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A refreshing treat
raghu_n_c_s2 June 2007
Warning: Spoilers
After a long gap a sports movie had been made in Telugu which is indeed full fledged.Let's forget the flaws in the movie at present and lets concentrate on the strong points in the movie. First of all the game RUGBY which is introduced the game in the best manner both technically as well as in the way which makes your adrenaline pumping. The second factor is the student power. You got to know the spirit of a sportsman who can indeed outwit the toughest of the goons who claim the college land to be theirs and throw a challenging Rigby match in the end.. the winner take all. This is the picture if the movie. The backdrop is a college in which there are two teams: claws and wings which are in fact the groups arts and science. Both are rivals and don't even tend to stand in front of each other. They show their rivalry every time in the Game. Nitin still needs to improve while Shashank indeed rules. Bikshu Yadav is the villain a typical villain whom no police can do anything and whose work is to annex lands and he finally annexes the college land too. Now both our team unite and start creating trouble for Bikshu. Finally to make a compromise he challenges them in the game in which they thought they were the best Rugby. An interesting match follows and we know who the winners are anyway. A best treat for college guys.
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Bollywood's semi successful attempt at a Rugby film.
chesser-3530518 August 2017
A good chunk of my rugby club has seen this film and while it's not a great rugby film, it's earning a place among my sports films.

Not sure if any Kiwis would like this film, as it does include a "version" of a haka before the final match. If you can set aside that cultural insensitivity, I'd still think it's not a bad film.

Oh, and the half time speech of the coach seems familiar, too.

Still, it was worth the time and effort to find this semi-gem of a film and watch it, if only for the highlights of the final match.
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