The History Boys (2006) Poster

Adrian Scarborough: Wilkes


  • [Timms is trying to duck out of Athletics] 

    Wilkes : What's the matter with you, lad?

    Timms : I've got a note.

    Wilkes : How much for?


    Wilkes : I don't *do* notes! Get changed!

    Timms : Sir...

    Wilkes : God doesn't do notes, either. Did Jesus Christ say, "Can I be excused the Crucifixion?" No!

    Scripps : Actually, sir, I think he *did*...

  • Wilkes : One day it will save your life.

    Posner : Nothing saves anyone's life sir. It just postpones their death.

    [Wilkes puts his hands on Posner's shoulders] 

    Wilkes : Jesus Christ will save your life, lad, if you only let him into your heart!

    Posner : I'm Jewish, sir.

    [Wilkes moves instead to put his hands on Akhtar's shoulders] 

    Akthar : I'm Muslim, sir.

  • Wilkes : You're letting yourself down. You're letting God down.

    Lockwood : What's God got to do with it?

    Wilkes : Listen, boy. This isn't your body.

    Lockwood : No?

    Wilkes : This body is on loan to you from God.

    Lockwood : Fuck me!

    Wilkes : I heard that. Give me twenty.

    Lockwood : Twenty what, Hail Marys?

    Wilkes : Do it.

  • [Mrs. Lintott smokes in the Teacher's Lounge] 

    Wilkes : Dorothy...

    [points to the No Smoking sign] 

    Mrs. Lintott : Oh, fuck.

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