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Season 1

10 Oct. 2005
Episode #1.1
Vincent Gallagher runs a detective agency with colleagues Beth, John and Robert. When Gary Da Silva asks the team to shadow his wife Sarah,whom he suspects of having an affair, Vincent feels empathy as his own wife Cathy recently left him for Chief Inspector Driscoll. Vincent informs Gary when Sarah is seen meeting a man at a club but is unprepared for the devastating consequences though he is at least able to help his secretary Gillian when she is compromised by an ex-boyfriend.
17 Oct. 2005
Episode #1.2
Edward Harper's son Ian is killed in a knife fight at a night club. The chief suspect is James,son of the club's owner Terry O'Connor but he is released through lack of evidence. Beth becomes a croupier at the club,bugging the office but Terry is suspicious and warns Vincent off the case. After a friend of Ian's is killed following a blackmail attempt O'Connor agrees to tell Vincent everything,backed up by CCTV evidence,though it is not the result he was expecting.
24 Oct. 2005
Episode #1.3
Angry that his wife Cathy,who never wanted a child by him,is pregnant with Driscoll,Vincent looks into the death of Andrea Kendall,part of a syndicate who won on the lottery. Another member Sheena is concerned that her younger brother Malcolm,who has a personality disorder,will be the chief suspect after he reveals information about Andrea's death and then attempts suicide. He is indeed arrested but Vincent believes that he witnessed the actual murder and sets out to investigate other syndicate members.
31 Oct. 2005
Episode #1.4
Having discovered thousands of pounds in her husband William's wardrobe Sally Mortimer approaches Vincent's team and John follows William to Madrid,where he meets a glamorous woman,Julia,at a hotel. on the return trip William is arrested as a drug-carrier. Vincent suspects that Julia casually picks up men and then uses them as her drug mules. He decides to make a personal approach and,in doing so,finds a link to Robert's case,keeping tabs on a wayward teenager.

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