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Not The Simpsons I grew up with...
gregory4332329 July 2007
Warning: Spoilers
I'll be honest, I don't think any of the reviewers that have given this movie 10 stars have seen any episodes of the show pre-2000.

I went into the movie thinking it would probably be decent. I figured it would probably be in the style of the newer episodes but with better overall material. That's pretty much how it turned out. Anyone who says it was a return to the older *better* Simpsons is kidding themselves.

The Simpsons greatness was based, in my opinion, on two things: characters that we imagine existing in our society (think the comic book guy, Moe, Flanders) and simply hilarious and very quotable lines. This formula has since been replaced by humor that is situationally based, and quite frankly, just not very funny.

I saw this movie yesterday afternoon, and I can hardly think of one line that had me cracking up. There were some funny moments, yes, but nothing comparable to the brilliant one-liners from the show's glory years.
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Not very original or funny
ultimecia_omega30 July 2007
Warning: Spoilers
This post contains some mild spoilers.

The long awaited Simpsons Movie has arrived and at first glance it seems to be doing really well. It's had some good reviews in the media and it's doing well on IMDb. Im not particularly sure why though.

I found The Simpsons Movie to be an overly long episode of the later seasons quality. The "funny" gags were few and far between (Spider Pig just was not funny), there wasn't nearly enough screen time for some of the fan favourite characters (skinner, moe, barney...for example) but i can understand its hard to please everyone in such a limited amount of time. The overall plot of the story felt no different to what you might see in your average episode and used the same old routines we have grown tired of (Marge leaving homer, the town of springfield VS simpsons, nelsons laughing are some examples).

The animation was top notch as you would expect and i particularly enjoyed the music which didn't quite feel like your average Simpsons music but i thought it matched the movie quite well.

After such a long wait and much hype i can honestly say i was disappointed with The Simpsons Movie. Perhaps i was expecting too much though. Nevertheless i would still recommend seeing this movie, it was still entertaining and it did have some stellar laugh out loud moments (moe's bar scene was hilarious), just nowhere near enough for a Simpsons Movie. 6/10
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"That's good..but not great"
jdwhite7927 July 2007
Warning: Spoilers
My thoughts on the movie can be summed up by that Homer Simpson quote above (and if you are the type of person who recognizes that quote and remembers what scene it is from then you probably share my sentiments).

The movie was decent, better than anything produced in the last 5-6 years, but still far short of the glory days (Seasons 5 - 9).

Here is basically what kept this movie from being really great:

1) very minimal focus on supporting characters...some characters (Sideshow Bob, Skinner, Supernintendo Chalmers, Skinner's mother, Apu, Gil, Groundskeeper Willie, Milhouse's parents, Sideshow Mel) were completely nonexistent. Oh, and Flanders (the secondary character who was featured the most) had 1 funny line at most. (the one about Buddha).

2) I understand that a movie needs a much deeper plot since it is much longer than an episode but this was just focused too much on the plot and not enough on creating worthwhile funny gags. Also, episodes usually have 2-3 different ideas going on at the same time but this didn't really (at least outside the Simpson family). There was the whole Simpsons running away which turned into saving Springfield thing. The only other plot ideas were the Homer & Marge (which has been done at least, what 5 times already) and Homer & Bart (which has also been done several times).

3) Most of the humor in the film was shallow, slapstick humor, not the good deep sarcastic, witty humor we've come to know and appreciate (And you call them steamed hams despite the fact that they are obviously grilled..Well, I,..Um, One thing I should....). It seems to me that this movie was clearly made with the masses in mind (as compared to hardcore fans) and the type of humor/jokes reflected this.

An example: I thought the following line was one of the funniest in the movie: Cletus: You know how I'm able to that trick with my thumb Cargill: 4 generations (or 40 years I can't remember which he says) of successful inbreeding?

In the theater like 3 people laughed (and I was one of them). Yet at the start of the movie when Homer was trying to hammer the nail and he jammed the hammer in his eye, the whole crowd (except for me) was going nuts.

Don't get me wrong, I liked the movie..I just didn't love it..I don't remember any lines/gags/scenes which are so memorable as to repeat over and over again (i.e. Pray for Mojo, Steamed Hams, Homer buying the matter transporter--"2, well, I don't know.... I'll give you 35 cents"...)

Oh and one other thing. If you see a review from a person who says that this was the funniest movie ever and non-stop laughs, etc..they probably weren't born before 1990 and haven't seen any Simpsons episodes pre-2000 because there's no way any hardcore tried and true Simpsons fan would have come to that conclusion after seeing this.
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"SpiderPig" does not a great movie make
fishbeef5 August 2007
Warning: Spoilers
"The Simpsons Movie" is remarkable only in that it manages to encapsulate in 90 painful minutes EVERYTHING that has been wrong with the show for the last ten years: ridiculous plot lines that are abandoned without resolution; a superhuman, idiot Homer who has no brain whatsoever and cannot be killed no matter what physical harm is inflicted on him (apparently the only person in the Simpsons universe with such an ability); jokes that lack subtlety; pointless cameo appearances; and an overall show of disdain towards its audience.

The Simpsons should really have ended a decade ago when they ran out of ideas. Since then, every plot line on the show has followed the exact same themes with more and more absurd actions thrown in to reach the same conclusion. Every single paper-thin plot line in The Simpsons Movie is one that has been done before in the series, and better: Homer gets redemption for his stupidity and saves his marriage with Marge. Lisa spearheads an environmental movement with unexpected consequences. The town of Springfield is threatened (and nearly destroyed) by an outside force. Bart shows his rebel side while secretly pining for proper guidance. The Simpson family goes on another CRAAAZY trip to an exotic location. Homer adopts a silly animal. Maggie says yet ANOTHER "first" word.

Spare me it all.

It took eleven screenwriters to make this dreck. Eleven!!! And this is the best they could come up with?! It doesn't advance the show at all, it only keeps it at the same downward pace it's been at for at least ten years. The only people who will truthfully enjoy this movie (without simply fooling themselves) are children who are too young to remember the "glory years" of The Simpsons. They're the only ones who will be accustomed to the low-quality version of the show we've been peddled for so long. As I write this review the film is somehow in the Top 250 on IMDb. If there's any justice in this world, The Simpsons Movie will drop to its proper location - the void of the Forgettable - as soon as possible.
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Only an Extended Recent Season Episode
Zaptharo19 September 2008
Warning: Spoilers
After watching this for the second time after a friend of mine forced me to, I asked myself, just what is so special about the Simpsons Movie? Am I supposed to believe that what the critics say is actually true? Don't be fooled. The Simpsons Movie, as it turns out, is just an extended recent season episode filled with more pointless plots and humor. It's sad too, because I was a big Simpsons when it was still going strong. What made it great was it's intelligent humor and ability to reason in a well developed manner. It was a breakthrough in television and it led to other adult themed cartoons such as South Park and Family Guy. But this, this was so disappointing I was left wondering how much longer the Simpsons show was going to last.

As I watched the movie, I found jokes to be recycled from older episodes and ridiculous plots that led to nowhere. I never understood the point of why Homer brought "Spider-Pig" home, only to disappear soon for the rest of the movie. The plot was perhaps the worst aspect of the movie. Lisa falls in love with an Irish boy, Homer dumps waste in a lake, Marge goes angry, the EPA traps Springfield in a dome, the Simpsons family escapes and goes to Alaska, Marge and the kids are captured, Homer is aided by a Native American (aka boob lady) while trying to return to Springfield, a time bomb is placed in Springfield, and Homer and Bart save the day while riding the dome on a motorcycle. When you take these plot lines together, they make little to no sense. Which is what led this movie to disaster.

The characters were also a disappointment. The Simpsons family was the only cast that actually had a part in this movie. All of the beloved characters we've come and known over the years (Principal Skinner, Moe, Barney, Mr Burns, Apu, Krusty the Clown, Mayor Quimby, and Sideshow Bob amongst others) get little to no screen time. Instead, we get EPA Guy and an irritated Arnold Schwarzenegger. Those guys, along with "Spider-Pig", the Irish Boy, and Boob Lady, get more than double the screen time that the more well-known characters get. If anything, it was a recipe for disaster. Most if not all of the characters in this movie seemed forced and uninspired. Rather, this wasn't the old and beloved cast we knew. We were watching a watered down version of the show that just happened to be a movie. 85 minutes of low quality toilet humor without an ounce of genuine talent involved, with paper thin plots on top of it. I could of asked for more guest stars, but even they haven't fared well in the recent seasons of the Simpsons, so they could of made the movie even worse than it already is.

I'm beginning to lose trust in the Simpsons and Hollywood in general, since they seem to dilute and damage nearly every movie franchise they touch. Like the recent Indiana Jones, TMNT, Transformers, and Star Wars movies, the Simpsons movie is a failure that should be placed in the bargain bin. Just what happened to the magic these franchises once had? They've been turned into corporate cash cows, and the Simpsons is no exception. If you take my advice, you would be smart enough to purchase the older seasons of the Simpsons on DVD (Seasons 2-8) and forget the atrocity that is this movie. The only part that amused me was the beginning, when Homer told me that I should be watching TV at home and not paying to see a piece of garbage on the big screen. After that little part, I was fast asleep in the theater.

2 out of 10.
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I'm so glad it didn't suck!!!
rayato25 July 2007
Let me just say I had my doubts. The last couple of seasons of 'The Simpsons' have been lackluster at best and I genuinely thought that their chance to make a great Simpsons film passed roughly 10 years ago. BOY WAS I WRONG!!! I am a huge Simpsons nerd and it is my privilege to say that "The Simpsons Movie" belongs in the very small group of classic Simpsons episodes ("Bart the Daredevil", "Mr. Plow", etc.) Very funny and very timely. Great animation and some nice cameos.

Really don't want to give any spoilers so I'll just say if you're a Simpsons fan: you will love this movie. And if you agree that the Simpsons lost their edge, you will be pleasantly surprised as was I. 8.5/10
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I officially withdraw my support from this show
Sam Russell6 October 2008
At its best (circa early 90's) The Simpsons was a show possibly unmatched in its brilliance, not just for an animated show but for any comedy. 15 years or so later, and regrettably it has become one of the worst shows on television, culminating in one of the worst films I have ever seen.

The film has so little redeeming value I don't know where to start. I can remember only one scene which I almost laughed and there were SEVERAL where I cringed, one comment bordering on racist. As I watched this I felt many things; mainly bored and completely patronised. The plot s utterly stupid, its not even worth analysing needless to say it was so bad that I actually stopped paying attention.

The degeneration of this show couldn't have been captured more perfectly in this film. The main problem is that the characters have become so unlikeable, particularly Homer. Homer used to be lovable moron - but at the same time witty, he has become slapstick - in your face stupid, to the point of being extremely annoying - ditto Bart. The show has made the mistake of re-hashing jokes from the wrong types of characters. As many have mentioned, the token slapstick characters seem to have been given predominantly more airtime resulted further in the deterioration of the show - eg. Comic Book Guy, Cletus, cat lady and other one-card wonder characters. And is it just me or is Nelson and Ralph the too most unfunny characters - possibly in cartoon history. Can someone please write a threatening letter to Nancy Cartwright so we can just end them? Then write something scary to the writers of this film, though I'm they'll scare easy, having masterminded this abomination. Its perplexing that the show has fallen THIS far. I've lost all respect for Matt Greoning and those associated with the show since inception. How could they treat their fans with so much disdain.

I actually walked out on this film, its impossible for me to express how disappointed I was or how many levels it was awful, I'd suggest you see it for yourself, if nothing other than to finally withdraw your support from this brand. Switch over to Family Guy, at least that show doesn't take itself seriously, and remembers how to write adult humour.
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The Simpson's have truly lost their edge
ntsci4 January 2008
Warning: Spoilers
To tell the truth I had low expectations about this movie. Movies made to cash in on the popularity of a TV show are almost always terrible.

The best joke comes just after the opening sequence where Homer complains about paying to watch a show that he could see at home for free... I always appreciate a show that makes fun of its own audience. After that.... downhill all the way.

The story is that the lake is polluted and Lisa runs a campaign to clean it up. Homer, steals a pig from Crusty thereby saving it from death (something one would think that Lisa would congratulate him for). He appears to be a loving pet owner, which is rather out of character because loving pet owners tend to also be loving parents.

Anyway, he saves the waste in a silo which Marg tells him to get rid of properly. Instead he dumps it in the lake. The pig waste tips the balance of nature and a mutated squirrel grows new eyes. The EPA comes in, gives President Swartzenegar 5 options, a dome is placed over the city, the Simpson's escape and go to Alaska, blah, blah, blah.

OK, Simpson writers. I have news for you. Pig waste is natural. Pig waste is less disgusting than typical dog waste. If used properly is GOOD for the environment (fertilizer); placed in a lake is certainly not an ideal solution, but it would not create a mutant squirrel. Get your environmental problems straight. Industrial waste, or nuclear waste (doesn't Homer work at a nuclear energy plant! Duh!) or even careless disposal of household clearer or batteries would have made a more realistic story that would of made a point about pollution. But pig waste is natural! Anyway, why wouldn't Homer, just dispose of the pig waste like any dog owner gets rid of dog waste (e.g., flush it down the toilet, or put it in the garbage, or let it sit on the lawn, or let the pig poop in the park; yuck); why would he collect it in a silo? After that stupid story, the movie does not get better, it goes downhill.

The Simpson's used to be a marvelously cynical satire on modern life. I find the show has really gone downhill in recent years; the jokes are getting rather old and lame and repetitious; and much of the slapstick is getting rather juvenile. But the show is still much much better than this movie.

There are funny jokes in the movie -- especially centered around how politicians make decisions (so I give it a 2 for that, rather than a 1), also the spider pig theme is rather catchy, but is also very pointless. Overall there are few jokes worth listening too.

On the whole this is a really bad movie; if you love the Simpson's, watch the show. Don't waste your money on this movie.
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Hole in the D'oh-nut not too large to jump a shark!
Drew Campbell28 July 2007
Warning: Spoilers
'The Simpsons' TV show is best in the business for plot twists, outrageous reversals, whiplash satire and one-liners, making the best episodes as satisfying as many great films. Topping that - or even matching it - with the long awaited movie was always going to be a challenge.

I was entertained but, truthfully, no more than a middling episode of the series. The richness of the Springfield lore and background characters is sidelined to focus on the family itself, with too much Homer in particular - yes, I never thought I'd say that, but it's true.

We love 'The Simpsons' for its frenetic pace; it's clear here the writers struggled with the structure for a longer format. Possibly a Robert Altman / 'Nashville' approach would have worked better, or maybe something like "It's A Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World", allowing us to see the great range of characters and supporting a stronger, over-arching story.

The decision to focus almost exclusively on the family itself brought out the TV show's occasional tendency towards sentimentality - Colin & Lisa? Went nowhere. Flanders & Bart? Didn't buy it for a second. Oval Office scenes? Rainer Wolfcastle would have been funnier, or GWB passing the buck that bit edgier. This isn't meant to be The Waltons!

More playfulness with the film format itself would have been welcome too - the opening 'Itchy & Scratchy' sequence and Homer's response were great but, as it turned out, too little too early for the film seldom ventured from the straight & narrow thereafter. Maybe Terry Gilliam to direct Simpsons II?

Early rumours (some time ago, I know) suggested the Simpsons Movie would be the final word on the show, but the commitment to another couple of seasons meant the film lost that seat-of-the-pants, anything-could-happen edge. I really believe the team should have one last hurrah with a final movie. Just don't try to jump the shark - blast it out of the water!

Get radical, guys - that's when you're at your best!
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An incendiary, hilarious, and ultimately anticlimactic ride
Jonny_Numb3 August 2007
For all the creativity crammed into one half-hour episode of "The Simpsons," I am probably not alone in saying that the show's creative apex bottomed out when it stopped being a "funny sitcom" and became a "cultural phenomenon"--it's been years since I've sat in front of the TV on a Sunday night with the primary interest of being wowed by Matt Groening's brainchild. When the show first began in 1989, the Bart-friendly T-shirts and pins seemed borne out of uncertainty over the show's staying power; these days, with the show's position in the TV canon firmly established, your Xbox games are designed for little more than feeding the "Simpsons" cash cow. That being said, I revisit the show every once in a while (via taped weekday-afternoon reruns of earlier seasons), and very much appreciate it--the sense of satire is sly, incendiary, and often very funny. Some critics cite horror films as being able to express social concerns that would be difficult to convey in other genres; "The Simpsons" would be another arena (and easily the more critically acclaimed).

So, after years of hype, this cultural phenomenon has spawned a film (aptly titled "The Simpsons Movie") that most fans will no doubt consider 'belated.' As a laid-back viewer with an appreciation of the show, the end result is frequently "LOL" hilarious, but not very endearing (honestly, I had forgotten most of the gags by the time I was out of the theater and walking to my car). The best I can say is, "it's like a really good episode of the TV show" rather than "a great film," though I guess that's complimentary enough. I will pick up the DVD once it's released, and be reminded all over of why the film succeeded in its primary goal of clever laughs.

It begins with an excellent jab at the film's own existence, courtesy of Homer ("Why pay for something we can watch on TV for free?" indeed!), then delves into a plot that is as incendiary as anything the yellow-tinged family has tackled: an environmental crisis strikes Springfield when Homer dumps a silo a pig feces in a lake that's been recently de-contaminated, inspiring outrage from the citizens and the government (headed by President Schwarzenegger, though I kept thinking "President McBain"), whose EPA liaison (voiced by Albert Brooks, who also guest-voiced the similar "Hal Scorpio" years ago) covers the contaminated city in a huge Plexiglas dome. Before you can say "Al Gore eats yellow snow," the Simpsons escape through a literal sinkhole and make tracks for Alaska as renegades from the law, only to find themselves returning to rescue their idyllic American home.

Which ultimately isn't much different than what you would find in an average episode of "The Simpsons." This is a film that knows its audience, but also successfully provides an initiation for those who (for some strange reason) have never seen the show. The animation is fluid, colorful, and uber-glossy, and the writing is on par with the better episodes (the mantra remains "anything goes" in "Simpson"-world); some intriguing character twists aside, the film overall neither exceeds nor diminishes the expectations of those who expect everything and those who expect nothing. It's a fun summer film, but not an outstanding blockbuster of endearing'll laugh heartily and maybe feel moved, but the relatively short running time is both a blessing and a curse--while you will be sufficiently guffawed-out by the end credits, "The Simpsons Movie" leaves a viewer yearning for more. I suppose that's as good an indication as any to go back to the tapes.
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Total crap.
shiftage2 August 2007
Warning: Spoilers
Cheesy, boring, full of random unnecessary references to the show- this movie sucked ass.

I guess I was spoiled by the simpsons: seasons 3-8. This movie lacked the characters we liked: Barney for his alcoholism, Moe for his lack of dignity, Principal Skinner for his strictness, Burns for his evil. It seems the writers used the characters at completely random moments to remind us this was the simpsons we were watching, and not some corny family movie.

Failed, lame, sophomoric humor is the opposite of what made the simpsons classic in it's golden years: witty, fast-paced, and intelligent.

The retarded writing-troop that comprised the movie introduced boring, low-brow characters like the head of the EPA (my brain pushed his name out, thank you brain!), that native American (the boob thing was lame), and re-invented an old favorite- McBain, or more commonly known as- Arnold Schwarzenegger. Don't count on Arnold spouting any good lines such as "we had script problems from day one" or "the goggles...", just sit back, relax, and prepare to be bored.

I can handle a minute or two of corny resolution in the show with marge and homer. Not this. This is over the top, borderline romantic-comedy-starring-jennifer-aniston-cheese. I mean george-clooney-smiling-and-sandra-bullock-falling-over-cheesy. Prepare, brave movie goer, for many moments of homer missing marge, marge admitting she doesn't love homer, homer redeeming himself, things we have seen in the show that we don't miss.

Side plots like Lisa falling in love with an irish douche are not funny or interesting. I just wonder why they threw that in. Any ideas?

Maggie is being developed as the silent magnificent force, much like a Silent-Bob-type character. She gives a saves-the-day-salute at the end. Shoot me.

I'm spent. I could ramble all day and night how bad this is, but until you have seen it, you won't know. You shouldn't know. Call me traitor, call me convert, just go to the store and rent the Family Guy movie. God help me, there's better writing in it. God help us all.
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Maybe I just expected too much...
zuriel26 July 2007
Warning: Spoilers
Maybe I just expected too much. For the last two years I've been excited about The Simpsons Movie, I could hardly wait for it to come out. I grew up with the Simpsons and, as many others, have watched about every episode at least 10 times. Since I was so eager to see it, I went to the first screening on the day of release. I was so sure this movie couldn't be bad, since South Park and Family Guy made great feature versions of their TV-shows. I was wrong.

Right on from the beginning, I had to realize that the film would not come up to my expectations at all. It began with the Itchy and Scratchy scene, right in the beginning. The typical absurd brutality and violence of the Itchy and Scratchy Cartoons have been softened down, so that after getting stabbed the cat doesn't even bleed. It seems the makers of the film passed on the violence to get a lower rating. An understandable step on one hand but after 18 years of staying true to the Simpsons-Style, very disappointing on the other. However, next to this little detail that bothered me, the whole plot is constructed relatively poor. All the time, not knowing that the film is only 85 minutes long, I thought "Okay, now the film must start and come to it's point". This thought would stay in my head until the end. The story is everything but sweeping.

Also I didn't like that The Simpsons Family are about the only characters that play a part in the plot. There is just a little bit of Flanders but almost no Mr. Burns, no Moe, no Major Quimby, no Sideshow Bob, no Krusty and so on. They all have about a line and that's it. Instead of the already existing beloved characters, a pig is introduced, which disappears as inconspicuously as it was introduced. But, the most disappointing fact was the jokes. They couldn't be cheaper and more harmless . Missing the ambiguousness and depth of the the jokes in the TV-version, it seems as they have only been designed for a very young audience. The humor reminded me a lot of the one from movies like Ice Age (which would be okay if I weren't talking about the Simpsons).

Also, I missed a political level, as seen in the TV-series or the South Park movie.

All in all, since the plot and jokes are sloppy and faceless, I wouldn't recommend the film to anyone who likes the Simpsons TV-series.
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It made me vomit with rage.
Naburba4 August 2007
Warning: Spoilers
After a tremendous buildup of advertising and reviews purchased by NewsCorp, The Simpsons Movie turns out to be nothing more than an 85 minute episode of late season Simpsons.

Just like these last few seasons, the movie is heartless and devoid of intelligent humor. It contains no thoughtful parody and only very trite satire. Many of the gags are childish even by Saturday morning cartoon standards. Slapstick and toilet humor cannot carry a prime time television show, much less a full length feature film. It contains no complex subtext, no (intelligent) obscure references, no hilarious musical numbers and no intricate visual humor. Many jokes are recycled from older episodes yet are very crudely put together (the similar looking family that is arrested, the Snow White spoof which is oddly similar to the much more well done Little Mermaid spoof years back, etc).

The characters are, at this point, gross caricatures of themselves 10 years ago. Homer, originally a dimwitted yet very caring father and husband, is now a brainless raging lunatic. Lisa, usually the voice of reason and compassion, has been reduced to an intellectual who never steps off her liberal soapbox. Bart, formerly the clever bad boy bad student with a hidden, kind heart has turned into mini-Homer, drinking problem included. Marge, a complex woman with a passion for maternity, has turned into a pitiful shell of a character, only raising her voice to nag. Other characters have either lost all complexity or just simply are not used. Even when these characters appear, they get less screen time than "Boob lady" or "Crazy cat lady" or "Spider pig" or "Irish musician kid" or "EPA Guy" (voiced by Albert Brooks, the same person who voiced a much more intriguing villain, Hank Scorpio). Some characters were even sacrificed in the name of cheap political humor (Reiner Wolfcastle).

The plot is a disgusting, twisted mess. The pig, an awful idea from the start, is quickly discarded. The tension between Homer and Bart and Homer and Marge is uninspired and forced (Marge taping over the wedding video was clearly a failed attempt to recapture the mood and emotional depth of a real Simpsons episode). The main plot, not to mention being unbelievably preachy, is recycled season 12-17 plots pieced together. I want to say that I could have written a better film but this is only partially correct; anyone could have written a better film. I'm sorry but I cannot remember many more details as I have mentally blocked out most of the movie to reduce the chances of permanent brain damage.
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OK movie, but not so much for old Simpsons fans
DeanBitterman28 April 2008
Warning: Spoilers
The Simpsons movie was something I wanted to see when first watching the Simpsons 15 years ago. Now the show is only a hollow shell of what it once was, a show with sharp, subtle humor, and down to earth, believable stories. Then the stories went from believable to unbelievable, but still retained the same exceptional humor. Now all is lost, and the Simpsons movie was created in this period. The movie for the most part, was entertaining to see, but provided the occasional laugh with characters I have grown to love. That being said, parts of the movie, I found extremely unfunny, and tasteless.

Examples: 1. Seeing Barts penis 2. Homer giving people the middle-finger 3. Awkward Marge/Homer sex scene 4. Swearing that never took place in the series.

Overall, the movie was a decent entry in the series to see; simply for the animation quality, and characters in a longer than usual episode. That being said, I was glad I only paid a dollar to rent the movie as it was not worth much more than that to me. Fans of the Simpsons years ago, should see this movie, and steer clear of buying it. Instead save some money for seasons 3-9 on DVD.
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Horrible, Don't Watch!
funrocket30 July 2007
Warning: Spoilers
The Simpsons in its prime was perhaps the best show on TV with incisive satire on American life and humor that didn't rely solely on slapstick and stupidity. Around season 9, the show went precipitously downhill and never recovered. The show, although always a cartoon, is now as infantile and ridiculous as cartoons are perceived to be.

The Simpsons Movie is like an 18th season episode stretched out 3x as long. There are a few funny jokes, but it becomes painful and tiresome to sit thru dozens of missed jokes to get to a funny one. The plot is inane, concerning a giant dome put on Springfield to hold in the pollution and the government wants to blow up the city to get rid of it. What made the Simpsons great was its more subtle satire and it at least tried to stay grounded within reality. The show is like a parody of itself, the same kind of stupid sitcom it once made fun of. Replacing Alf Clausen's usual score with Hans Zimmer is also a terrible misfire. The straightforward orchestral treatment for the show is very distracting.

It's a shame this movie and this show continue to make a fortune, no one ever went broke catering to the lowest common denominator. This movie will appeal to the same demographic that loves Ace Ventura and the Ernest movies and will undoubtedly spawn a sequel. It just angers me that Troy McClure wasn't joking in an old episode when he said the Simpsons will continue to be around until they are unprofitable.
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Don't be tempted in....
tom-hickman30 April 2008
When the long anticipated Simpson's movie came out i couldn't wait... What a letdown.

The jokes were just lame and too me it felt like an episode that was 3x longer. It seemed that after the first 10 minutes of the film they filled it with random stuff. And the plot is ridiculous (I wont give it away though)

Watch a series 2 episode then watch this. The old series didn't rely on lame slapstick jokes but this did.

If you really want to watch it, rent it first. And don't be sucked in by the reviews.
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Disappointing and without laughs
ThePlatteRiverKid13 August 2007
As a longtime fan of the Simpsons, I myself eagerly waited for the movie to come out (as early as the mid-90's when the Itchy and Scratchy Movie episode came out {whose ideals I felt would make their way into an eventual Simpsons movie}). Over the years, it had seemed unfortunate that the quality of the show had been declining. Jokes that lacked luster and a feeling that the show was attempting to compete with a bit lower brow show, Family Guy, at a level that it didn't seem to ever belong. I waited with anticipation hoping that the movie would rise out of the past few seasons and be a laugh riot.

It started out well enough with an Ichy and Scratchy short but failed to even bring out a laugh during the entire movie, few others in the theater were laughing either. A few moments brought about smiles but for a Simpsons movie it seemed promised that a tour de force of the different characters and perhaps a few more guest stars would be involved in the plot. Maybe I was expecting too much but after more than a decade it seemed that the movie was a big letdown. Weak humor, a mediocre plot and a "Spider Pig" that overall brought little to the comedy of the movie (it seemed like it could have been better written into a 30 minute show) made this movie almost a waste of already huge theater prices. It wasn't plotted well enough to provide many inside jokes for the long-time fans (although Springfield Gorge comes up) but it was also difficult to newcomers to really understand the outside characters and their personalities. Wait for the DVD I'd say.

A fan of most more mature-themed animation comedies (Simpsons, Family Guy, South Park, The Venture Brothers and Aqua Teen Hunger Force {Whose movie I haven't seen yet}); The Simpsons had been an all and out favorite for many years but after seeing the movie, it clinches a thought that perhaps the end of the series wouldn't be as horrible as it may have seemed a few years ago. As a South Park episode once mentioned "The Simpsons have done everything" and that seems to be the case.

It was a good attempt that was reflective of the past few seasons if you're into that sort of thing but for us fans of the 90's Simpsons it was just a disappointment. Thanks for many years of laughs Simpsons, but you're just too worn out.
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sammyocarr13 August 2007
Warning: Spoilers
The Simpsons Movie, Summer 2007. Watching the trailer i was excited, the thought of homer causing Springfield trouble and having to fix it would be great, lots of interesting characters like Moe, Grounds Kepper Willy, and Mr Burns, looked to be involved and a wild homer scheming film would follow.

The opening with Bart and Homer was excellent, the angered mob was funny which included Abe,,, However, the concept was poor and the Simpsons family escaping from Springfield was Dire the film quality Plummeted and reached it's true low when homer was in Alaska! The short film meant a short and boring story. it went strange and took a risky turn when homer was with the 'inuit' woman... the ending was very weak and unimpressive.

Now here's how a successful Simpson's movie should go,,,Same beginning...But rather than escape Springfield Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa and Maggie should unite and attempt to bring the town round to their side and scheme together to break out of the bubble, for instance, Moes Bar could play part as headquarters, Burns could fund it and provide power, Apu would become supplies...Etc...Etc

These are ideas and just my thoughts. i think it would be much better than the escaping, as it meant main and interesting characters were cut out, Sideshow bob should be involved. The secondary running story of Bart, homer, and Ned Flanders could still be included but would be better and more interesting if they stayed In Springield Great animation and drawing (some scenes weak however) and the comedy was average. The usually varied comedy including Subtle Clever Adult humour, and obvious children's gags, was weak, dull and monotone.

I was very disappointed and was almost tempted to walk out of the cinema...

i was pleased about the usual beginning and unorthodox credits including pictures of the characters... I was pleased to here the usual theme tune and opening scenes.

it should of lasted much longer, and include all the ideas i've given. this would create a film worthy of the Simpson's title. i believe the writers were below par and Poor. It was an embarrassment to the Simpson's series.

Sam Carr
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The long overdue simpsons movie is a hilarious and witty piece of entertainment
Merklin25 July 2007
The simpsons movie is witty,fast paced, touching, hugely entertaining and most importantly: laugh out loud funny.And if your a simpsons fan who's loved every episode , thats all you'll need from it.

However if , like me , your an obsessive fan who's noticed a drop in quality on the show from the late nineties onwards you'll see some problems. You'll see that structure wise the movie is basically an extended episode.You'll notice that the villain is a Hank Scorpio rip off. You'll feel that a lot of the plot points and character drama seem all too familiar.But in spite of all this , in spite of being a film based on a show that exhausted its best gags long ago, the simpsons movie is still absolutely hilarious and i take my hat off to the creators for managing to make it so.

A simpsons movie in the early nineties (when the show was in its prime) would have been better, but the very , very , very funny one we have here in '07 works just fine. Funny stuff.
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fear not folks, it is very funny
a-bark25 July 2007
what more can I say. the movie is a return to the glory days of the show, those ever yellow times when Homer jumped the gorge, when alien ants threatened the earth and the mono rail came to town. If any of that made sense to you then this is the film to go for this weekend. It is a laugh a minute, unlike most comedy films which seem to think funny is a dirty word. I have to say it is NOT really a kids film (although a child sitting near me was crying with laughter) as some of the lines are very naughty and near the bone. I am keen to see it again to catch all the gags I missed. And thank God Ricky Gervais was not allowed anywhere near it (his TV episode stunk!). So if you're up to you knees in flood water or suffering from some other global disaster right now and fancy a good time your local multiplex is the place to go. Lets face it we all need a laugh right now.
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Fantsatic movie
Georgian Stanescu8 August 2015
Warning: Spoilers
Well what a class this movie is. hahahaah. Seen it several times. Grandpa(Castallneta), has a vision in church. Homer(Castallenta) adopts a pig and calls it Spider Pig. It turns out to be a disaster for the community. hahaha. Homer dumps Spider Pig's "waste" or as Marge(Kavner) refers to it as "leavings" into Springfield lake, even thou the Mayor of Springfield, Mayor Quimby(Casltealnna) has called a "Code Black", ie calling all Springfield Residents to stop dumping in the lake. However Homer fails to listen, and costs Springfield its life. So how to save it, first the family flee to neighboring(so called - hahah) Alaska. Then they see on the News that its to be bombed to make way for a new Gorge. So the family get caught by EEPA EEPA, EPA.

I do appreciate the way the movie kept some of its TV series like Bart writing on the Board of which it says"I shall not download this movie", fantastic.

So overall a fantastic movie.
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Disappointing, why did they have to make it?
lloyd-constable-117 August 2007
Not much to say really, weak story line, all the funny bits had been repeatedly advertised on television, therefore when you saw them in the film it was just 'luke warm funny'. It is such a shame, as I am a massive fan of the TV series, why did they feel they had to make this film? I didn't like how the characters personalities seemed to be different too. Basically I found this film to be a really big disappointment. It is such a shame as The Simpsons is such an amazing sitcom! Ooh, actually the best bit of the film was Ralph in the 20th Century Fox opening credits, which now makes me thing they should make a film based on him being the central character/hero of the film. That would be "some good tooting boy" - what do you think?
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I don't know....I just don't know.
SamuelChase28 July 2007
Just got out of the theater. Don't get me wrong, I was entertained throughout the duration of the film. But I rarely got any belly laughs out of it. And I just wanted it to be...well, smarter and funnier.

The animation and production values are awesome. Just seeing Springfield and all the characters on the big screen is enough to make this movie worth going to. But I was rather let down in terms of the comedy. It seemed like it was dumbed down to give it more mass appeal and that's disappointing. I also had annoying little kids sitting around me and their father refused to shut them up...which somewhat ruined the experience. The first 45 min are good, then it dips in humor.

In conclusion, while the South Park movie took advantage of the new medium by pushing the envelope and producing hilarious, brilliant satire...The Simpsons Movie seems to do the opposite, getting watered down in the process.
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The Simpsons Movie was Worth the Wait. Fantastic!
who-two25 July 2007
I Don't want to give much away, but this movie truly is EPIC. The storyline is great, so is the animation. The movie is hilarious throughout, and also has one of the most emotional moments ever on The Simpsons. You can see just about every face ever on The Simpsons and they keep making subtle references, such as when Homer and Bart jump Springfield Gorge, the ambulance is still crashed into the tree.

It definitely rewards long-time fans, but it is a great movie even for those who don't watch the Simpsons. CGI only adds to the excellent drawings, and it is very cool to see them on the big screen!

If you love the Simpsons, Old or New, you will LOVE this.
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I've seen better episodes...
porkchopsjar-19 August 2007
Warning: Spoilers
Okay. I consider myself a die-hard Simpsons junkie, ever since I got cheesed off that they interrupted an episode (the one where Mr Burns hits Bart with his car, as I recall) with the news that the first Persian Gulf war had started. I'm also apparently one of the few people who doesn't think that the show sucks now, though I do agree it's not as consistent since about season 8 or so. Really, there are only maybe a dozen episodes or so that I truly detest. Unfortunately, if "The Simpsons Movie" was an episode of the TV show, it would probably make #13 on my list. The plot -evil EPA puts Springfield under a dome because of the toxicity of its lake- was just ridiculous. Homer and Marge having marital difficulties...sorry, that's been done just about to death. Ah, yes, Homer. In "TSM" Homer is at his quintessential moronic worst pretty much for the duration (his antics of adopting a pig -against the family's wishes- and dumping the piggy poop in the lake causing the pollution and aforementioned EPA reaction)to the point where you just want to shoot him...and I love Homer; can forgive him almost anything! But in the movie his stunts are just annoying, and that is my biggest complaint. Sure, there's a good amount of typical Simpsons political tweaking (such as Lisa's "An Irritating Truth" seminar, an obvious parody of Al Gore) but been as the whole premise of the plot is so over the top I found myself merely smirking rather than LMAO, which is my usual response to the subversive humour found on the show. I understand the producers brought together the best of the show's writers to write the movie- could have fooled me. And, considering that they probably had a big enough budget I noticed more then a few lapses in the animation, especially in the scenes where the whole town of Springfield has formed (yet another) lynch mob to go after Homer: for a few brief seconds you can tell that it is CGI 3D rather than normal animation. I found myself going "Tsk, tsk" at this shabby production. All told, I was very disappointed. Granted, I was not expecting "Last Exit To Springfield" caliber greatness with the Simpsons movie (I think we all knew better than that) but I was expecting it to be better than it was, and ultimately I'd be tempted to put the final product in the ballpark of "The Principal And The Pauper", which even the show's writers and voice actors consider one of the worst episodes. In the end, I'd say "The Simpsons Movie" is worth seeing once, but I can only hope that they do better with the inevitable "Simpsons Movie II".
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