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I love this show...
jupiter30319 August 2006
I almost never watch E!. Can't stand the silly hype usually. But where I am living currently (abroad) there aren't too many options.

This show however is great. Actually one of the better reality shows I have seen, compared to "The Osbourns" for example and the rest, half of which I can't even remember.

The three ladies on the show are simply fun and the series just kind of sucks you in. Not so much for the T&A, just the fun of it all. Hef is admirable for his age, straight talking and easy going, a role model and inspiration for many. Not in the "traditional sense" perhaps, but still in a good way. With his 80 years of experience it's no wonder he could pick some charming ladies to be around and on the show as he has.

I was always curious what his life was like and this show satisfies.

Don't take it too seriously, just sit back and have some fun and relax with it.

Quite a simple concept really, but in this day and age not east to find on TV.
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eh, honestly- give it a chance
cognitivethinking7730 August 2005
i know that a bunch of playboy bunnies running around a mansion with someone who is turning 80 next year seems a little...trashy. but honestly, if you actually sit down and watch an episode, you will realize that the girls actually aren't that trashy. two of them have college degrees. one has a masters. the third is a massage therapist. like really? come on. you can't just call them dumb because they are hot and live at this mansion. the only one who doesn't seem smart or poised is Kendra- and if i had to guess her age i'd say 18 or 19. shes just a typical girl, nothing to get upset about. this show is completely harmless, and in the middle of the day when nothings on, its nice to watch gorgeous girls goof around.
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Get over it...
golightly3211 January 2006
The Girls Next Door is funny light hearted television, in a not so funny light hearted world. I'm not quite sure the world of television has been entirely up to par in the past few years anyhow.

Is it thought provoking, and life altering? Maybe not, but it's just fun to watch. Sometimes, and some days you just need some light hearted entertainment.

If you don't agree with the show, or the participants then just turn the channel or hand yourself over to those DVD's you're so happy to own. Don't belittle other's successes (even if they aren't your notion of success). It's just TV, not brain surgery.
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You can dress up a pig, put lipstick on it and call it Monica, but in the end, it's still a pig.
davidandm17 June 2007
Warning: Spoilers
On the surface, the giggly blonde three-some do their best to show how much fun they are having at the mansion. Throwing parties, attending charity events, an occasional nude/semi-nude photo shoot. Hef wanders in and out of these scenes to give his opinion or laugh at something the girls are up to. A reality sitcom with lots of playboy logos and pink bedrooms.

To those of us with higher standards, it's nothing but a dirty old man with tons of money and Viagra sleeping with his very well-paid call girls. You can take a pig, dress it up, put lipstick on it and call it Monica, but in the end it's still a pig. That about sums up the bottom line of this show. I suppose some might argue when the old man kicks off these 3 hookers will have nice bank accounts and can move on to a real job. But money can't buy you self-respect, and I would hate to wonder what these girls see when the mirror stares back at them...
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Are you kidding me?
frisbee1030 December 2007
People like this show? Why not just watch "Girls Gone Wild"-- it's just as trashy, the girls are cuter, and it's not full of high-maintenance idiots. College degree?!? What a joke. One girl got a degree in communications (yeah, the same major as all the football players) from some school that nobody has heard of, and the other girl is "taking online classes." I'm rolling on the floor laughing. What else are you going to do with your time in the brothel? And what idiot counted a massage therapist or real estate agent as a college degree? Look, if their CV's were good enough for a real job they wouldn't be prostitutes, and if they were remotely pleasant, tolerable, or intelligent people they could have a hot rich guy who is less than 50 years older than them.
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This show is great!~
blondetexaschic6 December 2005
I have to admit before seeing this show, I thought Hugh Hefner was just a little sleazy, but in all reality he is such a caring and kind hardworking gentleman! And I love how this show shows its viewers the everyday lifestyle of Hef's girls! I am not afraid to admit, after watching this I began to like Hef soot much, and this show is awesome! I recommend it for anyone who likes a fun show without any drama. I am addicted to it now! HAHAHA! And after seeing this show, it really makes me want to live in the Playboy Mansion! And even his girlfriends just seem like they would be fun to hang out with! And I just can't say enough about Hef! I just love him now! He is SO cute! And what he has done for those girls to me is great! I mean so what they have a 9 o'clock curfew, but hey they can get whatever they want when they want! And his number one girlfriend Holly Madison seems to really care for him, so I think it is sweet!But anyways, I recommend this show highly! I find it incredibly interesting and just down-right fun!~
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Love it..
xImBreathlessx13 November 2005
I absolutely love this show but i have to admit that the show wouldn't be what it is without Kendra. Kendra is one out of the three playboy playmates featured in this show, she is so hilarious and has the best personality. I honestly don't get why people hate on this show, if you don't like it then don't watch it. Anyways, each episode usually has to do with the girls going on trips or doing a photo-shoot,i definitely think it's one of the most entertaining shows out there right now. I have to admit that when i first heard about this show, i was like "are you serious?, i wouldn't watch this if you paid me", but it became one of my favorite shows. I highly recommend everyone to at least watch one episode of this show but i warn you, you will be hooked.

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Pretty funny
caa8212 December 2006
I have seen this program advertised, but had never watched even a second of it until today. I hit the "E" channel's number by mistake, intending to tune into the Navy-Army pre-game program.

They had just begun a program celebrating Hefner's 80th birthday, apparently ready to participate in the traditional, annual, "Hef's birthday," viewing of "Casablanca." He was reading some notes about the movie - the man is an unexpectedly dull, and rather inarticulate speaker. Everyone was grinning like apes, and his young girlfriends were in dresses so damn tight, they looked like Martin Short's morbidly-obese "Jiminy Glick" trying to seat themselves.

I watched a few minutes, fascinated as his charges in the other room scurried to convert a large area into a precise replica of "Rick's," the Bogart bistro in the flick - for champagne and caviar afterward.

The show is amusing, but I suspect (at least for me) in some ways other than intended. Hefner reminds me of Phil Donahue and the late Howard Cossell. He has morphed into a persona which looks like an exaggeration of the satirical imitations of him done by impersonators, stand-up comics, and talk-show hosts. Hugh, like Phil and Howard, is a classic self-parody. And there's something fascinatingly grotesque in viewing this octogenarian old fart creep around in pajamas and smoking jacket, amidst these vacuous nymphets, who seem incapable of wearing any apparel which isn't overly-tight, overly-skimpy, or both. Nothing actually wrong with this per se, except these bimbos are as void of taste as they are intelligence.

I've seen his old films/tapes of the long-ago Playboy t.v. program. There he was a 30- or 40-something man, pretentious, and a rather smarmy/unctuous presence. The guy today is a pretentious, smarmy, unctuous 80-year-old.

I'd love to see a show devoted to a tour of Hef's private bathroom, and have him display his undoubtedly major supply of herbs, vitamins, and ED pills, creams. etc.

When the girlfriends eventually "deliver," Hef can be an honorary Great Great Grandfather to the kids. He's just the right age.
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Blueghost24 January 2007
I can't believe I saw this show. I truly can't. And yet I have.

I remember shooting bikini videos years back, and thinking to myself how jealous I was making non-crew spectators as I did my job. It put a smile on my face. But now I'm watching a video which is ostensibly in the same "genre" so to speak; the "pretty girl expose" sub-genre, and now that I see the product of such work (which I rarely viewed after a job was done) I'm at a loss for words. What can I say? Oh... my... God... if there was anything more vapid and hair-brained than a video about girls feeling competitive and special about being invited by the world's oldest, commercially successful, "dirty-old-man" to show off their bodies for a "sex" magazine, then I can't think of it.

Myself, I think there're few things that compete with the female form, particularly one that's gifted and graced with beauty. But to create a TV series about girls feeling special about getting naked in front of a camera... I mean... words just can't describe it. And yet here it is, in all of its Betacamn glory.

Jealous? No, just thoroughly astonished.

And yet at the same time I understand that there's a niche market for this sort of thing. The kind of male (or female as the case may be) who is in awe of physical beauty, and thinks there's something special about such people, and hence wants to get to know their inner emotional and social workings. Such a program offers a vicarious experience for those who aren't "part of the scene", so to speak.

I imagine it also offers a kind of testosterone boost for a certain kind of male who also likes this kind of thing, and seeing the rewards doled out to the pretty and intellectually vague.

But that'a a little harsh, because some of these girls, for all their clique-oriented petty competition and feigned sisterhood, demonstrate an internal understanding of who and what they are, and why they're prized as such. This puts them apart from the runaway who gets caught up in the illicit sex industry, and knows no other value to herself.

Even so this show is a waste of digital storage space, and is comically nauseating for those who like their entertainment somewhat more high-brow. Watch at your own risk.
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Delusion, Talent and Money
lambiepie-218 February 2007
Warning: Spoilers
Personally, I like "The Playboy Organization". Hugh Hefner took a simple concept of a men's magazine with "girl next door" type nude pictorial and grew it a recognizable multi-national organization.

What Hugh Hefner has is three twenty-something women, all with different personalities, but are typical platinum blondes with all the right attributes, who are his 'girlfriends'. These women all live at the huge and fabulous Playboy mansion and share Hugh Hefner when needed. There are cute little squabbles, cute little jealousies, wonderful little parties, they all share the magazine projects and they all share Hef. They're SO cute!! It's such a cute portrayal, right? You've got to be kidding. Or better yet, to whom are they kidding - the guys who write to "Penthouse Forum"? (Sorry, couldn't resist.) What a crock! But... that is the beauty of the show.

Some guys will watch this and fall into the "crock". Other guys will watch for the eye candy and skip the informative narratives. (And there are plenty.) Some women will watch and be totally disgusted that an 80 year old man who talks openly about taking Viagra, and has had a below the waist implant romps around with these three twenty something 'girl friends'. Still other women will call them nothing but gold digging tramps who 'rob the old age home' for men with money and connections and have no self respect or morals.

But...other cosmopolitan women will look at this and know it's 'full of it' because no woman is comfortable in sharing her man with any other woman, let alone live in the same house with them and also work together. They would kill each other, and Hef would have to find other women for his enjoyment. But these women don't. And week after week they get cuter, and more delusional about their individual relationships with Hugh Hefner. If you watch the program knowing that, it is entertainment, you can't help but laugh.

But make no mistake, this show is as crafty as Playboy Magazine itself. And while it looks like these gals have the "upper hand", it's Hugh Hefner at his wittiest and smartest pulling 'just another one' on the media market. Ya gotta give the man a hand for that, 80 years old or not. Now that's real entertainment.
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The show is an instant classic!
brr876030 March 2006
Ohmigod, am I hooked on The Girls Next Door! I was never a Hugh Hefner fan (seven girlfriends... please), but he is one cool guy now that he's older. Smart and clever, Hefner's appearances on this show are brief, but effective, like Hal Holbrook in the movie "Wall Street." He has the casual importance of a pioneer nearing the end of the road. And his three girlfriends-- head gal Holly, insecure Bridget, and flighty Kendra-- are endlessly interesting, even when talking about nothing very important. What else...? The theme song rocks, the Playboy mansion is a beautiful fantasy for everyone, and the staff is a hoot. Really, this show is like a modern version of "King Lear," with three sexy ladies and a bunch of tiny dogs.
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Funny, Engaging and a little bit Naughty!
strawberrystarness20 October 2006
Girls Next Door is a reality TV series about three females, Holly, Bridget and Kendra, that are all dating Hugh Hefner. Each of the girls is between 21 and 28. Hugh Hefner just celebrated his 80th birthday! Holly is Hef's main girlfriend and the other two are slightly lower on the food chain.

This show is very funny. There have been many funny moments throughout the seasons it's been on. It shows that the girls are smart and sensible and that they truly love Hugh Hefner. Hefner is very chivalrous and very much a gentleman. He's always a very gracious host, although he can be rather picky at times.

The Girls Next Door gives the audience a taste of what life is like in the Playboy Mansion. We get an inside look at how the mansion runs, the parties that are thrown and so much more.

This show is not for children. There is nudity (often times a lot of it) although everything is censored. However the main focus of the show is about how life is at the Playboy Mansion.

I personally LOVE this show. It's my addiction. It's an awesome TV show and gives us that taste of celebrity reality that we crave. It's funny engaging, a bit naughty and very well worth watching!
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the show which made Hugh Hefner uncool
sosapierce28 July 2013
Seeing is believing. When this show came along, I watched it as light material, nothing to be taken too seriously. Apparently one of them did take it serious, Bridget, talking about marriage to Hefner while he was also with Holly and Kendra. This show was billed as reality TV, and yes it's real, real in making the phoniness obvious of how an elderly man can be in a relationship with 3 women young enough to be his granddaughters. That's a scenario which rarely exist in the real world outside of the Playboy Mansion. Hef is old and no longer the pioneering founder that he was. He's now a creepy senior citizen who should date women near his age instead of contributing to the yuck factor.
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Some things you might have never thought of...
malfoyme29 April 2006
I started watching this show a couple months ago and I have seen every episode! I think its very funny. These girls may be young but their not bimbos! Two have a masters degree while one is studying. It seems to me that all everyone thinks about is that there sleeping with an 80 year old man. Besides that these girls have grown up having normal life's and were just "lucky" enough to now have a media lifestyle with someone they love. Wheather you agree they are lucky or if they really love Hef that your opinion. I can understand how some people would look at playboy and assume stupid blond idiots you just want money. But with looks like that I'm sure it wouldn't be hard for them to find a new job that makes tons of money too. Some think Hef is a sick pervert but remember that he does not do porn but a classy type of nude photos. All and all there is no real main purpose in this show but people still watch it because the girls are entertaining and you get to see what life is really like inside the Playo Boy Mansion. Before you diss this show make sure to watch a full episode and not only 5 seconds of it.
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The Old Man & The Sea... Of Bimbos.
fedor87 September 2008
This program made me wonder... Why would that decrepit old man, Hefner, who swims in millions, give his okay for such an invasion of his privacy? Giving parties/orgies for his "pals" (Hollywood idiots) in his cartoon-like sex mansion is one thing, but letting cameras roll into his bedroom in the morning is quite another. (I can't forget that uneasy "hi there" he gives to the cameraman as he prepares to munch on his breakfast.) Have the sales of that idiotic magazine gone down? Are some men sick of fake boobs, ILM-touched-up skin-tones, perfectly shaven havens, and inferior-looking bimbos posing as "beauties"? Or is the web at fault... After all, paying for photos of a couple of plastic-looking harlots - and one or two interviews with moronic celebrities who have nothing intelligent/interesting to say - can't possibly compete with the internet these days. Perhaps one of the three girls talked him into it. Hugh is pushing 120 now, so he can't be that difficult to manipulate anymore... Perhaps it was Holly, his no.1 skank? All three? The gals certainly need as much as exposure (hence money) as they can get, because once the old Maharaja grows tired of them, they'll be tossed away into the Playboy mansion's "Washed-Up Blondes Pit" before they can say "dildo": it's a place right next to Hef's orgy-cave; it's about 100 meters deep, and contains the bones of many a short-lived Hef-sex-toy blonds. Seriously now... where do all these ex-Hef-faves end up at?

What is it with this man? Why doesn't this ugly nerd like beautiful, NATURAL women? I haven't seen a single Playboy skank with natural breasts in the show. Aesthetically speaking, Hefner is a peasant: like some truck-driving trailer-park-living redneck who can't tell Madonna apart from Vivien Leigh. "Hell, what the heck, I'll have either of them!" Hefner lacks style, lacks taste, he is like a starving man stumbling into a five-star gourmet restaurant and then ordering a hamburger. On the surface, the Playboy mansion may look glitzy and comfortable, but it is a kitsch-laden collection of shiny crap, very much betraying the nouveau-riche-like roots of its dorky, aging owner (who can't believe his luck). Holly, who is his current(?) main bedmate, is objectively average-looking - at best, and that's just the face. The breasts look like someone stuffed two-over-sized apples into her, completely disregarding how these two rotting silliconal fruits will look when covered with over-stretched skin. Gravity seems to be Hefner's biggest enemy. I suggest he moves his mansion and all his dumb floozies into outer space, when/if that becomes possible, and that way the breasts will not go down all the time, because there won't be a "down" anymore. Holly even semi-complained (she wouldn't dare to fully complain about anything) that Hefner was urging her to make her nose smaller. What... smaller than tiny? Maybe Hef has a secret crush on Michael Jackson. He is a degenerate old f**t, worshiped and idolized by the moronic MTV generation who consider a "tit-salesman" to be the height of entrepreneurial achievement. Any idiot can make money with erotica and porn; you just have to be sleazy enough to do it. He was at the right place at the right time so he made even more money than the others. Big deal. A hero to morons only.

Whether it's due to very careful editing or whether it was the girls' genuine charisma, I don't know, but Bridget and Kendra come off as fairly likable. Unlike Holly, whom I wouldn't throw a second glance on the street, Bridget is very cute, although she'd clearly look even better if she'd shed that Barbie look. I can't stand her phony balloons, of course, but she seems cheerful and easy-going enough to counter-balance that major drawback. Of course, that's how she is presented: I wouldn't trust those TV "reality" shows that much. (Bleedin' obvious.) She says that people immediately think "bimbo and slut" when confronted with Hef's bunnies, and she is absolutely right: they do think that, and they are absolutely right, too. Holly calls Hef her "best-ever boyfriend" which is funny to hear on so many levels...

Yes, the show is quite watchable, far more than the Lohan, Kardashians, Hulk Hogan, or Denise Richards crap. (It says a lot that three simple-minded, luxury-starved bimbos are far more likable than all those just mentioned combined.) TGND is often unintentionally funny, as when Bridget says that she has a Masters degree in Communication. Vagina Communication, of course... (It seems they hand out college degrees like hot-dogs in the States these days, huh? I guess money not only buys unconvincing breasts but unconvincing diplomas as well.) I love it whenever the three gals boast about their great lifestyle - which is fortunately often - while always trying to carefully avoid blurting out the painful truth: "I love the luxury that a decaying old rich man provides for me! And I don't even have to feel him up much, Holly does most of that!" That kind of truth... But you don't even have to read the truth between the lines, because it is so unbelievably obvious. This plain, staring-you-in-the-face obviousness of what the blonde bimbos ARE - but which they try to more-or-less cover-up - is what makes the series most entertaining for me.

And if you happen to disagree, i.e. do not find the show itself amusing in any way, then you can always check out the pro-Hefner reviews posted here. They're a scream.

Hefner and his riches have such powerful control over the girls that they don't even dare to act out their petty jealousies. I sense there must be some rather pent-up resentment there, just as in any other harem.
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Bimbos win Big
elfhund7 August 2006
This show insults women and sex.

Three bouncing bleached bimbos run around the mansion with a geezer in pajamas.

The fact that a couple of the "girls" have masters degrees tells us a lot about how easy college has become. Listening to their chatter during episodes makes it clear these are not brains, but boobs.

However, the program is involving in the way that seeing a car wreck is involving -- too horrifying to let you remove your gaze.

It's hard to say which is more pathetic: Holly's hope that Hef really loves her more than the others; Bridget's constant little girl act at age 31; or Kendra's complete self-satisfaction.
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Funny. Weird and a little disgusting.... but funny.
phatthuggin0811 June 2006
I personally love this show!!!! Sure, it may be somewhat nasty. And a little bit degrading, but it provides some information on what the mansion is like on the inside. You also get to see that not ALL pretty people are incredibly stupid... all three of them have either got a degree in something or are in school. I think the show is very funny. Especially when the girls act like idiots. There are also some touching moments. Like when Bridget, Holly and Kendra helped give Anastasia a makeover for the Midsummer's party. That was very sweet. I will admit there are some repulsive things in the show. Like when the girls were completely naked in front of the camera while shooting a pictorial. That really isn't something that should be put in TV. But, hey, this is E!, not Nickelodeon. The girls seem cool and are very pretty. Also, they aren't completely stupid. My mom like Holly the best and I like Kendra. But I think Bridget is the sweetest. And as for Bridget being homely... YEAH RIGHT!!! I'd love to be as pretty as any of them!!
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Like watching a zombie movie
happynoodlegirl27 September 2008
You have these not so bright blondes running around, and hef looking like he's just risen from a grave out for some brains.

All joking aside, I don't get why anyone would watch this, "light hearted fun" I believe someone commented. It is literally about nothing, just hef's girlfriends talking about nothing and doing nothing really.

Only reason I'm commenting is because it's 5 in the morning, perfect time to air some show no one watches but the channel has to dump somewhere.

It's a bit more than disturbing for me. I know people like celebrity gossip and watching celebrities living their every day life(not that these girls can be called celebrities by any stretch of the imagination). But who on earth wants to know about hugh hefners sex life, let alone watch a reality show about it?
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Can reality TV become any more degrading?
MovieAddict201612 September 2005
This show is literally depressing to watch. I've seen two or three episodes now, and wish I hadn't. After they were over, I was disgusted.

Essentially this is just a TV show where a camera crew follow around the "Playboy Bunnies" in the Playboy Mansion.

If you don't know what Playboy is, who Hugh Hefner is, what Playboy Bunnies are, or anything about porn, chances are you will have no interest in this whatsoever. I know all of the above and it still made me feel sick.

Obviously a certain portion of this is scripted for dramatic effect and viewer appeal but, I think, probably very little. These bleach-blonde bimbos are incredibly stupid, selfish and appalling. Yeah, they're hot. But when they open their mouths, you feel like vomiting.

It's kind of sad to see Heff (at age 79) courting these girls. The Head Bunny, a.k.a. "Heff's Girlfriend," is probably no older than 30. All the girls kiss him and he fondles them... twenty years ago Heff was a god. Now, he looks like one of those disgusting old pervs in shopping centers who stare at young girls all day. He's the type of guy you want to call the cops on. And he's loose in his own mansion surrounded by dozens of beautiful women.

Likewise, they are taking advantage of him - they know he'll die soon and they're really milking his old-age for all its worth. They get free rooms as well as free food and the best thing of all: they get paid for being sexy and rich! The richer and more beautiful they are, the more they get paid. The more they show, the more they get paid. Apparently, all they have going for them is their looks - they are dumber than I don't know what.

They are so stupid some of the episodes are painful to watch. They made me feel sick in my stomach - the Bunnies are gorgeous? Sure. But good god, they're ridiculously dense.

In my opinion, the only "plus" about this show is that we get a rare glimpse inside the Playboy Mansion... but ol' Heff will be dead in a few years, and supposedly according to his own wishes the mansion will soon thereafter become open to the public. Now THAT will be fun.
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Brilliant show
peachy_psycho14 July 2006
Warning: Spoilers
Well i disagree with all the bad reviews as 'The Girls Next Door' is a show that you absolutely MUST SEE! They are not air-heads and the show is not trashy. It is an insight into how Hugh Hefner and his 3 girlfriends live, and it is told from the girls point of view. We see that besides from modelling and living at the mansion, that they are smart people. Bridget goes to night school working towards her second degree, Kendra is a qualified massage therapist and Holly is also working towards a degree.

We see the conflicts between the girls and how they really feel about there job and Hefner and get to witness the private parties and birthdays at the mansion. It is an excellent show and i am certainly going to buy it on DVD. xx
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I'm addicted!
blondebrunett0516 August 2006
I know many people might look at this show and think that there is no point in it or that it's disgusting. And to be honest when I first started to watch it I was like "I won't like this". But I know am completely addicted. I laugh the whole time I watch it. And not only that but I'm glad to see these beautiful women who all these men dream about, and they have their flaws too! It makes me feel good. I also think it's great when they show Bridget without her makeup and she's still unbelievable beautiful! She was talking in one of the episodes about how she believes she can do anything, and that she is very goal oriented. And that, as corny as it sounds, inspired me. I thought it was wonderful that she was stepping out and saying, if you stay focused you can achieve your goals. So watch the show once and just judge for yourself!
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Ivanka was in this
k-413143 August 2018
Which means that the Russian/Chinese agent watched it and said "hey that babe is hot. I want to do her."

I also have inside knowledge that Ivanka managed to get them to have everyone dressed in the Ivanka line, which means.... the Chinese sweat shops received extra revenue and orders. Thanks from China.
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Trashy and stupid
Utlkn2me23 October 2005
This show is just typical of E! and unfortunately too many other networks. Trashy, stupid, and downright silly. But the sad thing is that a series like this gets aired because it's exactly what so many people (men and boys in their teens and 20's?) want to watch. I'm sure that Hugh Hefner is only allowing it to be done because he's making a ton of money off of it and it's giving him free publicity for his magazine, TV channel, etc. And, of course, it's the girls who are made to look really dumb, not him. Hefner's staff at the mansion must get paid a lot to put up with so much adolescent and selfish behavior - they seem to be the only real adults around there. No, this isn't the show to watch if you want anything meaningful or thought-provoking - it's not even funny or entertaining. Forget it.
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Just when I thought E! Entertainment had gone as low as possible....
segustafson25 August 2005
I was channel-surfing late one evening, and unfortunately came upon this travesty thinly disguised as entertainment. Just when I thought E! had hit a new low with the brainless and vapid Anna Nichol Smith show, they push this piece of garbage off on the general viewing public as a form of "entertainment". To think that these three airheads' only goals in life are to live with the rather grotesque Hef and pose for Playboy are in themselves pathetic. Equally pathetic is the fact that people actually watch this stuff. I'm wondering (more and more) if this is yet another snapshot of the moral and intellectual decay of our society. That we as a society would grant almost demi-god status to the likes of Anna Nichol Smith, Hefner, and these 3 bimbos is almost frightening. But fortunately, there is an on/off switch. And thank God for my DVDs.
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Best with sound off
FranklinOR25 September 2008
The girls are great to watch yet listening to them becomes a bit grating. I a big fan of Bridget (it's so cute how she goes to college!). The other two look a bit plastic and have annoying laughs. And, of course, I am jealous as all get-out of Hef and the photo crew. (Seriously, my guidance counselor can go f*** himself!). Even though almost every reality show is completely retarded, this one is cute enough to rise to a 5. I'm a bit mystified by the sexual exploits of the three girls and Hef. You'd think they would at least throw us a bone on that one. Is Holly the only one for whom he takes the magic pill? What (who) do Kendra and Bridget get to do? So, I'm conflicted.
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