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Channing Tatum Says He's Extending Magic Mike Stripper Show to 'Worship Women' -- And He'll Make a Cameo

Channing Tatum Says He's Extending Magic Mike Stripper Show to 'Worship Women' -- And He'll Make a Cameo
Don’t worry ladies, Channing Tatum has you in mind.

Tatum’s Magic Mike Live show in Las Vegas was recently extended, and the actor, 37, opened up to People about what he thinks makes the show such a success.

“We just kind of did something that we thought was important, which was actually make it for women, and not for women to come and worship men,” he said at Amazon’s Comrade Detective premiere in Los Angeles. “To actually worship the women that are coming to the show and do something for them instead of just being like, it’s
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Channing Tatum Delivered Vodka to Unsuspecting Fans—And Their Reactions Were Priceless

Channing Tatum Delivered Vodka to Unsuspecting Fans—And Their Reactions Were Priceless
Having free vodka delivered to you on a Saturday? Awesome. Having free vodka delivered to you on a Saturday by Channing Tatum? Be still, our hearts.

On Monday, the actor posted four Instagram videos from the weekend in which he surprises unsuspecting people in their Los Angeles apartments with bottles of Born and Bred Vodka, the liquor brand he owns.

“I got to have a little fun freaking people out this weekend,” Tatum captioned the post. The stunt was part of a partnership with Saucey app, which delivers alcohol on demand.

The people’s reactions were predictably amazing, as most
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Channing Tatum Surprises People Who Ordered His Vodka and Hijinks Ensue

Channing Tatum Surprises People Who Ordered His Vodka and Hijinks Ensue
Surprise! Channing Tatum launched his brand of Born and Bred Vodka earlier this year and recently surprised several people who ordered some through the Saucey app. The Magic Mike stud posted a video of one of his encounters on social media. "Holly f--king shit," says a female customer named Britney after seeing the actor pop up in front of her on the street. She later suggests, "Should we go bother my boyfriend?" Of course! "Please, let's go bother your boyfriend," Tatum says. "I would love to bother your long as he doesn't hit me, we're good." The two then head to an apartment...
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Gigi Hadid on When to Wear a One-Piece Vs. a Bikini, Why She 'Hates a Skirt' and More

Gigi Hadid on When to Wear a One-Piece Vs. a Bikini, Why She 'Hates a Skirt' and More
Gigi Hadid may be the quintessential Cali girl, and not just because of her long blonde (or are they bronde?) locks. Born and bred in L.A., she’s always had the beach and warm weather at her fingertips. Now that it’s summer for the rest of the country too, the Reebok global ambassador revealed what that season looks like for her in a new video for the brand.

First things first: swimwear. Although she loves both a one-piece and a bikini, the model has specific reasons for choosing each one. “I feel sportier in a one-piece, you know what I mean?
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Channing Tatum Is Launching His Own Vodka Line: 'I Want to Just Cause a Little Havoc'

Channing Tatum Is Launching His Own Vodka Line: 'I Want to Just Cause a Little Havoc'
Channing Tatum is going into the spirits business with his new brand of vodka, called Born and Bred, and he's as excited about it as you would be if you had your own liquor.

"On the inside label, once you drink it down, or if you get your eye really close to the bottle, it says, 'Cross my heart and hope for mischief,'" Tatum told Bon Appetit. "That's just what I want when I pour myself a drink. I want to just cause a little havoc, get into some trouble, get into some safe, manageable mischief."

Watch: Channing Tatum 'Shames Himself Into Getting Better' at Playing Piano

The Hail, Caesar! actor sat down with the food publication for a recent one-on-one interview, in which he revealed how he got the idea to team up with the Idaho-based Grand Teton Distillery to develop his own line of alcohol.

"It was me and my buddy Jack, we
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Channing Tatum Is Launching a Vodka Line: ‘I Want to Just Cause a Little Havoc’

Channing Tatum Is Launching a Vodka Line: ‘I Want to Just Cause a Little Havoc’
Channing Tatum has ventured into the liquor business, a path he says shouldn’t shock anyone.

The star has announced the launch of Born and Bred Vodka — a move which, back when he was stripping at the age of 19, “would have seemed more feasible than becoming an actor,” he tells Bon Appetit. “Now, I’m a stripper that became an actor that I guess is working in vodka. Nothing surprises me anymore.”

Tatum has been open about his past experience in the male entertainment business — which later inspired his Magic Mike films. “I can’t change the fact that I did this in real life,
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‘Patriots Day’: Mark Wahlberg Explains Why Making Fact-Based Film Has Not Eased Pain of Tragic Event

‘Patriots Day’: Mark Wahlberg Explains Why Making Fact-Based Film Has Not Eased Pain of Tragic Event
Mark Wahlberg and his frequent filmmaking collaborator, director and screenwriter Peter Berg, have often worked together on fact-based features — including “Lone Survivor” and this year’s “Deepwater Horizon” — but the pair’s latest take on a true life story proved to be a very different experience for both actor and filmmaker. In Berg’s “Patriots Day,” the horrific events of the 2013 Boston Marathon bombing and its bloody aftermath unfold on the big screen, bolstered by deep-dive reporting, actual surveillance footage and a very large cast of characters, many of them based on real people.

At a luncheon held in the film’s honor today at Manhattan’s Lotos Club, Wahlberg, Berg, co-star Kevin Bacon and producers Michael Radutzky and Scott Stuber participated in a half-hour chat moderated by film journalist Dave Karger that focused on how hard it was to bring the film to the big screen, the extraordinary amount
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Azealia Banks Dropped From Rinse Born & Bred Festival After Racist Rant Against Zayn Malik

Azealia Banks‘ latest Twitter rant – this one against Zayn Malik – has caused her to lose her headlining slot at London music festival Rinse Born and Bred. Azealia Banks’ Latest Offensive Rant Banks took to Twitter and Instagram Tuesday to accuse Malik of ripping off her previous music videos for his new music video […]

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Music maestro A. R. Rahman to be the Chief Guest at Iffi 2015

The International Film Festival of India (Iffi) today announced that music maestro A. R. Rahman will be the Chief Guest of closing ceremony of Iffi 2015. The festival also announced Argentina‘s Oscar entry and this year’s biggest Argentinean box office hit-The Clan (El Clan) as the Closing Film of Iffi 2015. Directed by Pablo Trapero, The Clan has set new record for the best opening ever of an Argentinean movie. Directed by Academy Award winner Tom Hooper, Danish Girl will be the mid fest film.

With each edition, the biggest film festival of India is creating new benchmarks of content, films, and achievements. The 46th edition of the film festival will be held from November 20 to 30 in Goa. The festival will screen a variety of brilliant national and international films in different sections including World Cinema section that will present 187 films from 89 countries and Indian Panorama section, which will bring
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Full Content Listing For Upcoming Owen Hart DVD And Blu-ray

The full content listing for the upcoming WWE DVD and Blu-ray set on the life and death of Owen Hart has been revealed, courtesy of the Wrestling DVD Network. The list includes all chapter titles for the documentary feature on disc one, as well as all extras, including the full list of matches selected for the package.

Bret Hart recently commented on the documentary portion of the set, sounding very pessimistic about the chances that the documentary will do a good job telling the full story of his brother’s life. Bret believes that WWE is having to walk on egg shells to cater to Owen’s widow, Martha, who is not supporting the DVD release.

Bret told the Fight Network:

“I’m looking forward to it but I’m not really optimistic that it’s going to be a great job. Martha handcuffed them so much. I
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Far from the Madding Crowd director Thomas Vinterberg: ‘It’s always been me-me-me-me – until now’

He was the Dogme auteur who had the world at his feet, then it all fell apart. Thomas Vinterberg talks about hitting rock bottom, splitting up with Lars Von Trier – and what a ‘Danish handshake’ really means

Two decades ago, Thomas Vinterberg came roaring out of Denmark, a precocious, brilliant brat whose second feature, Festen, electrified audiences worldwide and put the Dogme movement on the map. But Festen is ancient history now – Vinterberg has since experienced the bitter taste of failure, both artistic and personal. But against all odds, he is returning as a confident, comfortable lion, with a big fat period adaptation under his belt. Far From the Madding Crowd, based on the Thomas Hardy novel – by way of a script by David Nicholls – stars Carey Mulligan and is produced by British film industry titans Andrew Macdonald and Allon Reich. Born and bred in Denmark, Vinterberg might be a
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The Great British Bake Off: Meet series 5's contestants - first photos

It's back - and this time, it's on primetime BBC One. The Great British Bake Off's fifth series premieres next week, and a batch (ahem) of 12 competitors will doubtless rise to the occasion, offering judges Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood proof of their baking prowess over the coming weeks.

This year's hopefuls include the competition's youngest and oldest bakers since the show began in 2010 - but who brings cakes to their slimming club, who doesn't like following recipes and who has (seriously) a "pet sourdough starter"? Here's everything you 'knead' to know as we introduce The Great British Bake Off's contestants:


Fashion designer Chetna started her own fashion label in India after moving to Mumbai for university. The 35-year-old met her husband at college, where he was training to be a doctor, and they moved to the UK in 2003. Chetna runs a social curry club every week,
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Exclusive: Get loud for NatGeo's 'Wicked Tuna North Vs. South' poster

  • Hitfix
Grab your harpoons and get ready: the "Wicked Tuna North Vs. South" series is on its way to the National Geographic Channel in less than three weeks. HitFix exclusively reveals the poster for the spinoff to one of NatGeo's most popular reality shows, which hits TV on Aug. 17 at 10 p.m. Est. Season 3 of "Wicked Tuna" was its highest rated (and most wicked) of the series yet, so now the show will pit Gloucester's finest against some Southerners in some waters fans (and the fishermen) have never seen before. "Born and bred in the South," a release says of their competition, they "play by their own set of rules." Click the image below for a higher-resolution version.
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Spurs: 6 Reasons Tim Sherwood Is The Right Man For The Job

Nick Potts/Pa Wire/Press Association Images

Since Tim Sherwood took over as boss at White Hart Lane – replacing the dismissed Portuguese coach Andre Villas-Boas back in December of last year – things have been looking up for Spurs.

Despite this, however – and despite the fact he has signed a permanent two season deal at the club – other coaches are constantly being linked with replacing him sooner rather than later (Louis van Gaal and Cesare Prandelli, for example). However, it could be in Spurs’ best interests to keep Sherwood on in the role indefinitely.

Even though results have been good, many fans think that Sherwood is the wrong man for the job in the long term and that he should indeed be replaced with someone with more experience. He has, of course, won some people over, but not everyone is convinced.

However, in this article, we’ll be looking at why
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Win Geordie Shore Season 5

  • HeyUGuys
To mark the release of Geordie Shore Season 5 on 13th January, we’ve been given 3 copies to give away on DVD.

Born and bred Geordie favourites Charlotte Crosby, Gaz Beadle, Holly Hagan, Sophie Kasaei, James Tindale, Vicky Pattison, Ricci Guarnaccio, Daniel Thomas-Tuck and Scott Timlin wave a fond farewell to the Tyneside’s Diamond Strip for a four-leg tour of the stag and hen capitals of Europe.

What will happen when European chic meets synthetic hair extensions and sleeveless vests? There’s sure to be more drunken romps, bed hopping and unadulterated partying than you can shake a can of lager at, so Europe had better watch out!

Please note: This competition is open to UK residents only

a Rafflecopter giveaway

The Small Print

Open to UK residents only The competition will close 21st January at 23.59 GMT The winner will be picked at random from entries received No cash alternative
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Baker Cooks Up the Most Gruesome Loaves of Bread You've Ever Seen

  • FEARnet
Baker Cooks Up the Most Gruesome Loaves of Bread You've Ever Seen
Just when you thought baked goods couldn't possibly get any more disgusting than those maggot larvae cupcakes we showed you back in October...

Artist Kittiwat Unarrom's bakery looks more like Leatherface's house than it does any bakery you've ever stepped foot inside of, fancy looking cupcakes and pastries replaced with human heads, severed arms and organs hung up on meat hooks. Ole Bubba would be proud, to say the least, but he'd be in for the surprise of his life when he took a bite out of what appears to be the gruesome remains of his many victims. Though Unarrom's confections look like they were imported from grisly crime scenes, the truth is that he's not a killer. He just has a knack for baking the world's most unusual loaves of bread.

Born and bred - no pun intended - in Thailand, Unarrom moved from painting to sculpting while in art school,
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Move Over Sundance Labs; Franklin Leonard’s Blacklist Have their first 6 Fellows for 2013

It might not cure the cancer that has attacked Hollywood, but a sparkling new initiative by Franklin Leonard’s Blacklist might help bring some much needed originality back to the screenplay form. Announced last July, the Black List (which, every December proposes a best of list for the best unproduced screenplays of the past calender year) decided to perhaps one up the hundreds of screenplay competitions that exist out there and in their own way, do what the Sundance Labs do best; support future voices.

The week-long (September 30-October 5th) intensive workshop includes mentorship from the likes of Brian Koppelman, Jenny Lumet, Scott Myers, Billy Ray, and Kiwi Smith and I imagine will get tons of handed notes and suggestions on how to survive the shark infested waters of the industry. Here’s the first batch of six and don’t be surprised if we one day see one of these get a greenlit.
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Doctor Who: 10 best Dalek stories

Top 10 Andrew Blair 13 Sep 2013 - 06:48

Andrew counts down Doctor Who's top 10 Dalek stories, from Invasion Earth to The Power of the Daleks...

A cosmos without the Daleks scarcely bears thinking about.

Without the mutated remnants of the seemingly indestructible planet Skaro, we don't know if Doctor Who would have survived. If Terry Nation had dreamt up the Voord to menace Barbara in the series fifth episode, Den of Geek may well be paying tribute to Doctor Who as an obscure cult concern, cherished by a few but forgotten by many. Instead, we do things like this.

This list is not limited to the television series, because Doctor Who isn't limited to the television series. And hey, why not use our Comments Section to add your own list or express disbelief that I've not included Evil of the Daleks in mine?

10. Daleks – Invasion Earth: 2150 A.D.

There's something eternally
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Photos: Barbra Streisand's Style

Photos: Barbra Streisand's Style
Barbra Streisand's career has spanned many, many decades, and she's clung fiercely to her identity through them all. With several Emmy, Grammy, Oscar and Tony awards to her name -- not to mention a slew of other highly regarded prizes and nominations -- Streisand is a rare member of the "Egot" club. In fact, she holds the high honor of being the first woman to simultaneously direct, produce, write and star in a Hollywood film ("Yentl"). It's no surprise Streisand inspires us all.

Born and bred in Brooklyn, New York, the multi-hyphenate got her start performing in New York City's gay nightclub scene. Streisand's acting career kicked off with 1968's "Funny Girl" and 1973's "The Way We Were," and 1976's "A Star is Born" encapsulated her trajectory perfectly. As the singer solidified her acting career, she developed a rabid fan following.

Instead of resting on her laurels later in life,
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