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Kang-ho Song: Park Gang-Doo


  • Park Gang-Du : Let's have a cold one. Here.

    [He hands Hyun-seo a can of beer] 

    Park Hyun-seo : This is alcohol.

    Park Gang-Du : Well, you're in middle school now.

  • US Doctor trying to operate Gang-Du : [speaking to his colleague in private]  The late Sgt. Donald, the first one classified as a victim of the virus, was given an extensive autopsy and no virus was found. He died of shock during the operation. Also, no traces of the virus were found in any of the patients quarantined. Simply put, so far, there is no virus whatsoever.

    Park Gang-Du : [in English]  Huh? No virus?

    [in Korean] 

    Park Gang-Du : You mean there's no virus? Right? There's no virus!

  • Park Gang-Du : [watching the news and seeing himself and his family as wanted fugitives]  Hey, we should tape this and show it to Hyun-seo. Daddy on TV.

    Park Nam-il : Jesus...

  • Park Gang-Du : [Sprinting with all his might along the bridge after the monster]  HYUN-SEO! HYUN-SEO, IT'S DADDY!

  • Officer : [moving in towards the dividing screen of plastic to insist to Gang-du]  Your daughter never called you in the first place, okay?

    [to Hie-bong] 

    Officer : Your son had a dream, but it was so real that...

    [Nam-joo interrupts him by placing the flat of her hand to his chest] 

    Park Nam-Joo : You don't believe anything we said?

    Officer : Now you're obstructing an officer in the line of duty.

    Park Hie-bong : [Gently pushing his daughter away]  Step back, Nam-joo.

    Park Gang-Du : Officer, should I explain it again? The way it happened was...

    Officer : I know, I know, I know. You yourself saw your daughter die. But she called you in the middle of the night? Does that make any sense? That's completely ridiculous.

    Park Nam-il : A servant of the people, talking back like that?

    Officer : Then what's your problem?

    Park Nam-il : You fucking...

    Park Gang-Du : Stop! This is...

    [He holds up a cell phone] 

    Park Gang-Du : This is my daughter, Park Hyun-seo. My daughter. I'm the creature.

    [He puts the phone into his mouth] 

    Park Gang-Du : I ate her. Okay? And then...

    [He spits the phone out into a small plastic bin] 

    Park Gang-Du : [Choking back sobs]  It happened like this. This is a sewer. You don't understand?

  • Park Nam-il : [grabbing a grieving Gang-du by the arm]  So you screwed up, huh? I heard everything. You grabbed some other girl's hand?

    [He claws at his brother's head] 

    Park Nam-il : You left Hyun-seo on the ground?

    [He takes another swipe at Gang-du but Hie-bong holds him back] 

    Park Nam-il : Your own daughter? You call yourself a fucking father?

    [as he says this he manages to kick Gang-du] 

    Park Nam-il : You son of a bitch!

    Park Gang-Du : [bawling]  I thought it was Hyun-seo's hand!

  • Park Gang-Du : Is it the virus that's making me sleepy?

  • Park Hie-bong : I received a complaint from Mat Number 4. Their squid had only nine legs. Did you eat one?

    Park Gang-Du : No.

    Park Hie-bong : Don't deny it. Why touch other people's things? Think of it from the customer's perspective. A squid. The torso tastes delicious, but the legs, especially the longest one, has something special, right?

    [He pulls a half eaten squid leg out of the pocket of Gang-du's hoodie] 

    Park Hie-bong : [Thrusting a tray into his son's arms]  Take this to Mat Number 4. Tell them it's on the house.

  • Park Gang-Du : Dad, am I dying?

    Park Hie-bong : Don't say that! Just do what the doctors tell you.

  • Officer : Your daughter, Park Hyun-seo, a seventh grader at Dangsan Middle School. She's on the deceased list.

    Park Gang-Du : Yeah, she goes to Dangsan School... she's deceased... but she's not dead.

    [the officer laughs] 

    Park Gang-Du : I mean, she died, but she's still alive.

    Officer : Now you're talking in circles.

  • Park Gang-Du : [Strapped to an operating table, his head encased in a strange looking protractor-like contraption with a needle attached to it]  You're talking about a virus that doesn't exist. Mister, they said there's no virus. So, you should let me go now.

    [He starts to sob] 

    Park Gang-Du : My daughter Hyun-seo is under Wonhyo bridge.


    Park Gang-Du : I need to go quickly. Please let me go. Okay, mister, huh?

    [Suddenly, angrily] 

    Park Gang-Du : You shitheads! You bastards!

    [Panicking desperately again] 

    Park Gang-Du : Please, mister, I beg you, let me go. I'll give you my food stand, okay? I'll give the rights to you.

    [One of the doctors begins drawing a pencil mark on either side of Gang-du's forehead] 

    Park Gang-Du : What are you doing? Please, mister! Wait!

    [We hear drilling, and Gang-du half-cries, half-quavers] 

    Park Gang-Du : Fuck! This is driving me crazy! I really need to get to Hyun-seo!

    [He hyperventilates] 

    Park Gang-Du : Mister! Please, save me! What is this? Please!

    [as the needles edge further to his head, Gang-du sobs hysterically] 

    Park Gang-Du : Hyun-seo, I'm sorry. Daddy...

  • US Doctor trying to operate Gang-Du : [to Gang-du, in English]  Now, Mr. Park... I heard that your daughter is still alive.

    Young Korean Doctor : [translating in Korean]  "I heard that your daughter is still alive".

    [Gang-du looks up at the doctor. Finally, someone believes him!] 

    US Doctor trying to operate Gang-Du : [in English]  Is she really alive?

    Young Korean Doctor : [in Korean]  "Is that true?"

    Park Gang-Du : [slowly but desperately, in Korean]  Yes! My daughter is... now... in the sewer under Wonhyo Bridge...

    Young Korean Doctor : [in English, to the US Doctor]  He says his daughter is in a sewer near Wonhyo Bridge.

    US Doctor trying to operate Gang-Du : [in English]  Jesus! Why didn't you report this the police, or the military?

    Young Korean Doctor : [in Korean]  "Why didn't you contact the police, or the military"?

    Park Gang-Du : [in Korean]  B-because nobody...

    US Doctor trying to operate Gang-Du : [in English]  Haven't you considered contacting a television station, or a human rights organization?

    Young Korean Doctor : [in Korean]  "Have you considered contacting a television station, or a human rights organization?"

    Park Gang-Du : [sobbing, in Korean]  Because nobody fucking listens to me, damn it!

    Young Korean Doctor : [in English]  "Because nobody fucking listens to me!"

    Park Gang-Du : [still sobbing, in Korean]  Please don't cut me off! My words are words, too! Why don't you listen to my words?

  • Girl : Daddy!

    [the sound of her voice wakes Gang-du from his sleep at the counter. He looks around, dazed] 

    Park Gang-Du : Huh? Hyun-seo? Hyun-seo?

    [He finds that the voice is instead from a young girl, not his daughter, walking past the counter with a popsicle] 

    Girl : Wait for me!

    [Gang-du sighs and lays his head down at the counter] 

    Park Hie-bong : [annoyed]  Now that you're finally awake...

    [He hurls a packet at his son's head] 

    Park Hie-bong : I need three squids for Mat 4.

    [He bends down to get a can of beer and mutters to himself] 

    Park Hie-bong : God, how much sleep can a body take?

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