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In the end this movie belongs to Del Toro. He imbues Jerry with such life, such ambiguity, such unsentimental complexity and depth that you can’t help but feel you’re watching the most intricately mapped depiction of addiction and strained humanity the film world has ever given us.
Emotionally challenging and honest.
Chicago Tribune
Things We Lost in the Fire finds Bier at an interesting juncture, half-Dogmatic, half traditionalist.
Rolling Stone
Del Toro is the movie's force field. This is a performance you will not forget.
The only downside is that Bier's vision of upper-middle-class America does not always seem authentic.
The A.V. Club
Well-acted yet strangely inert, Fire explores the messy human emotions of grief, but it'd be a lot more resonant if the guy everyone's mourning weren't so fatally perfect, so unforgivably superhuman.
A live-wire performance by Benicio Del Toro sparks an otherwise morose study of loss, addiction and catharsis.
No matter what panache Bier adds, Things We Lost is still a TV-scaled tear-duct drama about a beautiful woman who pushes past sadness in her House & Garden home.
An unstable mix of a tearjerker, junkie-recovery story and odd-couple pairing. The film marks the American debut of Danish filmmaker Susanne Bier, whose European films show a strong affinity for stories of human frailties and of families unraveling.
L.A. Weekly
Benicio del Toro’s a squinty-eyed genius, and the only reason this film is halfway worth seeing.

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