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It's genuine
kaitlynn lane28 May 2008
This movie is very engaging. Even with it's worst story line, it is never dull. The movie is divided into several conversations after sex. The conversations are interesting, humorous, sometimes painful, but mostly the characters are speaking honestly about life, and the wounds it can leave behind. What i like about this movie is it has integrity and balls. It is down right gritty. The director is taking these very touchy/taboo subjects and serving them on a spoon to the public. Some of the scenes may make more conservative people uncomfortable. Exploring gay/lesbian sex,interracial sex and first times, it's bound to make someone shake their head in disapproval, but i for one think a good movie does that. It makes people talk. For a low-budget film, it has a high emotional quality. It seems true to life i guess, which is a rare quality because most movies don't. They are so contrived/fabricated they become hard to relate to. I think this movie about stuff that can/does happen to everyone. It is genuine to the human condition.

The only problem i have with the movie is i want more. This film has these really likable characters, specially, the first couple, but the moments don't last long enough. We bounce from one couple to the next after they have sexual intimacy, but we the viewer never fill intimate with the characters. There is a sense of detachment from the characters that keep the story forgettable.
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A closer look at the emotional pain of sex
Gordon-1120 February 2008
This film is about several couples from all walks of life having troubled conversations after having sex.

Though "After Sex" is low budget, it is still an interesting film. All the couples that they presented are of different background. They include sex with ex, domineering homosexual relationship, sexual exploitation of a friend, coming to terms of homosexuality, a loving old couple, teenage experimentation and one night stand. Each segment is interesting in their own right, as they reveal raw emotions and pain. With the variety of scenarios and emotions, one is likely to find a segment that strikes a chord. The most striking segment is the one where a guy lovingly says he loves his partner, but the partner passionlessly says "Whatever". It's sad.

"After Sex" is only for people who want to take a closer look at the emotional pain of sex. If you are looking for sex or action, then this is not for you.
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Beautiful Movie
Kerem Gogus18 January 2009
I think that's very beautiful and a special movie in it's genre. Story telling is important for me on that kind of movies as audience. What I've found on that movie is warm, simple story telling about complicated vortex of feelings which is really hard to accomplish.

Comedy elements used cleverly. Emotional rapprochement to the paradoxical feelings after climax was stunning. Interacting between loving and caring side and "just-for-sex" side pronounced so well.

I think the best part of the movie was definitely the part of Zoe Saldana and Mila Kunis - that's totally personal opinion by the way. But I watched their playing over 398753984 times! Zoe Saldana's acting was stunning on her part outside of the library. Mila Kunis was best on the after sex bed talk. They were both amazing together on library. Heating, impulsive and amusing. They were like profiterole & ice-cream together.

My greatest compliments to the Eric Amadio - a great director & writer which brought us that great movie.
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A long overdue genuine and exploratory film about sex.
horvathistvan-5911 March 2011
Warning: Spoilers
I think the best part of the movie definitely belongs to the part of Zoe Saldana and Mila Kunis, as quoted by another user. I was open to sexual experimentation and practice, as I had done so in my younger days 30 years ago. But, despite of experimenting, none of those experiments in sexual practices had swayed me from being my true and real sexually oriented self, a heterosexual man who likes women. On this note, I approve of sexual experimentation and the best example of this I saw with the characters of Zoe Saldana and Mila Kunis whose lesbian sex discovery was both amusing and also fun to watch with their conversation and dialog amidst their sexual experiments. Particulerly, I thoroughly enjoyed the scene in which Mila Kunis asked her Zoe: "How does pussy taste like?" In answer to her query, Zoe Saldana spread her legs and pointed to her crotch! I think this was the best scene the movie has and it deserves recognition for it, as well for the openness and candid view about Sex since Dr. Kinsey.
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Sruthbrown24 December 2013
...a really honest movie about sex. I even created an account just so I could say how much I appreciated the candor and variety presented in this film. The characters are complex, yet accessible, and the dialog is comprehensive and thoughtful, yet not at all pretentious. Each vignette is just long enough to be interesting and complete, yet not too long, so you won't get bored by too much talk. As as Sociologist, I may be a little biased (I can people watch for hours), but the subject matter will captivate - trust me.

I am at home, sacked out on the couch with pneumonia, right now, or I would say more. But, know that I went to the trouble of creating this account just to brag on this movie. It will pique your interest, trust me. Cheers.
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..almost 10 years old.. still works
bjarias31 August 2015
It's one of those kinds of films where you want the better ones to go on much longer.. and those you don't like as much to be eliminated. But seriously, while it's overall not a terribly memorable flick.. there are two reasons to watch this movie today... early Mila Kunis and Taryn Manning. To see them few years back is a treat.. Kusis is something else.. but Manning is absolutely incredible as Alanna. For both of them, these are totally minor roles, but what they are able to do with them shows the reason why they have moved on to do special work. And there are a couple of other relatively unknown actors in this piece that do very good work. Casting did especially well in this production.. had they not been as proficient.. this would more than likely have been much less enjoyable.
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After Sex (Mila & Zoe ) - There's more!
Leonard Moore29 June 2011
Warning: Spoilers
I think the best sequence was the one with Mila Kunis and Zoe Saldana. Unfortunately, for some reason, the ending was cut. Not only did the ending complete the sequence, it was by far the most sensual, and interesting part. It was also one of the most erotic verbally descriptive scenes I have ever heard. It was from Zoe to Mila. It was so sensual and erotic, that part of it had to be whispered. My words are not doing it justice. This next sentence may merit a "Spoiler Alert." After Zoe's deeply moving erotic "words," Mila's cold character (Nikki) just melted and then admitted " You just made me so f….. wet"

Fortunately, this fantastic "Unseen Director's Cut" was picked up by YouTube, and can be viewed on YouTube under "Mila Kunis and Zoe Saldana in After Sex (Unseen Director's Cut). It's too bad that everyone who watched that film won't get to see this: The best part of the best sequence of the entire film (AND THEY CUT IT!). Sorry, it infuriates me to think that they could do such a thing. Whatever the reason (It wasn't language, because the language was consistent with the language throughout the sequence), it wasn't good enough. Just my opinion!

Oh yes, YouTube has both the complete version and the incomplete version. Be sure you select the "Unseen Director's Cut."
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Great film
johnbrown-529684 November 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Well I'm not sure what I'm allowed to say but this was a great film for the guys wanting some alone time. The sequence with Mila Kunis is better than most stuff you download while fearing what viruses will be included. Certainly not for prudes but anyone else will love it. Forget the hidden meanings and relationships blah blah and get the Kleenex ready.
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unholyghost20032 April 2008
Warning: Spoilers
The opening credits made me uncomfortable ... and I'm no prude. There is something deeply disturbing about watching letters fornicate. I'll be honest, I only made it through the first two vignettes. I had to turn it off. This movie was so trite and cliché that it was almost physically painful to watch. If you want to see it wait until you can watch it free on Netflix, or you will be upset about the money you wasted on this overwrought, self-indulgent crap.

The script was so very very poorly written. An excerpt: Jay "Why do you (have sex with "straight" men)?" Freddy "You really want to know?" Jay "Yeah, I REALLY want to know." Freddy "You want to know? … power. POWER."

Are you kidding me?
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Des I.7 September 2012
Have not watched such a stupid movie for a long time! The characters (with few exceptions) are totally annoying. Do not waste your time - there is no story, no plot, nothing. It is just some random dialogues that leave you guessing what will happen afterwards, but guess what - there is no afterwards, as the movie jut ends like that, without any development or anything. I did not get the whole idea of this thing, or was it actually anything to be gotten?! I know some people want to just make a movie and look abstract and interesting, but guys, you have to at least come up with something that is actually worth enough to keep the audience. The only reason I watched it till the end was because I supposed something will develop, but alas...
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Dear People of color...Do not watch this movie
Marcella28 May 2017
Warning: Spoilers

Dear People of not watch this movie...unless you want to SCREAM.

1st. All the women who are getting f****** are WHITE. They are f****** mostly by minorities. One PAINFUL SCENE involves a Spanish MAN trying to explain how he's not from Mexico. She says she's an undisclosed escort dealing with sexual trauma and who spends most of the time speaking down to him, brandishing a gun and acting like he shouldn't think anything of the dishonesty. She then calls him BUSTER BROWN and THEN ASKED HIM FOR SEX and then she says it's a joke?!?!?!?!?!?. At the end of the movie the GUN (which she said was a lighter goes off) I almost threw my phone.

2nd. The ONLY Black woman in the movie gets talked to like trash for half of her conversation after just having served her "White" lover who doesn't want to be anything but a Pillow Princess...don't get me started ON THAT PART.

3rd, The only Black man in the movie is some old Black dude married to some White woman. Which is fine and yet it's still the White woman being served kind of like if Driving Ms. Daisy was an old people porno.

4th.Even one of the scenes with GAY males are about some "ethnic looking" guy being of service to some White lost guy who doesn't know if he's Gay or not. Again the "minority looking person" is essentially being used to service the White person.

I AM SO SICK of this troupe. I can't even. How do people see this crap and not want to lose their minds? DEAR WHITE PEOPLE....ya'll need to be ASHAMED of yourselves.
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