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Horny the clown? Eh, works for me.
kirk-24630 September 2009
'Drive Thru' is a very deranged comedy that seems like it was directed by some pothead like Danny Leiner.Surprisingly, it's not a bad movie.It has it's share of blood, gore, violence, and what horror movie like this one wouldn't have any humor?It's like 'Eight Legged Frieks' and 'Tremors', except the killer is not a giant spider or an underground worm.I watched this movie for free on Fearnet On Demand a year ago just to see if it was any good.For 83 minutes, I sat through which appeared to be a dumb horror movie, yet a somewhat smart comedy.If you enjoy movies about killer clowns who butcher people, then 'Drive Thru' is on the menu.Would you like some blood with your order?
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I could tell straight off...
Ulfman500023 December 2007
This was about to be one of the most awesomely sh1tty movies ever made. Your generic, run of the mill, horror movie plot - dumb partying teens, the evil clown, and that one dude from Heroes that I hate. But the acting was really pretty acceptable and the script wasn't nearly as bad as you'd think. There was some sort of weird, political subtext that was a bit obnoxious, but it didn't seem to hurt things too badly. The beginning was a bit "Malibu's Most Wanted" for my taste, (ie really dumb wigger jokes) but that passed. All in all, it has some awesomely cheesy moments, and I'd say this is a must see for all fans of really bad horror movies.
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Fast Food Kills
claudio_carvalho23 June 2013
In Blanca Carne, California, the seventeen year-old student Mackenzie Carpenter (Leighton Meester) is celebrating her graduation in high- school with her boyfriend Fisher Kent (Nicholas D'Agosto) and her classmates. Mackenzie receives messages about her close friends while they are murdered by Horny The Clown, the symbol of the Hella-Burger fasts food.

On the eve of her eighteenth birthday and after the death of a couple of friends, Mackenzie realizes that all of them are connected to a dark event in the past of her mother Marcia Carpenter (Melora Hardin). Further, she will be in danger on the day of her birthday.

"Drive-Thru" is a gore unfunny comedy too silly for a horror movie using a clown that is a parody of Ronald McDonald. This B-movie has a couple of good jokes, like "fast food kills", but does not work well. My vote is three.

Title (Brazil): "Drive-Thru: Fast Food da Morte" ("Drive-Thru: Fast Food of the Death")
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Hella Burger is Hella Good!
lastliberal5 January 2008
Initially, I did not have a good feeling about this film. Two white boys talking like they were ganstas turns me off.

However, it really turned out to be a good movie.

First, the lines throughout the film were really funny. They referenced a lot of things that were familiar and were delivered spot on by some really good acting featuring Leighton Meester, Nicholas D'Agosto, Lola Glaudini from "Criminal Minds", Melora Hardin, Trudy from "Monk, and my personal favorite, Larry Joe Campbell from "According to Jim", as Detective Crackers.

Secondly, it had a really good story that made a lot of sense.

It wasn't particularly gory, but had plenty of blood. The only thing it was missing was a horror staple - breasts.

If you like horror, you really need to check this one out.
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A failed attempt at an 80s slasher
TdSmth53 June 2013
Some kids go to a drive thru and get abuse and insults from the speaker. Once they venture inside they are killed by some guy in a punk clown suit. The burger joint is clown-themed for some reason.

Later we meet the lovely Mackenzie and her dumb friends as they play the Ouija board. And little by little friends and acquaintances of her start dying. The cops investigating are one tough chick of course and one fat dumb guy, of course. They don't know what's going on. Until Mackenzie's mom tells her of something she and her friend did to the son of the burger joint owner.

As much as I love 80s slashers, Drive Thru just doesn't cut it. It's gory, it has the lovely Leighton Meester and Melora Hardin, who are the only two who can act. The rest of the cast gives pretty embarrassing performances. But the direction and especially the editing are poor. Music also is a bit annoying, as much as I like metal. This type of story has been told many times so it's nothing particularly new and actually the explanation of everything comes a bit out of nowhere. The whole clown-motif is getting tired and pointless. Had the directors taken a serious approach instead of the goofy comedy approach and added some nudity, Drive Thru could have been a decent horror movie.
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Would you like fries with that Slasher-crap?
Coventry16 March 2008
From start to finish, this is utterly irritating and infantile slasher-fodder of the type that makes you want to poke out your own eyeballs with a rusty spoon. This is the type of junk you've seen six dozen of times before already, and every single one of them was better and less insulting to your intellect. The plot is derivative of approximately fifteen other early 80's slasher films, the soundtrack is nefarious (for the last time: heavy-metal and suspense rarely mix!), the characters are insupportable stereotypes and the maniacal killer (yet another evil clown) is the complete opposite of menacing, with his lame one-liners and overly flamboyant outfit. The film opens with a couple of white trash guys who desperately wish to be black thugs and their arrogant behavior and incomprehensible slang pretty much sets the tone for the rest of the film. Seriously, are American teenagers really this stupid nowadays? Luckily they quickly get massacred by Horny the Clown, the Ronald McDonald of fast food restaurant "Hella Burger" located in Orange County. The serial killer-clown continues his murder spree in the local high school, but his teenage victims – and particularly their parents – appear to have something in common, namely a dark secret about a prank that horribly ran out of control and killed a nerdy kid on his 18th birthday party. The concept is as old as the slasher-film itself, yet the writers pretentiously act as if they re-invent the genre and particularly the comical aspects miserably fail their effect. There's zero suspense, or what else did you expect, and the screenplay stupidly enough often hints at supernatural powers even though there's no logical explanation for this. The film tries to be intelligent, and distract you from all the plot-holes and improbabilities, through its main character Mackenzie Carpenter. She's a rebellious, opinionated and politically engaged teenager and, granted, Leighton Meester's presence and cute on screen charisma is unquestionably the movie's main strongpoint. Yet, she also still makes a couple of stupid decisions and all of her friends, including her horny boyfriend, are more than dim-witted enough to compensate for her cleverness. The gore is pretty decent, I have to admit, but overall "Drive Thru" is a totally insignificant movie.
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A Fun slasher movie ( I loved that clown very creepy)
atinder21 September 2010
I have been putting off seeing this movie as it sound a bit poor but I am clad that I decided too check IT out as I do enjoy slasher movies like this.

Plot:Horror gets Super Sized when Horny The Clown, the demonic mascot of "Hella-Burger," starts slashing Orange County teenagers with his meat cleaver from Hell.

I really enjoyed watching this movie very much, I really like the killer Clown mask that was really creepy and bit scary However the killer voice did sound a lot like Ghost-face from scream series.

I also liked some of the gory death scenes in this movie and they did make some of the deaths scenes really funny at same time and acting is okay for a movie like this.

This movie is a lot of fun to watch with friends if you are staying in on a Saturday night.

I going to give this movie 6 out of 10
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Funny ^__^ I liked it
rajanime1814 March 2007
This is my first review on IMDb, okay here goes: So this movie is about a seemingly supernatural killer clown, the mascot of the extremely popular local burger joint (Hella Burger) he murders teenagers all of whom have some sort of connection with the main character Mackenzie. He gives her clues as to who will die next. She starts to piece together the puzzle and must stop him before he claims her life next.

Basically it's a comedy/horror, the film doesn't take itself very seriously and is full of random humour. You'll laugh out loud at most of the scenes. It's still a horror movie and contains plenty of innovative and gory kills. Overall, I recommend it to horror fans or anyone who has 1 hour 23 min's to spare for a few laughs, it's the kind of film you simply switch your brain off and enjoy :)
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Good If Not Taken Too Seriously
dvd1232 June 2007
Considering some of the reviews here and elsewhere and the lack of any big names, I was more than a little skeptical going into this film. My suspicions turned out to be unfounded, though, as the film was actually surprisingly good.

It's been a long time since I've heard a movie soundtrack where the bulk of the songs were not only performed by people born in the last 20 years, but they were performed well. A good soundtrack is hard to find and adds SO much to a movie. You can have a pretty mediocre film and add a great soundtrack and it ends up being quite watchable.

Some of the acting is a little wooden and the plot is almost laughably cliché. One could argue, though, that a laughably cliché plot was their goal, that they were somehow trying to recreate the far-fetched plot horror flicks of years past. If so, they did it masterfully.

I was expecting a very low budget, but it really didn't look that way. I'm always impressed when low budget movies don't look low budget. The editing was creative, especially the ramping of the kill scenes/killer's movements for increased dramatic effect.

Overall, this movie portrayed something that seems to be in short supply on celluloid these days- youthful exuberance. If you are a teenager, or, if, for 83 minutes you can channel the spirit of a teenager, you're in for a fun ride.

With a little more money and some better writing, I think these directors will be able to do really great things. I'm looking forward to their next project.
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Keep on driving thru
thesar-210 January 2009
I'd like 'A Nightmare on Elm Street' patty, an order of 'Final Destination' Fries, a supersized 'Killer Klown' Kola and if you could throw in a 'Happy Birthday to Me' Meal with the 'Funhouse' toy, that would be swell. I wish I was kidding when that opening sounded exactly like what the writer was ordering while driving through a fast food joint one day and came up with the (ha) original idea for 'Drive Thru.' Incoherent scenes – the lead's birthday was to be the next day, but ended up two days later, horrible acting and so-called fast-food jokes, a laugh-out-loud 80's dressed clown and awful music played while the Freddy Krueger copycat attacked. Yes, I'm taking it way too seriously – it just seems to be a harmless remake of 'Nightmare' and 'Destination,' but it really could've been so much more. I'm probably just bitter for being such a huge fan of the movies it's ripping off (well, for 'Nightmare,' 'Klown' and 'Destination,' not so much 'Funhouse' or 'Birthday') and I wonder if it's any coincidence that as a fan, as well, of NBC's 'The Office' that it stars two people who has costarred on the TV show – Nicholas D'Agosto and Melora Hardin. And as for the title, it's practically nonexistent throughout the film; in fact all of the carnage (meaning both kills as well as the mangled script) in the film is, ah-hem, sandwiched between the only two drive thru scenes.
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A film almost entirely crippled by its baffling aesthetic choices
StevePulaski5 November 2014
Drive-Thru is a horror film that feels like a broken-down mess of what was originally shaping out to be a great film, until bad editing decisions and long, drawn-out scenes of phony character interest corrupted the final product. The film takes place in a sleepy, Conservative town (one of those films that annoyingly tries to slam and critique one political party over the other for no good reason), which includes a Hella Burger restaurant, a fast-food chain represented by a clown named Horny. The town becomes rocked when Horny the clown comes to life, wielding a meat cleaver and killing several twentysomethings as revenge over something that happened many years ago. Both Mackenzie and her boyfriend Fisher (Leighton Meester and Nicholas D'Agosto, who both went on to do films far more interesting than this one) decide to try and stop the vicious murderer as he savagely maims and kills his victims, cleverly avoiding detectives as well.

Undoubtedly the most entertaining soul in this film, even more-so than Horny, is Detective Dwayne Crockers (Larry Joe Campbell), a husky, bumbling detective who is the butt of almost every joke he's involved with. He finds ways to make his goofy self likable in the strangest situations, and even with limited screen time, manages to impress more than the twentysomethings he is cast with simply because his character is actually given the redeeming merit of humor. The remainder of the characters are depressingly archetypal versions of their stereotypes, prompting little in the way of humor or genuine emotion outside of maddening tedium on the audience's behalf.

Before I move forward, let's talk about Horny, who is such a shortchanged villain it's almost depressing. One look at the character and he sends shockwaves of fear to your soul, boasting a permanently frightening face and a voice with a shivering raspy quality, as he speaks through a drive-thru microphone. For an inherently frightening killer, editor Daniel R. Padgett effectively robs him of any sort of suspense and personality because of the way he is constantly disrespected on screen. Whenever Horny appears on screen, loud, indistinguishable heavy metal music blasts out of the speakers combined with the uneasy effect of editing sped up to distracting speeds. The editing goes through a strange boost of energy during these scenes, as if some sort of requirement was struck for how long gruesomeness can appear on screen.

With this brazen style of editing, Drive-Thru's suspense feels thrown away for a cheap and bogus way of getting right to the good stuff. With that, we spend a lot of time on undeveloped - and mostly uninteresting - characters, reciting mediocre dialog that methodically tries to piece together who Horny the Clown is and why he is doing what he's doing. These scenes, interjected in the middle of strangely-edited mayhem, throws off the pace of the film and often slows it to a crawl, with lots of dead-time being encountered between the action of the film. For a film clearly wanting to adhere to cheesy slasher principles, it's as if the film was trying to make a smarter, more investing crime story but, in turn, effectively turned out more boring and lackluster than even some of the worst slasher films of the 1980's. Single out a humorous cameo by Super Size Me's Morgan Spurlock and a moderately enjoyable killer and there's little else to praise about Drive-Thru, a film that could've been at least bumped up to tolerable quality had the editing and pacing been taken into consideration.

Starring: Leighton Meester, Nicholas D'Agosto, Lola Glaudini, Larry Joe Campbell, Melora Hardin, Paul Ganus, and Morgan Spurlock. Directed by: Brendan Cowles and Shane Kuhn.
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azathothpwiggins21 May 2022
Mackenzie (Leighton Meester) is a typical -impossibly beautiful- teen on the verge of adulthood. She suffers from extreme boredom in the small town of Blanca Carne (trans: White Meat). Said dullness dissipates when a killer clown named "Horny" starts chopping Mackenzie's friends and classmates into human McNuggets!

Part of what makes DRIVE-THRU a bit more interesting than some of its contemporaries is the way that the killer communicates with Mackenzie: Through a Ouija board, a Magic 8-Ball, and an Etch-A-Sketch, giving her vital clues as to who the next victim will be.

Mackenzie and her remaining friends, including Starfire (Rachael Bella), must stop this Bozo berserker and his mirthful massacre.

This movie is funny, gory, and even suspenseful in places. The goofy, dark humor is a sendup of 1980's slasher films. Is it a classic masterpiece? No, but it is enjoyable.

GOREHOUND ALERT: Watch for the splendiferous microwave sequence! It's a real gusher!...
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A failed satire. Not worth watching.
korythacher30 July 2021
I wanted a cheesy, campy slasher, but this isn't it.

The general story is pretty unoriginal, but that's not the problem.

The script is *really* bad, and the majority of the acting is terrible quality. It just comes across boring and uninteresting to watch. You might be thinking "well that sounds funny to watch, that's what I'm expecting!", but its not like you want and its just not worth watching.

There were just so many things done poorly, and nothing really was done well.

All the jokes felt really forced, a lot of things didn't make sense, and the constant fast-forward effects they used on the clown were frustrating. The clown costume was pretty sweet, but not sweet enough.

Sean Whalen as the creepy janitor was pretty great, but he had almost no screen time.
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What the hell!
mario_c20 August 2007
What a ridiculous film! This movie is so bad I can't believe I was daring enough to see it until the end! But it was hard! Do you know when you start watching a movie and in the first 4/5 minutes you start asking yourself: "why doesn't it end right now?" Yes that's right, this film "stunk" from the very first minute…

The psycho character is ridiculous! I mean, what stupid clown suit is that?

The plot is pathetic! One of the silliest I've seen the last times!

The acting is bad! I know it's a B-series movie (or is it a Z-series one instead?) but the acting could be much better.

The "special effects" are lame. I know it was a low cost production, but even so!

The all main idea of using a clown and the "fast-food setting" is absurd, ridiculous…If it's supposed to be funny or spoofing it just spoofs itself!

Fast food doesn't kill but this film does….of boredom!
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Unexpectedly enjoyable cheesiness
UniqueParticle24 November 2020
Really cool killer kinda silly, I absolutely love the way he the clown looks! The dialogue is horrendous except horny the clowns lol if you void that out and count it as a guilty pleasure it's pretty decent especially as horror movie anything else would be worse. I don't mind Drive Thru it's great for what it is!
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To Go Please.
jamhorner24 January 2008
Well, the only reason why I ever saw this movie was because it caught my interest by the name of the clown: Horny the Clown. It had an interesting plot and the face on the DVD cover reminded me of S.I.C.K., and because of the experience I had with that movie, I was about to stay away from this film. Well I didn't. However, sadly enough, this movie was better than S.I.C.K. for all the wrong reasons. It essentially tells of the tale of a madman who is brutally killing young teenagers while dressed as Horny the Clown. The catch is: this madman may not be human and his revenge spreads farther than just the teens that he is stalking. First off, the acting was really bad in this movie, the scares were not there and they were childish, it was really funny and the plot was so predictable. The main thing that bugged me was that it had nothing to do with a drive-thru.

Let's get started. The acting. There was some good acting but other than that, the acting was really bad. Even at some of the most horrible scenes, where the dialogue had an exception of being bad, the dialogue and the acting was just plain bad. Not only where some of the performances pretty bad, the dialogue seemed so scripted and unnatural. Even movies of this caliber, despite there bad plot and really cheesy scares, usually have some pretty descent acting, however, this movie was horrible. They just seemed to not care about emotions or driving forces and were there just to be there. It was very wooden.

What about the scares? First off, there was no real scares, and the when there were "hauntings," they were horrible. It's not scary when somebody gets there head microwaved, or deep fried, it's really quite funny and stupid. Killing somebody in a child's play pen isn't scary, it's just plain stupid. I will give credit to the costume designer for attempting a reasonable outfit for the killer clown, because it was kind of cool and had its weird looking gadgets (i.e. the "flame" butcher knife). Some of the scares were so cliché and very predictable, like you know who was going to die and the "jump out factor" was next to nothing when it came to surprises. There was some blood and gore, but it was wasn't anything to be grossed out about. Because it was accompanied by bad scares and really awful clichés, the gore had absolutely no real effect on me and just looked like red jam slathered on the walls or floor.

As for the plot, well, like I said, it really did not have anything to do with an actual drive-thru and should have better off named "Restaurant" or "Horny the Clown." The plot could have been way better and should have just stayed a psychopathic killer hunting down beautiful girls with a predictable or semi-predictable twist, rather than something stupid and supernatural. The plot has some holes in it and evolves random visitations and a completely irrelevant Ouija board that says something that could have been told in a scarier manner. Plus, I never thought that I would see another movie where it was so predictable down to the point where I knew who was going to die, based on the music and the quiet and eerie silence. It was just an altogether thing liquidly plot.

Overall, this was hardly a horror movie, however, if it was labeled comedy, then I would have a completely different review. There were a lot of funny parts and most of them were very unintentional. This movie just has really bad acting, no real scares and a stale plot with predictable endings to add to it. To me, it was a half-baked idea that could have had a good chance of being something else, but they peppered it with clichés and, what looks like, a last minute casting call. I would recommend this movie to anybody who does enjoy B-movies, as well as college height movies, however, for those who enjoy a thicker palette, then you may want to avoid this movie. Though, you may want to rent if it you are looking for a good cheese filled laugh. I, on the other hand, did not enjoy it and that's my story and I'm sticking to it.
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Fast Food Slasher: Not good for your health, but tasty all the same.
Vomitron_G27 July 2009
Now this one really was more fun than I expected. Pretty ridiculous acting from those ghetto-wannabe-white-boyz, so the opening scenes had me fearing the worst. But I was so glad to see they had it coming . This film worked, because it doesn't take itself too seriously. Nice, fast-paced and totally unoriginal plot that is kind of a throwback to many 80's slashers (like HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME and SLAUGHTER HIGH and a zillion others) mixed with a modern-day one-liner spewing villain. Fun gore-effects too, every now and then. Worth a watch, if you like slashers. And if you can't get with it, then my guess is you're taking things a tad bit too serious with this one.
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tropicalwindxst10 February 2008
Drive Thru was one of those movies I was expecting to turn off in the first five minutes. I was previewing movies on Ondemand's Fearnet, and something about there being a Horny the Clown grabbed my attention. The acting is at college level. The effects are at college level. The cinematography is at college level. However, the film kept my attention the whole way through. It was fast paced, cheesy, and full of enough humor to keep me thoroughly entertained.

One of the best things about this movie is the seamlessly endless amount of minor characters that serve no purpose but to be deep fried and macheted by Horny the Clown. These actors know they are in a stupid horror movie, and do their best to provide over the top performances until their ultimate demise. The main characters are pretty average. The "virgin" chick is a feisty liberal stoner who provides a unique twist for a horror movie heroine. The boyfriend is oddly intriguing, although a bit dull. Detective Crackers is annoying as hell, but that's how his character is supposed to be. I could do without the stone cold detective, she seems a little far fetched and unnecessary. The mom, who looks only a few years older than the daughter, is by the far the worst actress. She really drags the movie down in her scenes, but once again, this movie isn't about quality acting. The real character, Horny the Clown, is fantastic. He is funny, fast, and deadly. I enjoyed every moment he was on screen. His antics remind me of Freddy Krueger, but in an updated OC kinda way.

The deaths are pretty awesome, too. For having real shoddy effects, the deaths are varied and funny. My personal favorite is the microwave. It looked like something out of Saw.

This isn't the next Scream, but it's a fun flick for a Friday night with a couple of friends and a lot of beer.

Characters - 20/30 Story - 13/30 Atmosphere- 3/15 Effectiveness - 13/15 Excitement - 7/10

Total - 56/100
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Highly underrated effort
kannibalcorpsegrinder18 August 2015
As he friends are being gruesomely murdered, a teen learns they're being targeted by a local fast-food clown mascot as revenge against a prank done by their parents and must stop the rampage.

Overall this wasn't all that bad of a slasher effort. Like most efforts in the genre, what really works nicely here for this one is the rather enjoyable stalking and slashing featured throughout here, and there's some really enjoyable ones. The opening attack in the restaurant kitchen is quite fun for the series of enjoyable tactics that take place in the cramped location, a rather graphic encounter in the main restaurants' waiting room and a rather tense chase along through the abandoned school hallways which comes off a great highlight stalking sequence with plenty of great chasing, hiding and leading into the different rooms trying to escape. These lead into the biggest scene here in the finale at the house which goes into several rather tense confrontations in the basement as well as the kitchen chase with all the different defense tactics providing for a decent and enjoyable series of scenes before showcasing the rather chilling birthday party scene that really ends this on a fine note with the action on display. There's also a pretty decent backstory here for this one that culminates in a classic slasher story of a prank-gone-wrong coming back to haunt the next generation and the scene to showcase that is a rather enjoyable sequence that plays to genre convictions quite well, as does the graphic kills and creepy clown mask for the killer. There's a few small problems here, starting with the continuous amount of clichés in here. The main storyline here, about the killer returning to seek vengeance on a younger generation is itself quite a common motif used for many slashers, and beyond tying it to a fast-food mascot to utilize the clown mask there's not much original about most of the actions here. The group of friends are all typical clichés as well, and many of the supporting characters from the one who has a lot more knowledge than he lets on or the bumbling cop who's always wrong against his always-right partner are others in here. The other big flaw here is a rather confusing sequence that should've been a highlight is instead a confusing, jumbled mess of confusing editing and blurred motion as the attack in the funhouse is so haphazardly cut and edited that it really loses the impact of the great kill and bloodshed it could've displayed. The killer's antics may wear thin about cracking a joke after each kill, but these are the biggest issues here.

Rated R: Graphic Violence, Graphic Language, Brief Nudity, a brief sex scene and drug use.
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So stupid, it's funny
Dude8821 March 2007
I saw this film yesterday, and was not impressed. The acting was pretty bad, the gore effects were not great, the story was lacking and the music was terrible, especially during the action sequences.

But, I kinda enjoyed myself watching it. There were a few jokes, and most of them were not funny. Most of the fun was because of the lacking script. At some points it was just so stupid, it was funny. I also found the killer clown's remarks entertaining, even though none of them really had much to do with the story. And the concept of a killer clown, though a bit cliché, is still pretty funny.

This film is pretty bad, but it's entertaining if you can ignore the flaws, just sit back and laugh at the unfortunate teens.
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If you pride yourself on being a horror geek, you'll feel pretty smart...
twostpr4110 March 2009
all by yourself...on your couch with your 11:00 am...on a Monday. But that's just me.

I'm not gonna summarize this flik because you can look it up at you're convinience at certain movie data-bases. Do it, then read me.

This is great for those of us who love to be scared s**tless by clowns, but love to see suburban home-boys take it up the you-know-what. O.k. so I wasn't THAT scared, but very amused to be sure.

So this movie LOVES paying homage to a plethora of 80's horror movies; "Happy Birthday To Me," "The Shinning," and "Nightmare on Elmstreet" just to name a few. The gore factor is good and sub-par; just how I like it, though the dialogue seems a little too on the nose, you know? Just a little TOO thought out and clever for it to come out of the mouths of these kids. It just sounds VERY scripted. Not very natural.

Morgan Spurlock (of "Fast Food Nation" fame) is the tiny wink of super cool in this teenage slaughter-fest, and "Jan" from "The Office" probably has more acting chops than anyone.

All in all, the story is more or less slightly above standard for a 2000-oughts movie, the B&G is pretty good, and Ouija boards aside, was pretty resourceful, if not just stealing stuff (see above) I'm a generous girl (surprise!) who loves cheap gore, so if you can watch this one for free (like I did) do it to it!
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jeffjpwcc21 November 2020
Wow, this was just bad! How hard is it to lip synch a song?? That party performanceat the beginning was so terrible, but it did set the tone for the rest of the movie! Just got worse, and worse..
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Horny is KILLER!
Crash24729 March 2007
Horny The Clown is the mascot for a burger chain and he's starting to get a taste for raw meat. Meanwhile Mackenzie Carpenter is a teenager who thinks her biggest problem is dying of boredom in the urban wasteland of Orange County. That is until her classmates start dying of blood loss and Horny the Clown begins stalking her with cryptic messages left in 70's kitsch toys! As you can tell this isn't your straight forward slasher flick. Filled with irony and general sadistic humor, Drive Thru does for fast food what The Gingerdead Man did for pastries! I guess the moral of the movie is that fast food can kill you (yeah I know how bad that joke was, sorry) It's a little rough around the edges, but what it does well, it does REALLY WELL. I think we'll be seeing more of Horny the Clown. At least let's hope so.
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Fast food kills!
johnc214116 May 2019
Hilarious gory horror take on McDonald's. A killer clown is murdering teenagers. If the junk food don't kill you, Horny the clown will. Sort of similar to nightmare on elm streets fred Krueger's funny lines of dialogue.You may think twice about going to McDonald's again after watching this one. Clowns of course have become very scary since poltergeist and it.Hellburger indeed! By the way you want fries with that? 7 out of 10 although predictable it's very enjoyable.
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fun slasher
elliottcorum29 January 2008
I found this movie in the free movie database on our digital t.v. service. This is just a fun slasher movie. The slash-metal music that accompanies the kills is different than other slasher movie music, and in a good way. It complements the brutality of the murders. The dialogue for the first scene of the movie was a little annoying, but it improved as the movie progressed. I enjoyed the amusing character played by Larry Joe Campbell, and of course the leading actress, Leighton Meester, was looking very hot. There was actually a pretty good plot line for the movie to build around, and some of the murders were original for this genre of movie. All in all, I give it an eight out of ten stars. Good music, plenty blood and gore, hot girls, descent acting by the front actors, a little humor, and a bad@ss clown make for an enjoyable slasher movie.
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