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Good comedy
Dsty20047 October 2006
I've seen countless teeny bopper comedies the past couple of years, and I can honestly say, this wasn't one of them.

This was a good, straight forward comedy, with some hilarious moments and a lovable character. The story was also interesting, even though it was very predictable from the beginning (I don't know many people who watch comedies for a complex, deep, mysterious story line anyways)

My favorite thing about the movie is all the actors fit in perfectly with the characters they are playing. Especially the main character, who develops through the movie from a weak, shy, kind hearted guy, to somebody who is still kind at heart, but not afraid to defend himself and fight for what he wants.

This isn't the best comedy ever, but its good. And I would recommend it to anybody looking for a good laugh out loud movie with lovable characters.
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Scoundrel is synonymous with Thornton, Heder is unusual choice for a leading man
inkblot1126 November 2006
Roger (Jon Heder) is a wimpy parking meter attendant for NYC. After losing his uniform to thieves on the job and being dumped from the big brother program, he is despondent. Add to this his unrequited crush on a beautiful neighbor named Amanda (Jacinda Barrett), and you have a man on the proverbial ropes. However, a well-meaning friend gives him information about a secret class in male self-esteem, run by the harsh Dr. P (Billy Bob Thornton). In class and on outings, Dr. P uses tough tactics to turn his unfortunate students into successful men. But, what happens when Dr. P decides to put the moves on Amanda, after a chance meeting? Does Roger have what it takes to thwart Dr P's efforts and win Amanda for himself? This is a fairly nice but easily disposable film. Thornton is, of course, a natural choice for the scoundrel teacher and he delivers a good-and-slimy performance. Barrett is beautiful and touching as the love interest, adding greatly to the film's enjoyment. Heder, although a good comic performer, seems all wrong as a romantic lead. But, perhaps it is a bit refreshing for someone without the knockout good looks to go for broke in the love department. Ben Stiller has a fine cameo as a wacko ex-student of Dr. P. The setting in NYC and the costumes are nice. All in all, the film is a satisfying view for a rainy day. But, it doesn't seem like a movie that will be remembered or talked about five years down the road.
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A barely passable comedy lacking in originality
sme_no_densetsu17 October 2008
"School for Scoundrels" tells the well worn story of a pushover who learns to become more assertive so that he can take charge of his life and finally get the girl. I didn't realize that the film was a remake but the fact that I found it hackneyed to begin with gives an idea of the level of originality we're dealing with here.

The cast contains a number of talented and funny individuals but they are unfortunately let down by the material. Looking at the cast list it's difficult to believe that the film is as mediocre as it is. The script just doesn't deliver the goods comedically and the story's too unoriginal to grab your attention. The technical aspect is no better than average either but I must admit that the soundtrack was pretty nifty.

In the end, I can only recommend this flick if you're absolutely starved for some comedy. There's little to be had here though those who don't mind clichéd stories may appreciate it more than I have.
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Billy Bob Does It Again!
CroatianSensation19752 February 2007
In a world full of really moronic teeny bopper movies, thank the heavens we have Billy Bob Thorton. Here in "School For Scoundrels", he is as hilarious as ever!

Roger is a loser living in New York City. He has a terrible job, gets no respect from his co-workers, and has never dated a woman. Secretly, he has a crush on his neighbor Amanda, but is so shy, he can't get up the nerve to ask her out. When his friend recommends him to Dr. P (played fabulously by Billy Bob in his trademark type role), his life seems to be finally turning around. However, Dr. P has a secret agenda up his sleeve.

Billy Bob does a great job in this film, as well as all the other mostly unknown actors. The story was funny and fun. It's nice to see comedy films geared towards the "older" crowd. Had a few twists and turns I didn't see coming. Very enjoyable film! Overall, I give this film an 8/10.

If you enjoy a good comedy that's not all about fart jokes or satire (as all "comedies" seem to be these days), check it out! I'm sure you will enjoy it!
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Fun and Very Funny, But an Old Formula
The_Defiant11 October 2006
This is a fun movie that offers exactly what the previews promise and a little more. John Heder does a great job as does Billy Bob Thornton. The only drawback of the plot is that we've seen it a million times before if you watch this genre of movie. Dr. P (Billy Bob Thornton) plays an overbearing and obnoxious school teacher teaching Roger (John Heder) and the other students how not to be wimps. The purpose of the course backfires when Roger finds out Dr. P does not like to be outdone. This movie could be compared to any comedy where the underdog must overcome the odds to win the girl. Regardless of the predictable plot, the comedy is clever and fun. This movie is worth seeing in the theater. The previews are faithful, but don't give away all of the humor. The humor is consistent throughout and it doesn't leave you tapping you fingers or looking at your watch.
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Saw a preview - very funny in parts
mikeontheriver7 September 2006
I saw a preview yesterday, and the movie is very funny in parts. I laughed so hard I cried a couple of times. On the other hand, there are times when the movie seems to drag on too long. In my opinion, this movie is two stories in one - and one works great, and the other not so much. The whole school for scoundrels thing is hysterical. Any scene with Heder and his buddies had the audience roaring. Jon Glaser was my favorite - will somebody get this guy his own movie, please?! But everything outside that was definitely not on the same level. Even the brilliant Ben Stiller, Sara Silverman and David Cross didn't work nearly as well, nor did the scenes of competition between Heder and Thornton. It's still worth seeing for the scenes that do work with his buddies though, as you don't get to laugh that hard too often. - Mikeontheriver
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Just funny
barrys8224 December 2007
This is a comedy of very dark humor which I enjoy. Its not the greatest but it simply fulfills its purpose of giving a enjoyable moment to the viewer. The story is convincing. A loser living in New York with a crappy job, and no self-esteem seeks for help with a man called Dr. P to win the love of his neighbor Amanda. The cast is really good, Billy Bob Thornton in a role that fits him like a glove, his performance was excellent. Jon Heder also with a role that fits him really well, he is constantly evolving as an actor and a comedian. Michael Clark Duncan was hilarious, never thought he could be that funny. The brief appearance from Ben Stiller as Lonnie was really convincing. The supporting cast like Horatio Sanz, Todd Louiso and Luis Guzmán is a really good complement.
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Wasn't really feeling it
StanMakitadonuts1 February 2007
I was a bit let down by this movie. Hearing that Billy bob thorton and Jon Heder were in it, (aswell as sarah silverman) I was expecting to get some quality laughs out of this, but what I got was pretty weak. Not that movies like this have incredible stories or plots, but this one was pretty bad, and it moved at an awkward pace to me, that made it even more unbelievable than the genre usually is, As a fan of this sort of platform for a comedy, maybe I'm being to hard on it by other peoples standards, so I don't want to all out not recommend it, but Don't expect as many laughs as the other Billy bob thorton flicks like bad santa, it's light comedy. I usually tend to enjoy these comedies a few times over, but one viewing of this will be enough for me.

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Starts off fresh, then just settles on stale
bartonfink-126 September 2006
Went to preview screening last night and was pleasantly amused for the first hour but then it just went downhill. Jon Heder's performance is pretty much flat, not bad in any way except that it does nothing to beyond what was on the page. This is typical of most of the cast who seem to be engaged in some sort of paint by numbers exercise. Even Billy Bob Thorton who is well cast as a drill instructor for losers loses steam. Todd Luiso, best known for the wimpy employee in High Fidelity is probably the only actor that manages to turn in something worthy of appreciation. There is an oneupmanship sequence reminiscent of "Rushmore" but only serves to make one wish they were watching that instead. Wait till it's in the video store and you have trouble agreeing what to rent and need something bland.
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bitcetc22 September 2006
Adequately entertaining. Billy Bob Thornton and Jon Heder make mildly interesting, obviously unmatched adversaries. Talented supporting cast also supplies some interest, but no character is fully developed. Michael Clarke Duncan comes the closest, but his hostility, his back story, his orientation is unexplained and sometimes inexplicable. Jacinda Barrett plays a nice girl, and does a nice job. Some laughs, interrupted by huge plot holes. What is Sarah Silverman doing, except being nasty?

The premise is funny. Who hasn't felt like "the nice guy who finishes last", with the exception of people like the self-proclaimed "Doctor P", Billy Bob Thornton, who teaches the class of the weak and the meek to become lions. The overall mediocrity of the mess is pretty much attributable to director Todd Phillips ("Old School", "Starsky and Hutch"). Wait for the DVD, and rent it for $1.00; don't buy it.
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Funniest comedy I've seen in years
yazzie200016 September 2006
I haven't seen anything this funny since "My Cousin Vinnie" or the last scene from "Little Miss Sunshine." However, the trailer for the movie gives ABSOLUTELY no indication of how funny it is. I just don't get how they came up with a trailer like that. Ignore it please and go to see the film. And to the producers, hellllloooo it needs to be edited, try using the FUNNY parts of the film.

The acting is great, the slapstick is great, and the jokes don't resort to cursing and/or bathroom comedy. A great comedy for all perceived "loser-types." Todd, you did a great job! Keep up the good work.

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One of the most painful movie experiences I've had to endure...
SMA06206721 September 2006
Wow. This movie was perhaps the worst comedy I've seen in a while. I laughed out loud one time. But I believe it was at something said by my brother-in-law next to me in regards to how bad the movie was. Heder has once again recycled his Napoleon-esquire awkwardness. Thorton steps into yet another cynical and callous role. Barrett is cute but unconvincing. The script is awful. The humor is lacking. Even Sara Silverman, one of my favorite comedians, was struggling to provide laughs with the terrible lines she was delivering. I was completely and utterly disappointed by everyone's showing in this film. The one redeeming quality? Three words. One name. Michael Clark Duncan.

He's the man.
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Its comedic heights are present, but its dramatic ones should not be shortchanged
StevePulaski6 January 2014
Roger (Jon Heder) is a meter-reader with little confidence and not a lot to live for. Browbeaten, verbally abused, and harassed by everyone in his life, he takes the advice of his close friend (David Cross) to take a self-esteem class taught by a man named "Dr. P" (Billy Bob Thornton), who is quickly found to be the kind of self-esteem teacher to teach you the ways of confidence and self-worth by providing you with even more verbal abuse in your life. Roger's ultimate goal - besides earning respect from others - is to win the heart of his neighbor, an Australian graduate student named Amanda (Jacinda Barrett), who he can't seem to talk to without being met with a panic attack or fainting.

Todd Phillips' School for Scoundrels is a remake of the 1960 film of the same name, which I can only imagine to be a bit nicer and less bossy in its tone and approach to its material. However, despite its over-arching mean-spiritedness as one of its themes, School for Scoundrels actually manages to be a consistently funny comedy, mostly thanks to its capable band of actors, all of whom have had some work in the comedy field and know just what to say and how to say it when the time is right.

For starters, consider Billy Bob Thornton, who is simply fearless as Dr. P here. Thornton has a way of assimilating well to any given role, be it a foul-mouthed mall-Santa, a questionable folk from the backwoods, or a browbeating self-esteem teacher. Thornton works well here because he's as brash and as off-color as the material, often assisted by his character's assistant "Lesher," played by Michael Clarke Duncan. Now consider Jon Heder who, before this, only got to show his skills in one of the most lackluster comedies of the last decade. Heder is a solid, sympathetic character here, especially for those who can see his characters' struggles and hunger for acceptance and are willing to buy into it. Some characters in films are the reason for their own problems (take virtually any Adam Sandler film from the nineties), but Heder's Roger is simply a bit geeky and a tad uncoordinated, and for that, is unfortunately the target for abuse and ridicule. On those notes alone, his character is easy to side with because he is relatively blameless.

Alongside Heder are the likes of Sarah Silverman as Amanda's friend who continues to give Roger a hard time, Horatio Sanz, Aziz Ansari, David Cross, Dan Fogler, Luis Guzmán, Jim Parsons, and Ben Stiller (however, in a role of questionable value), all of whom very competent comedians who accentuate the quick-witted qualities that got them to that level in the first place. While School for Scoundrels gets by almost entirely on the charisma of its actors, Todd Phillips and Scot Armstrong's writing shouldn't go unnoticed. For the most part, the writing duo create an unabashedly fun, silly comedy with enough consistent laughs to warrant a recommendation.

The only struggle for the film is how it wants to achieve its climax, in this case, making the entire "get the girl" subplot too silly and way too overblown. The film was grounded in a certain, goofy reality up until maybe the eighty-minute mark, and for that reason, the film becomes a bit of a struggle to continue to buy into during its last twenty-five minutes. Regardless, it can't derail the comedic talent at hand, along with Jon Heder's Roger, who, for once, isn't picked on because of his own stupidity but for his own genial manner and geeky appearance. He's a character I can see many identifying with.

Three years after the release of School for Scoundrels (which bombed at the box office and has now, eight years later, faded into almost complete obscurity), Todd Phillips hit a comedy homerun, financially, after directing all three Hangover films, effectively transcending his career into heavily-raunchy material and leaving geniality behind with School for Scoundrels. This is kind of an upsetting fact because this film has the unsung ability to identify when the two sequels leaching off the original Hangover were nothing but an annoyance to moviegoers. The film at hand rarely achieves comedic heights, but its dramatic ones are worth noting and appear to have been grossly shortchanged.

Starring: Billy Bob Thornton, Jon Heder, Jacinda Barrett, Sarah Silverman, Horatio Sanz, David Cross, Dan Fogler, Luis Guzmán, Ben Stiller, Jim Parsons, and Aziz Ansari. Directed by: Todd Phillips.
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Dull and dumb.
Torgo_Approves12 March 2007
Poor Jon Heder. It must be hard to find decent roles now that he's known as Napoleon Dynamite to anyone who knows his name. But seriously Heder, why did you accept this script? I'm sorry to say it Heder, but "Gosh! You're such an IDIOT!"

Alright, forget the fact that the plot is a direct rip-off of the much funnier Anger Management. Forget the fact that Billy Bob Thornton unsuccessfully reprises his Bad Santa character minus the excessive drinking and f****ng. Forget the fact that the film makes traumatic rape memories a running gag. The fact of the matter is that the film just isn't funny. Seriously, how did it fail? How do you cast Billy Bob Thornton as a complete asshole and Jon Heder as a hapless loser - the parts that these two were born to play - and fail to make it hilarious? How does Thornton + Heder + Luis Guzman + David Cross + Michael Clarke Duncan + Ben Stiller add up to a film which is just so... NOT FUNNY? It simply doesn't make sense to my tired brain.

I guess it could be because the script is so incoherent not even Kubrick could've made a decent movie out of it. It has very few funny jokes and it barely knows what it wants to be. Comedy or drama? Romance or thriller? A heartwarming, intelligent comedy masterpiece or a lazy cash-in on Thornton's popularity? Well, I think you know the answer to that last one.

The film's pacing is way off; as the film rushes to its conclusion (a plot twist even the kid from Bad Santa could've seen coming a mile away) it feels like we've only watched half a movie. The lack of any real laughs, an engaging plot, the rehashed characters, it all makes for an utterly unsatisfactory comedy which isn't worthy of Billy Bob Thornton.

Much like this review, School for Scoundrels is lame and a waste of time. Don't see it.
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Funniest Parts are in the trailer--Wait for DVD
savageneedles23 September 2006
This is a renter. There were some funny scenes, mostly all of them shown in the long theatrical trailer, which basically gave away most of the story.

The dude from Napolean Dynamite played the identical character from that movie; maybe he's not acting. He was still very funny, and Billy Bob was good as well. Ben Stiller had a small part, and his character was moderately funny.

I had high expectations for this movie. They didn't crash, but fell short. I liked 40-Year-Old Virgin much better. There were some really funny scenes, but recommend that you wait and rent this one.
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My new definition of irony...
mentalcritic22 September 2007
As I was about to do a search on this film, I actually began to type in the words "school of missed opportunity", because that is what constantly comes to mind when trying to summarise this ill-conceived attempt to capitalise on Billy Bob Thornton's sudden notoriety as a master of flagrantly abusive interaction. And it is not like School For Scoundrels did not have a lot going for it, because the actors are rock-solid at all times. It is only when the screenplay lets them down that things really go awry. Jon Heder is a dopey foil for Billy Bob Thornton's merging of his Bad Santa character with the softer side of R. Lee Ermey's schtick. However, a problem emerges when we want to explore exactly why Heder's character so desperately yearns to be more assertive than his initial configuration allows. The screenplay errs in overpopulating the cast with too many characters and a lot of lopsided development. With the tuition fee that Thornton demands early in the piece, the initial class size looks like it could almost buy him a house in New York State.

This, unfortunately, is where the act begins to fall apart. In addition to a large classroom full of individuals that wind up unnamed, we also have to contend with the ins and outs of love interest Jacinda Barrett's social circle. The trick to a comedy like this is that one has to make the characters either pathetic in an endearing way or abusive in an endearing way. Bad Santa aced this trick. School For Scoundrels falls flat on its butt thanks to some performances from Sarah Silverman and David Cross that leave the more Powell-Aspie types in the audience like myself wanting to punch them. A film like this one needs as few main characters as possible, and these miserable sacks, along with half of the class, would have been the first to get deleted from my script. Aside from adding nothing to the story, they leave a bad taste in the mouth and distract from what actually works. Adding to the woes is that Thornton's presence leaves one constantly comparing SFS to Bad Santa, and SFS keeps coming off second best.

Thornton is capable of playing this role in his sleep, and the manner in which he delegates to Michael Clarke Duncan would have provided an interesting dynamic had the film been willing to go all of the way and turn into the sort of boot camp for Bad Santas that the audience might expect. Unfortunately, the cast overcrowding leaves Thornton and Duncan battling each other for space. Fortunately, they are more able to effectively manage the problem than the rest of the cast. If the focus had been more upon them, the film would have been a nonstop laugh-riot. Unfortunately, the film instead chooses to cast them as villains or antagonists. If Dr. P had been a genuinely altruistic man who merely wanted to help his fellow man reach his fellow man's full potential or something where a bit more thought is a requisite, for example, that might have made for more comedy. Still, Thornton and Duncan take a script that often seems to have added them as an afterthought and squeeze it for all it is worth.

No, the real problem is that their students are the kind of people that real drill sergeants of Thornton's or Duncan's apparent inclinations would look at and declare beyond helping. Heder is required to portray a gormless wimp at the beginning of the film, and a powerful man of action at the end. The problem is that he is quite a long way more convincing at one than he is at the other. People who have seen Bad Santa or The Ice Harvest will know which I mean already. I can already think of a thousand actors beside John Cusack who would have been a million times better in Heder's role than Heder. Hell, even Ben Stiller, who makes a cameo appearance in the final act, would have been a better choice. Nowhere is this more apparent than in scenes where Heder is in the same frame with Thornton. One of them is a charismatic man who one would take seriously if he told you he was going to punch you senseless. You do not have to have seen either actor's previous films in order to work out which I am describing there. Someone in casting should have seen that problem well in advance of production.

By now, I am sure that it sounds like I am condemning the film outright. However, with the element of surprise, SFS is a decent and watchable little comedy. The problem is that in the hands of a director or writer with more moxie, it could have been so much more. This gulf between what the film is and what the film could have been is on display from the second Thornton announces his presence in that indescribable manner one comes to expect of him. The A.V. Club is right on the money when they inform us that SFS is too flabby to be funny, as if it needed a drill instructor of its own in order to whip it into shape. Speaking as someone who unfortunately finds himself in need of a bit more than just Dr. P, I felt somewhat cheated once the credits had begun to roll. When I rented School For Scoundrels, I thought I had ordered a veal schnitzel with some fries and gravy. What I got instead was a steak that was comprised of fifty percent fat and ten percent bone. Sure, you can cull a decent sandwich out of this film, but that is the limit of it.

School For Scoundrels is a five out of ten film. It is worth a rental, maybe watching once, but the results you get from watching it all the way through will be inverse to your expectations.
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Totally boring...
readysetgo888 March 2007
I'm watching it right now and I am so bored I would rather write this review. Don't bother renting it, not funny, not worth seeing. I don't think I have 10 lines of stuff to say about it... I know it sounds like a funny plot, but the dialog is lame, the plot is really lame, and the whole thing is just a snore fest. I can't wait for this movie to be over. I would shut it off but I'm watching it with my boyfriend and he might actually like it (although I don't know why). Every time something happens in the movie that should be funny or interesting, there is no build up to what is coming and it all falls flat. There honestly aren't any funny lines either. Basically, don't bother.
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It's the fault of the advertising
tantalus213 March 2007
I'll be honest, I enjoyed this movie immensely, twice in two days, actually. In fact, the second time I watched it, it was in a small den with 14 or so people. In an attempt to find the group behind one the songs ("Set Me Free" by The Kinks), I came on IMDb like I usually do. However, I was amazed when I saw the reviews. I was expecting a 7, or a 6 at least, but a 5!? I was surprised, but I'll never push a movie on someone. I looked at some of the comments and saw what I severely dislike. Comments saying that the movie wasn't as good as the original and comments saying that it was barely funny. It's sad when people criticize a movie for not being as good as the original (such as when it happened with Dawn of the Dead). The fact is, they have to change the movie or it isn't a remake, and for the last time, they couldn't use the original actors because Ian Carmichael is in his late eighties and Terry Thomas is dead. There are far too many people who think that they can't appreciate both films, or that by spouting off the alternate name of the original and saying that the original is twenty times better makes them great. I've seen the original, and I don't prefer it. I found it reminded me of My Fair Lady (that's not a good thing), although I thought My Fair Lady was at least tolerable. But then, whether you like the remake or not, the original will always be there. The second problem resulted from advertising to the wrong crowd (such as with Girl Next Door). John Heder tried to make the jump to a semi-dramatic role, which people weren't expecting at this point, that coupled with the fact that the commercials made it seem like an average 'Go in, Laugh, Leave' movie, the entire crowd was people expecting a non stop laugher. Billy Bob Thornton didn't impress me in this one, which surprised me more as he was mentioned first in the credits. He seemed to try harder during some scenes, which could just be a result of having to pretend to be lying. Even still, it just didn't feel right, although, he did a fairly good job overall. John Heder has shown he can do more than just comedy now, hopefully leading to more roles such as this one. Many are saying it's the worst movie ever, but I have one thing to say, no movie is worse than Airplane.
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nothing new
thanman30 September 2006
I went into this with an open mind, expecting a light comedy from familiar faces, who seemed well cast. Aside from a couple of twists on some familiar gags, I was disappointed by its general predictability, forced dialogue and flaccid performances (even by Billy Bob). I hadn't seen Heder in anything since Napoleon Dynamite; I kept my distance from the handful he's appeared in for various reasons, but was excited to see him in something new. I hope he improves as an actor, but for now I just don't think he's got the chops even for light fare like this one. Billy Bob's phoned-in performance was full of recycled lines. Todd Louiso and Luis Guzman provided the best performances of the bunch, but they certainly didn't "carry the team."

Not that a comedy like this needs raunch to be funny, but when they make a decision to go for an R rating, rather than the traditional PG-13 for a movie like this, the filmmakers are sending a message that the envelope is going to be pushed--that the audience is going to see something new. There was plenty of opportunity for envelope-pushing with Thornton and Sara Silverman on hand, but the movie felt more like a PG movie adorned with a few more swear words and a couple of awkward nods to Deliverence. I honestly think this movie would have found a better audience had it been cleaned-up for a younger audience, who perhaps haven't seen a dozen other movies much like this one.
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I've already seen Anger Management
keithwrightnc9 March 2007
...and this was way too close to the plot of Anger Management to really enjoy. The only difference was that this was "for real" and Anger Management was a total ruse with everybody in on the plan.

The only think I'd like to see from this is a movie from the storyline of Becky and Diego. I think Becky as an overbearing wife to Diego would be a freaking hoot!

I wish I knew who played Eli's bride at the end...she is uncredited. She looks too much like Lindsay Lohan.

I don't get why they met in the American Museum of Natural History.

I would have like to have seen Dr. P get it from his wife.
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Big disappointment
guyfromjerzee7 October 2006
Halfway through watching this mediocre comedy I had to remind myself that Todd Phillips was the director. That's right, the director who gave us "Road Trip," "Old School," and "Starsky and Hutch" (all very funny movies) gave us this dull piece of fluff. Is it an awful movie? Far from it. But at least terrible movies stick in your mind. "School for Scoundrels" is your typical lame PG-13 comedy filled with typical PG-13 gags. Though "Starsky and Hutch" was a PG-13 movie, it still had an edge. This movie has no edge. Worse off, Jon Heder is a weak leading man. There's no denying that he was good in "Napoleon Dynamite," but judging from his performances in this movie and "The Benchwarmers," he should stick to playing Napoleon Dynamite for the rest of his career. With a cartoonish, over-the-top character like that, he pulls it off with flying colors. As far as playing an average Joe, he just comes off as boring. Heder possesses moderate acting ability, but has no charisma. I think Phillips cast him in the film simply to further cash in on his "Napoleon Dynamite" fame. Billy Bob Thornton never fails to please, but he isn't given much to do. So he just goes through the motions, delivering the standard I'm-just-here-for-my-paycheck performance. The same goes for Michael Clarke Duncan. If you get Duncan in a blonde wig and not draw out big laughs...I think that's a sign. Even Ben Stiller's cameo didn't make me laugh, though I can't exactly blame Stiller himself. Sarah Silverman delivers a few funny lines, but even she doesn't help much. She can't exactly showcase her trademark raunchy humor in a PG-13 movie. All in all, you're better off waiting until "School for Scoundrels" plays on cable (in case you're stuck at home and feeling extremely bored).
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Worst comedy of the year
jellyneckr24 September 2006
Caught a sneak preview of School for Scoundrels last night and I really wish that I hadn't. I'm a huge fan of Todd Phillips work, up until last night I considered him the best comedy director working today. Road Trip, Old School, and Starsky & Hutch are modern day classics as far as I'm concerned. Unfortunately, the same can't be said for School for Scoundrels, which can serve as a prime example as how not to make a comedy. This is Todd Phillips' fourth comedy and yet it felt like it was his first. The direction was flat as a pancake. The fun energy of Road Trip, Old School, and Starsky & Hutch is completely missing here. The pacing and comedic timing is totally off in almost every scene, certainly not helped by the limited performance from star Jon Heder. Heder, actually okay in his post-Napoleon Dynamite role in this year's Benchwarmers, is completely miscast here. He has three facial expressions: goofy, attempted anger, and when he tries his hand at seriousness, it is a disaster. He has no chemistry with love interest Jacinda Barrett or Billy Bob Thornton. For someone to pair up with an actor of Billy Thornton's talents is asking a lot for anyone yet Heder doesn't have what it takes. I hate to rip on actors, especially Heder who really seems to be trying, but that's the problem, he's trying too hard. The rest of the cast is completely wasted. David Cross and Sarah Silverman, always great in their roles, have absolutely nothing to do much like the audience in the theater watching this catastrophe. Not recommended to anyone. Thornton fans will be especially disappointed considering this is his worst film. 0/10
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Not as funny as I hoped, but was a good watch
IamtheRegalTreatment23 September 2006
School for Scoundrels is a movie about a group of men who sign up for a class in order to improve their self-esteem and motivate their lives. Taking lessons from a crafted Professor, each student increases their ability to succeed in life and enjoy it. Featuring Jon Heder, we knew there were going to be many stupid funny moments. I was surprised at how professional he was in this movie.

I thought that Billy Bob Thornton was excellent. He really portrayed his role well as the professor and showed us his leadership side. All the thought processes he had to go through in the movie show intellectuality and poise as a teacher. Truly a good job I thought on his part.

Shown as a comedy, School for Scoundrels was much less what I anticipated. Not terribly funny, but mildly entertaining. The plot was well thought out and run, especially towards the end. The relationship between the three main characters made the movie. Overall, it was an okay film, but I wish there was more... don't we all?

5/10. Fun to watch, but I'd wait until it is broadcast on TV. Save your money for blockbusters.
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Surprisingly very funny
gangstahippie5 August 2007
Rated PG-13 for language, crude and sexual content, and some violence I saw School For Scoundrels on Friday.I thought it would just be your average comedy which I would find funny but that's about it.This however exceeded my expectations.It was very funny and interesting! Billy Bob Thorton is great in comedy films(just look at Bad Santa) and John Heder of Napoleon Dynamite fame is funny as well.The rest of the cast includes Michael Clarke Duncan,Sarah Silverman and Horatio Sanz.The film is a remake of the 1960 film of the same name which I have not seen.The film is about a man who is considered a loser.He wants to make a girl like him but he is too shy.So what happens is he learns about this school from a friend which helps people be more like "winners".The school helps him become an entirely different person who does not take any crap from people and gets the girl.But when his teacher is dating his girlfriend, sparks fly and now they must compete against each other for the girl.School for Scoundrels is a very funny and entertaining film.
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Good Songs Bad Movie
dealmaker-123 October 2006
Well I saw this movie I loved the opening scene's song, I only now wish I knew the song title and artist. It was really the only thing worth remembering outside the paint ball scene. Otherwise very predictable and yes, I knew what was coming in the airport scene. It did not have me guessing at all.

If you know the song, please let me know and then I will enjoy that part of the movie again at least. I like the actors but I wish they would have done more with this movie. Okay, another funny scene, the tennis court.

Thanks! K-Rock
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