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MPAA Rated R for pervasive strong bloody violence, sexuality and some language

Sex & Nudity

  • A dead woman's breast are exposed to feed baby.
  • A man walks through the hallway of a brothel and several very brief scenes of people having sex is shown.
  • A man is sucking on a woman's breast (we see this from the back, so suckling action is not seen) and when he lifts his head, milk is dripping from the sides of his mouth and down his chin.
  • A man and woman have sex which gets interrupted by a shootout. The woman continues to hang on to the man even when he gets up during the shootout. The woman is only partially undressed, the man is naked, but only partial buttocks is shown.
  • A man stands behind a dumpster receiving oral sex from a woman. No nudity.
  • A dead woman's breast is shown and a man begins to fondle her.

Violence & Gore

  • A man shoves a carrot into another person's mouth and then kicks it in, with blood dripping from the back of his head.
  • A woman is killed by a sniper-rifle.
  • Two men rumble and some shooting happens, the person tries to burn another mans arm with a heating pad, he drops his gun, but pulls a knife on him, they fight but eventually one gets a grip, but spares the other persons life.
  • A shootout occurs, with lots of blood seen.
  • A woman is briefly tortured, a man fires his gun and then sticks the barrel of the gun into sensitive areas of her body. However, another man comes to save her.
  • Decapitated hand is shown, it is used to fire a gun that has a safety mechanism.
  • A man is shot.
  • A man is stabbed in the eye with a carrot.
  • Another shoot-out occurs with lots of detailed shooting and man also lands on another man, that causes him to spit up blood.
  • A man and a woman are ambushed during sex, resulting in more shooting.
  • At a warehouse a man gets a hold on an asset of weapons, he constructs them into trap-pits. Later on several goons get butchered heavily.
  • A man is duct-taped.
  • A woman starts to spank her son, a man interrupts him and he spanks her. A guard comes to tell them to knock it off, the man punches him.
  • A man is shot, with blood flowing.
  • Shoot-out in the air occurs, and people are shot with bloody results. One character gets thrown into a helicopter propeller, his severed arm is shown later on the ground, when rats are feasting on it.
  • A man is briefly tortured by getting his fingers broken.
  • A man kills several bad guys with a scalpel.
  • A man's ribcage is blown.
  • Diner is attacked by a gang of criminals, a man shoots them with well aimed shots, one involves shooting a finger off, another's ear and so on.


  • 12 fucks, 5 asses, 4 sh-ts, 4 sons of bitches, 3 pussies, 2 t-ts (used non-offensively), 1 bitch, and 1 prick. Also 8 instances of "hell", 6 of "Goddamn", 3 of "My God", 2 of "damn", 1 of "By God", and 1 of "crap".
  • Also 1 instance of "knockers" (slang for breasts).

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Many people in the movie, some not the characters, but people around them, smoke and drink.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Torture and violent shoot-outs.

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