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a tender and affecting tale
christopher-underwood23 March 2012
Most likable and enjoyable Japanese movie that rather caught me by surprise. The title is certainly misleading if catchy and my Hong Kong DVD packaging is nothing short of a disgrace. The salacious cover featuring three girls cavorting in their underwear is just an advertiser's wet dream and nothing to do with the film. Also the box film description is most inaccurate. Never mind, the film surpasses all this and tells a tender and affecting tale, ostensibly about a job centre worker trying to find love but more about the young girl he enlists to help him and her own search for identity. It is more common in Japanese movies for the boys to be seen as lost and interesting for this to be more centred on the girl. All the usual location shots of back streets and convenience stores but a very believable and involving tale, very well told in a seemingly effortless style.
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Fun movie for the open-minded!
Blindopolis26 January 2007
Warning: Spoilers
Love Kill is the story about a job-placement office worker who likes to collect porn who falls in love w/a woman who came to him looking for work. He begins spying on her trying to figure out ways to get her to become his wife. Around the same time he meets an odd teenage girl whom he convinces to befriend the woman of his dreams so as to find out what her interests are which he will use to his benefit once he gets a date with her.

Along the way the teenage girl befriends the brother of the girl she's helping spy on & although he's gay & she realizes she is too, they spend time together getting stoned and trying to adjust to the pains of reaching adulthood. They stumble upon a hippie couple having sex in a van & peek through the window. They do mushrooms together & trip out while his sister & the office worker become involved & suddenly the young girl realizes she is in love w/the older woman & problems begin.

It's a lovely coming-of-age story, combined w/varying sexuality & recreational drug use told in a tragic-comedic way. Recommended for the open minded!
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