Things We Lost in the Fire (2007) Poster

Benicio Del Toro: Jerry Sunborne



  • Jerry Sunborne : Hi, my name is Jerry and I'm an addict. I've been clean for 89 days. My mind is clearer, and... I think it's getting better. Every day, a little bit. But I wanna talk about this dream I keep having. It always starts with me stealing silverware. Then I go sell it to this guy who I used to know who owned a catering service. Then with the money, I go to this place where I used to buy my drug of choice, and... he's not around. So I go to other spots, right, but for some reason, no one is around. All of Seattle is dry, and then I get that feeling... the dread... and I panic. And I start running, and it's raining, and it gets dark. And then I'm in my old apartment, and I'm thrashing right through it, looking for something I might have stashed away. And I think I'm having a seizure. And then I find a balloon hidden in my suitcase. So there I am... with a bag of junk in one hand, and the money for my next fix in the other... and I feel at total, utter peace. And I wake up. One day at a time. One day at a time. One day at a time. One day at a time. Thank you.

  • Jerry Sunborne : Roses are red, Violets are blue, I'm schizophrenic, and so am I.

  • Howard Glassman : So how come Brian never mentioned you?

    Jerry Sunborne : Because I'm a recovering heroin addict maybe.

    [moment's silence] 

    Howard Glassman : I hate my wife. I mean, since we're sharing...

  • Audrey Burke : What's heroin like?

    Jerry Sunborne : You ever heard that expression being kissed by God?

  • Audrey Burke : What you did today broke my heart.

    Jerry Sunborne : What did I do?

    Audrey Burke : You got Dory to put his head under the water.

    Jerry Sunborne : Oh, that was just a cute trick...

    Audrey Burke : He's six. Harper put hers under when she was only three. It was something that Brian tried and tried to get Dory to do, but he couldn't. And that victory today of getting Dory's head to go under was not supposed to be YOURS. It wasn't meant for you to have that moment. And for me, watching you was like this, this...

    Jerry Sunborne : I'm sorry.

  • Dory Burke : Are you going to die like my dad?

    Jerry Sunborne : Yeah.

    Dory Burke : When?

    Jerry Sunborne : As soon as possible, I hope.

    Dory Burke : [pauses]  You're kidding, right?

    Jerry Sunborne : [muted]  Ha ha.

  • Audrey Burke : How'd you know about the movies?

    Jerry Sunborne : Brian told me.

    Audrey Burke : Hm. So how the fuck did you know about it and I didn't?

    Jerry Sunborne : I don't know.


    Jerry Sunborne : Maybe he knew if you did, you wouldn't let him do it again.

    [says questionably] 

    Jerry Sunborne : Just don't take it out on her, okay? It's not her fault.

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