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MPAA Rated R for disturbing violent content, graphic images and some language

Sex & Nudity

Violence & Gore

  • Very disturbing
  • A lightning rod falls from a church roof, breaks through a pane of stained glass, and the lightning rod, as well as shards of glass, stab a man through the chest killing him (blood spurts when the man is struck, and he is covered in blood and guts and is pierced by shards of glass); --we also see photos in a newspaper of the man impaled by the rod and covered with blood.
  • A man is decapitated by a swinging metal sign (we see the head separate from the body and fall to the ground, blood spurts, and the body falls to its knees and tumbles back down a flight of stairs).
  • A woman stands on a rooftop with a rope around her neck, jumps off the roof, and the rope snaps tight around her neck breaking it (we hear a crack and see her dangling from the rope); she is then slammed into the wall of the building (children gathered at a party on the ground below see the event and run and scream).
  • A woman stands on a chair near a railing, a boy scooters near her, knocks into the chair, she falls, grabs onto a hanging plant, holds onto a ledge, loses her grip and falls a couple of floors to the ground below (she screams and we hear her land with a thud).
  • A woman wielding an ax runs into a road in front of a car, and the car runs her down (she flips up and over the car and lands hard on the ground, dead).
  • A woman has a nightmare that she has open cuts on her wrists (we see the open wounds and blood on her hand and arm) and a boy stands in front of her with a rope in his hand.
  • A woman has a nightmare that a demon stands behind her (the demon has long pointed teeth and looks skeletal and animalistic).
  • Two men are viciously attacked by two dogs that snarl and bite, one man hits the dogs with a metal bar, the men run, and one is bitten on the arm as they climb over a fence; they eventually get away.
  • A boy screams and attacks his mother; he hits her and pulls her hair and scratches her forehead (we see a gouge and a trickle of blood).
  • A woman jumps on a man's back, she screams, he twirls her around, knocks her against a wall, she falls to the floor, he kicks her and she falls unconscious.
  • We see autopsy photos of a man and can make out a hole in his chest where he was impaled by a rod and a curved scar across his chest (presumably an autopsy incision).
  • Two men open two graves and find the remains of what looks like a jackal and an infant.
  • A man's face is show to be severely burned, covered with scars and his features are malformed (one eye is also discolored).
  • A woman with burn scars on her face talks about a fire in an orphanage that killed many people.
  • A woman inserts a syringe into another woman's I.V. tube and injects a bubble of air: she then covers the woman's mouth as she begins to scream and thrash, the air bubble enters the woman's blood stream and the woman jerks and convulses briefly then lies still.
  • A truck rolls backward along a street, crashes into a car, pours gasoline into the car and onto a man inside, a cigarette ignites the gasoline and the car explodes killing the man (we then see his funeral).
  • We see video of horrible events that each took many lives: large storms that flood cities, the Twin Towers in flames, a space shuttle exploding in mid-air, and other horrible events.
  • A man carries a boy, who is kicking and screaming, and the man places the boy on the floor and raises a knife over him. But before he can kill him, he's shot by police.
  • A large dog snarls angrily and bares its teeth at a man in a couple of scenes.
  • A dog chases a man, the man lifts a hatch door, the dog runs into it and falls into a cellar pantry.
  • Animals in a zoo exhibit become agitated: they screech and run around their cages, a gorilla begins pounding on the glass of its cage, the glass begins to break and children run screaming.
  • A man takes a pair of kitchen scissors, sits on a bed near a boy and cuts locks of his hair off.


  • 2 F-words, 2 mild obscenities, 1 religious exclamation.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • A man smokes cigarettes in a few scenes.
  • We hear that a man was riddled with cancer and had been taking high doses of morphine to manage the pain.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Frequently scary and disturbing scenes appear in the picture. Strong thematic horror themes are also present. some disturbing dream sequences are present and may be too intense for the young.

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