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John Bobbitt Speaks Out 23 Years After Infamous Attack: How is His Life Now?

It happened 23 years ago, but John Bobbitt remembers it like it was yesterday.

On June 23, 1993, Lorena Bobbitt cut off her husband’s penis with a kitchen knife. Panicked, she jumped in the car and drove around Manassas, Virginia, before throwing the severed appendage out her car window. Police retrieved the penis in a field, and a surgeon successfully reattached it.

The incident marked the end of their marriage, and the ensuing trial turned John and Lorena Bobbitt into household names. Lorena was tried for the attack, but acquitted by reason of temporary insanity.

More than two decades later, John Bobbitt
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Jamie Bell: 'I hadn't said hello before I started hitting her in the face'

The former teen star of Billy Elliot has added Lars von Trier to the bulging portfolio of directors he's worked with. But after filming Nymphomaniac, he admits, 'I had no idea what I just did'

It's lunchtime in Richmond, Virginia when a perky Jamie Bell calls. He's there filming Turn, a new American TV drama in which he plays a farmer heading up a team of secret agents during the revolutionary war, and it's "absolutely freezing", he says. But playing war games in the cold is a piece of cake compared to the week he spent with Lars von Trier.

Since 2000's Billy Elliot, Bell's Bafta-winning breakout role, he's been notching up meaty turns with directors of choice, from the indies (David Gordon Green, Kevin MacDonald) to the big guns (Steven Spielberg, Peter Jackson). Von Trier was always on his list. Bell loves his work, calling him "one of the
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John Wayne Bobbitt became a pornstar after wife cut his penis

John Wayne Bobbitt became a pornstar after wife cut his penis
London, Jun 24: A former Us marine believes that he slept with 70 women after his wife cut his penis off.

John Wayne Bobbitt became an adult star, got married twice and was arrested many times for assaulting women before changing his ways and becoming a regular churchgoer, the Sun reported.

The chopping incident happened on Jun 23, 1993, he went back to his Virginia home following an evening's drinking and allegedly raped his wife Lorena.

When John went to sleep, Loren went downstairs, took an eight-inch kitchen knife cut his penis off, then drove off and threw the severed part into a nearby field.

John was rushed to.
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Upstairs Downstairs: episode three

The hectic pace cranks up even more, with Aunt Blanche embroiled in a steamy affair – but no mention of the war

Spoiler Alert: This blog is for people watching Upstairs Downstairs on BBC1. Don't read on if you haven't seen episode three

Viv Groskop's episode two blog

Instead of asking ourselves what on earth went on in this week's episode, it would be much quicker to summarise what didn't happen. Just when you thought the series might take an upswing towards sensible, it headed into manic plot overdrive, giving us more back story and crazed exposition than a drawerful of Aunt Blanche's Sapphic correspondence.

So Aunt Blanche (Alex Kingston) turned out to be a lesbian. Who knew? Surely anyone who recognises the period drama shorthand which has been telegraphed from the first episode. All the signs were there: inquiring mind, no makeup, Virginia Woolf-type clothes, comfortable shoes...

And lo, here
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New Fall TV Series Preview and Premiere Schedule

The time is finally upon us for the 2010 fall TV season to kick off next week with the return of all your favorite series and the premiere of some brand new ones for you to sink your teeth into (or forget about completely). We’ve been posting reviews here and there for several of the new shows, but right now we’re just going to give you the line-up of most of the new series hitting the different networks complete with plot description and premiere time. You can find the line-up after the jump (organized chronologically by premiere date), but stay tuned for more pilot reviews as the fall season starts next week as well as episode recaps for several prominent series both new and old.

Sunday, September 19th

Boardwalk Empire (HBO) – 9pm Est/8pm Cst

The undisputed ruler of Atlantic City is the town’s Treasurer, Enoch “Nucky” Thompson,
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Pilot Review – Chase

Yes, Virginia, it’s another Jerry Bruckheimer show.

I can’t even begin to list all the TV series that Bruckheimer has been involved with since CSI. I can tell you that some were good (Cold Case, Without A Trace when it wasn’t digressing into who was sleeping with whom) and some weren’t (The Forgotten was quickly just that). His latest entry is Chase (September 20), which drops squarely into the oversaturated landscape of TV crime shows as the third show to feature U.S. Marshals (following In Plain Sight and Justified). These U.S. Marshals are tasked with fugitive recovery, going from their Dallas home base to anywhere in the country in order to bring down the worst offenders, since doing a show about chasing down bail-jumpers or deadbeat parents would be beyond the scope of dramatic television.

The team is lead by Annie Frost (Kelli Giddish, formerly the lead
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