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Rushes. Anne Wiazemsky, Harvey Weinstein, Alan Rudolph, "Reservoir Dogs" at 25

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Get in touch to send in cinephile news and discoveries. For daily updates follow us @NotebookMUBI.NEWSThe luminously thoughtful French actress Anne Wiazemsky, indelible for her starring roles in Robert Bresson's Au hasard Balthazar, Jean-Luc Godard's Le chinoise, Pier Paolo Pasolini's Teorema and Porcile, and Philippe Garrel's L'enfant secret, has died at the age of 70. Part of her memoir Un an après has been adapted in the controversial film Redoubtable, which premiered at Cannes this year.Significant writings concerning Miramax and The Weinstein Company co-founder Harvey Weinstein's sexual abuse are appearing far and wide: Ronan Farrow for The New Yorker, Jodi Kantor & Rachel Abrams for The New York Times, Heather Graham for Variety, and Naveen Kumar for Vice. Recommended VIEWINGUploaded five months ago and undiscovered until now: Neil Bahadur has found the first trailer for Alan Rudolph's first film in 15 years, Ray Meets Helen.
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Wes Anderson's Isle of Dogs Video Introduces Stop-Motion Cast

Wes Anderson's Isle of Dogs Video Introduces Stop-Motion Cast
Even if you're not a fan of director Wes Anderson and his quirky works of comedic drama, you're surely a fan of The Fantastic Mr. Fox, one of, if not, the best animated movie of the past decade. Well, it's time to get excited, because the man is back with yet another stop-motion work that is sure to surprise and delight audiences for generations to come.

Today, Wes Anderson marks the one year anniversary of the announcement that he is making another stop-motion animated movie with a first look, cast reveal and title announcement for Isle of Dogs. Here, we get a fun video with the director and cast member Edward Norton, the teaser poster and some cool concept art.

The movie revolves around dogs and is set in Japan. Wes Anderson recently set up shop in London, where he has been working on Isle of Dogs in pre-production. He
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‘Sausage Party’: Why Seth Rogen’s R-Rated Animated Comedy Was Long Overdue

‘Sausage Party’: Why Seth Rogen’s R-Rated Animated Comedy Was Long Overdue
Sausage Party” may be a film about a hotdog that wants to have sex with a bun, but it still represents a watershed moment for Hollywood. The raunchy comedy that’s grossed $65 million after two weeks in theaters is the first R-rated CG animated movie. Co-written by Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg, “Sausage Party” has sex, violence and curse words in a format that has always been reserved for family-friendly fare.

Read More: Seth Rogen’s R-Rated ‘Sausage Party’ Tries to Break Through the Family-Friendly Animation Glass Ceiling

The movie features the voices of comedic stars like Rogen, Jonah Hill, Kristen Wiig, James Franco and Paul Rudd playing anthropomorphized food items who discover their only reason for existing is to be eaten by humans. Directors Conrad Vernon (“Monsters vs. Aliens”) and Greg Tiernan (TV’s “Thomas & Friends”) have backgrounds in traditional animation aimed at children, but there’s nothing traditional about this deranged dark comedy.
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Rin in association with Jai Gangaajal salutes Girl Power on International Women’s Day

The evening on International Women’s Day saw #JaiGangaajalRINanthem trending on 2nd position in India.

Prakash Jha’s directorial ‘Jai Gangaajal’ starring Priyanka Chopra released on 4th Of March, 2016. The Film makes a strong statement on women empowerment among other social issues.

Actor Priyanaka Chopra shines as a police office in the film who fights the system to re-inforce law and order in the society. Priyanka Chopra as S.P Abha Mathur is seen as a righteous police officer who does not compromise on her duty and single handedly takes on strong antagonists of the Film.

Hindustan Unilever’s Rin believes that the shine in you is the shine on you.

Rin collaborated with the Film to create a powerful music video featuring Priyanka Chopra as S.P Abha Mathur which celebrates the shine in every woman. The JaiGangajal Rin Anthem written by Rin’s creative agency empowers you to
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Nathaniel Gives Thanks

You've heard from a few members of our team of their quick lists of gratitude so naturally your host and obsessive ringleader, Nathaniel, must chime in. As you read this I'm surely already stuffing myself but this year I've planned ahead with a big diet and exercize program to commence on November 30th.

I'm thankful for...

..."rug" in Room, steering wheels in Mad Max Fury Road, the train sets in Carol and Ant-Man, and Gerda's evolving portraits of Lili in The Danish Girl

... Grandma's bonobos fixation

... Sarah Paulson's ability to elevate every single project she's in whether said project is awesome (Carol) or, let's say, "challenged" (Ahs: Hotel and Ahs in general for that matter)

... the way 2015's hottest topics kept reminding us of Cate Blanchett's Blue Jasmine speech in 2014

The world is round, people!"

...a tight squeeze, with shimmering bosom, in Paolo Sorrentino's Youth

... bits and
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Anupama Chopra: “The Jio Mami Mumbai Film Festival is a celebration of cinema”

Anupama Chopra is one of the most well-known and respected film journalists and critics in India. Not only does she write articles and reviews films in acclaimed newspapers and magazines, she also is a popular Television host, conducting interviews and film discussions as well as movie reviews on shows like ‘The Front Row’ and most recently on ‘The Film Companion’. Mrs. Chopra also has published works on the Indian Film Industry including a book on the classic film Sholay, and a biography of Shah Rukh Khan titled King of Bollywood – Shah Rukh Khan and the Seductive World of Indian Cinema.

Lately, however, she been working on a very special project and has a new title, that of Film Festival Director. Mrs. Chopra has taken on the challenge and the task of running the Jio Mami Mumbai Film Festival, which opens this Thursday October 29th. Working alongside Kiran Rao and a
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Director Atul Malhotra on all things Amar Akbar and Tony

Director Atul Malhotra’s romantic comedy drama Amar Akbar and Tony set in present day multicultural London is getting ready to hit the big screen on Friday April 17th.

Written by Malhotra, Aat tells the tale of a a Sikh, a Muslim and an Irish Catholic who take stock of their lives in the coming-of-age story.

The film explores the predicaments that face its lead trio – Amar (Rez Kempton), whose promising career gets derailed by a turn of events, Tony (Martin Delaney), whose obsession with winning over the Asian woman of his dreams finds him pursuing the wrong woman, while Akbar (Sam Vincenti), an ambitious charmer, tries to manage business, love and friendship with the gift of the gab.

A British Independent film, Amar Akbar & Tony‘s cast offers a mix of some of the coolest talent in the UK including Karen David, Laura Aikman, Nina Wadia, Goldy Notay, Ace Bhatti,
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Rez Kempton: “Amar Akbar & Tony is a story with heart”

Opening on April 17th, is the British Asian Independent film Amar Akbar & Tony. Directed by Atul Malhotra, the film stars a brilliant cast of actors including Rez Kempton, Sam Vincenti, Martin Delaney, Karen David, Laura Aikman, Nina Wadia, Goldy Notay, and many more.

The film tells the tale of three childhood friends a Sikh, a Muslim and an Irish Catholic who take stock of their lives in contemporary London.

In the coming of age romantic comedy drama, noted actor Rez Kempton plays Amar, whose promising career gets derailed by a turn of events. What happens? Well you have to see the movie to find out!

We got the amazing chance to interview Mr. Kempton about all things Aat and he gave us some fabulous answers and real insight into the film plus so much more.

What drew you to Amar Akbar and Tony?

I loved the script. I thought Atul Malhotra
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Astonishing New Jurassic World Trailer Debuts

A new trailer for Jurassic World, the long-awaited fourth film in the Jurassic Park series, has been released (see above) and it looks like we may actually be treated to a film worthy of the original. We can only hope that it will be able to scrub the memories of The Lost World and Jurassic Park III out of our collective minds.

The film stars Chris Pratt and that is all you really need to know before you decide whether you should be excited about this movie. It also helps that it looks like it’s not going to burden itself with tricky, insipid, explanatory plot devices and is just going to deliver a lot of ass-kicking dinosaur action. I’m thinking this one deserves the benefit of the doubt based on this first trailer. What do you think?

About The Film

Jurassic World: Steven Spielberg returns to executive
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Exceptional Romantic Indian Drama Should Have Been an Oscar Contender

The Lunchbox’ movie review: ‘Exceptional film’ that would have deserved an Oscar nomination (photo: Nimrat Kaur in ‘The Lunchbox’) The Lunchbox / Dabba was not the Film Federation of India’s submission to the 2014 Best Foreign Language Film Academy Award. This was reported as controversial at the time, particularly in the Indian film community. The Film Federation chose instead Gyan Correa’s The Good Road, which failed to be shortlisted by the Academy. We have not seen The Good Road, but it’d better be really good; otherwise, the harsh criticism of India’s Film Federation will be justified: The Lunchbox, writer-director Ritesh Batra’s debut feature, is an exceptional film, crafted to present an India that is profoundly traditional in many ways, yet emotionally modern, with characters engaged in deep reflection on the past and the deepest consideration of the future. In fact, The Lunchbox is a wonderful movie that
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Vanity Fair 2014 "The Hollywood Issue" (Part 1)

Ah, our favorite magazine tradition. Vanity Fair's 20th Annual Hollywood Issue is upon us and the dozen stars selected they've selected are very carefully placed (they've read their own reviews). Instead of an all white lineup with a person of color shoved onto the back fold, this is an extremely careful, as if everything has been weighed on a scale: 12 actors, exactly equally split between both men and women, and skin color.

Of course both of those 50/50 visual situations are grossly unreflective of the actual business of Hollywood movies but we're not here to complain but to praise, it's fun to see the cover shaken up ever so slightly. If we were here to complain we'd probably say something about the lack of Asian actors (they never get their due here in America) but no one has ever asked The Film Experience to guest art-direct a cover. 

If they did
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Happy 2014...Choose Three Cinematic Spirit Guides!

Happy New Year!

I've found in years past that it doesn't do much good to fuss over resolutions or plans for a new year... especially a long list of them. Which is not to say that self-improvement projects or, by extension in my case The Film Experience improvement projects, should not be on the agenda. The trick is to really focus so I'm only choosing three even though my nature yearns to do it differently. I have to fight the impulse to draft up a list of 2,014 life goals which would then make me miserable when I failed to accomplish them and guilty when I forgot what they were. I've already been working at upping my game behind-the-scenes since I didn't want to wait until a special date arose ("January 1st" is so arbitrary, really, and why should we be bound to Aloysius Lilius's 1582 business, you now?) to act on recent positive impulses,
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India blew its chance at Oscar, says Danis Tanovic (Interview)

India blew its chance at Oscar, says Danis Tanovic (Interview)
Abu Dhabi, Oct 27: Academy Award winning Bosnian filmmaker Danis Tavonic is upset with Indian decision makers for choosing a "good film" like "The Good Road" over its "best horse", "The Lunchbox" as the representative to compete for the Oscar in the best foreign language film category this year.

And he is not saying it because he is one of the around 20 co-producers of the Irrfan Khan-starrer.

The Film Federation of India (Ffi) picked "The Good Road", a Gujarati travel drama, which the federation felt reflects an India that our movies usually don't showcase.

"You had a chance and you don't have it anymore,".
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India Snubs Fest Hit 'The Lunchbox,' Submits 'The Good Road' for Oscar

India Snubs Fest Hit 'The Lunchbox,' Submits 'The Good Road' for Oscar
I was rooting for India to submit Ritesh Batra’s Sony Pictures Classics pick-up "The Lunchbox," a warm Mumbai romance starring Irrfan Khan that cut a swath on the festival circuit from Cannes to Telluride and Toronto. But no, The Film Federation of India committee went another way with its official foreign language Oscar entry. They selected relatively unknown Gujarati-language road movie "The Good Road" from first-timer Gyan Correa amid a barrage of negative reaction. Produced by India’s National Film Development Corporation, the film premiered in July at the London Indian Film Festival and later won the National Film Award for a Gujurati film. Batra tweeted: “Heartbroken. We could have gone the distance we were told by our U.S. distributors, by the Hollywood press…” I have not seen "The Good Road." But "The Lunchbox" had a real shot. This underscores the need for the Academy to revamp the foreign language category,
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Quentin Tarantino Obsessions, from Food to Toes (Video)

Quentin Tarantino Obsessions, from Food to Toes (Video)
Quentin Tarantino loves to shoot his characters eating. More than a few film students have likely written a thesis paper on the way Bill cuts the crusts off a sandwich in "Kill Bill: Volume 2." Video artist Daniel Goodbaum dives into the gastronomical innards of Tarantino in his new video essay "Food Power," which features audio from a recent Kcrw conversation with Tarantino and critic Elvis Mitchell. Goodbaum's video includes clips from "Django Unchained," "Inglourious Basterds" and "Pulp Fiction" as the director narrates his culinary motifs. Mitchell also finds the foodie in Tarantino in the latest issue of McSweeney's Lucky Peach. Another Tarantino video making the rounds is Jonathan Keogh's supercut of the "Top 50 Tarantino Characters" set to the sounds of Flying lotus. And The Film Experience has published an irreverent list of the "Top Ten Toes" in the director's films. And for those who missed it, we include Tarantino's own
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New International Trailer for Ang Lee’s Life Of Pi

A new international trailer for director Ang Lee’s ambitious adaptation of Life of Pi has landed online. The story centers on a young man (Suraj Sharma) who is stranded at sea with a Bengal tiger following a shipwreck. The clip gets things started right with the lovely stylings of Sigur Ros, and we get to see quite a bit of new footage on land. The trailer opens as a frame story as we see the journalist character that was previously played by Tobey Maguire. Lee decided to recast the role after he saw that Maguire’s starpower made the scene feel off, so now we see Rafe Spall in the part. Every piece of footage we’ve seen thus far has been gorgeous, and I can’t wait to see Lee’s Life of Pi on a giant screen when it hits theaters. Hit the jump to watch the trailer.
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‘Django Unchained’ Set Photos May Give ‘Deadwood’ Fans Deja Vu

‘Django Unchained’ Set Photos May Give ‘Deadwood’ Fans Deja Vu
[1] Those plans for David Milch's beloved Deadwood to live on in the form of a TV movie will likely never come to fruition, but fans may yet get an opportunity to revisit the Western town when Quentin Tarantino's Django Unchained hits theaters at the end of this year. Actor Garret Dillahunt, who played Francis Wolcott on the HBO series, recently paid a visit to the set of Tarantino's "Southern-fried spaghetti Western" and couldn't help but notice that the setting looked awfully familiar. Check out Dillahunt's TwitPics after the jump. [gallery columns="2" orderby="title" exclude="120261"] [Garret Dillahunt's Twitter [2] via Collider [3]] Production on Django Unchained is currently underway at the Melody Ranch in Santa Clarita, where Deadwood was also filmed. Melody Ranch is just one of several area ranches often seen in Hollywood productions; Justified and True Blood are among the other projects that have shot in Santa Clarita, according to the La Times [4]. Dillahunt [5] tweeted [6] that seeing
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Apsara Awards 2012 Winners

<div><b>Best Film</b></div><div>No One Killed Jessica</div><div>Rockstar</div><div>Singham</div><div>The Dirty Picture</div><div style="font-weight: bold;">Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara</div><div></div><div><b>Best Director</b></div><div>Rohan Sippy - Dum Maaro Dum</div><div>Raj Kumar Gupta - No One Killed Jessica</div><div>Imtiaz Ali - Rockstar</div><div>Rohit Shetty - Singham</div><div>Milan Luthria - The Dirty Picture</div><div style="font-weight: bold;">Zoya Akhtar - Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara</div><div><b>Best Actor in a Leading Role - Male</b></div><div>Salman Khan - Bodyguard</div><div>Shah Rukh Khan - Don 2</div><div>Emraan Hashmi - Murder 2</div><div style="font-weight: bold;">Ranbir Kapoor - Rockstar</div><div>Ajay Devgn - Singham</div><div></div><div><b>Best Actor in a Leading Role - Female</b></div><div>Priyanka Chopra - 7 Khoon Maaf</div><div>Katrina Kaif - Mere Brother Ki Dulhan</div><div>Rani Mukerji - No One Killed Jessica</div><div>Mahie Gill - Saheb Biwi Aur Gangster</div><div>Kangna Ranaut - Tanu Weds Manu</div><div style="font-weight: bold;">Vidya Balan - The Dirty Picture</div><div><font size="4"><b style="color: rgb(255, 0, 0);">Photos: </b><a href="../photo_event_images.php?cat_id=1&subcat_id=2&event_id=9488&sort=view">Chevrolet Apsara Awards 2012 - Red Carpet</a></font></div><div><b>Best Performance in a Comic Role</b></div><div>Jaaved Jaffrey - Double Dhamaal</div><div>Kartik Tiwari -
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Lionsgate Team With Keith Lemon

Lionsgate today announced that they would be teaming with TV’s Keith Lemon (also known as Leigh Francis) to produce it first UK comedy – Keith Lemon: The Movie.

Keith follows the lead of fellow TV presenter Keith Chegwin, who features in his own movie, Kill Keith, released this Friday.

Francis is best known for his creation of Avid Merrion and Bo’ Selecta, but has played keith Lemon for a number of years now, and is a prominent figure on UK TV screens.

Lionsgate had this to say on the project:

London, UK (November 9 2011) – Lionsgate UK is venturing into comedy for the first time to produce a new feature film with “Celebrity Juice’s” ever popular host and international ladies’ man Keith Lemon with producing partners Belfast-based Generator Entertainment. Production starts shooting on location in Belfast on November 17, 2011, with funding from Northern Ireland Screen. Verne Troyer is confirmed to star alongside Keith Lemon.
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