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MPAA Rated PG-13 for intense sequences of violence and action, brief strong language, smoking and a scene of teen drinking

Sex & Nudity

  • Rated PG-13 for intense sequences of sci-fi action and violence, brief strong language, smoking, and a scene of teenage drinking.
  • A young woman is in a bathroom with a slip on, and a man comes in and we see them kiss from a far distance

Violence & Gore

  • A man is stabbed through the neck with a sharp piece of bamboo (we see him collapse with the bamboo sticking out of his neck but there's no blood) and another man is impaled with bamboo (we hear a crunch).
  • Men shoot at each other, one man deflects many bullets, one young man is thrown into two columns, slammed against a ceiling, held there and then dropped to the floor (we see him with blood on his face).
  • Many people with guns shoot at each other, people are struck and thrown back, and others are thrown by telekinesis and crash into glass and scaffolding; a young man is thrown down a flight of stairs and across a room (he has a bloody nose).
  • A man tells another man to put a gun in his mouth and pull the trigger; the man does, we hear the shot and see the man collapse to the ground dead.
  • A young woman tells a man to put a gun in his mouth and pull the trigger; we hear a gunshot and it is implied that the man shot himself, but we don't see it.
  • A man shoots a man in the back of the head (there's no blood).
  • Two men fight: we hear loud cracks with each blow, and one straddles the other and punches him in the head repeatedly (we see his very bloody face).
  • A young woman sprays soap in a man's face, he thrashes, they fight with punches and kicks, he punches her in the stomach, she knees him, scratches him and kicks him, and he lies unconscious on the floor (we see some blood on his face).
  • A man yells loudly, another man thrashes on the floor, his head and mouth bleed and we see him motionless.
  • A young woman lies motionless on a medical table, she is injected in the arm (we see the needle pierce her skin), she thrashes, falls still and we hear the heart monitor flatline.
  • A young man injects himself with a hypodermic needle (we hear a crunch), he falls to the floor, thrashes and gurgles, and then lies motionless.
  • A woman touches a young man's neck, we hear crunching, and he falls to the floor (it is implied that she has broken his neck and he is unable to move).
  • Many people with guns surround a hotel room door, they burst into the room, we hear gunfire, there is an explosion, two people are thrown out of the room (they slam into the wall and land on the floor motionless), and another man walks out of the room and says, "Bring his body to the lab."
  • A young man is kicked in the face, he falls to the ground, gets up and runs away (we see him with blood on his face and his shirt).
  • We see a man beating another man: he straddles him and we see him with a bloody face and we understand that he was killed.
  • A young woman head-butts a man and runs through a medical facility.
  • Two men yell loudly and cause things to break and people to thrash about: In one scene they yell in a fish market and we see fish in the tanks blow up (blood disperses in the water), tanks shatter, people are knocked down by the flood of water, and a young man writhes on the ground and we see his ears bleeding.
  • A man is crushed under scaffolding


Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • A 13 year old girls drinks on many occasions and is drunk on 1 occasion.
  • Many people are drugged to get information.
  • In Hong Kong, people are seen smoking often, some around kids.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • There are flashes of people being used as experiments.
  • The men with supersonic screams are mildly frightening.

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