Love Is All (2007) Poster


Carice van Houten: Kiki Jollema


  • [Prins Valentijn climbed his way through the window of Kiki's appartment back to his hotel. Kiki followed him and jumps into the elevator with Valentijn just before it closes] 

    Kiki Jollema : Don't say a word!! I don't know how you usually treat your dates but I won't put up with this!

    Prins Valentijn : [Kiki has a little cut on her cheek]  Did you fall down? You're bleeding...

    Kiki Jollema : [pushes his arm away]  Get lost!

    Prins Valentijn : I'm sorry... This wasn't supposed to happen...

    Kiki Jollema : Oh, so what happened tonight wasn't supposed to happen?

    Prins Valentijn : No that was supposed to happen!

    Kiki Jollema : But a kind of goodbye, a breakfast doesn't come to mind. No the girl shouldn't feel like it had any meaning!

    Prins Valentijn : It did have meaning... And that wasn't supposed to happen. I... I feel something for you... And I've never... Well it might sound really stupid but I've never had that before. That I really feel something. I think it's great... And scary... It makes me want to run away really fast but at the same time I just want to be with you, to be with...

    [She kisses him] 

    Prins Valentijn : Wait... you have to know... I'm not...

    [She kisses him again] 

    Kiki Jollema : I know exactly who you are...

    Prins Valentijn : You knew that the whole time? Why didn't you say anything...?

    Kiki Jollema : I don't know... I thought it was sweet how you got all dressed up for me. I wanted to see how far you'd go.

    Prins Valentijn : Well, pretty far...

    Kiki Jollema : Yeah, pretty far...

  • [from trailer] 

    Kiki Jollema : I believe that that exists. That you can suddenly see a future with each other. That you know that someone still loves you if your sitting on the couch next to someone with your hanging milk boobs and exploded hair. That it's right, that it works.

  • [from trailer] 

    Prins Valentijn : Can I give you a ride home?

    Kiki Jollema : No. I'm actually waiting for my true love.

    Prins Valentijn : Who isn't? Now the question is. What do we do in the mean time?

  • [from trailer] 

    Victor Jollema : Did you get his number?

    Kiki Jollema : No, how dumb do you think I am? He'll think that I like him. Then I'm gonna have to sleep with him.

    Victor Jollema : Yeah. That would be horrible.

  • [from trailer] 

    Kiki Jollema : I just want what you have.

    Victor Jollema : What do you mean?

    Kiki Jollema : Well, you found the one. And I'm really happy for you but also incredibly mad that it's not happening for me.

  • Prins Valentijn : Kiki Jollema...

    Kiki Jollema : How do you know my name...? Oh, my name tag... DUH!

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