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Latest Screen Queen Saoirse Ronan Promises Heady Sexual Politics In ‘Mary, Queen Of Scots’

It's a given of the movie business that there will be a queen somewhere in the mix. Lately, we've seen a tilt toward Victoria, broad-minded and firm, as in Victoria & Abdul and The Young Victoria. Earlier, there was a vogue for Elizabeths, both I and II. Cate Blanchett twice played Elizabeth I in Elizabeth and Elizabeth: The Golden Age, and Helen Mirren played Elizabeth II in The Queen. Between and around those, among others, have come The Other Boleyn Girl, Marie Antoinet…
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Tulip Fever is Indeed a “Fever” to Watch

Tulip Fever is a historical drama film about a 17th-century painter in Amsterdam who falls in love with a married woman whose portrait he has been hired to paint. The film is directed by Justin Chadwick (The Other Boleyn Girl) and stars Alicia Vikander, Dane DeHaan, Christoph Waltz, Judi Dench, Zach Galifianakis, and Jack O’Connell. The film was distributed by The Weinstein Company. It was shot during the summer of 2014 and was finally released last September 1, 2017. As I’ve noted, the film was shot last 2014 and it took them around three years to finally release the film.

Tulip Fever is Indeed a “Fever” to Watch
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Top 5 Reasons to See Tulip Fever

  • Cineplex
Top 5 Reasons to See Tulip FeverTop 5 Reasons to See Tulip FeverAmanda Wood11/28/2017 1:09:00 Pm

After months of waiting, Tulip Fever is finally available in the Cineplex Store, and it was most definitely worth the wait.

This 17th century period piece from the director of The Other Boleyn Girl has a stellar cast, stunning cinematography, and an intriguing plot. What more could you possibly need? Tulip Fever has everything: lustful Dane DeHaan, Judi Dench as a badass nun, and many, many tulips.

We love period pieces, and we love everyone in this wild movie about love, lust, and tulips. Without further ado, we present… Our Top 5 Reasons to See Tulip Fever! It’s available to rent and buy in the Cineplex Store now.

1. Eclectic ensemble cast

We can guarantee you that you will never see this exact combination of actors in a movie again…. At least you probably won’t.
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Film Review: Alicia Vikander in ‘Tulip Fever’

Film Review: Alicia Vikander in ‘Tulip Fever’
Timing is everything. That’s the takeaway, both on-screen and off, from “Tulip Fever,” a well-bred, if tawdry period drama set in Amsterdam at the height of Tulipmania, in 1637, when prized bulbs might fetch more than the value of a house. It was an economic bubble, of course (although the term would not be coined for nearly another century, with the so-called British South Seas Bubble), and fortunes were made and lost according to when investors entered the market.

But timing also matters in the telling of such stories, and Deborah Moggach’s 1999 novel coincided nicely with the dot-com bubble, whereas the long-delayed adaptation of same from the Weinstein Company arrives at a perplexing moment. Not only is there nothing presently in the zeitgeist to which to peg such a story (except perhaps the Dane DeHaan-Cara Delevingne reunion nobody asked for, shot before “Valerian” and shelved for nearly a year), but the entire package has
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'Tulip Fever' Review: This D.O.A. Period Piece Should've Died on the Vine

'Tulip Fever' Review: This D.O.A. Period Piece Should've Died on the Vine
Forget fever – this floral-scented fiasco is so lifeless you can barely feel a pulse. Tulip Fever, which was shot in 2014 but only hitting theaters now after years of recutting, retooling and release-date reshuffling, should have been allowed to die on the vine. Is it one of those clunkers that's so godawful it’s great fun? You wish. The film just sits there onscreen like a wilting flower with nothing to nourish it.

On the surface, at least, it looks like a class act, a period piece about the tulip boom in 17th-century Amsterdam.
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Box Office: With No Wide Releases, Record-Low Summer Looks to End With a Whimper

Box Office: With No Wide Releases, Record-Low Summer Looks to End With a Whimper
No third-act plot twist here.

What is tracking to be the slowest summer box office season in over a decade looks to end in perhaps the most anticlimactic manner possible — with no new wide releases.

The most high-profile fresh launch of the weekend is TWC’s long-delayed “Tulip Fever.” The historical drama, set in 17th century Netherlands during the economic phenomena known as tulip mania, was filmed three years ago and underwent a series of release day delays. It’s directed by Justin Chadwick, who also made 2008’s “The Other Boleyn Girl,” and stars Alicia Vikander, Dane DeHaan, and, further down the bill, his “Valerian” co-star Cara Delevingne.

There are a handful of other new releases entering limited run, including Pantelion’s “Do it Like an Hombre” (a hit in Mexico), IFC’s “Viceroy’s House” with Gillian Anderson, “I Do… Until I Don’t” (Lake Bell’s directorial followup to “In a World”), and FilmRise’s
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Mindy Newell: A Doctor, A Princess, And Some Left Over

Some quick reviews this week. Well, not quite reviews, as I’m not going to get much into plot synopses, but as always I will express some definitely personal opinions. (You know me.) There will be S*P*O*I*L*E*R*S inferred, so caveat emptor!

The Lie of the Land” (Episode 8, Doctor Who, Series 10): The final episode of a three-episode arc – the first two being “Extremis” and “The Pyramid at the End of the World” – in which alien “monks” have taken over the world through the consent of Bill Potts, the Doctor’s newest companion. She did this in order to have the monks cure the Doctor’s blindness – which occurred in Episode 5, “Oxygen.”

I wasn’t sure where the show was going with this, and to tell you the truth, I wasn’t much engaged by our hero’s disability; I found it more annoying than anything else,
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Weinstein Try & Deliver The Cure For ‘Tulip Fever’ With New Trailer

After two push backs on its release date and a lack of promotion for “Tulip Fever,” The Weinstein Company has finally presented an “official character teaser poster” for the period drama starring Alicia Vikander, Judi Dench, and Christoph Waltz. The film reportedly had polarizing results in test screenings dating back to 2014.

Read More: The 100 Most Anticipated Films Of 2017

The film is produced by Alison Owen and Harvey Weinstein, penned by “Shakespeare In Love” writer Tom Stoppard (based off the book by Deborah Moggach), and directed by Justin Chadwick (“The Other Boleyn Girl”).

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TV Review: ‘The White Princess’ on Starz

TV Review: ‘The White Princess’ on Starz
If you are the type of person who likes to pore over family trees, “The White Princess” is tailor-made for you: The Starz drama, based on the Philippa Gregory book, tells a fictionalized version of just a sliver of one of the most complicated moments in English monarchy. If you don’t know your Lancasters from your Yorks — your Plantagenets and your Tudors — “The White Princess” is a steep learning curve. If you do — or if you’re willing to learn — the drama is an enjoyable, ridiculous romp through the early days of the first Tudor king, Henry VII, and his marriage to Elizabeth of York, the titular white princess. (White, in this case, because York’s badge was a white rose, while the Lancasters’ was a red rose — like Starz’s “The White Queen,” a loose prequel to this, from 2013.)

The main thing to know is that Richard III, the
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Berlinale: Film Factory Sells to Arp Selection All French Rights to Paco Plaza’s Horror Movie ‘Veronica’

Berlinale: Film Factory Sells to Arp Selection All French Rights to Paco Plaza’s Horror Movie ‘Veronica’
Arp Selection, one of France’s premier arthouse distributors, has acquired all French rights to “Veronica,” a real case-based horror movie by “Rec” co-director Paco Plaza.

The deal was negotiated by Michele Halberstadt and Laurent Petin at Arp with Film Factory Ent.’s Vicente Canales, who handles movie’s international rights.

Enrique López Lavigne (“The Impossible,” “A Monster Calls”) produces at Apache Films. Sony Pictures plans a theatrical release in Spain by next fall.

Plaza, one of Spain’s biggest genre film talents, directs in “Veronica” a largely female cast, including Ana Torrent (“The Other Boleyn Girl”), Leticia Dolera (“The Bride”), Consuelo Trujillo (“The Bride”) and debutant Sandra Escarcena.

Formerly known as “The File,” film is inspired by the only case in history that the Spanish police classified as supernatural, remaining unsolved to this day.

During a total eclipse of the sun, Veronica and two friends decide to make a
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The Crown Casts Its JFK and Jackie Kennedy for Season 2

The Crown Casts Its JFK and Jackie Kennedy for Season 2
A version of this article originally appeared on

Time to break out the best china over at Buckingham Palace because Queen Elizabeth II is about to have an audience with a couple of new faces.

On Thursday, Netflix confirmed to Entertainment Weekly that Golden Globe-winning period drama The Crown has cast Michael C. Hall (Dexter) and Jodi Balfour (Quarry, Almost Anything) to play the charming and widely adored Jack and Jackie Kennedy in season 2 of the hit series.

The late president and first lady will join the successful show created by Peter Morgan (The Other Boleyn Girl, Frost
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Natalie Portman Honored by Palm Springs Film Festival for ‘Jackie’

Natalie Portman Honored by Palm Springs Film Festival for ‘Jackie’
The Palm Springs International Film Festival has selected Natalie Portman for its Desert Palm Achievement Award for an Actress for her performance in “Jackie.”

Portman will receive the honor at the festival’s Awards Gala, hosted by Mary Hart, on Jan. 2 at the Palm Springs Convention Center.

Natalie Portman truly brings to life one of this country’s most treasured public figures in the acclaimed new film Jackie,” said Festival Chairman Harold Matzner. “Portman delivers a transformative and deeply human portrayal of the former First Lady following the assassination of John F. Kennedy, one of the most challenging moments in our nation’s history.”

Portman received the award in 2011 for her performance in “Black Swan” and went on to win the Academy Award for Best Actress. Past recipients of the award include Cate Blanchett, Julianne Moore, Sandra Bullock, Halle Berry, Marion Cotillard, Anne Hathaway, Charlize Theron and Naomi Watts.

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The Exchange to sell 'The Lady And The Panda'

  • ScreenDaily
The Exchange to sell 'The Lady And The Panda'
CEO Brian O’Shea announced the new signing on Monday ahead of next week’s Afm in Santa Monica.

Justin Chadwick will direct The Lady And The Panda, a UK-China co-production that Laura Bickford and Europe China Picture Group CEO Michelle Qi are producing.

The story centres on 1930s New York socialite Ruth Harkness, who ventured into the Chinese interior after the death of her explorer husband and rescued an orphan panda.

Production is scheduled to begin in November all over the Sichuan region in the foothills of the Himalayas in China.

Chadwick, Bickford and Holly Gent Palmo wrote the screenplay based on Harkness’ detailed correspondence.

Joe Simpson of Miscellaneous Entertainment, Andrew Mann and Fiona Druckenmiller serve as executive producers.

Chadwick directed the upcoming Tulip Fever, as well as Mandela: Long Walk To Freedom, The First Grader and The Other Boleyn Girl.

The Exchange’s sales line-up includes documentary Gleason, A Street
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Justin Chadwick to Direct ‘Lady and the Panda’ Movie About Ruth Harkness (Exclusive)

Justin Chadwick to Direct ‘Lady and the Panda’ Movie About Ruth Harkness (Exclusive)
Justin Chadwick will direct the historical adventure “The Lady and the Panda” about Ruth Harkness, the first person to bring a live panda from China to the United States.

Filming is expected to begin next month in China in the Sichuan region in the foothills of the Himalayas. The Exchange is launching sales at the American Film Market next month.

“The Lady and the Panda” is a U.K./Chinese co-production, produced by Laura Bickford (“Traffic,” “Beasts of No Nation”) and Michelle Qi, CEO of Europe China Picture Group. The executive producers are Joe Simpson of Miscellaneous Entertainment, Andrew Mann, and Fiona Druckenmiller (“Beasts of No Nation”).

Harkness was a New York socialite whose wealthy explorer husband died unexpectedly in 1936. She took over his expedition to China, joined forces with Chinese guide Quentin Young, and traveled into the uncharted Himalayas, where, against all odds, they rescued an orphaned baby panda.
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Justin Chadwick Signing On To Direct Signal Hill Movie

The developing film project about the infamous Signal Hill case is moving closer to reality, with the news that director Justin Chadwick is in talks to take the helm. The movie will see Marvel star Anthony Mackie play the role of lawyer Johnnie Cochran – who later made a name for himself representing clients such as O.J Simpson and Michael Jackson, but began his career as an advocate for black victims of police brutality.

The Signal Hill case arose in 1981, when Cal State Long Beach football star Ron Settles was arrested for speeding in Los Angeles County, and was later found hanging in his jail cell. While the La police insisted that the cause of Settles’ death was suicide, the family vehemently disagreed, until Johnnie Cochran arranged for the body of the late 21 year-old to be exhumed. Further examination indicated that Settles had been choked to death, and his family
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Anthony Mackie’s Johnnie Cochran Movie Draws ‘Mandela’ Director

Anthony Mackie’s Johnnie Cochran Movie Draws ‘Mandela’ Director
British director Justin Chadwick is in negotiations to helm Anthony Mackie’s untitled Johnnie Cochran biopic.

Chadwick directed 2013’s “Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom,” “The Other Boleyn Girl” and the upcoming “Tulip Fever.” David McMillan penned the script for the Cochran project.

The film will be centered on the 1981 wrongful death case of college football star Ron Settles. Signal Hill police ruled that Settles had hung himself in a city jail cell in despair over his arrest for speeding, but Cochran suspected foul play and persuaded the Settles family to request that the body be exhumed for an autopsy, which showed Settles had been choked to death.

The Settles family was subsequently awarded $1 million in a civil suit against the Southern California city. Cochran is best known for his defense of O.J. Simpson in the 1995 murder case in which Simpson was acquitted.

Robbie Brenner, The Firm’s president of film, will produce along with Mackie and Jason Spire. Jeff Kwatinetz will be exec producer, along with McMillan.

Mackie was most recently seen in “Captain America: Civil War.”

Chadwick is represented by UTA. Mackie is repped by UTA and Inspire.
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Win Bridge Of Spies On DVD

Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment

Directed by Academy Award® winner Steven Spielberg, and starring an outstanding cast including; Academy Award® winner Tom Hanks (Forest Gump, Cast Away, Saving Private Ryan) as James Donovan, and BAFTA© winner Mark Rylance (The Other Boleyn Girl, Intimacy, Angels and Insects) as Rudolf Abel, Bridge Of Spies a dramatic thriller set against the backdrop of the Cold War.

The film tells the story of Brooklyn based lawyer James Donovan (Tom Hanks), as he is first recruited by the CIA to defend an arrested Soviet spy, Rudolf Abel in court, and then thrown head on into the centre of the conflict when they send him to Germany and task him with the near impossible mission of negotiating the release of a captured American U-2 pilot. However Donovan risks the anger of the agency and the Us Government when he decides to stake Abel’s return to
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Eddie Redmayne Reveals His Most Miscast Role

  • The Wrap
Eddie Redmayne Reveals His Most Miscast Role
Eddie Redmayne has one Oscar to his name and will bid for another tomorrow, but the British actor says he was laughably miscast in one of his early film roles. In “The Other Boleyn Girl,” Redmayne said he wasn’t a natural fit for the “dashing and big and strong” character of William Stafford, the husband of Scarlett Johansson‘s Mary Boleyn. Also Read: 'The Danish Girl': The Moment Alicia Vikander and Eddie Redmayne Clicked “I don’t know how I got cast, but it was the opportunity to work with Scarlett and Natalie and Mark , so I
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2016 Oscar Previews: Part 2

  • Cinelinx
Our Oscar coverage continues. Here we overview the best acting and best directing award nominees.

For Part 1 of our 2016 Oscar Previews, click here.

Best Actor Nominees

Bryan Cranston - as Dalton Trumbo, Trumbo

Age: 59

Previously Best Known For:

Walter White - TV’s Breaking Bad

Previous Oscar Nominations/Wins:


Interesting Fact: Became an ordained minister while he was in college as a part-time job.

Matt Damon - as Mark Watney, The Martian

Age: 45

Previously Best Known For:

Jason Bourne - The Bourne Films

Previous Oscar Nominations/Wins:

Nomination - Best Actor in a Leading Role 1998 - Will Hunting in Good Will Hunting

Won - Best Writing, Screenplay Written Directly for the Screen 1998 - Good Will Hunting

Nominated - Best Performance by an Actor in a Supporting Role 2010 - Francois Pienaar in Invictus

Interesting Fact: Started a bowling league in Berlin while making The Bourne Supremacy.

Leonardo DiCaprio - as Hugh Glass,
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Natalie Dormer, Harrison Ford, Anthony Hopkins, Paul Bettany and Martin Freeman to star in Official Secrets

Director Justin Chadwick (The Other Boleyn Girl, Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom) has assembled a stellar cast for his next film Official Secrets, with Natalie Dormer, Harrison Ford, Anthony Hopkins, Paul Bettany and Martin Freeman all signing on to appear in the project.

Official Secrets is based on the book The Spy Who Tried to Stop a War: Katherine Gun and the Secret Plot to Sanction the Iraq Invasion, and sees Dormer as a British intelligence officer who reveals a secret illegal Nsa spy operation against the Un Security Council designed to ensure passage of a resolution for war. Her arrest following the leak makes headlines and the reporter’s efforts to gain the evidence to free her unearths a shocking plot that puts both of their lives in jeopardy.

Bettany will play a newspaper reporter, with Freeman as the paper’s foreign affairs editor, Hopkins as a retired Army general,
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