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Tales of the Unexpected
David Daniel Ball14 August 2006
This genre is too easy to abuse. For those who grew up on Hitchcock or Twilight Zone, there is much that might disappoint. The tales could be predictable, or boring, or too cheesy.

Brian Brown has surrounded himself with some of Australia's finest actors.

The scripts are tight. The tales ambiguous to the end, but not after.

It was once said of the Korean movie industry that the discipline of good story continuity wasn't present. That unexplained events would escalate and so a killer would be outside of the private abode of a pretty victim without the viewer ever knowing why the victim was targeted, how the killer found the victim, why extreme violence was required, why no one benign existed. So Two Twisted tales treads dangerous grounds .. using continuity within its language of exposition. The difference being that Two Twisted's continuity issues are deliberate and explained.

The two half hour episodes at the start are connected. I've not yet worked out how. I wish there were cheats :D
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Nice, engaging, suspenseful and surprising
magus-423 March 2008
I'm actually writing this because one of the comments voted only one star. Now I wouldn't even rate Ed Wood's movies with one out of ten stars. The series just came out in the Netherlands and I watched all episodes in the course of three days. That gave me time to try to figure out why some were so negative about Two Twisted. And I still don't understand. Some of them refer to the Outer limits and the Twilight Zone. I own DVD's of both the original Outer limits and the later ones, and also watched a lot of the Twilight Zone. I really can't see how Two Twisted is so much worse according to some people. The twenty minute stories presented here caught my attention without exception. The acting is very believable, the structure works in most of the cases working to the last minute of the episode giving it a twist. In building the story up they use the technique Hitchcock used: telling only parts of the back story so the audience is working hard to figure out the back story. Once you put the pieces together you're already in the third act and then the story ends with a fact putting a spin on everything that happened before. You might think I'm naive or maybe it's just my willingness to surrender to the story not trying to think too hard about how it going to end, but I really didn't see the twist coming in most cases. It may not have been the shock I experienced seeing the Sixth Sense (BTW: many people claimed they already seen it coming before the second act; I have my doubts about that), but it's still good enough to leave a big smile on my face. The stories are very different too. Some of them are Roald Dahl like (meaning they could actually happen in real life but are kind of bizarre or frightening) others are a bit more supernatural. I love both genres so I had a real good time. Twenty minutes is exactly the right length I think.
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garver_dave16 August 2006
I'm twisted out of shape over this series. All the hype and promise of a bold new product from a long time industry professional and this is what we get? And if you're an enthusiast of Supernatural/Horror/Thriller genres then, be prepared for a disappointment. If these are the best scripts from an alleged 2000 plus entries in the Two Twisted competition to find new writing talent - for the most part, it's said, first timers - then, what were the producers thinking?! Directorial and stylistic choices in the making of this series fall far short of the requirements to sell the subject matter. Frankly, this anthology is nothing more than a short film festival of blandly produced 5 minute stories stretched to fill the half hour slot. Production values haven't even factored in the obligatory, and usually minimal CG effects such product demands. The series plays in the 9.30pm time slot which is open for classification for mature audiences, yet, there is no sign of the depth of drama needed to pull off this idea. Don't waste your time. UPDATE... The audience has spoken. In its second week, the Two Twisted audience fell by 25%!
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A little bit... twisted? *Spoilers*
jokadmin14 August 2006
Warning: Spoilers
Ten years ago we had "Twisted Tales", a program that in hindsight was more famous for launching the careers of several now prominent writers/directors rather than for its story lines. When this show first aired all those years ago, it started out strong and bold, and a lot of viewers expected great things from it. But sadly, as happens so very often, each successive week's viewing became successively weaker. And so now there's a ratings war. And Mr Brown, the FTO and AFC have combined their resources to make this.

This retread of a retread of a retread.

Where the Twilight Zone was RELEVANT, Two Twisted is a MISH MASH OF POP CULTURE. Where The Outer Limits was ASTOUNDING, Two Twisted is DUMBFOUNDING. Where Alfred Hitchcock Presents was SUSPENSEFUL, Two Twisted is SELF SERVING.

I admire any production that boasts a range of acting and directing talent like this. But not in this way. Do we really live in a generation where "It turns out the chick who lived here a year ago had her leg and head bitten off by a shark" actually makes a lot of sense? Compare it to episodes of the Zone such as "The Monsters Are Due On Maple Street", "To Serve Man", "Nightmare At 20,000 Feet" and "Time Enough At Last" and you will honestly feel short-changed.

This is what your film funding bodies spend their money on people. I've read several of the scripts that were submitted for this program and some had a lot of potential. Were these stories chewed up and spat back out? All I'm saying is, once again, this leaves a bad taste in my mouth...
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Channel 9 couldn't get this off fast enough
Snoggett17 September 2006
If you liked this series, then well and good, there's stuff I like that people think is crap. But if the truth be told this was a pretty embarrassing affair for all involved. They talk about the talented cast pulled for this, well that's because these people need the work as they are adrift in a sea of reality TV. The scripts were mostly terrible, as was the direction and the acting. 2400 scripts submitted. Did they read them all? I also have to wonder if the executives at Channel 9 sat down to watch any of the episodes before it was broadcast? How depressing it would be to realise you've just invested in another turkey. Then again, it might make its budget back from cable like the first mostly crappy series did. I think the article in The Age said it all.
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