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Martha is a Delight!
TheTSArt-117 October 2005
Having enjoyed her previous TV show, I was unsure of what to expect with her in a talk format.

To my (somewhat) surprise, I have come to really enjoy her in this format. In her previous show, all of the segments were highly produced in a more 'lesson' format. While that format was a great one, her new show allows viewers to get to know her personality a little better.

While she does like things to be perfect, she does make mistakes and laughs at herself in the process. Even being a fan of Martha's, I honestly did not expect the candor she demonstrated regarding her time in prison. (I wondered if the subject would ever even be mentioned.) Instead, it has been to the forefront of many of her shows and she has even dropped several great one-liners to her guests about it.

Martha is clearly a very happy person who enjoys what she does and I believe has a renewed sense of spirit. That type of attitude is contagious and makes the show fun to watch!
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Martha has a sense of humor
kevcom13 September 2005
I caught her new live show today and was really impressed by her honesty about recent events, and her sense of Humor. She even showed David Spade's SNL sketch mocking her, and he was one of the guests. From cookies baked of her likeness in prison garb to ceremoniously cutting off David Spade's ankle monitor, nothing seemed to be off limits. It was "poncho day" and she wore her famous garment we saw her in when she was released from prison. She also talked openly about the inmate who made it for her, and her daughter was in the audience. Again, I was really impressed with her honesty and humor. Well done Martha, and WELCOME BACK! We've missed you.
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I guess I don't "get it"
DreamPilot13 September 2005
Maybe it's unfair to comment on this show yet - I've only seen 2 of the 2 episodes run so far. But...

I don't dislike Martha Stewart nor do I really like her either. Sort of how I feel about this show. While I can't find much to dislike about it - there's not much to like about it either. Bland, boring - sort of like staring at a package of Martha Stewart sheets in the store. You see her face - you guess they might be nice because they're expensive looking but you really don't... care.

In this show, she has this massive set featuring a kitchen, green house etc. She was very proud in the first show of announcing that you'd never see a couch on her sit - "there'll be no sitting on this show" - the idea is to always be doing something. That's the hook I guess.

The audience is polite and there are projects galore - but I guess i the end i just don't "get it"
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