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Growing Old Never Looked So Good!
Syl20 August 2014
Michael Muhney stars as Lake Emerson, an out of work actor, in Chicago, Illinois. He goes to auditions where he doesn't get the role. Muhney has become of my favorite actors. Here he pulls off an unrecognizable performance as the young actor who disguises himself as an 80 year old man to get the part. I highly doubt the play would get to Broadway or even Chicago's theatre district but he is still believable. The movie is an independent and low budget so I take that into account. Lake is an arrogant actor and young man who changes from this experience. The cast includes the late Pat Morita as one of older residents in what was his final role.
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Great film
Blake1 June 2016
Acting was superb and made you feel like you were movie along with Lake. Would definitely recommend to a friend or family member. The acting was smooth and pure. It was hard to tell that you were actually watching a movie. Perhaps that is what makes this movie so good is that you are so immersed in the movie that you forget your surroundings. This movie is definitely one of Robin Christian's best. Lake clearly doesn't like old people however as the movie goes on he learns that they are not so bad. He befriends a number of them and makes them feel better about themselves. He introduces them to games and reminds them of their youth. With a stunning twist at the end the movie is sure to keep you on the edge of your seat.
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