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Not Exactly Reality Television
ericpop2718 June 2005
DWTS originated out of England made it's way throughout Europe and down under, assuming different titles. BBC, responsible for the American version, entitled the British version 'Strictly Come Dancing' which spawned sequels 'Strictly Come Dancing : It Takes Too' and 'Strictly Ice Dancing'. Of course, there are the obligatory wannabe knock-offs (Fox's Idol-ized 'So You Think You Can Dance') but make no mistake, this show offers real entertainment value about an art form that's often overlooked and seen as outdated.

Some people would like to write this off as another trashy reality show, but it's definitely not. It's a classy, professional, dance competition. It's refreshing to watch a cultured show and because it's in the summer, younger audiences are tuning in. It's started a craze and it's it's boosted careers for the show's celebrities. It's a hot item on the Yahoo Search and Buzz Log, for a good reason. Don't miss the international phenomenon of...Dancing With The Stars.
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lilamendezes124 April 2017
All right, so Dancing with the Stars is what it is. It's a entertaining show for people who like music and or dance. For me, over the past 12 years, it has become something of a tradition for me and my family to watch.

Every season is different, and every season there are those who complain about the season's cast not being "stars." However, anyone who has watched this show knows that the term "star" is used subjectively- you are not going to find current major movie stars doing this show, although you may find a former A-lister doing the show. That is just the nature of this show.

There are always dancers on the show who have more dance experience than others, and it is never going to be a completely even playing field. But for me, and countless other viewers, that is what makes this show what it has become over the years!

So, watch and enjoy it!
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One and two and three, Dance!
zelda19649 November 2010
Out of all the programs we see on television,I think "Dancing" has stood the test of time.Carrie Ann Inaba,Bruno Tunioli and Len Goodman are the judges who critique the moves and faults of 12 famed celebrities with their Professional dance partners.Each celebrity, goes through an intense training and workout to polish a specific routine.It is like "basic training" at dance school! I love this show,because the viewer realizes that we are all human and not perfect.Every person must work hard, at achieving a goal.Every week finds an elimination,where one pair is taken out by popular vote of the judges and by viewer response.

This show is so wonderful, and Goodman,Tunioli and Inaba help the celebrities realize there is so much fun on the dance floor.

Bravo to the cast for every amazing "transformation".
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Classy..est show on TV!!
karenizcool13 August 2008
I think DWTS is one of the greatest primetime shows to come to America. It is unique because ballroom dancing is rarely televised & had a very small following (this is before dancing with the stars). What makes DWTS so unique is the the set, the costumes, the dancers..everything is so classy & glamorous on this show! Even the audience is all dressed up!

The judges Carrie Ann, Bruno, & Len are also tough critics but polite. If they every are offensive they quickly apologize & they even banter amongst themselves. They are still very respectful to the stars.

I read in the other comments that the show is rigged/biased/favoritisms..and honestly for all i care it could be true, but any competitive show could be rigged. whose to say American idol isn't rigged? or so you think you can dance? or America's best talent?

This is def a family show (although some outfits and dances are a bit sensual) but it still is pretty appropriate for all ages.

DWTS is the #1 dance show in America.
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Going down hill. Less like a family show and more like a strip show now.
robjones-1038329 March 2017
I used to love dancing with the stars but as the seasons progress it is becoming less and less like a family show and more of a strip show now. The judges seem afraid to tell the contestant when it is raunchy because when they have in the past the star throws a hissy fit saying how unfair it is. I miss the fun family show that DWTS used to be.
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Show is rigged
tracerules23 June 2015
Warning: Spoilers
So it has come out that AT&T accepts a certain amount of votes before none count anymore. The question is what is limit? Regardless of the voting counting issue. People who get 10's can lose to someone who has no dancing ability like Season 17 where Elizabeth Berkley who won two all 10's throughout the show's progression and lost to Bill Engvall, who has no dancing ability at all. I get them wanting to bring on people who are older for a larger audience but they need to invite people who can dance or at least have a shot. Bill Nye did way better to me than Bill Engvall that season and was booted so fast. This show is about POPULARITY NOT ABILITY. When you find out that the judges scores basically mean nothing compared to the people's votes then you see how sad this show is. I will say there are some seasons where the winner made sense but it is roll of the dice.
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Can Be Made Reality TV Show
melvin-116 March 2006
Many people say this is not a reality TV show which in true in some ways but do not see how we can make it one. First audition some non-professional dancers with some good hope out in the real world i. e. unknown talent such as actors that can only get bit parts. You can be entered by giving a small resume of community plays and such audition. If it works out you can be matched with a partner and get some more training with teacher and change the name to Dancing With The Unknown Stars. Something entertaining could come of it to make them big stars like on American Idol. I think they should give it a try and something could come of it. I think many people in the studios would agree to this. I have hated seeing people like Master P, Jerry Rice and George Hamilton. get voted for their popularity instead of how good they are. In the Australia version a TV weatherman with a small TV show won 2nd season who was more than just for his looks but how well he could dance. In Europe countries the only just vote on popularity but talent. They look at the talent because European people are not blind to popularity as we are. I have gone to a web page of the Netherland's show not really understanding what they say, but I see they are great dancers. The 4 former professional judges in Australia have never given a 40 (four 10's) and critic the dancers to tell them not just how good they are but what mistakes they made here in the USA they are just 3 critics and choreographers and gives perfect scores (3 of them 10's).
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Outrageous elimination
daneldorado25 April 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Until last night -- that would be Monday, April 24, 2017 -- "Dancing With the Stars" was an agreeable, fun show that kicked off each new week with music and rhythm and brilliance. Not any more.

The shocking elimination of Heather Morris -- dancing in the arms of past winner Maksim Chmerkovskiy -- unmasked the ugliness behind the scenes at DWTS. No, this is not just another rant by a disappointed viewer; this was a catastrophe of the highest (or lowest) order. Heather had just wowed the audience with a PERFECT rumba, beautifully choreographed and performed, and had won an enthusiastic perfect score from the judges: Forty points out of a possible 40. As I said, PERFECT.

Then, after all the cheers and the hoopla, Heather and Maks were unceremoniously ELIMINATED from the "competition." What the hell?

That's it. This show has been failing in the ratings, and I guess now we know why. We won't be watching DWTS again, ever.

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DWTS Seems To Be Fixed
Busyjo81120 May 2008
Warning: Spoilers
Kristy Yamaguchi was slated to win DWTS almost before it got underway. She's a well seasoned PROFESSIONAL! "Dancing" on ice is HARD. A dance floor is much easier to perform on, so of course she out-shined all of the other poor contestants. It doesn't really seem fair. The contestants should be fairly chosen based on a level playing field. It appears that this year's show was BIASED. I know plenty of viewers that won't watch next year! Read some blogs. You'll see how upset and how the audiences feel. Secondly, it is very disappointing that the results are revealed on the internet before we on the West Coast have even seen the show! I am not one to complain but this was not right.
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Beautiful music! Wonderful dancing! Heartfelt adventure! Delicious entertainment!
LeonardOsborneKael30 April 2009
My friends all think I watch this program for the skin-show but they couldn't be more wrong! Okay, who wouldn't enjoy watching such a lavish disply of youthful physicality? But Dancing With The Stars is SO much more than that. Start with the moment the professional dancer meets his (or her) new partner. That could be anything from a race car driver to a famous actress to a computer geek to a cowboy -- or who knows what else? The partners are from different worlds. They barely know each other but their destinies are now in each other's hands. In a matter of moments, they will be locked in embrace -- swaying -- gripping -- tumbling -- sliding sensuously together -- and spending entire days sweating all over each other from elevated head to pointed toe.

Show #1 of the season: It's Monday and the moment of truth has arrived. All those endless practice sessions -- will they pay off? Will it be triumph or disaster? Welcome to the dancer's world. Onstage, awaiting their cue -- the partners lock eyes -- committed, body and soul! Do or die. Now or never. There may be six billion people on the planet -- but right now there is no one who can pull this off but YOU and your partner. Hit it, "live" orchestra!

A small eternity passes; the dance is over. Yes, there were some mistakes. Small ones? Huge ones? Did anyone notice? Did you make an utter fool of yourself? The ultimate challenge has passed -- the look that passes between partners is beyond description. Impossibly -- they've done it! It's over. It's a magical moment of accomplishment and relief.

Oh, but it's NOT over. Chests heaving, they walk to the judging area where they await triumph -- humiliation -- or, mercifully, maybe something in-between. Another colossal challenge looms. You just danced your heart out -- pushed yourself beyond all known limits -- gave it your ALL. But what you think does not matter. These three regal people are the judges. They have observed your efforts and will now apply an impassive clinical dissection. It doesn't matter that they are opinionated, fallible, biased, moody, and often all too human. They ARE the judges and you will have to stand there with the world watching and take it -- whatever it is ... contempt for your heroic efforts -- marginal acceptance -- praise for your feeble attempt at showmanship -- ridicule for your awkwardness -- exaltation at your excellence -- or just more salt in your wounds. You WILL accept it -- whatever it is -- and move on. You have another dance to learn for next week -- or maybe even two or three!

I hope this program brings to the public a much greater appreciation for the character of professional dancers. Though their talents are rarer, their achievements much riskier, their work load much harder, and their careers shorter, the chances for stardom and wealth that are there for other performers have rarely been there for dancers. Before I started watching this show, I had no idea that humans could produce such supreme beauty using only their brilliantly costumed bodies! I had no idea there were people outside Cirque De Soleil who could perform such spectacular feats of strength, elasticity, musicality, and split-second timing. And I never dreamed that anyone who had not experienced a lifetime of training could even come close to dancing at a professional level. Frankly, the idea that a professional dancer would even be willing to attempt some of these feats with a rank amateur still astounds me.

It's no ordinary gig. As the weeks go on, there will be a personal bonding that takes place between partners that will be as genuine as anything they experience in their lives. They will on occasion go to the limits of mind, body, and soul. For them, this experience is about as likely to fade as Wyatt Earp's and Doc Holliday's memory of the gunfight at the OK Corral! Clearly, if they live to be a hundred, they will still reflect on this unique journey of growth, trust, and courage.

Tuesdays are elimination days and they are cruel. This is when the pros and the amateurs will have to face the combined whims of the judges and the television audience. It won't really matter at all how well you danced if America should decide to vote thumbs down on you -- or simply ignore your performance in favor of their favorite celeb -- you will be going home. And the impossible dream will be over.

Personally, I think this part is unnecessary. The rest of the show is so profoundly positive -- I don't appreciate this negative holdover from American Idol. I would rather see ALL the couples dance it out to the last, accumulating points as they go. I also think participants should be required to pass a strength and flexibility test (to avoid the serious injuries) and I don't think they should ever have to prepare more than one dance per week. I would definitely much rather see them do their level best at ONE dance than struggle through two or three half-prepared numbers on show day.

Maybe I'm quibbling here -- but who wouldn't want a great show to be perfect! And here's a thought -- how about a spin-off series -- "Tango With The Stars" that features ONLY the tango?
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Maybe the dullest show in ABC history.
gargantuaboy9 November 2008
Here's my comment on "Dancing with the Stars" or as I like to call it, "Dancing with Obscure Bald Sports Figures and Other People Nobody can Name." Boy is this show dull. I tried watching two episodes and it was really very hard to stay awake. First of all, from the start the show doesn't work. Aside from Susan Lucci, I don't recognize ONE "star." Obscure athletes and hosts from bad shows on CABLE? THESE ARE STARS?? American Idol works because you are seeing waiters and waitresses become actual superstar singers. Kelly Clarkson is a perfect example of this. So is Jennifer Hudson and Carrie Underwood. What is exciting about watching a bunch of obscure celebrities that can barely dance, get praised for being better than other obscure celebrities that can't dance? I don't see the fun here.

And as if things weren't dull enough, AFTER the dance is over, the two "dancers" have to stand there while the annoying judges give them their opinions. Then as if THAT wasn't dull enough, the two "dancers" are then walked over to ANOTHER room and STAND THERE. All this so they see the judges scores. Why they have to go into another room for this is never explained. At this point I start to nod off. And do all judges on American Idol ripoffs HAVE TO HAVE A FAKE SIMON? it is all getting so boring already. The dopey judge at the end seems to be trying to get onto his own show or something, he just tries so hard to be funny and he's just pathetic.

How does anybody really get excited about this?
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One of the worst shows on Television
Blueghost8 April 2010
I really don't get why the heck (G-rated explicative) this thing is on, and why the heck anyone would watch it.

When I had this show on all I heard were women screaming in approval of some alleged "dance steps", which to me seem more like a series of suggestive mating calls than actual dance.

In short, this is pure and utter junk, yet people, read that as women, want to see it. To me this just indicates that the feminization of mainstream television has gone way too far when something as vapid and tortuous as so-called "famous people" getting up in front of a camera and, again, allegedly "dancing" garnishes praise, adornment and attention, again, by the women of North America.

Okay, it's a female show, aimed at females, so why am I even bothering with this review? I mean, I have a remote, and if I didn't, then presumably I can get my backside up off my chair or couch and change the channel on my television... or surf the net... right? Yeah, I can, and do. But, for whatever reason, and I can't fathom why, this TV experience, a TV experience which I gave a chance, really hit a raw nerve with me.

No, TV doesn't need to air the classics, be Shakespeare, nor do the networks need to revamp their programming to air high-concept, high-IQ media fare to improve the cultural standards of the TV viewing audience. But, my god, semi-famous names dancing? And not even dancing, but moving their bodies in embarrassing ways to canned Latin dance music? This is entertainment? Even for a so-called "reality" show it's dumb beyond belief.

No, I don't watch Survivor, Big Brother, that "let's build a house" program, nor any of the other cheap bastardization of America's air waves that passes for entertainment. I simply don't and won't. And the networks wonder why their audience is shrinking.

Maybe if they put something on that didn't placate to the lowest, basest, dumbest of audiences, then more mainstream middle class, people with money, would tune in, and their sponsors would change from McDonalds to BMW.

Just a thought.
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I don't get it.
Jdc10224 February 2009
Aren't people sick of this yet?

Some people love DWTS. I simply don't get it. I can understand why people would like to see their favorite celebrities compete but many are "who?" celebrities. For Many (including somebody I went to High School with) their biggest achievement is the show itself.

I just find the hosts unfunny and the entire thing is really boring and predictable.

I only watched because Adam Carolla was on it and once he was gone. Adam was actually FUNNY and nobody seemed to care. The show is just bad. Really bad. I do think some of the ladies are good looking, but seriously, it isn't enough to watch this.
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It is not a guilty pleasure. It is just plain bad.
giubinha20 December 2006
The reaction I have with this show is the same as when I used to watch "Remote Control" and they had that segment called "Dead or Alive" where they would say name of celebrities and contestants would guess if they were dead or alive. Here is almost the same: They announce the people on that and I always catch myself "Oh, he/she is still alive?!?!?". They are so Zlist celebs, half of them I have to search on Google to see what they do, there is always one or two though that you cannot believe they are there ( Jerry Springer, sometimes you gotta say NO to your agent) Then the competition, awful the dancing , the remix is worth a lawsuit ("Now Mario Lopez will dance the salsa" - And it is the salsa remix of Like a Prayer). The judges are boring, even more than ... I cannot even think of another show with such bad judges. Even America's Next Top Model have better judges.

The show is a parade of has-beens/never-beens/never-will-beens wearing horrible costumes, dancing like no one does (not even at bar-mitzvah would you see dance like that)with horrible remix on the background.

I assume they cater that for women and gay men. but I think only bad Midwest people get it.
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Two left feet...
cyclone25919 January 2010
Warning: Spoilers
I've only seen this show because my mother loves it and to appease her, I sat through enough to form an honest opinion (before anyone starts yelling, it's my opinion and may differ from yours).

To me, the only reason they have this low cost reality show on the air is because The Love Boat is no longer in production and C-list has-beens have nowhere else to get a rent check. It's also very formulaic, with the panel of judges ala American(s) Idle (I mean Idol) rating the performances. Of course they don't have the same acerbic retorts as Simon, but nonetheless it's just as much theatrical drudgery to get ratings.

Like someone else said "These are stars?" It's like watching reruns on Nick at Nite of your old t.v. favorites to recapture the images of faded celebrities, except now they're dancing in prime time.
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my favorite show
math_drama8 July 2007
Warning: Spoilers
I started watching Dancing With the Stars in the middle of the fourth season, and I absolutely loved it. At first, I wanted Billy Ray Cyrus to win, even if he was a bad dancer, because he is one of my favorite country singers, and not only because he was on Hannah Montana, although that is how I knew he was a country singer. But after Billy Ray Cyrus lost, I wanted Apollo to win, because he was a good dancer and he was cute. I was really happy when he did win. I like this show because dancing is my favorite sport, and I don't like how people don't think it is a sport. Dancing is a sport! Dancing With the Stars was very suspenseful during the results. And, the dancing was fun to watch because each pair had a completely different idea to choreograph it. Dancing with the Stars is one of my favorite television shows, and I am definitely going to watch it every night it is on, because it is great!
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reality TV so slow to die
raybeard30 April 2013
The death of reality TV lingers and morphs so painfully slowly. It grew more and more popular as the gong show became Jerry Springer and Cops and we have come full circle. They lament the gradual decline in ratings as each show tries to freshen itself like salting an old green piece of beef and declaring it's "still good!"

How this show can score anything above a 3.0 with sci-fi B-minus movies with crayon special effects remains a true mystery. Talk about your lipstick on a pig! Just because women like dancing and we add dancing and people magazine reject stars doesn't "make it work"

Perhaps if we can get Marie Osmond back on stage to fall down a few times people might mistake it for a slapstick comedy but otherwise this show is DOA. Not entertainment in any perspective.
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Rigged with the stars
wraydeja24 May 2017
It's no secret that this TV show is rigged, they literally know who's going to win as soon as they announce the contestants, the winners are usually up hours before they're even announced. Also most likely if they're doing the DWTS Tour then they're the winner, just because some stars schedules are too busy, it usually ends with them losing.
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Really fun show!
Bedivere1724 March 2015
If you can get past the fact that most of the contestants are not really "Stars," and just enjoy the dancing and wonderful costumes and choreography, it's a great show. But I get really bummed with the phoniness of Carrie Ann Inaba, (are those instant tears real?), and the never-ending array of people I've never heard of. There is the same format every season; the usual aging actor or actress who can barely move, much less dance, and is usually the comic relief. There's the usual teenager, the usual African-American football star, the usual rock singer, the usual Olympic finalist, the usual handicapped person, the usual ex-military, the usual comic. And there's always at least one romance blossoming between a star and a trainer, and there's the usual sad stories to gain sympathy, and the usual cheesy shirtless male dancing just to win points by sex appeal rather than talent. Otherwise, the dancing itself is fun, the show is upbeat and positive, something that is rare these days on prime time. No killing, spy thrillers, nastiness, crime and torture that permeates all shows each evening. It's just happy entertainment, so I enjoy it!
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Reality meets glitz in this dancer lover's dream show
atlasmb26 November 2014
"Dancing with the Stars" is a reality competition show, but it is more enjoyable if viewed as a performance show with behind-the-scenes vignettes.

The voting is done by knowledgeable judges and by viewers of the show. Obviously, viewers will sometimes vote for their favorite celebrity or professional dancer regardless. To some extent, this is a popularity contest. We have seen viewers (appear) to vote based upon politics, religious preferences, the ages of celebrities, and for any other reason that someone might be a fan of a celebrity, e.g. sexiness.

But the show is very rewarding to watch, especially if you like dance in general. Even if you don't, this is similar to other self-improvement shows, like "The Biggest Loser", where the celebrities commit to a grueling schedule, rife with injuries, and try to master a wide range of dancing styles, most of which are precisely defined. You get to see bodies transformed, personalities bolstered, and obstacles overcome.

Almost all of the celebrities are nice people. The judges try to be encouraging, but honest. The professional dancers, who also choreograph the routines, are all successful ballroom dancers who never know what celebrity they might be matched with. It could be an Olympic athlete, a soap opera star, or a fashion designer.

Through the process, the celebrities and pros become very close. By the final show, there is a real feeling of family among the cast and the judges. Tom Bergeron adds just the right amount of cleverness in hosting the show, while often trying to defuse the most intense situations with his humor.
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Dancing with the stars
bevkaram3 October 2010
Choosing Christie(figure skater) to compete in season 6 was TOTALLY RIDICULOUS. Off course she was gonna win. She is a world champion DANCING on ice, knows and is use to perform in front of millions of people, already knows how to be graceful(posture, hands etc). How unfair and ridiculous can you be. Even to choose music artist who do dance moves is absurd and unfair. What is amateur about Christie or the girl who won the UK dancing with stars. Get real. Jason should and deserve to win this competition and if Christian had not injured his arm - he would have walked it but no, you decide to put a already world champion dancer against them. I AM TOTALLY SICK TO MY STOMACH that that girl won. Unfair!!!!!!!!
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2006 version
edgecenter25 August 2006
I'm sorry to say, the 2006 version of DWTS looks like a bust. There isn't 1 celeb I'm interested in watching. And you just know that when Harry is on, big lips Lisa (the great mother that she is) will be there too. Yikes! Sorry, but if I watch it will only be to watch the pros.

And I doubt I'll watch.

Also the screwed up scoring system doesn't sound like it changed. And neither have the questionable judges. I guess the network wants controversy over fairness. It's just another scripted so-called reality show.

For this version...who cares who wins? I sure don't.
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Eye of the tiger baby!!!!
NickSoapdish6 August 2005
Warning: Spoilers
Being a fan of Port Charles, I was absolutely thrilled when Kelly Monaco won this dance competition. Honestly from watching the first episode who ever would have thought she could win? But she kept improving week after week, and with all the rabid General Hospital and Port Charles fans voting for her (myself included), it's no wonder that she won the contest. Honestly this show was a lot of fun to watch; I never thought I would enjoy watching a ballroom dancing competition but this show obviously proved me wrong. It was a real hoot watching Evander Holyfield dance. (Like Jimmy Kimmel said, after Dancing with the Stars, that whole Mike Tyson ear-biting fiasco is the second most embarrassing thing that has happened to Holyfield). John O'Hurley was a wonderful dancer (He showed off his skills in an episode of Seinfeld once), and I admit,I was surprised that he did not win the contest.

I also liked the segments where they talked to the dancers before they danced. Kelly Monaco seems to be a friendly person with a good sense of humor, and she did a good job preventing that "wardrobe malfunction". (Although Tom Bergernon sure seemed to have an unhealthy obsession with her after that little incident.)Dancing with the Stars was a whole lot of fun to watch, it will be interesting to see who gets casted for season two.
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Great Show, Like to see more variety of stars
traveldan-62-80626924 May 2011
Warning: Spoilers
Would like to see some new variety of contestants such as sports stars like Greg Louganis, Apolo Ono, Dara Torres, etc. or Tennis Stars like Venus Williams or Raphael Nadal. More variety of stars from other disciplines would really help widen the audience and provide much more variety in styles and expertise. The great thing about sports stars in tennis, swimming, etc. is that they could really step up to the plate and give a whole new twist on an already good show. It would also be fun to see the dancing done in new places including outside formats like Times Square, New Orleans Bourbon St, or a beach setting in Miami where the new surroundings might really spice up the look and feel of the competition. Really do like the show!
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Judges Influence
tedious15 October 2006
Warning: Spoilers
It is happening again as it did last year where the judges give high praise and marks several who are less talented than others. Last year we had P-Diddy(might be wring name),Geaorge Hamilton, and Jerry Rice and other more talented dancers got bounced early. Now this year we have Jerry Springer who stands there and lets his partner do the work and he stays and Vivaca Fox gets booted. I hear the judges are shocked but they are responsible for telling the audience how good he's doing. And the dramatic showing of him going over and hugging his daughter was nothing more "on with the show". Emmet Smith who I like and is doing as good a job as Jerry Rice did last year still doesn't have the moves of some of the other stars. I realize that some of the stars have tremendous star support which makes is all the more critical that the judges do their jobs properly. If the star does a poor job than give them the 2, 3, and 4's they deserve. 2006 review
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