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micottrell22 June 2005
This was the best film i saw at the Miami Gay and Lesbian film festival for sure! At the screening I attended, everybody in the audience was cracking up at all the jokes, so I'm not sure what this other guy is talking about, but it sounds like a personal issue. The characters were indeed stereotyped, which is the point of any good satire, and it definitely works -- especially since the casting is so spot-on. This short is like a gay Starsky and Hutch, with a John Waters edge. The look of the film is also great, since it was shot on 16mm and given that real 70's kind of trashy feel. If you get a chance to check this one out, gay or straight, do so -- it's a real kick in the pants!
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preppy-320 June 2005
Dreadful. A completely unfunny, stereotyped "satire" on spy TV shows. The guys are all gay, dress in hideous clothes and act in the most offensive way I've ever seen. Very swishy and limp-wisted--I expected them to lisp at any moment! They're on a case to find a young gay man running away from an older gay man who was "keeping" him. The resolution was unfunny, stupid and pretty sick.

It was also badly acted, scripted and not one joke worked. Ever single one fell with a thud. But it was the nonstop stereotypical tone that was so negative and unfunny. I don't think they were trying to be homophobic--but that's how it comes across.

A must miss--1.
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