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Freddy Krueger Is Hosting El Rey's Valentine's Day Horror Marathon

Freddy Krueger Is Hosting El Rey's Valentine's Day Horror Marathon
Join El Rey Network and Freddy Krueger for the third annual "Rip Your Heart Out" Valentine's Day Marathon. This year will bring you and your Dream Warrior closer together with five of the classic A Nightmare on Elm Street films as well as episodes from the iconic 1988 series Freddy's Nightmares. The marathon will begin with the episode Black Tickets on Saturday, February 13th at 6Am Et/Pt and will conclude with A Nightmare on Elm Street 5: The Dream Child on Monday, February 15th at 2Am Et/Pt.

The entire weekend will be hosted by the star of the franchise - Robert Englund. Englund's portrayal of Freddy Krueger blasted him into the pop culture vernacular as heir apparent to the horror icons of the past, destined to stand alongside Lon Chaney's Phantom of the Opera and Boris Karloff's monster in Frankenstein.

After five years of success in regional theater Robert Englund.
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'Night of the Living Dead' Continues in 3 New Comic Series

'Night of the Living Dead' Continues in 3 New Comic Series
This June, the dead will rise again as Double Take (2T) launches Ultimate Night of the Living Dead, with three new comics set in the universe of the 1968 film. Two series, Rise and Z-Men are written by preeminent Zombie writer, Jeff McComsey, while the third, Home, is written by Moth Grand Slam Champion, Peter Aquero. Digital previews of all three premier issues are available now at

Much more than just a singular launch, this marks the first releases in a major initiative surrounding the classic horror franchise, which frightened moviegoers all around the world and made zombies a household name. Having commissioned a new generation of writers to breathe new life into the classic franchise, 2T has a dozen series in the works - some following characters from the film in surprising new directions; other stories are all new. All creators are working in collaboration with 2T Gm,
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The 100 episode 7 review: Contents Under Pressure

Review Caroline Preece 2 May 2014 - 12:56

More action, drama, and angst in this week's episode of The 100. Here's Caroline's review...

This review contains spoilers.

1.7 Contents Under Pressure

This week’s bottle episode of The 100 also served as the obligatory ‘torture dilemma’ instalment of the show – all of the best post-apocalyptic stories have them – which managed to matter more than I expected it to. It might be predictable for Bellamy to opt straight for torture for no good reason but, with Finn dying from last week’s stab wound and Clarke desperate to save him before love-rival Raven can, her decision to side with Bellamy on the issue and condone violent interrogation of the Grounder is a major, very welcome turning point for her character.

Clarke hasn’t really worked for me as a protagonist primarily because of her too often-stated goodness and heroism never really being backed up by actions.
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The 100 episode 6 review: His Sister’s Keeper

Review Caroline Preece 25 Apr 2014 - 15:03

The 100 comes back to Earth this week, which is a bit disappointing, really. Here's Caroline's review

This review contains spoilers.

1.6 His Sister's Keeper

Last week’s harrowing instalment of The 100 was the best the show has ever been, so the follow-up was always going to be a slight let down. The fact that this episode, His Sister’s Keeper, was completely focused on the hundred and their relationships both helped and hindered the hour in that, while the move away from the Ark allowed last week’s events to fester a little, awkward courtships and jealous girlfriends feel like small fry when compared with 300 people volunteering for death. It’s possible that even the teens realised this, however, when the mass funeral for the fallen was witnessed from the ground.

As the episode title suggests, the bulk of His Sister’s Keeper was focused on Bellamy and Octavia,
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'Hostages' Recap: Ellen's Sister Puts Everyone in Danger

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'Hostages' Recap: Ellen's Sister Puts Everyone in Danger
In last week's episode, Ellen saved Brian, but was forced to bury the deceased Nurse Angela, and Duncan betrayed Archer by having him arrested. In tonight's episode, "Sister's Keeper", Ellen has to deal with an unexpected visit from her less-than-sane sister and keep her cool when questioned by the Secret Service. Read on to find out if Hostages continues to hold our attention.
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Sister's Keeper and Creative Charm: A Movie Review

Director/writer: Kent Faulcon.

One of the biggest distributors of film is Mti Home Video and one of several titles that this company is releasing in 2010 is the action thriller Sister's Keeper. Sister's Keeper has been available since June 15th on DVD and this picture was written, directed and starred in by Kent Faulcon (War of the Worlds). Faulcon still manages to avoid the pitfalls of making this film an ego vehicle with the use of some evocative writing, a strong appearance by Eric Roberts ("Fear Itself"), and some intimate interactions between a family, which are natural and unforced.

Sister's Keeper follows an ex-soldier and part-time mercenary named Jacob Tate (Faulcon), who is hired to kill a young woman so that a younger brother can receive a multi-million dollar inheritance. Yet, Tate's conscience and libido intervene and soon this hired gun is fighting off a second equally experienced group of
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31st Annual Young Artist Awards Nominations

The nominees of the 31st Annual Young Artist Awards have been announced. "Hotel for Dogs," "Twilight Saga: New Moon," and "My Sister's Keeper" are among the nominees.

The Young Artist Awards benefits the Young Artist Foundation -- a non-profit organization which awards scholarships to financially and/or physically challenged young people seeking a future in the entertainment industry.

Winners will be announced at a gala be held on Sunday, April 11, 2010 at the Beverly Garland, Studio City, California.

Nominees of the 31st Annual Young Artist Awards (feature film categories):

Best Performance In A Feature Film

Leading Young Actor

Jake T. Austin .Hotel For Dogs.

Jimmy Bennett .Alabama Moon.

Max Records .Where The Wild Things Are.

Taylor Lautner .Twilight Saga - New Moon.

Devon Bostick .Adoration.

Best Performance In A Feature Film

Leading Young Actress

Emma Roberts .Hotel For Dogs.

Abigail Breslin .My Sister's Keeper.

Jolie Vanier .Shorts.

Yara Shahidi .Imagine
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