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23 Jun. 2007
The Emperor's New Tuber/Room for Improvement
[I- The Emperor's New Tuber] To Kuzco's amazement Malina's competitive obsession extends to anything, even the potato tuber growing context. So he 'helps he' cheating with a 'yard sale' potion from Kronk. Meanwhile Yzma hopes to buy an evil machine. [II- Room for Improvement] Kuzco is tired of sharing the attic with the kids, so they fight. Pacha hires Kronk to clean up. He forgets Yzma's secret stealing orders while doing a good job. Meanwhile the fight goes on, who can keep what and who gets attic or basement.
30 Jun. 2007
Cool Summer/Prisoner of Kuzcoban
[I- Cool Summer] Kuzco planned to stun everyone as cool king of the beach on holiday, but Pacha forces him to dress sensibly and put on lotion, so he wants to dump the family. Kronk accidentally discovers a fountain of youth, which Yzma abuses to seduce Kuzco as a girl, but it wears off and Kronk spills some water in a beach fountain. Thus Pacha gets rejuvenated, also temporarily, actually making Kuzco a surprise hero. [II- Prisoner of Kuzcoban] Kuzco is the target of violent murder attempts, but strangely not from Yzma. It turns out to be the work of someone who ...
7 Jul. 2007
Ramon's a Crowd/Guakumentary
[I- Ramon's a Crowd] Ramon, the new Spanish exchange student, soon proves more popular then Kuzco. After Yzma replaces him with the smarter Ramon, Kronk teams up with Kuzco. Two concurring plans to feed the other to the rodeo's giant scorpion force Kuzco and Ramon to collaborate. [II- Guakumentary] With the annual Kuzco Academy awards ahead, Kuzco is jealous of Malina, and enlists Guaca to make a campaign movie. His ingratitude comes at a price.
21 Jul. 2007
Demon Llama/Show Me the Monkey
[I- Show Me the Monkey] Once more jealous of popular macho Ramon, Kuzco brags he can climb even better, and Kronk tells everyone he'll prove it by climbing the Kuzco Academy- from the bottom of the eerie peek it stands on, a job rather requiring a monkey, but getting one is as hard as it is to climb it himself to fool the crowd. [II- Demon Llama] Kuzco's big mouth gets him forced to prove he can shepherd llama's (Pascha's daily job). After Kronk spilled a Yzma-elixir, to turn people into monsters, into the stream the herd drinks from, novice Kuzco gets a magically ...
4 Aug. 2007
Picture This!/TV or Not TV
[I- Picture This!] Although Malina always tells Kuzco the personality on the inside is what counts, not appearance, she totally freaks when her yearbook picture turns out freaky. Alas shredding everyone's copies isn't enough, there's also one in the class's time capsule in a temple which opens only once in 1,000 years, so Kuzco and Kronk are dragged along on an Indiana Jones style 'image rescue'. [II- TV or Not TV] In order to pretend she's the empress in Kuzco' palace for a press interview, vain Yzma orders Kronk to start TV programs so everybody will be glued to the...
9 Sep. 2007
Kuz-Cop/How Now Sea Cow?
[I- Kuz-Cop] Kuzco expects lots of presents on his annual October feast-day, but pesters the mall security guard till the man gets fired. The chaos at the big sale is terrible, the city is wrecked and nobody gets presents for Kuzco. Finding Kronk was supposed to rob the Royal treasury, as Yzma is broke, Kuzco decides to set up the guard to catch him and get reinstated. The plan goes wrong, but still works out thanks to an original trial manipulation. [II- How Now Sea Cow?] Malina volunteers for an ecological adoption program. She didn't count on actually taking care ...
7 Oct. 2007
A Fair to Remember/Working Girl
[I- A Fair to Remember] Kuzco is jealous when Malina refuses to go on a date with him to the Kuzco fair and instead accepts an invitation from Ramon. Kuzco and Kronk's sabotage attempts fail, even back-fire. [II- Working Girl] Malina takes a waitress job at Mudka's, but feels guilty when her perfectionist performance gets Yatta fired.
21 Oct. 2007
Aww, Nuts!/Curse of the Moonbeast
Kuzco has ruined the village's annual acorn festival and blamed the mess on the squirrels, so the village initiates an annual hunt on those. Yzma tricks Kronk so they both eat a cake which turns them into squirrels. Now the boys must run for their lives. [II- Curse of the Moonbeast] On annual prank day Kuzco always tricks Kronk. He and Malina are convinced Kuzco's sudden 'moonbeast'-phobia is another ploy. But is it, or worse?
5 Nov. 2007
Emperor's New School Spirit/Card Wars
[I- Emperor's New School Spirit] Envious when the whole school cheers the sacred ballgame mascot Yippe-yo rather then him, Kuzco makes the llama disappear. Since nobody enjoys the game anymore without it, Kuzco desperately tries to get it back, fails and resorts to an Yzma-elixir to transform himself into one. [II- Card Wars] Kuzco hoped his find, the Kuzco-yo (a yo-yo), would make him popular, but everyone is more interested in a card game. Kuzco keeps making the wrong choices however hard he tries to trick Kronk, and by the time he gets it right...
19 Nov. 2007
The Emperor's New Home School/Mudka's Secret Recipe
[I- The Emperor's New Home School] Lazy Kuzco thinks he can slack off if he takes home schooling, but Pacha's wife makes sure he doesn't like it any better, while Yzma tries to make him return under Amzy's principal control because of Malina. [II- Mudka's Secret Recipe] Kuzco is addicted to meat dishes at Mudka's, but Yzma wants to drug him again and makes Kronk, the chef, forget the recipe, which he and Kuzco go and look for on a perilous quest to the founder's home.
3 Dec. 2007
Emperor's New Musical
Yzma has the Kuzco academy declared bankrupt and about to be torn down, so Kuzco can't graduate (just two days away). Malina tries to raise 5,000 Kuzeiros by mounting a musical show, but talent proves scarce, so she insists on enlisting teenage idol Dirk Brock. Both Yzma and jealous Kuzco try to eliminate Brock. Malina diverts Yzma by offering her the lead, so repentant Kuzco can search the secret lab for an antidote-elixir.
10 Dec. 2007
A Giftmas Story
Unlike Kronk, cynical Kuzco doesn't believe in Papa Santos, the Santa Claus equivalent in Giftmas, the local version of Christmas. Yzma plans to use this against Kuzco. Instead, the boys stumble onto the real papa Santos' ice palace. He tells them Kuzco's wish to become emperor can only be granted if he stops being naughty and undoes his malice in the 48 hours before Giftmas. Hearing so from Kronk, Yzma decides to destroy Papa by shooting down his llama-rickshaw. Only Kuzko can save Giftmas.
14 Jan. 2008
No Man Is an Island/Vincent Van Guaka
[PART I- No Man Is an Island] Kuzco's habit to make every presentation about himself is scolded by teacher Moleguaco and, worse, Malina, as being selfish. Yzma tells Krink she's sick of elaborate methods to dispose of Kuzco and Malina, this time they simply get shipped off to an uninhabited island. There the native monkeys seem to worship them, but too late they discover that they are there only as sacrifices for their 'Ape-like' god. As Kronk left her a message he decided to spare Kuzco, Yzma drags him along to follow the youngsters, unsuspecting about the humongous ...
28 Jan. 2008
Air Kuzco/Kronkenitza
[I- Air Kuzco] Kuzco is envious of Kronk's popularity as the school's sports hero, so he insists on being included in an imperial ballgame duel against Mexico's Emperor's school. Alas his egotism ends up chasing all the other Kuco Academy team members. [II- Kronkenitza] When a school assignment to research Kronk's own family tree makes him realize he's different, Kuzco makes fun of him. Kronk feels unappreciated, and Keven Yzma replaces him with a clone of herself, so he returns to his native village, Kronkenitza. But he discovers since they're all like him there, ...
4 Feb. 2008
Come Fly with Me/Project Poncho
[I- Come Fly with Me] Ar Malina's blossom ball (coming out party), Kuzco ruins everything, as egocentrically as usual. After drinking an Yzma-elixir turns him into a nearly swatted fly, he uses a time-watch after overhearing she could really like him if only he wasn't so- Kuzco. Next time he overdoes putting the focus on her, his style. Third time, right time? [II- Project Poncho] Mr. Moleguaco makes the annual poncho festival contest, Malina's dream ambition, a school project. Kuzco is prepared to cheat because the prize is a Lima trip for two. Guaca allows him to ...
3 Mar. 2008
Citizen Kronk/The Pajama Llama Dilemma
[I- Citizen Kronk] The Kuzco Academy elects a deputy for student president Melina. Yzma hopes to ruin Kuzco's chances by transforming Kronk into an evil double. However Kronk's true nature easily wins out from Kuzko, and yet... [II- The Pajama Llama Dilemma] Kuzco accidentally finds the ticket for a picnic with Kronk's cartoon hero Pajama Llama. He makes Kronk slave for it as devoted butler. Alas, the validity expires. Melina and Pascha work on Kuzco's conscience.
24 Mar. 2008
Yzma Be Gone/Last Ditch Effort
[I- Yzma Be Gone] Yzma's endless transformation potion plans get on Kuzco's nerves. He takes Guaca's suggestion and dubious help to solve the problem at the root, the secret lab. Despite Kronk's efforts do save the context, it all gets used in a magic duel variation. [II- Last Ditch Effort] Kuzco is one ditched class away from automatic expulsion. Guaca and Malina ditch for the first time to get him back before the school-day's end. Guaca spills the beans to Yzma, so she and Kronk try everything to prevent Kuzco's timely return.
7 Apr. 2008
The Good, the Bad and the Kronk/Mud
[I- The Good, the Bad and the Kronk] Kronk is tired of his angelic and diabolic conscience rivals are bickering in his ear, so he sends both on a holiday. That makes him unable to decide anything at all. Then Yzma decides to reactivate only the devil, so as to turn him in a ruthless Kroninator she can turn on Kuzco. [II- Mud] Kuzco, Kronk, Guaca and Malina get lost in the jungle. Despite Kuzco's superstitious fear for the spooky-looking place, they seek shelter inside the mysterious abandoned diner Mudka's #13. There weird things happen, but are those good or bad?
21 Apr. 2008
Auction Action/The Astonishing Kuzco
[I- Auction Action] Kuzco expected everyone would bid on him at the charity bachelor auction, especially Malina. Instead she bids on Kronk, who suggests she wants to make him jealous. So he hands Mudka waitress Yatka his credit card. They end up at the same expensive restaurant, paying no attention to their dates, with painful consequences. [II- The Astonishing Kuzco] Yzama planned to destroy Kuco by monster laser, but instead it gives him super-powers. Everybody scolds his refusal to use them for good, but when Yzma uses it on herself they agree to help fight her.
5 May 2008
Guaka Rules
During a school museum visit, Kronk's sneezing and Kuzco's dangerous clumsy mischief uncover an ancient inscription. It suggests his family isn't the real dynasty. Worse, that's Guaca's, so he is enthroned, and proves a horrible good pupil of Kuzco's bad example. Yzma hopes to rule trough him or poison him, but fails. The last hope is a prophecy about a lost magical chalice which can reveal the true emperor.
22 May 2008
Malina's Big Break/Hotel Kuzco
[I - Malina's Big Break] Kuzco tries to help Malina relax when she becomes stressed about her interview for a magazine internship. [II - Hotel Kuzco] Kuzco moves back to the palace, but Yzma has placed traps near all the mirrors.
12 Jun. 2008
Father O'Mine/Everyone Loves Kuzco
[I-Father O'Mine] Kuzco is eager to believe a man claiming to be his father, the previous emperor, who has been missing for years after going on a journey and presumed dead. He even dismisses Pacha's warning the impostor is a wanted criminal, until his roar betrays it's indeed Thundercall. Kuzco teams up with Yzma, but the impostor is already in the throne room for his coronation. [II-Everyone Loves Kuzco] Yzma hopes to make Kuzco neglect his studies completely and fail by having Kronk trick him into eating turkey spiced with an elixir making him as irresistibly ...
10 Jul. 2008
Puff Piece/Take My Advice
[I- Puff Piece] When Molegucao gives as assignment to start a business to the students, lazybones Kuzco teams up with Kronk, who bakes his spinach puffs. Kuzco ambitiously turns the small quality cart into a semi-industrial firm, with dire consequences. [II- Take My Advice] The imperial assessment fires Yzma as Kuzco's official adviser and appoints Obsessia, a maternal type Kuzco finds insufferably meddling. Yzma is also fired as principal and fails in business. Yet she's 'missed'.
31 Jul. 2008
Yzbot/The Puma Whisperer
[I-Yzbot] Yzma's latest crazy scheme involves going to Hollywood, so she leaves Kronk in charge of Yzmabot, a robot taking her place as principal Amzy. The remote control gets mixed up with another, so Kuzco and Kronk fight for it to make thing most or least usual. [II- The Puma Whisperer] To enter the Kuzco Academy's talent hunt, Kuzco imagines he can scare off puma's after an incident where llama-herd Pacha did the actual scaring. Yzma eagerly pits Kuzco in a stadium event, hoping he'll be eaten alive.
21 Aug. 2008
Kronk the Magnificent/Kamp Kuzco
[I- Kronk the Magnificent] When a giant Kuzco statue annoys the Royal record-keeper, enough to doctor the books to popular Kronk's advantage, imperial candidates Kuzko and Yzma have to team up. [II- Kamp Kuzco] As the Kuzco Academy programs a jungle scouting day, Kuzco and Malina captain boys viz. girls teams. Their cocky bravery contest is turned into a real ordeal by Yzma's traps, which prove unsafe even for her.
11 Sep. 2008
Groove Remover/Overachiever Club
Groove Remover: Yzma hopes to get rid of Kuzko by making him drink a potion which not only transforms him, but everyone who addresses him into whatever they named as a curse. Overachiever Club: Mr. Moleguaco tries punishing Kuzko bu throwing him in the isolation shack. Realizing lazybones only enjoys that, he makes him join Guaca's overachievers club instead, but it's the nerds there who feel punished, and the people their charity tries to help.
18 Sep. 2008
Emperor's New Show/Too Many Malina's
[I- Emperor's New Show] Reacting to the show'w fan mail, alas not entirely praising him personally, Kuzco tries his hand at other genres, such as a cop action show. Yzma considers she may do better destroying Kuzco in another context, so she sends more fan letters to make him start a quiz, a sci-fi series etc. [II- Too Many Malina's] Frustrated by Malina's other interests then Kuzco, he tricks Kronk into using on her a personality extraction machine Yzma ordered. The cahoots end up with a horde of reject Malina's, while even the cuddling Malina Kuzco designed becomes ...
2 Oct. 2008
Faking the Grade/Eco Kuzco
Even in a class quiz solely about himself, Kuzco is beaten abysmally. Yet he has an all-AAs report card, which Pasha rewards with a celebratory family dinner. Guaca declines joining because he switched Kuzco's abysmal report with Chacha's. The conscience crisis proves contagious. [II- Eco Kuzco] Unable to tell what loads of old elixirs do, Yzma decides to dump them. Kronk feels guilty when he find out they polluted the public drinking fountain, against his boyscout pledge, and thus caused many people to be transformed into animals.
23 Oct. 2008
Kuzcokazooza/Kuzco's Little Secret
After reverse psychology fails to win a date with Malina, Kuzco decides he needs to become a rock star like popular Brock, although he can barely play a bit of kazoo. He tricks the royal record-keeper into financing 'educational' expenses. His concert is a disaster, except for the only spectator. [2- Kuzco's Little Secret] Everyone starts wondering if selfish Kuzco has turned considerate after he falls in love with a chinchilla. But all pets are strictly forbidden at school and in Pasha's home.
6 Nov. 2008
At the annual Cornivale family festival, Kuzco fakes a flu to sneak out to Machu Pichu. The only transport available is Taxi's free rickshaw, which proves adventurous but far from comfortable. Meanwhile Yzma poses as a distant relative, so she can intrude Pasha's party and administer a potion to Kuzco, having given Kronk the festival day off. Slowly, the party spirit works some mental transformations.
20 Nov. 2008
Graduation Groove
Kuzco is finally about to graduate, but gets scared when the royal records keeper shows him a task description video about endless duty towards the peasant population. So he attempts to fail his final exams, but multiple choice hazard and Moleguaco's unwillingness to get stuck with him pass. Meanwhile Yzma prepares her coronation and has Kuzco transformed into a chicken. His experience as heroic rooster changes his mind about fitness for emperorship.

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