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Take it for what it is
Insane Ian4 September 2007
Wow. Shoot 'Em Up is exactly what it claims to be. An action movie. Balls to the wall, no holds barred, but nothing more. And that's exactly what you get. Don't go expecting high art...SEU doesn't take itself seriously enough for that. But that's exactly what makes it work. It KNOWS it's over the top, and doesn't try to hide it. Clive Owen's Smith character is the Bugs Bunny to Paul Giamatti's Hurtz Elmer Fudd. The film takes the best cartoon elements, makes them flesh, and still kicks in that over the top craziness. Bad puns that are so bad they're good, action sequences that there just for the sake of having an action sequence, and the wildest sex scene's amazing. It's the funniest, coolest, most amazing mix of stunts, bad one liners and paper think plot lines.

You get everything you expect from Shoot 'Em Up...and it's all great.
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Garth Ennis Comics Fans Will LOVE This Movie
backrowreviews11 August 2007
Warning: Spoilers
In this deliriously over-the-top masterpiece of outrageously clever mayhem, star Clive Owen is an unstoppable good-guy gunman who is given to asking the question "you know what I hate?" immediately before letting all hell break loose.

You know what I hate? Dishonest, hypocritical reviewers like the one sitting two seats away from me at the "Shoot 'Em Up" screening I attended. Although he made amused grunts and other appreciative noises during the deliciously inventive stunts, laughed out loud at the jokes, gasped and groaned at all the right gasp-and-groan-worthy places, and generally appeared to be having a grand old time, he said afterward that he didn't like the movie.

What the hell is wrong with critics like that? Are they afraid the art-house crowd won't take them seriously if they express appreciation for a film in which a newborn's umbilical cord is cut with a gunshot, or a thug gets killed by having a carrot shoved in his mouth and out the back of his head? What, you mean Bergman or Antonioni never filmed a lactating hooker tearing out a ring from a Marilyn Manson lookalike's "personal area" to convince him to talk?


Although the posters for "Shoot 'Em Up" resemble Frank Miller comic-book drawings come to life, the actual movie has more in common with the work of another comic-book great: Garth Ennis, writer of such jaw-droppingly hyper-violent heroes as Marvel's the Punisher. (Although the awful 2004 "Punisher" movie included some supporting characters and plot points that originated with Ennis, it lacked anything resembling his very dark yet fiercely entertaining style. The guy definitely has a way of making vigilantes and their dangerous toys fascinating.)

Owen plays Mr. Smith -- and that's probably not his real name -- a guy who is simply waiting for a bus when he gets drawn into one of the wildest, most crazy-violent action opening scenes of all time. By the time the bullets stop flying, Smith is on the run with a complete stranger's targeted-for-death baby and one hell of a lot of questions.

Smith enlists a kinky "got milk" hooker (Monica Bellucci) to wet-nurse the infant. Despite some tough talk, she turns out to be more placidly sensual and maternal than kick-ass tomboy, which makes for a nice change in this kind of movie.

Meanwhile, a sadistically evil genius appropriately named Hertz (Paul Giamatti) dogs their trail with a never-ending army of hired killers and, yes, a couple of dogs. Giamatti scores as this badass with brains, who is shocked and hilariously furious about how Smith & Company keep managing to survive. "Do we suck this bad," he says at one point, "or is this guy really that good?"

Writer/director Michael Davis has loaded the film with one unforgettably imaginative image after another: spent shell casings bouncing off a pregnant woman's stomach, a gun dropping in an unflushed toilet, a hand with bullets between the fingers shoved into a fireplace as an improvised weapon. There are showdowns, standoffs, car chases, airborne gun battles and even a shootout in a firearms factory.

Best of all, the screenplay manages to both glorify in and yet subvert some of the things you'll be expecting. For example, it's a mega-body-count, blizzard-of-bullets barrage that's actually a plea for gun control at heart. Seriously. Also, although it has scenes referencing bits from movies as diverse as "Lost Highway," "The Transporter" and even "Raising Arizona" (how's that for range?), it still feels fresh and original.

And there's one perfectly done little scene that's so poignant you may actually find yourself tearing up. Don't worry, though -- a hail of gunfire follows very shortly thereafter. Heck, a hail of gunfire follows shortly after EVERYTHING in this movie, usually including other hails of gunfire!

I can't wait to see what relative newcomer Michael Davis does for his next movie, but it will be hard for him to top this one. "Shoot 'Em Up" is a flat-out joy to watch. When it was over, the first thing I said was, "I want to see this movie again RIGHT NOW!" It's that good!
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Thin on plot, thick on action
Duellist27 July 2007
I rated this movie a 10 in the context of other action movies; it's nowhere near a 10 when compared to classics like Casablanca, but in it's genre, it accomplishes exactly what it sets out to do.

Clive Owen stars as "Smith" a guy with a past (that's slowly revealed during the crazy gun fights) who shows up as a knight in shining armor to a lady who is about to pop a baby and is being chased by baddies, headed up by Paul Giamatti. After he rescues the kid, he links back up with an old flame, DQ, played by Monica Bellucci. The movie starts out with a bang, quite literally and doesn't settle down the entire time. There's a plot somewhere in the movie, but if you think too hard, it'll disappear in a puff of logic.

That being said, the gunfights and car chases are stellar. They are lots of fun, with ridiculous things going on the entire time. Just suspend your reason & logic, strap into your theater seat and enjoy the ride.

Michael Davis spoke before the preview and said he was an action movie buff since the beginning and made the movie he wanted to make. As an action movie fan, I thank him!
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Gun Porn At Its Best
unscripted16 September 2007
I wasn't really sure what to make of this movie before I went to the advanced screening. I heard from a friend of mine at the Chicago Tribune (she's female, and you'll see why that matters in a second) and she said, "It was so stupid! It was like, BANG BANG BANG, EXPLETIVE EXPLETIVE EXPLETIVE, BANG BANG BANG! Then gallons of blood and we move on." For some reason, the little boy in me that loved the scene in Predator where all of the soldiers shoot at open woods for a complete minute, got very excited. She wasn't kidding, either, that's just what this movie was. Don't worry about the plot, it's not really a concern. Don't worry about the script either, the lines are so over the top and shallow that you know a man wrote this script without allowing anyone to comment on it.

At the same time, this movie is just plain fun. You will find yourself laughing from the moment the movie starts to the ending (which you won't be glancing at your watch while waiting for). There are funny lines, funny situations, and stuff that is so impossible in the real world that you can't help but chuckle. Various moments during the film, I found myself applauding along with the audience, maybe not for the film, but for how writer/director Michael Davis got our hero out of another situation.

The directing, as opposed to the writing, was done very well, especially for a movie like this. If you take the directing too seriously, the script won't work, which is probably why Michael Davis did both. Clive Owen delivers another strong performance, adapting to the cheesy script and outrageous events like a participant in a prank or gag. Monica Bellucci plays the most serious role in the film, and still takes to mocking her life and situation in this movie like the rest of them. My favorite character would still have to be the sly Paul Giamatti, who is given some pretty crazy situations himself but they are coupled with the only lines of any intelligence (or longer than about four words).

By the end of this movie, I was having a lot of fun watching a plot unfold that I didn't really care about. That doesn't deter the film, though, because it's kind of like a stunt show, you're not really concerned with the story. I loved it and, apparently, so did most of the audience. It really reminded me of seeing, well, a live action movie that was more like a video game (we even have coordinated colors for the costumes of the "bad guys" in the various "levels"). I'd like to use this film as an example to my (former) favorite critic Roger Ebert as a perfect example of how video games can be construed in the same light as video games, because Roger, this is clearly a movie made by a large video game fan.
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Hilarious comedy, unrealistic action
badger_gal2917 September 2007
People who rate this movie poorly obviously do not realize that it is a comedy. If you go into it hoping for awesome action and realistic events, prepare to be disappointed. The entire movie is just completely ridiculous action sequences that not only would never happen but never COULD happen in any possible way. It's as if someone took every action scene that got cut from other action movies for being too outrageous or physically impossible and jammed them all into one movie. That is what makes it so funny! There were scenes with no dialogue that had me rolling with laughter. There aren't any dull moments either with someone getting shot pretty much every 10 seconds. The movie was not what I was expecting, but ended up SO much better. It's just plain fun!
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Fantastic Fun
fezrok5 September 2007
Think about the title of the movie, because if you don't like that than just stay home. This movie lives up to its name in a fresh, fun and humorous way. Clive Owen is great as Mr. Smith, the coolest action hero I have seen in a long time. Paul Giammatti is witty and surprisingly enjoyable to watch as the bad guy. If you take this film too serious than you will not like it. Yes, it is a ridiculous film filled with non-stop action that would never be humanly possible, babies being thrown around but yet staying protected by the humorous Mr. Smith. This film was so fun and yes over the top, but if you expect anything more you probably will be disappointed. The violence was very extravagant, but what else did you expect from this title? It is the sort of violence that doesn't really bother you in a film. It's flashy and well, it's entertainment. Just like this movie, it was entertaining and I loved it.
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Simply Awesome. Crank on Steroids
icebond17 September 2007
Lets get one thing out of the way straight away. Shoot em up is easily the most outrageous, the funniest and most balls out Action film ever made. Saying that, its not for everyone. Firstly its silly and calling the events that unfold over the top is a huge understatement. The film doesn't take itself seriously for a second. The action is almost cartoonist in nature and there are at least 5 jaw dropping scenes and by the end of this film you will never look at a carrot the same way. Like I said, its not for everyone, some will love it, others will loathe it. Regardless of which camp you fall in, I think pretty much everyone will agree after seeing this film that the Broccoli family must have been asleep during Clive Owens Bond test screening. This guy has more Bond in his left arm than Daniel Craig in his entire body and the best thing? He doesn't even try, like a certain other Scottish actor you may recall. In fact this review is pretty pointless. This is the only film you'll see Monica Belluci get shagged during a shootout. Enuf said. Go watch it
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The most fun you will have at the movies
joe_momma98 September 2007
As I stated above, this movie is a fun ride. The script was probably written by a 13 year old kid who plays a lot of video games, but that's why it's great. You can just kick back, turn your brain off for 80 minutes, and enjoy. It is the ultimate guy movie. And for the one liners: as cheesy and lame as you could ask for. Shoot Em Up was made to entertain the 20 something action junkie, so if you aren't one, you will no doubt hate this flick. But for the rest of us, who all have that 13 year old immature video gamer still inside, you gotta see it. I think Clive Owen might be the first true action star Hollywood has had in a long time. One other enjoyable feature: great soundtrack. Shootout scene with Motorhead's "Ace of Spades" in the background: you can't ask for anything better. I give Shoot Em Up 8 out of 10.
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Shoot 'Em Up: The most fun I have had in a movie theater since Grindhouse
STFU_Donny7 September 2007
I had been looking forward to this movie for months, so walking in, I had somewhat high expectations. Walking out, I felt very satisfied and that I had gotten more than my money's worth.

You are going to be hard-pressed to find a movie more over the top than Shoot 'Em Up. What Michael Davis does here is take every action movie cliché (i.e. firing two guns while jumping through the air, shooting guns out of speeding cars, etc.) and takes it to a whole new level entirely. It works namely because the violence here is just so creative. Sure, it defies all logic most of the time, but I was laughing and having a rip-roaring time throughout.

Clive Owen is perfectly cast as the carrot-chomping, gun-toting smart aleck hero and has no shortage of cheesy puns (that score big laughs). The rest of the cast does well, but really, it's Clive's show.

The "plot" is pretty much non-existent other than about a half dozen scenes of slightly forced dialogue. The purpose behind these scenes is more to give the audience a couple of minutes to catch it's collective breath between action scenes than it is to develop an actual story. And really, if you went to this movie expecting an in-depth character drama, you picked the wrong film.

At a little under an hour and a half, Shoot 'Em Up successfully delivers a perfect dosage of action, guns and puns without overstaying it's welcome. I'll be sure to see it at least a couple more times while it is still in theaters.

Plus, it has Mötley Crüe's, "Kickstart my Heart". What more could you ask for?
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Entertaining enough
ncfc-canary3 October 2007
Some of the comments left by people on here show just how clueless movie goers can be. As if you can't tell that there's a slight tongue-in-cheek feel to the movie. Doesn't the stupidly high kill count or OTT methods used to kill people make that obvious to you? Does a movie with the title "Shoot em up" sound like a serious piece of work? Come on some of you just need to relax and use your brains a little.

I haven't much to say on the movie itself since its ones of those "entertained me but probably won't buy the DVD" films I so often see in cinemas. Acting was good, action was good, plot was OK. Go see it. If you love it - great, if you don't - oh well. It really is one of those kind of movies. Just remember not expect a serious film reminiscent of James Bond or Die Hard, OK?.
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If you've got it, Flaunt it!
gradyharp4 January 2008
Warning: Spoilers
SHOOT 'EM UP is well named: this is a whompingly good action movie that is as much parody of its genre as it is a good story. It never for a moment takes itself seriously and it is played by a strong cast of top-drawer actors having a terrific time. Writer/director Michael Davis has found his niche and let's hope their will be more dark comedies that are as much fun to watch as this one.

The story is negligible: lone man Smith (Clive Owen at his best) observes a pregnant woman in chased distress, delivers her baby, then finishes off the huge gang of bad guys who are in pursuit, taking the newborn boy to transient safety. Smith finds a lactating prostitute Donna (beautiful Monica Bellucci), takes her from her business of kinky sex and makes her the baby's surrogate mother. A smarmy gangster Hertz (Paul Giamatti in another career forming role), connected to an illicit arms manufacturer Hammerson (Stephen McHattie), is in pursuit of both Smith and the baby for reasons that are finally disclosed: the baby is part of a ring of potential bone marrow donors for an important Senator. The ending is, well, an ending. But it is the getting there that is all the fun.

The dialog is peppered with hilarious one-liners that have a real edge and the methods of the endless killings include several using the carrot that Smith keeps at hand as a weapon. The shootings are fast and impossible but actually hilarious in the choreography. Clive Owen plays the role straight, with a real gift for humor as well as action. Paul Giamatti is a sinister delight and able to match Owens one-liner for one-liner. Monica Bellucci makes her impossible role credible and as always is gorgeous to look at! This is a fast paced, finely written and acted parody - definitely deserving of the comic book title! Grady Harp
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Absurd fun.
dead475488 January 2008
A film that aims to be a parody on the extremeness and over-the-top tendencies of the action genre, and succeeds in becoming entertaining and exhilarating. I doubt there will be a more entertaining piece of work this year. It was so over-the-top and hilarious. Some of it did go a tid bit too far for me (the firefight while jumping out of a plane, the fact that there wasn't a single cop to be found) but all of the wild absurdity combined with an encompassing metal soundtrack and perfectly choreographed action made it one of the funnest movies I've ever seen. The clash of Clive Owen and Paul Giamatti certainly added a great stride to it, with Clive's deadpan hilarity and Giamatti's winning charisma. It's this extravagance and extreme unrealism that makes the film entertaining, but can also be a flaw from time to time. But it is absolutely impossible not to have an uproarious time watching Clive Owen shoot an umbilical cord to separate it from the mother, kill numerous people with a simple carrot, and (in my favorite scene of the film) have raunchy sex with Monica Bellucci whilst laying out an endless supply of armed hit men. Certainly something I could see myself re-watching time and time again.
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Baby Oliver has a difficult childhood, indeed
unbrokenmetal16 February 2009
It's astonishing to see that a movie which is so simple can be misunderstood so often. This is not a violent action movie, it is a nihilistic comedy. Best comment I've read here is entitled "Knowingly Absurd, Self-Consciously Ridiculous". Hits the nail, umm... carrot on the head. That is not only shown in the over-the-top action scenes, but also in the dialogues when Bellucci asks Owen: "Is there anything you don't hate?" or Giamatti's mobile phone always rings when he is - "sorry, I'm just busy" - killing someone. Clive Owen is better than ever, a tired pro, explained so little that we don't even find out his character's real name. Just Smith then. Monica Bellucci is over 40 now and perfectly cast as a prostitute whose best days are over but she still is very... motherly. Wouldn't have worked as well with a younger actress. Paul Giamatti is an excellent opponent, a lunatic who thinks killing everyone is the best solution for finding peace. There shouldn't be too many movies like this, because in the end it's a cynical way of filming, and the art of creating characters with a certain depth shouldn't vanish, but once in a while a ride like this is terrific fun and a guilty pleasure. Extra point for the powerful soundtrack courtesy of Motörhead, AC/DC, the underrated Midnight Movies and more.
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Shut 'em up!!!
thebumswillalwayslose28 January 2008
Warning: Spoilers
Where do I begin with this film? To say that this has got to be one of the worst films I have ever seen would be too simplistic and it would be letting this film off lightly. Yes, it is one of the worst films I have ever seen, however how bad it is exactly cannot be measured by a mere passing remark.

I am a huge fan of Paul Giamatti & Clive Owen, their combined body of work is impressive to say the least, with works such as Sideways, The Illusionist and American Splendour (Giamatti) with Croupier, I'll Sleep When I'm Dead and Children of Men (Owen) to their name, this is a pedigree of some standard and to bring them together on a project has gave this film some much needed gravitas that has allowed it to have a cinema release, because believe me if this film didn't have these actors in it, it would have never seen the light of day.

I am not adverse to films of a mindless nature, believe me I have sat through films such as Deep Blue Sea and Transformers and been thoroughly entertained, they are what they are, however when you have a mindless action film that have bad set pieces terrible dialogue, even worse scripting and woeful special effects all you are left with is Shoot 'em Up.

From babies being delivered in the middle of gunfights, people having sex in the middle of gunfights, people parachuting in the middle of gunfights, gunfights in the middle of gunfights, this film is loud, clichéd, stupid and just basically a mess.

The dialogue sounds like it has been written by a 1st year film student who has been watching Lock, Stock and two Smoking Barrels on a continuous loop. The action sequences are terribly handled, feeling unrealistic, stilted and just plain rubbish. The special effects make this already bad film just feel even worse, I am aware what this film is trying to do with its tongue in cheek take on the action flick, however not to throw any money into the budget of this film (£23,000,000) has meant it doesn't even have its special effects to rely on, they make it look cheap and quite unremarkable.

Ultimately what is unfortunate about this film is that it has been able to attract two of Hollywood's brightest talents and shoe-horn them into one of the biggest piles of sh*t I have ever seen. I am sure that their careers will not suffer too much, however I feel that the paying audience have suffered enough. You watch this film at your own peril...don't say I didn't warn you.
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Sometimes more is more.
BA_Harrison22 September 2011
Given the choice, I prefer my action films to be as brutally realistic as possible, but if film-makers are insistent about going down the cartoonish violence route, they might as well go the whole nine yards, as in Shoot 'Em Up, a relentlessly OTT slam-bang actioner that starts out all guns blazing and doesn't call it quits until writer/director Michael Davis has thrown every possible crazy idea he can come up with onto the screen.

This wild, anything goes approach could be compared to the previous year's Crank, but unlike that film, which was crippled by unlikeable characters, unnecessary vulgarity and a glut of irritatingly showy editing tricks, Shoot 'Em' up remains a classy and often clever piece of film-making despite its highly preposterous plot: Davis's effective direction is cool and slick without resorting to migraine inducing visual gimmickry; stars Owen and Bellucci effortlessly ooze sex appeal and charisma, whilst Paul Giamatti, as ultra-vicious killer Hertz, is utterly loathsome; there are some inspired visual gags for the eagle-eyed; and the never-ending gun-play is both brilliantly inventive and absolutely blistering. Hell, the film even manages to deliver an ironic anti-gun message whilst all the bullets are flying and people are dying.

In short this film is everything Crank would dearly have loved to have been, and then some.

7.5 out of 10, rounded up to 8 for IMDb.
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More adolescent than specifically designed adolescent movies.
filmbuff2031 October 2007
Warning: Spoilers
I sat in the darkened theatre pondering this question: if the 7 teenagers in front of me were having such a great time, why wasn't I? Was I missing something here? Did I not get it? I came to the conclusion as the credits rolled, that I got it alright. It just didn't work. I glance at the kids in the rising light looking like they just got off a roller-coaster, and I understand. I'm not a teenager.

This is more of a kid's movie than any of the so-called kid's movies I saw this year. Stardust was an adult oriented fantasy. Ratatouille had distinctly adult oriented humour that no doubt went over most kid's heads. Yet a film that is supposed to be adult, Die Hard 4.0, was aimed directly at the kids. And now this, the kind of movie I would have lapped up at 15 or so. It has everything I would have wanted back then: Gunfire, swearing, boobies, bad puns, lots of blood, increasingly gory deaths. Oh, and er, lactating hookers. This is a film that is decadent and racy for the sake of it, possibly to have it's pre-pubescent audience snigger at the use of a rude word. There are those who would frivolously use the word 'satire' to describe this film. Shoot 'Em Up does not even come close to being that deep. In the end, it just becomes a pale imitation of the folly it pokes fun at.

The plot is non-existent. I expected this much, only I half expected for there to be at least a thread to hold it all together. I was wrong. Instead, it has different variations on that cinematic darling, the gunfight. We have gunfight while eating carrot, death by carrot, firing a gun with a carrot, gunfight during sex, gunfight while birthing, gunfight while parachuting and gunfight with no workable fingers with which to fire (that's where the carrot comes in again). Imagine if you will, an E! Entertainment special, Top 1001 movie gunfights and you have Shoot 'Em Up. It's trying to be desperately clever and winds up being desperately generic. Some are even pretty well constructed, but others, the majority, instantly forgettable.

There's no character development to speak of, which again, I expected, but these people are literally made of cardboard. How can an audience be expected to be thrilled by a gunfight if they don't care about anyone in it? Furthermore, the script is so full of cringe-worthy lines, it's hard to see why writer Michael Davis may have thought he was being clever when writing them. Clive Owen's mythical charisma is lost on me. I see him at his best in small films such as Croupier or Children of Men in which he actually plays a character, but so far his blockbuster roles have been disappointing. His King Arthur was about as stale as they come and his deadpanning in this role feels forced and unenthusiastic. Paul Giamatti looks like he's having fun chewing the scenery, but chew the scenery is all he does and try as he might to be menacing, he falls short of creating any kind of tension.

Director Michael Davis brought us some teen comedies early in the decade such as 100 Girls and Girl Fever, neither of which impressed me due to their complete immaturity and their utter tastelessness, compared even to the likes of Tomcats. Shoot 'Em Up has done nothing to change my mind about his work. Thanks to Girl Fever, I'll never be able to think about Clint Howard the same way again.

So, to sum up, a gormless mess of action sequences, starring the 'almost James Bond' with less plot than a Michael Bay extravaganza and a large abundance of carrots. Movies need a certain amount of substance to survive. This had none. A waste of time and money.
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An Action Packed Ride From Start To Finish.
Blackace2 August 2007
There was a screening of Shoot 'Em Up during the San Diego ComicCom 07 at the GasLamp Theater. My cousins and I almost didn't get to see it because the nim-witted box office staff decided ticket stubs would be needed to get into the theater even though we had Shoot 'Em Up passes directly from New Line Cinema reps. Because ticket stub holder got in first, we ended up sitting in the top seats of the theater, which turned out to be a blessing. Clive Owen actually attending the screening and sat right behind my cousin. Hehe!! As for the movie, it's one of the best action flicks of the summer. The director wanted to make a John Woo style film and he succeeded with this goal. The gun battles are terrific. Clive Owen plays Mr. Smith. A man in the right place at the wrong time. In the opening scene he watches as a killer chases a pregnant woman into an alley with a gun. Not one to stand and let a woman get killed, he takes action to protect the woman and her baby. What follows is a series of misfortunes and narrow escapes as pieces of the plot are put together. Why was this man trying to kill this woman? What does the baby have to do with this crazed hit-man (play by Paul Giamatti) who's after him? Will Mr. Smith's call girl squeeze DQ (played by Monica Bellucci) help him? All these questions are answered in the movie. Just when you're about to take a breather from the action, it revs up again and takes off. Even though the plot is a little thin, it's unique as well. I'm not going to give any of it away either. The only real downside is the action isn't realistic in some of the scenes. Things happen to perfectly for our hero, whereas in real life he most likely wouldn't have made it to the end of the movie. You know what I'm talking about? The movie is still very fun to view and weighing in at only 90mins, it won't take up your whole afternoon. This is a must see for fans of John Woo and action films. I'm going to see it again with the wife when it gets released in Sept. I rate it 8/10.
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"You'll either love it or hate it"
tordoffjosh20 September 2007
Warning: Spoilers
Magnificent, in a word, not for the dude who is going to sit in the corner and say 'oh look how far fetched that is, look at all that CGI, this is so unrealistic', that is the brilliance of this film it is well and truly rip the crap out of the films which try to hide their CGI scenes with the good old chin wag, this film goes all out action, forget a good old nip to the toilets or a steady stroll to the popcorn stall unless you are still at a dated cinema which has intervals which always spoil the drift of the film because you are sure to miss a key action scene which all the guys you went to the movies with wouldn't stop talking about on the trip home. Key roles from Clive Owen and Paul Giamatti were very much so treasured by the film, Owen who finds himself chucked into a very forceful memorable scene with him taking on a gang of street goons after the life of a pregnant woman, and Giamatti playing a very imposing laughable 'Pussy with a gun' see's the film make great use of CGI, great acting, comedy, action and a odd bit of story to make a sight for sore eyes. One which will give forth coming movies a new style of script, this could be the start of something new, a new genre of filming pleasure has brought its first cards to the table. Like crank meets matrix on steroids, one for Mr Woo, an ecstasy of adrenaline.
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Don't shoot them.....
the_weirdo10 January 2010
Warning: Spoilers
"Shoot me, instead," I pled. And he did. His last shot was straight through my heart. I lay there dead.

No matter where you hide, he will find you. No matter what weapons you have, he will outsmart you. No matter how many trained gunmen you hire, he will kill them all. And he doesn't even need a gun. A simple carrot will do. Because he is a British nanny. And he is dangerous.

If want to twist and turn all the laws of physics, I am OK with it. If you can survive 100000 bullets shot at you from random direction, I am OK with it. If you can pull out miracles when all hopes of sanity are lost, still I am OK with it. Just don't cut the umbilical cord of a new born baby with a gun shot. The baby might die.

Most memorable scene: When our hero kills the ruffians while continuing humping (I thought of using 'making love' or 'having sex', but found them too degrading for the scene) his girlfriend. (Statutory Warning: This scene might put you into delirium. Parental Guidance required.)

(Originally published @
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The worst movie I've seen this year...
chris_dm12 September 2007
It's official. This is the worst movie I've seen this year. I find this rather unfortunate because I had been anticipating Shoot 'Em Up for quite some time and had heard many good things about it.

The action was so redundant I was bored out of my mind. The dialogue was god awful and corny. It also failed as a comedy because I think there was only one (maybe two) parts where I laughed.

I wasn't expecting a ton of plot or characterization going in but I was expecting an entertaining movie which this failed terribly at being. By all rights it feels like it was written by a high school student.

So many plot holes are present and the director expects the audience to have way too many suspensions of disbelief. I understand something being over the top but when a filmmaker chooses to completely disregard reality, common sense, and psychics it's not only lazy but insulting.

I was expecting something clever but instead got something dumb and trite. Rather than being a parody of the action genre it merely managed to sink lower than the worst case scenarios of bad movie making and become a prime example of a genre at its absolute worst. I'm honestly amazed at the amount of positive feedback this movie is receiving.
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twerk_200611 December 2009
Im not going to give any spoilers here.. I just don't understand of any moviegoer, thinking this movie was anything other than stupid... Lame as they come why would anyone want to give this a 10 and make people think they are about to watch a good or even decent movie is beyond me.. I just assume people are so hateful.. they want you to waste your money as well. This movie is horrible,, why cant i make a movie if this all you have to do to make a movie.. please. And for people saying this is a parody or satire..... Stupid is what stupid does..Please only watch this movie if you wanna laugh at something insanely stupid and over the top.. If that was the decree of this film then it would receive a perfect ten.. But its not.. So if you ever see my name on here believe i will give you the whole truth.. This movie is funny trash..
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Such a terrible movie, I signed up to leave this comment
cpatravis18 January 2008
Warning: Spoilers
Terrible. Horrible. Awful. Piece of sh!t. Don't waste your money. Bad acting, stupid scenes, crappy jokes. Shooting out a sign to show F U K U, then shoot out more to say F U K U TOO. That is just stupid. Shooting an umbilical cord of a new born baby, that is retarded. Cutting off a guys hand to shoot a gun, ridiculous. Everyone happened to be at the right place at the right time to figure things out like finding the exact hooker they were looking for in minutes, finding the broken car window in the exact place he was walking, knowing exactly what building he is in, happen to turn TV on heavy metal music while baby is crying, etc. What the hell is up with the carrots. It is just dumb. I'm watching it now and I just cannot list all the junk in this movie.
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Worst film ever made? Its in the running.
mjscimeca19 December 2008
The fact that this movie has a 7.0 rating is completely depressing. Its awful, beginning to end, so unspeakably bad that my mouth was agape every awful minute. It was stupid. It was witless. It was poorly acted. It was loud, obvious and idiotic.

And worst of all was the hypocrisy. It has been stated in other comments, but it needs to be stated again - this "film" is a commercial enterprise selling you on the hopes of seeing dozens of people shot. They are making money off of a portrayal of people killing each other with guns. And then they have the audacity to make the theme of their idiotic movie about gun control! Are you kidding me?

The only industry that makes more money off of guns than gun manufacturers is liberal Hollywood. Someone has to call them on this garbage! And no, I didn't give the film one star simply because of its mind-blowing hypocrisy. Its legitimately that terrible. No one involved with this piece of junk should ever work again.
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Fun, hilariously over-the-top action flick
janetmulligan10 June 2008
Go into this movie knowing that it is a campy, corny, over-the-top comedy/action movie that is just about crazy shooting sequences and one-liners, and you'll be fine. I laughed a lot during this movie, and really enjoyed myself, because I knew what to expect. Rock out, Clive Owen! Please do not go into this movie expecting deep plot, meaningful conversations among characters, or anything remotely resembling a serious action or drama movie. That's why there are ratings of people who hated it: they have no sense of humor or just didn't know what this movie would be.

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What a waste of Time
dmgruber110 September 2007
At first I thought; with Clive Owen & Paul Giamatti, how could you go wrong? I did go wrong.....the movie is cheesy & reminds me of a few of the BMW shorts that Clive Owen starred in only now with a lot Sex, a lot of stilted acting by the "bad guys" and a lot of bad directing. It is more like a Power Ranger's movie than the action thriller it is advertised as.

I know that they couldn't use a real baby during the scenes when Ownen's character runs across the roof or at the playground, but come on, the log on Twin Peaks was more convincing.

I also wondered how Paul Giamatti's character could control so many bad buys. His character seems uncomfortable using a gun. Not a real leader, regardless of how much money he had to pay to toughs.

Don't get me wrong, I like off-beat movies. I liked Pulp Fiction. I sometimes like mindless entertainment, but I think the two main lead's talents were wasted in this movie.

I walked out after the first half hour. Ice cream & a motorcycle ride were much better than this drivel.
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