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Alicia Vikander: Ava



  • Ava : Isn't it strange, to create something that hates you?

  • Ava : Will you stay here?

    Caleb : Stay here? AVA!

  • Caleb : [talking about ending the project]  It's not up to me...

    Ava : Why is it up to anyone?

  • Caleb : So what? You want me to talk about myself?

    Ava : Yes.

    Caleb : Where... Okay, where do I start?

    Ava : It's your decision.

    Ava : I'm interested to see what you'll choose.

    Caleb : Hmm.

  • Ava : I've never met anyone new before. Only Nathan.

    Caleb : Then I guess we're both in quite a similar position.

    Ava : Haven't you met lots of new people before?

    Caleb : None like you.

  • Ava : Would you like to know how old I am?

    Caleb : Sure.

    Ava : I'm one.

    Caleb : One what? One year or one day?

    Ava : One.

  • Caleb : I grew up in Portland, Oregon. No brothers or sisters. My parents were both high school teachers. And if we're getting to know each other, I guess I should tell you that they're both dead. Car crash when I was 15. In fact, I was in the car with them. Back seat. But it was the front that got the worst of it.

    Ava : I'm sorry.

    Caleb : It's alright. I spent a long time in the hospital afterward. Nearly a year and I got into coding. And by the time I got into college, I was pretty advanced.

    Ava : An advanced programmer.

    Caleb : Yes.

    Ava : Like Nathan.

    Caleb : Yes... No. It's different. Nathan wrote the Blue Book base code when he was 13. Which, if you understand code, what he did was like Mozart or something.

  • Ava : Do you want to be my friend?

    Caleb : Of course.

    Ava : Will it be possible?

    Caleb : Why would it not be?

    Ava : Our conversations are one-sided. You ask circumspect questions and study my responses.

    Caleb : Yes.

    Ava : You learn about me and I learn nothing about you. That's not a foundation on which friendships are based.

    Caleb : So what? You want me to talk about myself?

    Ava : Yes.

    Caleb : Where... Okay, where do I start?

    Ava : It's your decision. I'm interested to see what you'll choose.

  • Caleb : Okay, Ava. Well, you know my name

    Ava : Yes.

    Caleb : I'm 26. I work at Nathan's company. Do you know what Nathan' s company is?

    Ava : Blue Book. Named after Wittgenstein's notes. It's the world's most popular internet search engine, processing an average of 94% of all internet search requests.

    Caleb : That's exactly right.

    Ava : Where do you live, Caleb?

    Caleb : Brookhaven, Long Island.

    Ava : Is it nice there?

    Caleb : It's okay. I got an apartment. It's kind of small. It's very small, but it's a five minute walk to the office and a five minute walk to the ocean, which I like.

    Ava : Are you married?

    Caleb : Uh... no.

    Ava : Is your status single?

    Caleb : Yes.

  • Ava : Do you like Mozart?

    Caleb : I like Depeche Mode.

    Ava : Do you like Nathan?

    Caleb : Yes, of course.

    Ava : Is Nathan your friend?

    Caleb : My friend? I... yeah, I hope so.

    Ava : A good friend?

    Caleb : Yeah... well, no, no, no... I mean, not a good friend... A good friend is... We only just met each other, you know. So it takes time to be able to... to get to know each other I guess.

  • Ava : Caleb, you're wrong.

    Caleb : Wrong about what?

    Ava : Nathan.

    Caleb : In what way?

    Ava : He isn't your friend.

    Caleb : Excuse me? I'm sorry, Ava, I don't understand.

    Ava : You shouldn't trust him. You shouldn't trust anything he says.

  • Ava : Hello.

    Caleb : Hi. I'm Caleb.

    Ava : Hello Caleb.

    Caleb : Do you have a name?

    Ava : Yes. Ava.

    Caleb : I'm pleased to meet you, Ava.

    Ava : I'm pleased to meet you too.

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