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Season 1

4 Jan. 2007
Number Two
After a young boy named Afro witnesses Justice kill his father and claim the number one headband, Afro begins his quest to avenge his father's death. As he travels toward Justice, he is challenged by many fighters wishing to claim the number two headband that he wears.
11 Jan. 2007
Afro recovers from his injuries while he rests at Okiku's house. In flashback, he trains with a Sword Master and befriends the master's other students while he tries to reclaim the number two headband.
18 Jan. 2007
The Empty Seven Clan
As Afro climbs the mountain in search of Justice, the Empty Seven Clan debates over who should fight him. Also, Afro fights the android that they made in his image and invades their lair.
25 Jan. 2007
Afro fights Jinno. In flashback, it is revealed how Afro obtained the number two headband and why he left his clan.
1 Feb. 2007
Afro fights Jinno and Justice. In flashback, Jinno is reconstructed by the Empty Seven Clan.

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