could've had a variety of jokes that could be rated G but were a bit more mature.

Overall, it is a cute film that would be liked if you keep in mind that it is meant to be cute only. 5 out of 10.
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i really like Budderball
jeffcgrainger6 May 2018
Budderball in this movie is so adorable he's a cute pup lovable and kind
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