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Nicely taken story.. Well portrayed characters...
thana1610 September 2006
I just watched this movie yesterday. And i have to add, I simply loved the show. The storyline is an easy one and the beauty of the movie is they didn't went on to add "masala" to the show unlike so many other Tamil movies. Kunthavi (Jothika) is married to Gautham (Surya). They have a real lovely daughter and she made the movie a joy to watch at so many scenes. Gautham Is he as simple as he seems to be? Well that and more are answered when Jothika accidentally comes across his diary. And from then on its all about the love and affection that a husband has on his wife and the faith and trust a wife has on her husband that moves the movie so damn well till the end. Aishwarya (Bhoomika) has certainly improved in so many aspects from her debut movie Badri. She plays her role well and in nice proportions. Music scored by ARR is such pleasant stuff for the ears. Munbe Vaa song is a treat to the eyes and to the heart. Overall its a movie where you can bring your whole family to watch with. Myself I dun mind catching it another time in the theaters again.
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Its realistic
nebulousboy13 July 2011
Warning: Spoilers
Ya this movie has some typical Tamil problems.But anyone can suggest this movie to watch just because of its storyline.To make this movie we have to imagine something which could be added by Mr. director or scriptwriter.i like this movie just because it is much realistic.It shows us present can erase past easily.Gowtam was like other heroes in his college life.But not happily ever after with Ishu make him different.Now the question comes why he changed radically after that parting with Ishu?if we see at very first then we will see he was not much good while marrying Kundavni.but after marriage cant he change?i think anyone can.if anyone like him tries to hide past from his wife then he can transform to a normal guy and fall in love again.and i think its cent percent possible that present can erase past from our mind just like Gowtam's life starts circling Kundavni.then any one can ask why Ishu didn't try for Gowtam?i'm giving answer from my point of view.if something happens like that in my life,my family doesn't agree with my love then i will leave my love but i will act rude with my family like Ishu.but it is worthless to find previous love as without my family i can not live happily with her.if one day any one accept me with my past love definitely she will be my bride. OK from my point view the story of the movie is very much realistic and it happens just like this when same incident happens in someones life.
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A Jill (Cool) time pass
jbragadeesh25 December 2009
In recent times, it has become stereotypical to present movies with violence and gore in the tamil cinemas. But Jillunu oru kaadhal stood out and lived to the hype, at least according to the box office. Rather being a regular love story, the script of Jillunu oru kaadhal moves in a different path. Surya is married to Jyothika and lives happily with his daughter. He is a mechanic for a major car company in mumbai. All goes well before Jyothika finds Surya's personal diary which reveals an entirely different version of him - his college days. The story moves back and forth from there on and keeps the audience enthralled in almost all the aspects, whether it be music, comedy, romance, anger, fight etc., The performances of all the artists were exemplary. Surya's presence, Jyothika's curiosity, Bhoomika's innocence, Vadivelu/Sandhanam's ultimate comedy sequences, ARR's music - all stays in heart forever. A soft love story shown in the best form possible in the tamil industry. In a gist, this is a Jill (Cool) time pass!
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A Must Watch Movie
madhan_idc17 September 2006
sillunu oru kaadhal is just an awesome movie that has been well made, which gives a balance btw songs, jokes, action, affection and love.. don't totally go by the preview of the movie.. i found the movie review to be more inclined on the negative side.. in fact the entire movie looks very much practical.. Jyothika searching for Bhoomika and asking her to spend a day with her husband only portrays how much she loves and values her relationship with Surya.. At the same time, the pain and anxiousness to know what happened during that one day only justifies the storyline.. Kudos to débutant director Krishna for giving such a wonderful movie to the Tamil industry, for different angle of thinking and a very positive approach to the entire storyline! Great Work..
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nice family movie
mzperfectionist_2430 September 2006
Jilendru Oru Kadhal is a nice movie, i though Joythika did a real wife and i thought she acted really well. the chemistry between Suriya and joythika was excellent through out the whole movie. I though Boomika having this her returning movie gave a great start. the songs were great not excellent though i thought Munbe Va was excellent the screen play for it gave it the effect it needed. This story is all about Suriya-Gautham being a troublesome college student who falls for Boomika-Aishwariya and they plan a secret wedding at a registration office but the complications allows Aishwariyas father to come to know and the whole wedding becomes ruined. Following this Guatham is beaten up very seriously. Aishwariya is sent away for good and due to an accident Gauthams uncle is put on a death bed and his last wish for him to marry Joythika- Kunthavi who is small village girl who herself is not up to this marriage either and wants love marriage. But all of that doesn't stop them marrying each other and Kunthavi and Gautham get married. Six years later they have a cute daughter and are a happily married couple who have undying love for each other. In due course Gautham a Machanic gets a promotion and goes for a conference in USA and whilst gone Kunthavi find Gauthams old college diary and comes to find out about everything.Once Gautham is back things are different but soon they are happy again. But Kunthavi still has that thought in her mind and without Guatham knowing she talks to Aishwariya who now is a totally different girl all hip and modern. Reading Gauthams diary she tries to fulfill his wish of living one day with Aishwaiya. She invites Aishwariya over and allows them to have a day together. But Gautham isn't in love with Aishwaiya anymore and all he can think about is Kunthavi. Unhappy with the decision Kunthavi made he stays at home. Aishwaiya comes and Kunthavi goes. Kunthavi stays at her boss/friends house and takes some rest. Whilst sleeping has a dream of Guatham having the time of his life and suddenly realises her decision was totally wrong. She rushes back home to finds Guatham alone and a letter on the desk. Telling Kunthavi all about how Gautham could only think about her and Aishwariya was grateful she gave he a day but she is happy that Gautham is happy with her and with that happiness she leaves. Kunthavi walks up to Gautama and looks at him, he explains to her that he only wants her now that diary was just a phase and he was more than happy to be here now. then the story ends. it was a great movie and i recommend it to everyone
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Horibble. The worst film of the year!
nhariharan9116 September 2006
Warning: Spoilers
Well, after the hype surrounding the film and after Surya labeling the film as PATH-BREAKING, I went into the theatre expecting something big. Boy was I disappointed.

First of all, the characterizations in the film are SO weird! Which wife would do what Kundhavi (Jyothika) did? An idiotic, coo-coo one? And what was the point of her standing in the rain with her child (Baby Shreya) after she and her husband had a fight? What was the purpose of that scene anyway? To start a vulgarly shot "Maaja Maaja"? Not only was the song not canned aesthetically, it was just not needed in the screenplay. NOT NEEDED AT ALL! Secondly, the first half of the had practically NO STORY. The entire first half was a FREAKING drag. Every scene in the first half of the film had no significance what so ever to the real story of the film. And also, how did Aishwarya (Bhoomika Chawla) change so radically all of a sudden? And how did Gautham (Surya) and Kundhavi lead a happy live together after six years even though they were SO unhappy about marrying each other? And if Gautham did love Aishwarya like he claimed he did, why DID he even marry Kundhavi even if it was his uncle's death wish? WHY? That's the question you keep asking whilst watching the film! And how fair is the ending to Aishwarya? After all, she was Gautham's first wife? Krishna, the director of the film, claimed he worked on the script of this film for two years, but his script is filled with flaws and leaves the audience utterly irritated! Thirdly, Krishna's un-imaginative picturizations of Rahman's awesome is just disappointing. Surprisingly, Anthony's editing (usually superb) for the "New York Nagaram" song just sucks! The whole song looked like it was a slide show made on Microsoft Power Point! "Munbe Vaa" Rangoli chorus was wasted showing Gautham PLAYING FOOTBALL!!! Who wants to see the freaking dude playing football during such a beautiful chorus?!? Whats more, the whole movie only needed TWO songs. Munbe Vaa and Kummi Adi. The rest of the songs inclusive of "Machakari", "Maaja Maaja", "New York" and "Jillunu Oru Kaadhal" are just not needed. Rahman's fine efforts are simply wasted on a stupid film directed by an amateur director! Fans of Rahman, you ask why Rahman keeps moving to Bollywood. After looking at the way his songs are picturised in Kollywood, why would he want to stay here? What's more irritating is that after Krishna decided to include Machakari into the film, the song was cut by half which truly, truly annoyes.

Surya looks handsome in his new get ups save the ones during the college scenes and packs in a so-and-so performance. His expressions during all the songs he was featured in really do not fit the way the singer sings the songs. Was Jyothika even acting in the film? All she did was CRY! Would you call all that crying acting? One of her worst performances ever! What's more, her new hairstyle does not suit her. She looked way better in Vettaiyaadu Vilaiyaadu. Her costumes during the "New York Nagaram" song are way off. Bhoomika Chawla is just gorgeous during the film and does justice to her role. Vadivelu's comedy is ANNOYING. When one is watching him, one wishes they could slap him on the face. It is Santhanam who is the show stealer during the comedy scenes. And why the heck did Sukanya even agree to do such a minuscule role which could have done by just anyone? And why is her make up so heavy when she has perfect complexion? Music by A.R. Rahman is just awesome. "Machakari", "Munbe Vaa", "New York" and "Jillunu Oru Kaadhal" deserve special mention. R.D. Rajasekhar's cinematography is OK and isn't as good as his previous films though the scenery during the "Kummi Adi" song deserve special mention. Anthony's editing is really really disappointing. The film is just so freaking draggy and could be trimmed severely.

Krishna's direction just sucks. Dialogues (A.C. Durai and Krishna) are just too corny to digest especially the part where Bhoomika professes her love for Surya. The screenplay and script (Krishna) are horibble. The film moves in the more un-interesting pace ever. And Krishna's script is just filled with unexplained sub plots.

And for goodness sakes, why was there so much advertising in the film? Pepsi, Maggi, Suzuki, you name it. Was the producer of the film (K.E. Gnanavel) low on budget or was he just desperate? Overall, Jillunu Oru Kaadhal is a damp squib. With a title like that, one would expect a heart warming and cooling love story but what you end up is a painfully botched up love story. Really, really disappointing.
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boring movie
harineem7 November 2006
Extremely slow movie.There are fine performances from all actors which is why above 5 score.Surya and Jyo are supposed to be this ideal husband and wife and we are shown this till it gets to a point you start asking is there a story.Then one day Jyo discovers Surya's diary to find his failed college love story .The college love story is totally unconvincing as Surya is an arrogant Senior who is always picking on Bhoomika, beats up her friend, yells at her in public and despite being terrified of him she falls in love for him.Even after that he continues to dominate her using crude language.I certainly could not appreciate the meek character played by Bhoomika, I don't think any self respecting woman will fall for such jerks in real life.So Jyo decides to bring them together and what happens after that is the climax. The story is extremely weak in its characters.A extremely arrogant Surya to Bhoomika is the exact opposite with Jyo( and there is no reason given for the sudden change in character).Again a extremely meek Bhoomika becomes a big extrovert when she returns.Wonder, if she had turned so super confident why didn't she try to find her love as she no longer feared anyone.
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A Breezy Romance
swastic11 September 2006
After the immensely successful Ghajini, expectations for Surya's movies have skyrocketed. His new movie, Sillunu Oru Kadhal is very different from Ghajini and Aaru, as it, like the title suggests, is a romantic film, with excellent chemistry between the characters, Jyothika and Bhoomika. Although it starts off like any other Indian love story, the movie really draws you in after the half-way mark, when the real 'twist' of the film is introduced.

The director has to be applauded on his fine job, bringing comic, actions and romantic elements together well, but his camera work does get a bit shabby at places. This is an infrequence though.

The two 'negatives' of the film are the fact that Vadivelu is somewhat underused in this. The other is that while Rahman's music is good, it is not up to his usual standard, and is certainly one of his worse films.

On the whole, however, a good, enjoyable film that should keep Surya's career blossoming.
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Trendsetter movie
nawazkhan-4568717 November 2020
Healthy performance by everyone. A feel good movie
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A Big Bore.
ranjit-hariharan9 February 2007
This film's a big bore. It has a plenty of Predictable plots & endless sentiments from the start. It starts good with a classy number but seems lost midway.

Surya & Jyothika's on screen chemistry works out really good & a good part by Bhoomika. Why include Vadivelu in it? He disappears totally after a good half an hour!. Santhanam proves his wit again by timing comedy.

AR's tunes sure will last for sometime. But he could have done better. What ever be the drawbacks still it's worth watching once if you feel alone at home or looking for a good time-pass.
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'Why' is what I kept asking throughout
malarvizhiinba14 September 2018
Warning: Spoilers
Apart from asking what other 1 star ratings have said (I totally agree with their points), I want to add one other point. Why would Kundhavi bring back a girl her husband previously loved and even married back into his life to show her 'love'? Is his ex girlfriend (actually wife) a doll? There's a moment when people move on from a bitter past. Why would someone be cruel and selfish enough to not mind picking at that wound just to show that their sick and twisted 'love'? Secondly how can a man spend all his life not even thinking about an ex whom he loved, apparently and was snatched away from him and whose whereabouts or situation he has no idea about ? How can he just throw that away without thinking about it at all? Third why would the his ex girlfriend agree to go and be with him? How could she not be disgusted by the whole situation? Seriously man, these people need to mature.
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One of the good hit film from tamil film industry, still in many of hearts
anandhuv-415238 December 2020
Such an lovely story... The music was awesome... Munbe vaa still in majority people's heart... Many of them are still hearing daily including me... Surya such an acting talent powerhouse... Lovely performance by jyo... Boomika rocks it... Superb film
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Ahead Of Its Time. Had it released in 2020, it would be called a New Age Cinema.
harishmadireddi12 September 2020
The release year of this film, it is definetely a ahead of its time and brings the lot of english movie adaptations into the story. There wasnt any necessary to bring the change over to bhoomikas character she is the same towards him even after the gap. She had that magic in flashback and there wasnt any necessary to makeover her so drastically. However surya and jyothika were great to watch. Songs ofcourse ar rahman steels the show, whatever good feels you get from the movie, give him half of the credit. Be it bgm or songs he just nailed them. Cinematography and screenplay were so in to the mood that the cuts doesnt really seem like cuts. Some awesome shot divisions holds the magic. Final Verdict is, its a one time watch.
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