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I'm so glad it didn't suck!!!
rayato25 July 2007
Let me just say I had my doubts. The last couple of seasons of 'The Simpsons' have been lackluster at best and I genuinely thought that their chance to make a great Simpsons film passed roughly 10 years ago. BOY WAS I WRONG!!! I am a huge Simpsons nerd and it is my privilege to say that "The Simpsons Movie" belongs in the very small group of classic Simpsons episodes ("Bart the Daredevil", "Mr. Plow", etc.) Very funny and very timely. Great animation and some nice cameos.

Really don't want to give any spoilers so I'll just say if you're a Simpsons fan: you will love this movie. And if you agree that the Simpsons lost their edge, you will be pleasantly surprised as was I. 8.5/10
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Just okay
Superunknovvn29 July 2007
There was a time when "The Simpsons" stood for the funniest, most original comedy on the planet. Somewhere around season 8 the show passed its prime, though, and since then it varies from good to okay and sometimes even insipid. I was hoping that for the movie the writers would really push themselves and come up with some really clever and new ideas one more time, but for all the years of developing that supposedly went into this, the movie seems like nothing more than an extended TV episode of latter day "Simpsons".

I have to admit that I'm not really convinced of the concept of putting an animated TV series on the big screen in the first place. Even the "South Park" movie that tried to incorporate theatrical elements such as the musical numbers didn't really justify the need for a cinematic adventure. Most animated comedy shows have a very fast paced humor with quick editing. This works for an episode of 25-30 minutes, but in a movie with 90 minutes running time it would become too exhausting for the audience. Therefore the whole thing has to be slowed down, which in return takes away a lot of the show's comedic appeal. It's a lose-lose situation as they say.

As a consequence "The Simpsons Movie" is unusually slow at times. At the same time the storyline is not really stretched to cinematic proportions. Epic as it may be, similar topics have already been dealt with in the TV show (and better). It's been said before and it's true: nothing here tries to push any boundaries and except for the length of the whole thing (and maybe some annoying people in the theater who watch the movie with you) you would never realize that this is a "Simpsons"-motion picture.

Other flaws include the fact that some inhabitants of Springfield have only very brief cameos (Mr. Burns!) and that some ideas have been used in a fairly similar way before. As entertaining as the movie still may be, it is also pretty predictable at times. This kind of "underachieving", as some critic called it, may have its own charm, but in the end one would have hoped for this to be a bit more special. The movie is by no means a catastrophe, but by "Simpsons"-standards it's just not good enough.

"The Simpsons" have become a brand. People know what to expect and therefore applaud even a relatively average movie like this one. To rely on that is a bit lazy, however, and one wishes that producers put an end to Homer's adventures as long as we can still remember him and the other beloved inhabitants of Springfield as characters that completely revolutionized comedy at one point and not as money making merchandising props.
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Meant more for casual fans than for diehards. Plus, the format just doesn't really work as a movie, I think.
zetes29 July 2007
I'm an absolute fanatic of The Simpsons and have been watching it since it was on Tracey Ullman. I grew up with it. I was the exact same age as Bart when the very first episode premiered. Unlike a lot of fans, I've never turned my back on the show. I am not one who thinks each new episode is worse than the last. I do acknowledge that it's long past its peak, but I think almost every new episode is funny enough to be worth seeing. Once in a while, they'll produce an episode that's genuinely fantastic. But, really, I don't demand fantastic. I'll settle for a few good laughs and be at least moderately happy. Now comes The Simpsons Movie, which had been talked about for the last 15 years, at least. Much like when I watch new episodes, I wasn't expecting the movie to be that great. Unfortunately, it fell below even those expectations. It has a few good jokes and moments (the only time I laughed really loud was the Tom Hanks bit), but it doesn't do much right. Those who've long turned their backs on the show like to complain about recycled plot lines. It's true, of course, for pretty much every new episode, but the show has grown more manic and self-referential over time. Many don't like that, either, but I personally do like those kind of jokes. The movie just plods along with a predictable plot that's made up of some of the most basic of all Simpsons plots: Homer and Marge relationship problems, Lisa's environmental concerns, and Bart's loss of faith in his father. None of it here is done with the irony of the newer episodes. It's like it's part of the really early Simpsons, when we hadn't seen these plots a billion times. Except it completely lacks the perfect comic timing of the early seasons. In the end, the movie is only an occasionally amusing affair. Certainly it's worth seeing if you're a fan, but, unless you're the kind of nut I am, you can wait for the DVD.
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The long overdue simpsons movie is a hilarious and witty piece of entertainment
Merklin25 July 2007
The simpsons movie is witty,fast paced, touching, hugely entertaining and most importantly: laugh out loud funny.And if your a simpsons fan who's loved every episode , thats all you'll need from it.

However if , like me , your an obsessive fan who's noticed a drop in quality on the show from the late nineties onwards you'll see some problems. You'll see that structure wise the movie is basically an extended episode.You'll notice that the villain is a Hank Scorpio rip off. You'll feel that a lot of the plot points and character drama seem all too familiar.But in spite of all this , in spite of being a film based on a show that exhausted its best gags long ago, the simpsons movie is still absolutely hilarious and i take my hat off to the creators for managing to make it so.

A simpsons movie in the early nineties (when the show was in its prime) would have been better, but the very , very , very funny one we have here in '07 works just fine. Funny stuff.
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I laughed... but I should've laughed harder and more frequently.
BA_Harrison26 January 2008
In this big-screen adventure featuring the lovable folk of Springfield, trouble brews for the Simpson family after Homer irresponsibly pollutes the local water supply with tons of pig manure. As a result of this thoughtless action, the town is encased in a huge dome by the Environment Protection Agency and, after angry Springfield citizens form a lynch mob, Homer and his family are forced to become fugitives.

How much you enjoy The Simpsons Movie will depend entirely on your opinion of the current Simpsons TV show: if you have loved the past few seasons, then you'll have a great time—the movie is as funny, if not slightly better, than your average episode of recent years. Those of us, however, who recognise that the show has long since passed its prime will feel underwhelmed: the movie is often amusing, but very rarely hilarious.

And that's just not good enough! When a series as successful as The Simpsons takes 20 years to make the leap from the small screen to the big screen, it had better be damn good—nay, it had better be exceptional!! Instead, this rather uninspired product just doesn't make the wait worthwhile.

5 out of 10, bumped up to 6 out of a misguided sense of loyalty to a show that has given me so much fun in the past.
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Definitely not the Simpsons at their best
Red-1251 January 2008
The Simpsons Movie (2007), directed by David Silverman, is definitely not the Simpsons at their best. Most of the things that make the Simpsons great on TV--the throwaway gags, the multiple plots, the zingers sent at the Fox network and at the U.S. government, and the incredible cast of supporting characters--are missing from the movie.

It's discouraging to realize how little David Silverman accomplished in the 87 minutes (basically four TV shows) with which he was able to work. Instead of giving us four times the fun, he gave us one quarter the fun. OK--the movie was overdue, and I guess any Simpsons movie is better than none, but this was an opportunity wasted.

After watching the film, I tried to understand what went wrong. The biggest single problem, in my opinion, is that the plot was too linear. The director and screenwriters forgot that we don't want the Simpsons plot to go from A to B to C. We want it to start at A and go to Q and W before it gets to C, if it ever gets to C at all.

Moreover, the movie makers chickened out. On TV they will take on any government institution. Here, the villainous government agency is the EPA. Plenty of government agencies are doing terrible things to the U.S., but I wouldn't exactly put the EPA at the top of the villain's list. As U.S. President, they chose a character meant to be Arnold Schwartzenegger. Now, there are plenty of ways to make fun of the Governor, but no one has suggested he's stupid and, furthermore, he's the one public character that can't become President. No real fun there.

So, if you're a Simpsons fan, and you have to see the movie, be warned. If you're not a Simpsons fan, buy the Season I DVD. Then, once you're hooked, you can safely see the film.
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As Good As Turning On Your TV?
slokes1 January 2010
Early in the long-awaited, much-debated "The Simpsons Movie", legendary TV doofus Dad Homer Simpson makes a good point.

"I can't believe we're paying to see something we get on TV for free!" he tells a theater full of patrons watching the new Itchy & Scratchy movie.

Does "The Simpsons Movie" justify its long wait, not to mention the money you might have spent for cinema tickets or a DVD rental? Since I borrowed my copy from the library, I'm still wrestling with this one. I was amused and entertained, enjoying the depth of visual information that came with the feature-film budget. But I can tick off a dozen episodes from the TV show's first eight seasons that were better, tighter stories and funnier besides.

It's a bad day in Springfield when Homer decides to ignore environmental warnings and dumps a silo full of pig leavings into the local lake. The EPA seals off Springfield with a giant dome, and the Simpsons become fugitives from both the government and their frenzied fellow Springfieldians. Can Homer save the town, or will he lose his family?

Director David Silverman and the movie producers try to create a stand-alone feature film while at the same time rallying the Simpsons' deep and loyal fan base. I think they lean too hard in the latter direction. A lot of the film's gags require audience familiarity with secondary and tertiary characters from the TV show, a.k.a. the Comic Book Guy thanking Marge Simpson for letting him wear her pregnancy pants. ("I've never known comfort like this!") Who would have guessed Cletus the Slack-Jawed Yokel would have more lines than Mr. Burns?

The joke of Homer's stupidity is beaten to the ground like Joe Pesci in "Casino". But I laughed because it's still funny all these years on. Like Homer's trick of catching fish by dropping a bug zapper into a pond. Or his reason for choosing to move to Alaska: "Where you can't be too fat or too drunk!"

Most of the jokes are single-shot affairs, like what you get these days watching "The Simpsons" or its pale imitator, "Family Guy". The opportunity to do something appropriately novel with the old formula is largely ignored. The pollution story is neither new nor interesting. The biggest sustained laugh involves Bart skateboarding naked for its numerous hidden-weiner gags. "Listen kid, no one likes wearing clothes in public," an arresting officer tells him. "But it's the law."

The writers behind "The Simpsons" are clever enough to throw a line like that at you every few minutes, and the characters are enjoyable company that don't wear out their welcome. But I never felt I was watching anything here other than bits and pieces that would have wound up on the TV series in some form at some later time.

Given that it's "The Simpsons", and a national treasure, it's still fun to sit through "The Simpsons Movie". But like "Mt. Rushmore: The Board Game", I was left wondering about its necessity.
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Best Animated Movie Ever!
Smells_Like_Cheese27 July 2007
The long awaited Simpsons Movie finally opened today, this is the day that Simpsons fans have been dreaming about since there was talk about a Simpsons movie. I just saw the opening show today and I have to say that the Simpsons still have me laughing after all this time. Even though it just felt like another episode, the Simpsons have pushed the envelope a little further into total controversy as the day that the Simpsons show debuted on FOX. If you are a Simpsons fan, I'm more than positive you are going to love the Simpsons Movie. It had great laughs, shocking moments, and just such a fun atmosphere that anyone could have fun with.

Springfield is under a watch for global warming, they find out about their lake being polluted and how it will destroy the town unless they stop dumping toxic waste into the water. But Homer pushes it when he dumps more "crap" into the lake and it causes harm to animals. The EPA places a dome around Springfield to protect others from entering it's harmful environment, but leaves the whole town's population in the dome. When they learn that it was Homer's actions that caused this, they go after him and the family, but they escape through a hole in the ground. They go to Alaska, but find out that the EPA has deadly plans for Springfield and the Simpsons have to stop them.

Even though I was expecting more, I was extremely happy with what I got. It is like a typical episode in some ways, but I love the Simpsons, I'm going to be a fan 'till the day I die, so I just naturally love this film. I know that sounds biased, but other Simpsons fans can relate, I'm sure. The Simpsons movie is an absolute blast of great laughter and fun, it even gets emotional, I smell Oscars! Lol, just kidding, but please have fun and watch the Simpsons Movie, I'm sure you'll love it.

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A Homer with Bases Loaded.
sallyfifth27 July 2007
Just about everything I could have hoped for from a Simpsons movie including the heart the show has been lacking for several seasons now. If you like the easy breathing pace of the early years of The Simpsons you'll find a lot to like in the movie. The gags are leisurely and natural and even when they fail (Comic Book Guy comes to mind), another drops in to pick up the laugh. What's most surprising, in addition to a much needed return to consistent characters, is that the movie manages to balance the plot and the gags with near perfection. Regardless what you may think going in, it does feel like a "real" movie from beginning to end and not just an extended show. Albert Brooks once again steals the show as the Director of the EPA, though Tom Hanks does the best celebrity cameo the show has seen in ages. "tousle my hair Mr. Hanks!"
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Homer As the All-Time Movie Star -- I Think Not!
vitaleralphlouis29 July 2007
THE SIMPSONS MOVIE, like the long running SIMPSONS TV show, is a theme that was good a long time ago, but has been worn out till it's flat. Sure there are a handful of laughs here, but not enough to make it a classic --- or anything close to a classic. Most likely it'll be gone from the multiplexes within 4 weeks to resurface at Christmas in DVD.

Now look at the input on the IMDb website. If you can believe that over 60% of the audience rated this movie a 10, and that its #46 in the list of ALL TIME classics, then you'd have to believe this: That it's better than Wizard of Oz. That it's better than Snow White or any of the Walt Disney classics that endured for 60 to 70 years. That it's better than Gone With The Wind. That it's better than To Kill a Mockingbird. That it's better than Bridge on the River Kwai. That it's almost as good as any of the 3 great Star Wars movies --- et cetera.

Since the Simpsons is mostly adult humor that kids enjoy rather than children's humor that adults enjoy; one can't suppose the high score is a bunch of kids gone wild. I think this is another example of studio generated corruption of the IMDb website. Studios have falsified good reviews for decades (they can be bought for cash) so it follows they'd stoop to the same thing here.

A rating of 46th best movie of all time for The Simpsons Movie is pure nonsense. I wish the studios would keep hands off and let real movie fans input their opinions. As a security person, I don't know any way IMDb can stop this and still let you and I input our opinions.
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An incendiary, hilarious, and ultimately anticlimactic ride
Jonny_Numb3 August 2007
For all the creativity crammed into one half-hour episode of "The Simpsons," I am probably not alone in saying that the show's creative apex bottomed out when it stopped being a "funny sitcom" and became a "cultural phenomenon"--it's been years since I've sat in front of the TV on a Sunday night with the primary interest of being wowed by Matt Groening's brainchild. When the show first began in 1989, the Bart-friendly T-shirts and pins seemed borne out of uncertainty over the show's staying power; these days, with the show's position in the TV canon firmly established, your Xbox games are designed for little more than feeding the "Simpsons" cash cow. That being said, I revisit the show every once in a while (via taped weekday-afternoon reruns of earlier seasons), and very much appreciate it--the sense of satire is sly, incendiary, and often very funny. Some critics cite horror films as being able to express social concerns that would be difficult to convey in other genres; "The Simpsons" would be another arena (and easily the more critically acclaimed).

So, after years of hype, this cultural phenomenon has spawned a film (aptly titled "The Simpsons Movie") that most fans will no doubt consider 'belated.' As a laid-back viewer with an appreciation of the show, the end result is frequently "LOL" hilarious, but not very endearing (honestly, I had forgotten most of the gags by the time I was out of the theater and walking to my car). The best I can say is, "it's like a really good episode of the TV show" rather than "a great film," though I guess that's complimentary enough. I will pick up the DVD once it's released, and be reminded all over of why the film succeeded in its primary goal of clever laughs.

It begins with an excellent jab at the film's own existence, courtesy of Homer ("Why pay for something we can watch on TV for free?" indeed!), then delves into a plot that is as incendiary as anything the yellow-tinged family has tackled: an environmental crisis strikes Springfield when Homer dumps a silo a pig feces in a lake that's been recently de-contaminated, inspiring outrage from the citizens and the government (headed by President Schwarzenegger, though I kept thinking "President McBain"), whose EPA liaison (voiced by Albert Brooks, who also guest-voiced the similar "Hal Scorpio" years ago) covers the contaminated city in a huge Plexiglas dome. Before you can say "Al Gore eats yellow snow," the Simpsons escape through a literal sinkhole and make tracks for Alaska as renegades from the law, only to find themselves returning to rescue their idyllic American home.

Which ultimately isn't much different than what you would find in an average episode of "The Simpsons." This is a film that knows its audience, but also successfully provides an initiation for those who (for some strange reason) have never seen the show. The animation is fluid, colorful, and uber-glossy, and the writing is on par with the better episodes (the mantra remains "anything goes" in "Simpson"-world); some intriguing character twists aside, the film overall neither exceeds nor diminishes the expectations of those who expect everything and those who expect nothing. It's a fun summer film, but not an outstanding blockbuster of endearing'll laugh heartily and maybe feel moved, but the relatively short running time is both a blessing and a curse--while you will be sufficiently guffawed-out by the end credits, "The Simpsons Movie" leaves a viewer yearning for more. I suppose that's as good an indication as any to go back to the tapes.
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Simpsons doesn't deliver
ClaytonDavis25 September 2007
Depending what generation you're from, you can appreciate "The Simpsons" on different levels. I can remember watching one of first episodes with my older siblings when I was five and thinking, this is the funniest show on the planet. Watching it nearly twenty years later, it has lost its spark and everyone waited in fright to see which "Simpsons" we were going to be seeing. The film however lies somewhere in between classic Simpsons and broken down, fireless Simpsons. So I guess the viewer got mediocre Simpsons.

The Simpsons Movie starts off fantastic with our Itchy and Scratchy humor that we love but after the first twenty minutes are over, Homer and the gang takes a small decline into general second-rate comedy. When Homer accidentally pollutes Springfield's water supply and the government encases the whole town in a glass dome, the people turn on them and declares them enemies.

The story is just so ordinary and average that it leaves the classic Simpsons fans, a little dead in the dirt and even worse disappointed. As middle-of-the-road as it may be, Oscar will surely take it on the Animated Feature film list but with the highly acclaimed Ratatouille, Simpsons are left Oscar-less and stuck at the Emmys unless there's a sequel in James L. Brooks' future.

This critic is left a little disenchanted and sorry for The Simpsons Movie and only hopes the best for the family.

Grade: **½/****
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That's not my Simpsons! That's not my Simpsons!!!
buddypatrick11 November 2007
I never thought the television series would have strayed so far away from itself, but The Simpsons Movie goes to prove it has. I have a feeling that deep down inside the producers of this film somewhat knew they were going to make a terrible film that would sweep the box offices pronto, and it did. 74 million on the opening weekend in the USA. Of course people are going to see it, it's the Simpson's Movie! The Simpson's, the classic television series that defines a portion of our modern generation. When one quotes the Simpson's, everyone knows where it is from, at least, in our age group. This movie however has strayed so far away from the real Simpson's that it's as thought it doesn't know its own self anymore. You compare this film to the original early 90's episodes and there is a lot of stupidity, character change, dumb humor and so on.

Remember when you came home and watched the Simpson's in the afternoon like everyone else in the 90s? You'd be fed amazing subject matter, themes, and messages week after week, time after time, and this subject matter was made into witty intelligent humor that striked out a message to your average modern day dysfunctional family. The Simpson's was so relatable to almost everyone who watched it. For an example: when Bart enters the golf putty tournament and Homer pressures him into it, it was so relatable to so many people but in the end it would clean up with Homer and Flanders wearing their wives dresses mowing their lawns. Something serious with a punch of humor, which was what the Simpson's, was all about. The episode where Bart and Lisa fight over Bart destroying Lisa's thanks giving ornament and Bart runs away from home yet only to return to his family who loves him dearly despite all the fighting and such. This was it! This was the Simpson's that everyone loved!

Week after week people would never get upset over their loved television show involving Homer strangling Bart, Homer falling down the stairs, Lisa giving out some intelligent remark only to be ignored by her family, Marge groaning or Maggie falling over her dress. If you pay attention, this is all disappearing in the new episodes…as sad as it is, but our lovable characters are being disfigured into something and someone else. Look at Bart in the film for an example, Bart is upset because his dad isn't enough of a father figure, therefore he turns to the Flanders family?!?! Bart, the boy struggling at school and the boy who has the sling shot in his back pocket, is a trouble maker! He doesn't want a father figure! Not only the enormous change of characters has been happening, but far fetched, random, Family Guy-esquire humor has been occurring in the Simpson's, when shouldn't the Simpson's stay as the Simpson's and not turn into something its not, Family Guy?

There's some really terrible jokes in this film too. Homer pours a silo of pig excrement into a lake so it mutates animals? Yeah…okay…that's realistic and funny…and the spider pig joke, people, it isn't funny!! This movie just goes to prove that the producers shove the Simpson's on our plates and we gobble it up laughing our heads off because it's the Simpson's in the 21st century, now they can do anything they want because they were defined enough in the 90's! No! I'm sick to death of the Simpson's going to foreign countries and encountering some danger or misfortune along the way that winds them up in some absolute ridiculous situation – ending up on a game show, discovering a diamond mine topped with monkey slaves. Its stuff like this that the producer's are clearly saying "We have run out of ideas…you're on your own!"

Its sad when you look at the classic Simpson's and then look at the modern times of the Simpson's, and you'll see that its all going down the drain, that the "dumb" shows are being shown over and over and the classic ones which I have mentioned are being pushed into oblivion aka Sunday afternoons. Another thing, Futurama's film is being released direct to video? Futurama should be the new Simpson's in all honesty, its loaded, and I mean loaded, with tonnes of emotional episodes, characters and its actually pure genius! Shame what they've done to the Simpson's, it truly is
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Not my Doodle-Lee-Doodle Movie
billion_mucks17 January 2008
Let's be honest, cult series "The Simpsons" has been decreasing in quality as long as seasons grew higher. There has been a lot of more political innuendos, more toilet humor and less classy dialogs. Well, my five doesn't go to the movie itself but to the movie as a representation of the Simpsons to the Big Screen. If we go back to early Simspons, conflicts were simple dumb and hysterical, not complicated, neither multi-layered and not critical politically but sociologically. The charm that the family shared was based on wit and an amusing essence that was separated and appointed to each character: Homer is brainless exhilarating, Marge is the average caring mother, Lisa is the Voice of Reason, Bart is the Rebel we all have. Each has it's sharp connotation.

But it seems Groening forgot that essence, that one that attracted youngsters and delighted adults. Some characters remain with the initial spark, yet Homer, Marge, Lisa and Bart seem exploited to fit into the Hollywood standards. It depraved it's natural beauty. Homer mainly. There's some unevenness in it's humor and mood that leaves me unsatisfied.

Don't get me wrong, the movie is funny and if you choose brainless fun, not to take it too serious, it will contempt you. Yet, the addition of Nudity, desire of killings, gay people, politics, pork crap, cheap sentimentalism... The formula seems for a funny pot-humor Hollywood presentation, but the Simpsons are celestial.

I had a nice laugh, but this series is sacred. You can't play with them. I enjoyed it, laughed, but I can't call it a good movie yet. Maybe it's the idea of the movie that was wrong. I find myself preferring to watch over and over again the episodes from the first seasons, where Groening wasn't yet affected by that growling Machine we call Hollywood.
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Funny Acid, Bitter, Ironic – A Movie With Many Layers
claudio_carvalho30 August 2007
In Springfield, Lisa convinces the locals to clean up the polluted Lake Springfield after the sinking of the stage of the Green Day in a concert of rock and roll. Meanwhile, Homer saves a pig from being killed in Krusty Burger and adopts it, calling the animal Spider Pig. After two days, Spider Pig fills up a silo with its excrement and Homer dumps the silo in the lake, polluting it. The angry population forces the Simpsons to move to Alaska. Meanwhile the stupid president Arnold Schwarzenegger is induced by his adviser from EPA to put a dome over Springfield to hold the population and destroy the city. When Marge sees the new in the television, she tells Homer that they must return to Springfield to save their town and friends, but Homer is not convinced if people of Springfield deserve their support.

"The Simpsons Movie" is a funny, acid, bitter and ironic story, actually a movie with many layers, but never naive. For a kid, there is an ecological message in addition to the jokes, but for adults there are many witty critics to politicians, corporations and to the behavior of the paranoid society. I am not a follower of the TV series, but I liked this clever movie. My vote is seven.

Title (Brazil): "Os Simpsons - O Filme" ("The Simpsons – The Movie")
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Nine bucks for this?
legendaryunderdog2 August 2007
I just had a feeling.....I go to the movies for opening night of the Simpsons movie at 10 pm at night, the theater was practically bare, that told me something. Being a huge fan of the Simpsons TV show for years since my teenage days to my days as a 'bigger teenager who should be a professional adult by now" I must say I was disappointed, I expected the same cynicism, sarcasm and insane humor the TV show always provides but what I got was a watered down, dummied down attempt to glorify the Simnpsons Hollywood style. I was not impressed with this movie one bit, the sight gags were barely humorous to me (they have done better skits on the show). This movie would have been worth it if it was done on FOX TV as an hour and a half Simpsons TV special, that way I wouldn't have paid nine bucks to sit through it. Make your own assessment of what you think I'm just speaking from my heart. 5/10 should suffice.
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I asked myself a question when watching this movie- would it make me love the Simpsons more, or would it ruin the show altogether?
TheLittleSongbird29 October 2009
I have to say the answer to my own question is the former. I loved the Simpsons when I was 10-12, but just over a year ago for some reason I stopped watching it. Maybe I didn't find it as funny and creative anymore. Anyway, The Simpsons Movie is a constantly hilarious and witty movie, that completely exceeded my expectations. Yep, it is very silly, but it is lots of fun as well. So much so, I have decided to give the show another chance. The animation is true to the style of that of the show, with crisp colourful backgrounds and excellent character animation. The music by Hans Zimmer is wonderful, while the master has done better work, the music is still pretty darn good. The theme tune is still as irresistibly catchy as it was when the show first started. The story is a good one, there are tons of hilarious moments and one or two heart-warming ones too. Grandpa's revelation in the church at the beginning was hilarious, and I liked it when Lisa finds a special boyfriend in the name of Colin. I did worry that the environmentalist message would be too heavy handed, but it was handled just right. The voice cast do an exceptional job bringing the iconic characters to life, especially Dan Castallenetta as Homer. And they were aided by some delicious dialogue. I have no real complaints of this movie, though if the film was five minutes longer, we could've learned more about EPA. Overall, I thought The Simpsons Movie was absolutely terrific. 9/10 Bethany Cox
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Ten Years Too Late.
Having been watching The Simpsons from its incarnation I did not know what to expect from this long overdue movie. Would it be the original, linear, character driven humour of the older episodes that could do no wrong or the fast moving, random, zany but ultimately empty episodes of the last five years. Unfortunately this film fell into the latter. I know it is all a matter of taste but for a Simpsons follower of well over a decade this movie wasn't even a patch on classic episodes through the beginning and middle seasons in particular. The main problem is the plot is ridiculous and implausible and there are just too many characters we all know and love to accommodate. To top this off the whole thing was so fast moving and random with too much stuff going on it seemed more like a sketch show than a satire. But having said this there were some funny sequences, not as much as I would have liked but some, lets face it when is The Simpsons never not funny! Its all just a shame that this wasn't made ten years ago, when The Simpsons was the best thing on television.

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I don't know....I just don't know.
SamuelChase28 July 2007
Just got out of the theater. Don't get me wrong, I was entertained throughout the duration of the film. But I rarely got any belly laughs out of it. And I just wanted it to be...well, smarter and funnier.

The animation and production values are awesome. Just seeing Springfield and all the characters on the big screen is enough to make this movie worth going to. But I was rather let down in terms of the comedy. It seemed like it was dumbed down to give it more mass appeal and that's disappointing. I also had annoying little kids sitting around me and their father refused to shut them up...which somewhat ruined the experience. The first 45 min are good, then it dips in humor.

In conclusion, while the South Park movie took advantage of the new medium by pushing the envelope and producing hilarious, brilliant satire...The Simpsons Movie seems to do the opposite, getting watered down in the process.
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warmed over overly long episode of the Simpson felt like it could've been on Fox in segments
movieman_kev31 July 2007
Matt Groening and company are unmitigated geniuses I tell you. If their plan all along was to make the regular Simpsons TV show and make it progressively more and more awful, such as the case of the series for the last 7 years, and get it to the point of sub-par barely watchable shell of the glory that it once was. And if they did all that JUST to come out with this movie that while never NEVER reaching the classic status of Simpsons yesteryear, yet still much better then the series proper is only to have it viewed as some kind of Oscar-worthy film. Well all I can say is very well played indeed sirs. For those of us that remember how good the series truly was, this bit of fluff involving Homer dooming the the town of Springfield due to his shenanigans, this film was not really made for us and will feel rather repetitive (IE: Homer and Marge fighting AGAIN, Lisa finding a crush AGAIN, even a few jokes are repeated from the series) but rather the newer fans who started watching it at the start of this millennium (yes i know, I shudder at that thought as well) The fact that this film is currently in the top 100 when it has no business in even IMDb's top 250 is both sad and supremely mind-boggling. But again if one is fed a steady diet of feces and then given a moldy stale pork rind, it'd likely taste like top cuisine.

My Grade: D+
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Relieved that it didn't suck, but that's about it
Sandcooler15 November 2009
This movie has some incredibly witty moments, but sadly pretty much all of those can be found in the first half hour. That first half hour perfectly captures what "The Simpsons" were like in their first ten seasons or so, but also cleverly brings in new elements. Also, it has Ralph seeing Bart naked on the street and going "I like boys now". I think that moment alone should deserve six stars, but I digress. Then a plot kicks in about Homer polluting a lake and being hated by everyone and the movie really starts dragging itself to the end more and more. From then on there isn't really much creativity left, it's just the Simpsons running from one place to another and some attempts to political satire that come of as rejected material from "South Park". I get it, Arnold Schwarzenegger doesn't seem very bright, now move on. This movie is only 83 minutes long, but it really feels like they had to do anything they could to even reach that length. Overall, this movie isn't a total disaster like some have claimed, but I did expect a bit more from these writers.
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Best Simpsons episode of my far.
paulwinnett25 July 2007
I was dreading this. The series has been faltering for at least five seasons so far and it is obvious they were running out of jokes. Well it seems they have saved quite a few for this comic masterpiece. The Simpsons movie manages to pack in a gag rate that is comparable to "Airplane" but also manages to tell an entertaining story that goes beyond the confines of the usual 22 minutes we are used to. I will not reveal the plot as future generations will enjoy this movie but I have read a comment that compares it to the Family Guy movie. What are you on? The style of this piece is subtly different to the T.V. show and when it goes into a Big movie moment you really notice and appreciate it. Compared to other small screen animated of recent years e.g. "South Park" or "Beavis and Butthead do America" it does not feel like an extended episode. Also manages to thrill the most mixed audience I have sat in for years. The audience applauded which is always a good sign.
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fear not folks, it is very funny
a-bark25 July 2007
what more can I say. the movie is a return to the glory days of the show, those ever yellow times when Homer jumped the gorge, when alien ants threatened the earth and the mono rail came to town. If any of that made sense to you then this is the film to go for this weekend. It is a laugh a minute, unlike most comedy films which seem to think funny is a dirty word. I have to say it is NOT really a kids film (although a child sitting near me was crying with laughter) as some of the lines are very naughty and near the bone. I am keen to see it again to catch all the gags I missed. And thank God Ricky Gervais was not allowed anywhere near it (his TV episode stunk!). So if you're up to you knees in flood water or suffering from some other global disaster right now and fancy a good time your local multiplex is the place to go. Lets face it we all need a laugh right now.
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I Like My Simpsons in 1/2 Hour Increments
view_and_review1 April 2021
Like I said about another T. V. cartoon turned movie: T. V. shows don't usually translate well into feature length films. I like "The Simpsons" at a half hour for my beginning, middle, and end; my introduction, conflict, and resolution. As an hour plus movie Homer isn't as funny, nor are all the other characters.

Homer got the entire city of Springfield put under a dome after dumping pig waste into the Springfield lake. Apparently, the government considered Springfield so toxic the entire city had to be contained. As always, Homer was a screw up, but if he can do one right thing maybe he can be forgiven.

"The Simpsons Movie" was a nice try and it could've been a lot worse, just don't do it again.
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I'm sorry but was I supposed to laugh?
Ref6518 February 2008
What is so good about this movie?I saw it a first time and thought it was hilarious but the second time time really puts you off on seeing another cartoon movie.I like the Simpsons but this movie shows nothing special about the T.V show,in fact it is just a normal episode except it is longer and gets worst every time.I don't know what gave me the nerve to watch it again but it was like torture.It is about everyones favourite character Homer Simpson who gets the town in trouble by the government because he pours pig dung into the lake witch causes pollution.The town gets really mad and the family have to run away and hide,but how?the town is trapped in a bubble and they have to escape.

I began to hate this movie when I saw it a second time because nothing was funny anymore.And I say you're thinking that I have no sense of humour but the first time I saw it I laughed my head off but the second time made me bored stiff.Simpsons fans will be disappointed or maybe they won't but I'm one unhappy Simpsons fan.
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