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This is trash, but I like trash
hankychan5 November 2019
Alexandre Aja makes trash, this movie is trash, it's also immature, has quite a bit of dodgey CGI and has some not so amazing acting.

What makes it amazing is the fact thy Aja is aware of these things and he's laughing at them too, he also has style, at no point does this feel generic, it is always very clear that you are watching an Alexandre Aja film.

He also really knows how to pace horror, one kill at the beginning, then about an hour of buildup (with only 1 obnoxious fake out scare)

Would I prefer if Aja used his talents to make something other then trash? Yeah, but I also like trash.
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Boobs, Blood & Doc Brown.
Matt_Layden21 August 2010
An underwater tremor unleashes thousands of hungry Piranha that have thought to have been extinct for millions of years. Bad timing, because it's Spring Break.

Piranha was, what some people called, a rip off of Jaws. Another person wanting a piece of the pie. It went on to have a sequel, to be directed by the now famous James Cameron and it seems that it is time for a remake, in 3D no less. Do we need a remake? Probably not, but the film is fun and excessively violent, which makes for a good time for those looking for b- movie horror goodness. Piranha delivers on the levels it aims for, take that as you want to.

Alexandre Aja directs this film, let's just forget he did Mirrors okay? He gets the bloody mess off to an interesting start by having Richard Dreyfuss in the film. A nod to Jaws no doubt, but one can only assume that he had him in here to say that this film is either a: More scarier or B: More dangerous. I'd go with the latter because the film isn't scary. What's more dangerous though? One shark, or thousands of Piranhas? You pick.

So it's Spring Break, so the fish have hundreds of young drunk teenagers to eat, and boy do they eat. The film doesn't shy away from the bloody truth. Piranha's can strip a cow to it's bones in minutes, these guys are more aggressive. They've been feeding off each other for millions of years and now they have a variety of meat to pick from. Yummy. So people die in bloody, over the top, funny ways. The film is one for the people who cheer when someone has their legs torn off. If that's not you, you might want to stay away from this one.

Also, if you're not a fan of naked women, you might want to stay away from this one. This film is full of naked women, left right and centre. There is even an underwater naked swimming dance sequence set to opera music. It's weird and funny at the same time because it comes out of nowhere.

The film could have used more of it's cast. We have Richard Dreyfuss, Ving Rhames, Christopher Lloyd and Eli Roth. All of them are underused. Rhames, I thought was going to have a more hero type role, he doesn't. Roth has a total of maybe two scenes as does Lloyd. Dreyfuss only shows up at the beginning of the film. Once again, an interesting cast that is not put to good use. The film decides to stick with the blood and boobs.

The film is in 3D. I expected to have more fun with it than I did. Although I did enjoy it more than other 3D films I've seen. It has a more gimmicky feel to it and it actually fits with the film. Seeing bits of Piranha fly up at you is fun. Boobs in 3D, fish in 3D but the things that were used the most were the underwater coral reefs.

The theatre lost power near the end, so the last 3 or so minutes of the film we saw with no sound, but I could tell what was going to happen, even with the lack of audio. I'm not letting that affect my review for the film, but I can sense that the film was going to go for one of those jump-scare-abrupt endings.

Piranha 3D is a hoot, for those who know what they are getting into. In my theatre there were children, this is NOT A KIDS MOVIE!!!! This is more bloody and violent than any SAW film. Piranha is full of cheesy moments, and it works.
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Mindless gore and entertainment
Aaron137529 May 2018
This film is a rather cheesy film, but sometimes a bit of cheese is a good thing. In fact, I enjoy cheese so to a point I enjoyed this film. It had some great gore in it and it was just a mindless movie where you shut off your brain and enjoy an hour and a half distraction. The film was a modest hit, making its budget back in the states and making an additional 55 million with its worldwide gross, but not a super hit by any stretch of the imagination.

The story has a earthquake that unleashes an underwater cavern where there are apparently thousands upon thousands of flesh eating piranha residing. One would think that if these fish were living in an isolated cavern where food was not plentiful they would evolve needing less food, but like I said it is mindless fun as they come out hungry and their victims? A bunch of annoying teen spring breakers, so you are going to enjoy watching them get killed. A teen whose mom is a sheriff goes with this guy shooting a girls gone wild type video (why the heck were those things popular?) and we meet a few people before the fish go on their super kill spree!

The film features quite a number of actors such as Richard Dreyfuss who gets credited and I never really noticed him, then figured out he was the fisherman at the beginning of the film. Then there is Christopher Lloyd who was not listed in the credits, but who is in the film a lot more than Dreyfuss. Ving Rhames also plays a role in this one and there are a couple of others of note.

They seem to be just having fun with this one and as I said, just don't take it too seriously and it is enjoyable enough. Nothing great, but I could think of worse movies to waste and hour and a half with. The gore effects in places are great and the film leaves off clearly with a sequel in mind. Just one question, how did those two chicks stay underwater for so long without drowning?
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well made sexploitation horror
SnoopyStyle25 March 2015
It's spring break at Lake Victoria and kids have gathered for their annual drunken party. Deputy Fallon (Ving Rhames) and Sheriff Julie Forester (Elisabeth Shue) are trying to keep the peace. Kelly (Jessica Szohr) has come home from college and Jake Forester (Steven R. McQueen) is still pinning for her. Derrick Jones (Jerry O'Connell) hires him as a guide for his video shoot. He has to babysit his siblings and recent earthquakes have released a school of prehistoric piranhas. Julie takes out a group of scientists to investigate the tremors. Jake ditches the kids and Kelly comes along for the shoot.

It's fun to have Richard Dreyfuss killed off in a fish horror movie right off the bat. It sets the right campy tone. It's sexploitation horror. It knows exactly what it is and doesn't try to be more. It's got blood, gore and hot bods. The acting isn't too silly even with Jerry O'Connell. There are some good actors in this functional horror.
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Aja delivers all the blood, camp and boobs you could ever ask for
DonFishies21 August 2010
Films rarely deliver on the promises of their trailers. Even their synopses can indicate a promise of something the final film has a problem making truly happen. Some movies come close, others fail miserably, and others deliver a different experience entirely. Piranha 3D is the rare film the delivers exactly what the trailers, synopses and every ounce of marketing promises – buckets of blood, campy humour and boobs – lots and lots of boobs.

The plot, or what little semblance there is, revolves around the small town of Lake Victoria, which explodes with activity every Spring Break. An earthquake tremor shatters the lake's floor, and lets loose hundreds of prehistoric piranha. And as the trailer suggests, not even local Sheriff Julie Forester (Elisabeth Shue) can stop the mayhem in store for the unlucky college students and residents who venture into the water.

Despite a rather threadbare plot, Piranha 3D survives on an alternating scale of maniacal destruction and sheer glee. It is clear from the opening moments of the film that Alexandre Aja is having loads of fun creating this throwback monster movie. And in a year where just about everything seems like a nostalgic reference to films from other decades (specifically the 1980s), Piranha 3D fits right in. It makes no argument about the type of film it is at any point. It knows it is not going to be the next Schindler's List, and it knows it has no chance of even remotely being a "good movie". What it strives for, especially if you are the right audience for it, is to be the funnest film of the summer. After all, this is a movie that makes a joke about a severed CGI penis.

The film is fun for the sheer fact that Aja does not seem to care about the line between good and bad taste. The aforementioned severed penis aside, there are quite literally hundreds of people who are murdered by these prehistoric killers by the time the film reaches its credits. And Aja just seems to revel in the destruction he creates at every turn. I lost count of how many people perished in one grisly attack near the beach that makes Jaws look about as menacing as Bambi. And somehow, the attacks even vary at how successful they are, and just what gets attacked. Various body parts are ripped out and eaten in detail, and many people end up more mangled than the trailers suggest. Aja has a go-for-broke style that we rarely get a chance to see in modern horror, and pushes the limits of what he can show at any given moment. I have heard there were cuts made to the film, but as it is, I cannot even fathom what could have possibly been chopped out in comparison to what they left in.

But the buckets of blood are only the beginning. This is also a film that revels in having bare breasts appear almost every five minutes. Hell, there is an entire five minute underwater ballet-like scene that borders on soft porn. But again, it does not seem like Aja cares. He just wants to revel in how much he can possibly get away with, full frontal nudity and all. It almost feels exploitative at times with just how much these female actresses show off, specifically Kelly Brook and Riley Steele (who is just one of a handful of porn stars who appear in the film). Aja knows his audience, knows his genre, and knows the films that inspired it. It almost comes off like he wanted to ensure he had enough bare breasts so he knew he did not do a disservice to all of those expecting gratuitous amounts of nudity.

The film's ultimate success comes from its humour though. With just how ridiculous the film quickly becomes, it never loses sight of its tone and lack of seriousness. It may get extraordinarily gruesome, but it is never serious or horrific enough that you will have trouble laughing at what is going on. The campy one-liners are all very effective, as is the film's nostalgic sensibilities. Even better are the cast members who provide them: Christopher Lloyd as an aquarium owner two steps short of Doc Brown; Jerry O'Connell as a coked out porn producer; Ving Rhames as a bad ass deputy; Eli Roth as the host of a wet t-shirt contest. Everyone brings their A-game, and maintain their deadpan humour throughout. They all look to be having just as much of a blast as Aja is.

But there are issues with the film. For one, some of the special effects are lacking. The explicit shots showing the piranha destroying their victims all seem to look awful, as do the piranhas themselves (3D effects do nothing but make them look even worse). The makeup effects are working at full throttle in every single case, but the effects of how these people are being ripped limb from limb seems to have not been too much of a concern for anyone. I realize the campy style of the film, but its style does not excuse its shoddy special effects. The character development is also a little stilted, much like the performance of main star Steven R. McQueen. Had Aja sacrificed the thirty to forty minutes of "development" and just added more mayhem, this would not be nearly as much of an issue. But looking at the movie and its style, I doubt Aja was going for perfection here.

Granted you are the audience for buckets of blood and gratuitous amounts of nudity, Piranha 3D delivers on all counts. It has some problems and is far from a great movie, but its campy and nostalgic style more than forgives any issue. The film exists solely to be gleefully destructive. And as long as you realize that going in, you will not be disappointed.


(This review also appeared on http://www.geekspeakmagazine.com).
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The Best movie about Killer Piranhas ever made.
Loving_Silence20 August 2010
I thought this movie was going to be just AWFUL. However I was mistaken, it was actually pretty good. The acting, as I would've expected was mediocre, but no one in the cast was destined to shine in this film. I also had a good time watching the film, I was really happy how the Piranhas looked. Don't go in expecting a masterpiece like Citizen Kane or Schindler's List, cause you'll definitely be disappointed, but with a movie title like this, who would? Just go in expecting some laughter and have some fun with it. Also there's a lot of nudity and gore, so I don't advice parents to take your kids in theater to watch this film. Piranha 3-D lived up to its title, featuring Killer Piranhas with 3-D. It isn't in any way perfect, but then again, it doesn't need to be.

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This was GREAT!
VeganVag26 June 2020
This is one of the sexiest blood bath horror flicks ever! I really enjoyed all the well known actors in this, and also seeing one of my favorite nearby lakes throughout this, as well was really cool. Everything looked real, especially the boobies, and the gore, wow, really wild, scary and tense. Thanks!
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Bad Movie, But I Am Fairly Sure That Was The Goal
gavin694215 March 2011
A group -- a very large group -- of college kids are having spring break at Lake Havisu in Arizona (called Lake Victoria in the film). A small earthquake unleashes an underwater tunnel where thousands of hungry piranhas wait.

This film marks the third time that director Alexandre Aja has directed a horror film remake. He previously directed "The Hills Have Eyes" (2006) and "Mirrors" (2008), also remakes of earlier horror films. I want to say this disappoints me, because Aja has some of the best talent in the business today, but frankly he makes remakes worth watching. "Hills" may have trumped the original.

Having ten times the budget of a SyFy film, with only a marginally better outcome. The effects are still pretty cheesy in most scenes, leading me to believe the money went to the decent cast, with the two best actors (Christopher Lloyd and Richard Dreyfuss) only having a few scant minutes on screen.

The cast? Elisabeth Shue (looking good for her age), Jerry O'Connell (usually annoying but works in this film), Ving Rhames (who we do not see nearly enough of in the theater these days), and Eli Roth as a guy with a thousand one-liners about wet breasts. In fact, the film as a whole has more bare women than piranhas.

Empire gave the film three out of five stars, saying "Remember the film you hoped 'Snakes on a Plane' would be –- this is it! By any sane cinematic standards, meretricious trash ... but thrown at you with such good-humored glee that it's hard to resist." I agree. This is the cheese I wanted from "Snakes", but unlike that film, it is not a pile of dog excrement.

And did you hear? There is a sequel on the way... I almost suspect it will be better than this one.
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Cheesy but gory horror
Tweekums8 May 2022
As this film opens a fisherman is sitting in his boat on Lake Victoria in Arizona when a small earthquake occurs; this opens a rift between the lake and a second, subterranean, lake underneath it. In doing so it releases a school of ravenous prehistoric piranhas. A whirlpool appears under the boat, he falls in and is eaten! It couldn't have happened at a worse time; Spring Break is about to begin and hundreds of people are going to take to the water with no idea what lurks beneath its tranquil surface. Amongst those taking to the water is Jake Forester, son of the local sheriff, who as agreed to take pornographic filmmaker Derrick Jones to some great secluded locations to make his film. Jake is meant to be babysitting his younger brother and sister but instead bribes them to look after themselves at home... somewhat inevitably they go out on to the lake and get stranded on an island. By the time the authorities learn what is in the water it is too late... a blood bath is about to begin.

It must be stated that this is not a good movie; it certainly isn't the sort of film that gets nominated for any serious awards... it is however surprisingly fun if you like lots of gory deaths and a gratuitous level of gratuitous nudity. The story is simple enough; it provides no real surprises and I'm sure most viewers will be able to pick out who will survive and who will die fairly early on. The cast includes a good number of well-known actors although some of the best known only appear briefly. As with most 'deadly fish' films there are plenty of nods to 'Jaws', these are rather fun. If you like gory deaths then this will be the film for you; the death toll is considerably higher than in most films of the genre and it doesn't shy away from showing the aftermath of the piranha attacks. Things are never taken too seriously and there are plenty of laughs to be had; often during the gory scenes. Even though it isn't serious there are some good tense moments and scares. The special effects are decent enough; even when watching on television there are scenes that one can see were meant to use 3D when it was shown in the cinema. Overall I'd recommend this to horror fans looking for gore, naked girls and a bit of a laugh.
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Expect the Expected
moviemaniac00830 August 2010
For those of you who saw the trailer, you can already expect loads of nudity and gore. And if you walk in Piranha 3D (do yourself a favour and watch it in 3D, it's definitely worth it) expecting these things, then you'll have a good time. Maybe it will go down in history as being a cult favourite within 10 or 15 years from now, but it probably won't be nominated at the Golden Globes or the Academy Awards, and that's fine because the crew know that and only want to offer a really great time. Piranha is a film that won't please to everyone: After all, it's sort of meant to laugh of other horror movies that use huge chunks of blood and gore to ''scare'' you, without exactly being a parody.

All in all, I was pleased with what I got. Some scenes had me laughing quite hard while in others, I literally jumped out of my seat. The acting was good, with no one really acting great, but everybody, from Elisabeth Shue to Jerry O'Connell, while going through Kelly Brook, Porn Star Riley Steele, Ving Rhames and small-time actors Jessica Szohr and Steven R. McQueen, everybody seemed to be having fun while shooting this movie. The CGI effects weren't as bas as expected and frankly, I didn't notice one scene featuring some cheesy dialogue. Blood and Gore is served in buckets and litres, so you might want to be prepared for that, and there's a lot of nudity as well. Maybe not a safe bet for young children but teens will have probably seen worse movies.

Story: An earthquake liberates thousands of bloodthirsty, prehistoric piranhas during the same week Lake Victoria is celebrating the annual spring break, where hundreds of teens come to party every year. Sheriff Julie Forester (Elisabeth Shue) tries to keep some order until she discovers about the piranhas and tries her best to close the lake with her deputies. Meanwhile, her son Jake (Steven R. McQueen) is asked by the Derrick (Jerry O'Connell) and his Girls Gone Wild stars Danni and Crystal (Kelly Brook and Riley Steele) to show them the nicest places in town to start filming their next porno film, even though his mother had clearly told him to stay home to babysit his younger brother and sister.

Of course there's much more to it than that but if I were to write too much about the plot I would probably write a full-length spoiler. All in all, expect what you expect from the trailers and definitely sit back with your popcorn and drink and get ready for a hell of a ride. Definitely one of my top 10 films of the year so far.
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The "other" Cabin in the Woods....
A_Different_Drummer8 September 2014
... There are two ways to deconstruct a genre. CABIN in the WOODS is pretty much a clinic in this rare art. But history I think will notice this little gem as well.

Because the "other" way is to take the standard and predictable tale and -- like a martial artist doing Tai Chi -- exaggerate every single movement, action, visual, and piece of dialog.

In other words, it is what you expect, but much more. It is excess to the point of excess. It is overkill. Part of your brain likes what it sees and part of your brain wants to run to the parking lot and hide in the trunk of the car.

That is the genius of Aja. From the opening scene from iconic Richard Dreyfus (JAWS) becomes a snack, to the semi-serio-comic close, you can't help but notice how technically perfect everything is.

That is the beauty of this deconstruction. Death by perfection.

If you leave the theatre thinking how good the movie might have been WITHOUT THE EXCESS then the director has done his job. And you will.
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Give it a shot
sophiadesantis15 September 2020
Piranha 3D is better than it should be. I see it bc I'm a fan of Alexandre Aja (The Hills Havs Eyes, Mirrors) & Greg Nicotero (Walking Dead). Putting aside the to-be-expected B-movie antics like excessive boobage & some bad CGI (which admittedly is a large chunk of the movie) there's something elevated about it. Nice shots on the water, it's funny enough, Elisabeth Shue's badass. Ya know, it's campy! For what it's worth, critics actually liked it. Surprisingly good time.
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Nude 3D swimming
hellholehorror5 October 2017
It's a shame they didn't shoot in native 3D. The conversion introduces annoying artifacts but it's still worth watching in 3D to add to the insanity. Definitely the best piranha movie. Nude 3D swimming. It's an assault on the senses in a good way. The characters are vulgar and interesting, the pace fast and fun, the gore so ridiculous it was very entertaining.
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Blood, Guts, Teeth, & Naked flesh in Red Water in 3D...What more can you ask for?
springsunnywinter20 August 2010
I really liked the original Piranha (1978) and the 1995 TV remake so I was really excited about the 2010 remake, particularly when I heard that it is in 3D and when I saw the trailer that makes you want to go see the movie. I have always loved underwater horror movies ever since I've seen the all time classic Jaws (1975).

The story is that there has been an underwater earthquake which has unleashed prehistoric piranhas. These piranhas were supposed to be extinct 2 million years ago but their habitat was 200 feet underground of the sea all along. The rest of the story is all about stupid teenagers who can't act and we don't care about trying to avoid turning into fish food. This kind of story is a much better idea because Piranhas are generally not that aggressive.

The movie was bashed even before it was released because most people thought it was a cheesy movie with bad CGI but I loved every minute of it because it was so entertaining; fun, very relentless and I had a really good time watching it.

Piranha 3D is not a masterpiece or is going to the Oscars (unless it is nominated for the best movie with flesh getting peeled off the bones) it is just a fun popcorn movie that has more than enough to keep you entertained.

If you are the kind of person that likes gore or nudity or both then check this movie out. Personally I enjoy gore and also if you liked Snakes on a Plane.

Overall Horror & Thriller are my favourite genders which Piranha is and after a long time there is an underwater horror movie that can be seen on the big screen since not every movie is the kind that can be viewed on the cinema.
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repojack19 October 2020
Spring-breakers (or Girls Gone Wild?) get eaten by prehistoric piranhas. Viewers won't feel too bad as these airheads get spectacularly chomped.
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Best GORY movie of the past 10 years
DJAkin12 April 2012
When I decided to watch this, I was not sure what to expect. However, I was very pleased with how good it is! The piranha are very evil and mean. They look right at you! They are very prehistoric and have pure anger when they go for their prey! The actors are great. The actor Richard Dryfuss was excellent as the fisherman and Christopher Lloyd of TAXI was amazing as well. I could not believe how GROSS this movie was. The fish eat everything in sight. The boat party scene where all the spring breakers are not listening to "get out of the water" is the gore fest of the ages! It makes DEAD ALIVE by Peter Jackson look like CHILDS PLAY! The fish eat penis, eyeballs and skin right down TO THE BONE! Many of the victims try to get out of the water only to end up half eaten! There is this one scene where a woman's head is "degloved" by a propeller on a boat. The guy who O'Donnel plays is a jerk. In real life he is married to Rebecca Romain Stamos but in this movie he is a porn director. He sniffs cocaine and drinks booze and can't drive a boat to save his life. But he is certainly good fish food! I was glad to see Ving Rames in this movie as the propeller sheriff who doesn't say "UGLY" like he did in TRUE BLUE - instead he says the F word a lot. This movie has it ALL! It has Eli Roth as the guy who talks into a blow horn and directs a wet t shirt contest! There is a good storyline in this movie and Elizabeth Shoe delivers the goods on all throttles! One of the funniest scenes was when the eyeball is floating in the water and the fish piranha eats it! He eats it in one gulp! Move over Jaws - PIRANHA is in town!
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This is not just one of best remake ever but one best horror/comedy ever!
atinder2 January 2012
When first heard about the remake back in 2009, I could not believe as this not even the first remake of Piranha (1978) as it already remade in Piranha (1995), Which I have yet to see, the sound of that remake it not good at all but this remake.

Piranhas as some of most Gory deaths scene and some really creative ones as well, which was really well done.

There was a lot nudity in this movie, which I thought was really great and worked well with rest of the movie.

The 3D effect in this movie was really good.

The acting from everyone in in this movie was great for this kinda of movie.

Loved the Plot.

Love the Gore.

Loved the Nudity.

Loved the 3D.

Loved The Jokes.

Loved The Ending!

The best killer fish movie ever!
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Piranha hunt in packs - not for protection, but for overwhelming force.
hitchcockthelegend10 October 2013
Actually many of today's younger multiplex goers hunt in packs, they know what they like and they know how to have a good time with even the most crude or banal movie. I don't mean that as an insult, it's just indicative of the film market available to them, it's the reason why films like this here Piranha remake/re-imaging/re-jig exists and makes money. Even "spawning" a franchise on occasions.

Alexandre Aja's Piranha 3D is a complete machine gun of a movie, it knew exactly how to sell tickets at the box office. Even before the 3D was used as a selling point, the word down the grapevine was the promise of lithe bodies in beach wear and loads of CGI killer fish shredding the hell out of a whole community. And that's exactly what is delivered, only with extras that see considerable nudity in the mammary areas and Elisabeth Shue and Ving Rhames kicking buttocks.

It's all very bloody, even lurid and exploitive, while it's difficult to know if you are meant to laugh, scream or do something that Russ Meyer would endorse? But, and I say this as a middle aged old fart, there is so much fun to be had here if you are prepared to unscrew your head and take out your brain. Strap yourselves in Piranha 3D haters, your grandchildren might just be enjoying in the future: Piranha 27: Sexy Mechanoid Bimbos Fight Back. But will they hate themselves in the morning? 7/10
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Stylish, and creepy
jaredlove27 November 2019
For one, the only other films with fish that scared me was jaws, this one is like jaws had babies and went mad. this film is definatly a modern day horror classic, and stands out around many other films, around this era 3/4
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Well, they certainly tried hard!
Wizard-817 May 2011
I feel that it's fair to report that when it comes to the effort to deliver the goods, the makers of "Piranha" get an "A". Naked women? Hoo boy, the women here like to take it off and keep it off! Blood and gore? There is a TON of it here to enjoy, though I feel I should mention that the old fashioned makeup effects are more pleasing than the blood and gore generated by CGI.

So the movie does deliver the goods in some ways. But I have to report that the movie fails in some other regards. None of the characters are that memorable or that sympathetic. The unfolding events have a deja-vu like feeling, no doubt due to the fact that the plot turns have already been done in a number of other "Jaws" rip-offs. And the ending feels strongly like the filmmakers decided to wrap things up in a couple of minutes seeing that they had shot enough footage already.

Don't get me wrong - I didn't hate or dislike this picture. The movie still manages to pass the time in an okay fashion overall. But I feel that the original 1978 Roger Corman-produced "Piranah" was a better movie. It does not have the abundant nudity and gore of this remake, and its production values (except for the phony-looking CGI) may be inferior to the remake. But the characters, situations, and suspense were a lot memorable. So if you have a choice between which movie to watch, watch the original. Though if you're stuck with this version, you could do a lot worse.
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Fun, cheesy , bit too bloody but oh the 3d!
drpainters12 February 2020
Must have for all 3d movies. Looks great , funny stuff, too bloody but whatever ,most of these type movies are nowadays. Not as good as original movie but a fun watch in 3d or otherwise. But really meant for 3d..wait for 3dd
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Delightfully gruesome and fun film!
sorrow20 August 2010
I really loved Piranha 3D and had a blast at my midnight screening.

There was never a dull moment for me. The first half while relatively quiet compared to the second half is funny and filled with bountiful shots of spring-break revelry and aesthetically pleasing nudity that's all in good fun. The set up for the characters was competently done and even though no one is going to win an award for best acting here, there was no example of distracting bad acting and the cast sold their two dimensional characters. We get enough development of our main characters that they aren't just generic nothings when the carnage starts.

Once the second half kicks in, Aja takes the film into overdrive and throws one jaw dropping gruesome set piece after another at the viewer.

My audience was roaring with laughter and clapping at gag after gag whether it was the "ballet" sequence with its beautiful eye candy (worth the ticket price alone) or some of the nasty goodness that Aja sends our way during the gory chaos of the film's second half. Despite the overall humorous nature of the material, there were still some tense moments and a few places where you find yourself in the curious position of both laughing at and feeling unsettled by what you're seeing on screen.

Aja perfectly captures the tone when he says it is "Gremlins for adults".

I expected skillful direction from Aja, and he delivered. He uses his skill at building tension that he put to frightening good use in Haute Tension in a different way here. Often, he will build anticipation for an over-the-top gag by telegraphing and then delaying as you ask yourself whether he's really about to go where it looks like he's headed and then "Bam!" he really does go there.

In addition to delivering the goods and delivering them well, the film also gives us several pleasing nods at other genre films and fun cameos from Richard Dreyfus and Christopher Lloyd.

This film knows how to have a guilty good time!
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A Rip-off of Jaws with Lots of Clichés, Boobs, Piranhas and Blood
claudio_carvalho8 February 2011
A geological failure on the bottom of Lake Victoria opens a breach and releases prehistoric flesh-eaters piranhas. Meanwhile, it is the Lake Victoria spring party where teenagers arrive in to drink beer and booze, get sun tanning, swim in the lake and have sex. When the local Sheriff Julie Forester (Elisabeth Shue) and her Deputy Fallon (Ving Rhames) discover how danger the lake is, they unsuccessfully try to avoid the tourists to jump into the water to protect them. After saving many teenagers, Sheriff Forester learns that her family is trapped in a yacht that is stranded in the reef and heads in a boat with an acquaintance to rescue her children and family.

"Piranha" is a rip-off of "Jaws" with lots of clichés, boobs, piranhas and blood. This forgettable film has good names in the cast, including a cameo of Richard Dreyufuss, but the greatest attractions are the girls in the bikinis and the gore and gruesome special effects. There are funny moments, like the piranha eating Derrick Jones' penis; or Jake and Kelly being pulled through the reef in a "very clever" way to escape from the piranhas and the explosion of the yacht; or the clever Novak asking the youngster to leave the water during the attack of the piranhas. My vote is four.

Title (Brazil): "Piranha"
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Aja gives us something to smile about!
OliverGbyrne20 August 2010
I like French director Alexandre Aja ,the guy clearly loves the horror genre. His "High Tension" was a tribute to 70's horror flick and in many ways his latest films is a tribute of 80's horror film or as Aja himself calls it "Guilty Pleasure" films and in many ways I prefer this film because this is the type of film I just adored watching growing up. The film is gory as hell and I mean hardcore gory , limbs floating in the water , Girl cut in half , Fish fighting over a penis...Yeh they have that too. In fact it is without a doubt the goriest film since Peter Jackson's "Brain dead" (or "Dead Alive" for the US). If you love your film gory , don't waste any more time on here and go watch this film now. Of course this is not all this film has to offer , it has a great cast...a bit of a who's who of 80's stars.An Hilarious Jerry O'Connel (Stand by me) a beautiful Elisabeth Shue (The Karate Kid) and Christopher "Frickin" Loyd , seeing that guy on the big screen again his worth the price of admission alone (Even if it's a small part) sure he sound like his "Back to the future" persona in this film...but come on?...would we want it any other way? And let's not forget Richard Dreyfuss reprising his "Jaws" role for the opening of the film .. That on the other hand I was slightly disappointed with, they could have made the cameo a little bit more clever (see Zombieland to see what a perfect cameo is like). Ho and the 3d ? it's hilariously Awesome , I caught myself making "push away" movement at the sight of a floating penis , it's one of the best use of live action 3d I have ever seen on film, seriously this film has superb 3d and if you are a guy like me,there is a wonderful underwater dance with two girls...I was giggling like a schoolboy! To wrap it up Alexandre Aja did what films like "Snakes on the plains" failed miserably at , it gave us a pure 80's guilty pleasure film for the present day ..It is not the sort of gift that we will see often after this, so let's enjoy it while it's on the big Screen! If you know in advance that this is no "Inception" and that it's just a gory film that keeps winking at its audience and who does not take itself seriously at all,I don't see how you cant enjoy it. Serious Critic like Roger Ebert are probably going to hate it...And that means it's a really fun horror film you cant miss!
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the original 1978 "Piranha" was dimwitted and a lot of fun. This new "Piranha" is even more dimwitted and only about half as fun
TheUnknown837-126 August 2010
The original 1978 "Piranha" movie, directed by Joe Dante, is a classic example of B-movie exploitation done right. It was so enjoyable on a guilty pleasure level that even though it was a more than obvious rip-off of his film "Jaws", Steven Spielberg himself convinced the executives at Universal to drop their pending lawsuit against Dante and producer Roger Corman. Now I will never, as long as I live, claim that "Piranha" was a *good* movie. It was a bad movie. But it's what we like to call a "good bad movie." It was corny, preposterous and dimwitted, but it was also a lot of fun and quite humorous. And it was meant to be that. A sequel directed by James Cameron followed a little while after, but then there was a long gap in his franchise. Now Alexandre Aja, who made "Mirrors" (2008) takes the director's chair of a loose remake of the first movie. And just like that awful horror movie of his' that I mentioned, it is well-made on a technical level, but is lacking so severely in so many places, most notably in that adventurous sense of exploitation filmmaking, that it comes off as rather dislikable.

Now I must confess that the first two minutes of the movie got me involved, because it was packed full of references to "Jaws" the movie that inspired the original "Piranha." Fans like me will be delighted to see that familiar face and spot those references. So the opening had me interested; I told myself that I was in for a worthy remake.

Unfortunately, that good feeling only lasted for about another ten minutes.

Alexandre Aja is a good director. He knows how to *film* a good-*looking* movie. His earlier film "Mirrors," though absolutely contemptible, was also very well-directed. Unfortunately, both "Mirrors" and "Piranha" are lacking any real sense of joy and exploitation and they both leave the audience feeling rather empty inside. And if they don't feel empty, they're liable to end up wanting to throw up as they leave the theater. The attacks by the killer fish in the new movie are a lot more gruesome and disturbing than the ones in the 1978 movie. They ought to be; it would be absolutely shameful if they weren't, seeing as how more than thirty years have passed. And Aja was more than willing to be creative with these brutal killings. When the fish attack, it's more than just water being filled with blood. We see bits of flesh being torn off, we see a woman get her scalp ripped from her skull, hindquarters are nipped at (in reference to a scene from the original movie), and so are genital organs.


Now that is being just a little too bold. I'd better warn anybody interested in seeing the movie that although most of these attack sequences are goofy and preposterous, some of them are really quite disturbing, such as the last one I mentioned. These moments are not merely suggested; Aja had his special effects department to let loose all of their perversion and banality.

And frankly, I hope I never have the displeasure of seeing a chewed-up sex organ floating around in the water again for as long as I live.

However, that's just the margin of my complaints. I also have to discredit the filmmakers for the way they continue this unfavorable tradition of bad B-exploitation movies, in which they seem to promote misogynism. Frankly, treating women as sex objects and less-than-human and feeling free to exploit their bodies like gemstones for the perverted members of the audience to gawk at does not amuse me. Again and again throughout the movie, women are stripped naked and examined by the camera. And there is also an incredibly strange lesbian scene shot underwater, which is the most unusual and unsettling love-moment-in-a-void scene since the zero-gravity sex scene of "Sayonara Jupiter."

Now of course, I am fully aware that this is a popcorn movie and was meant to be. There are some good things about it. Like I mentioned before, it is well-directed, the opening scene of the movie really got me interested and the cameo in that moment is really delightful. There are...mostly good performances. Elisabeth Shue, in particular, is very good as the female sheriff of the lakeside town where all the mayhem takes place. Jerry O'Connell, even though he was just hamming his way to a paycheck, was actually quite good as a pornography director shooting his latest smut on the lake. There's also some good acting from Steven R. McQueen and Ving Rhames. The only bad performance that shocked me was from Christopher Lloyd, who I am sure is regretting his decision to make this movie as we speak. Lloyd is such a brilliant actor, as he's proved many times and he will be brilliant again. But this film is thankfully a small aberration in his career.

I say thankfully because I am sure that this remake of "Piranha" will be forgotten before long. If it weren't for a particularly disturbing scene I mentioned (I'll let you guess which one I'm talking about) I would have forgotten about it now, two hours after I left the theater. This movie is really short, so not too much time will be wasted on it for those who choose to see it. However, it is ninety minutes of your life and there are much better movies playing right now. If you really feel that you have to see it, I suggest waiting for a DVD rental date. My main problem with this "Piranha" was that although it had a similar mentality as the original, it was lacking the exploitation joy and adventure that made that movie so much fun. The joy is replaced with libidinous hunger and a really empty feeling.

Oh, and for those who are interested, no, it's not particularly scary....
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