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Essential action film best Rambo film in the action genre my second personal favorite
ivo-cobra82 January 2018
Rambo (2008) is essential best action film in the action genre my second personal favorite film in the Rambo franchise. I love this film to death! Rambo is a fighting machine and I absolutely love the gory action films. This is movie is great it is absolutely awesome I love this film to death. It is the best film, since Rambo III wasn't that successful, this movie was. It is been nearly a 10 year anniversary since this movie come out. Here is where the legend of action heroes reloaded and ended well.

They would've raped her fifty times... and cut your f*****g heads off! Who are you? Who are any of you?

My number one favorite action film is Rambo: First Blood Part II, this my second favorite action film from Sylvester Stallone. First Blood is number 3 favorite action film in the series. John Rambo is my comic book hero. I love the fourth installment of Rambo to death. I know there is a lot of people who hate this film and prefer Rambo III over this film and think it is not a good movie. I disagree It is not your typical action movie because it is way too gory and bloody mine it is. I love Rambo's Mini Machete he uses in this movie. This is Sylvester Stallone's only movie he wrote and directed by him self.

The action is gory and bloody that I love it. The movie has ton's of action and it is realistic performed. I love the rescue mission. I love that Rambo chops a Burmese soldier's head off with his machete. Rambo put's a mine in the forest and kill's 20 Burmese soldiers. Rambo is using a Browning M2 Aircraft machine gun. Rambo uses the M2 to obliterate the driver and than he kills all the soldiers while he is reloading the machine gun M2 - .50cal BMG and than he kills the rest of the soldiers those were the kicks ass action sequences. You have a lot of fire power in here and I love the rescue mission in here. This is a bad-ass kick-ass film!

Sylvester Stallone portrayed and acted well his famous character and so did Graham McTavish as Lewis a mercenary, Matthew Marsden as School Boy, Reynaldo Gallegos as Diaz and Julie Benz as Sarah I like these characters and they did their acting well done. Sylvester Stallone directed this movie and to me it is really powerful realistic well action performed. I don't agree with you haters, I think this movie is better than Commando (1985) Schwarzenegger film! Rambo puts most of action films today to shame. That's my personal opinion.

Music score from Brian Tyler wasn't that terrible like everyone is saying it was arguably good to the Rambo character. Richard Crenna and Jerry Goldsmith couldn't come back because they both past away and are no longer with us anymore. R.I.P. I think Brian Tyler did a good score.

P.S. I don't like the extended version because it is different from the theatrical cut and Rambo looks like an asshole in the beginning of the movie. I love theatrical cut and honestly it goes fast around it is not boring it is entertainment It is one of my personal favorite action movies. This movie is a perfect 10 for me.
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Rambo is back and better than ever!
Norse_Sage22 January 2008
I saw this at an advance screening in Oslo, and going in, I didn't expect it to be any more than a cheesy and somewhat gory tribute to eighties actioners by a star/director/producer/writer who was desperate to relive past glory. That latter may or may not be true, but my former assessment was plain wrong. This movie is authentic, shocking and unlike any other comparable movie.

Given its genre, the movie is a masterpiece. The story is simple but solid, and works on several levels. The action scenes are unparalleled, more intense than "Black Hawk Down", "Saving Private Ryan" and "Stalingrad" put together. The level of brutality and gore will shock and fascinate, and no doubt cause some level of controversy.

Stallone proves himself to be an excellent director, as well as in excellent shape for his age. I had little faith in him going in, and I stand corrected.

This is a Rambo who has come to terms with who and what he is, in a movie that holds up when compared with the original "First Blood". Well done, Sly. Well done indeed.
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Pure action!! Solid Movie.
chrisalsop121325 January 2008
Rambo is without question a sick action movie and Stallone has proved himself again as an intense actor and as a solid director. This installment combines elements from all three previous movies but this one had a much more realistic feel. Yes some dialog is questionable and there are a few, albeit brief, scenes that don't quite work, but make no mistake, this movie takes no prisoners. Stallone slips back into the role with ease and his supporting players do an admirable job. Critics will whine as they always do about the excessive violence, gore and lack of story. (Stick to giving awful movies like The Skeleton Key thumbs up guys). The ironic thing is that Rambo actually gives a vivid and some would say accurate portrayal of war. It has a similar feel to Black Hawk Down and borrows its chaotic action. Rambo pulls no punches...It's brutality, violence and gore are rooted in reality. Gone is the "fun" action of 2 and 3. It is replaced with realism which amounts to some of the best and most intense action sequences I've ever seen. My only real gripe with the film was scenes that were sped up in post. (No big deal)

Finally, the integrity of the series as a whole has been kept in tact. Everything from the music, to the action to the character to the final scene. An extremely well crafted movie. Rambo/action fans will not be disappointed...And neither will the critics who rave about The Princess Diaries
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MR_Heraclius13 February 2020
Rambo is not some incredible film, but the series has always been about action and it keeps it up here. The plot is pretty pointless, but honestly I wasn't looking for some big and complex story, just fun action. The violence goes above and beyond in this film, and honestly I had a fun time. Also, the end of the film will be a treat for any longtime Rambo fans. So don't see this expecting a masterpiece, but instead a fun action film.
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An modern 80s action movie that pulls no punches.
DrStrangeFate28 January 2008
Rambo is an 80s-style action movie with modern sensibilities. Stallone is not a one-man army as in previous movies but rather a dogged old soldier that comes to terms with what he actually is while racking up a body count that would make Tarintino proud. In many ways, this movie parallels Rocky Balboa as a mature ending to a series of sometimes over-the-top but fun action movies. John Rambo in this movie is an aging but potent killing machine that for the first time since First Blood accomplishes his mission in a very believable manner. The action is visceral and downright gory at times surpassing the hard-core scenes of Omaha Beach in Saving Private Ryan. The film pulls no punches when showing exactly what a Barret .50 caliber sniper rifle can do to a human body. Stallone mutters only a very few lines of dialog in this movie... there's no speeches or patriotic flag waving going on here but there is a clear lesson on how well liberal idealism holds up under barbaric realities amid genocide and war.

A must see but not one for the kiddies.
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tag line says all, the year's first great action movie.
SpikeFortress25 January 2008
A straight action film only Stallone could deliver. Nobody else could direct such an uncompromising pursuit of battle. The battle sequences of this movie are glorious and violent in a way that is special, a new extreme level of tension was achieved in my opinion and I don't say this in blind excitement.

This movie delivers a movie-high that is not often attempted. Movies usually hold back or simply fail at achieving visceral action and instead try to balance themselves between action, plot, drama, comedy, etc, and in many cases in modern films this only lowers the quality of the experience. The downfall of Rambo you could say is its small concern for character drama, indeed the scenes looking at the female lead and the mercenary group are pretty poorly acted (though this allows the scenes to focus on Stallone's disregard for their antics, it can get annoying to sit through).

The mercenary group's character were so over the top in acting however it came off like farce to me which was actually really entertaining, seeing their macho lines fall dead in the air, Stallone giving them no respect.

The battles were glorious even if the film has flaws, but it focuses on the battle as it should, and achieves glorious cinematic victory. Great experience.
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As a BURMESE, let me give comment on this movie
dragonlin529 January 2008
I was one of the big fan of RAMBO series all time. I have been always loving all series but this one shocked me up lots.

You all may have seen this as an ordinary film. For me, as a BURMESE, I know this is the true situation in BURMA and feel so sorry for people who suffering exactly as the same way as mentioned. Rapes, touches, Murders and breaking all of the human rights by the military governments are clearly film cast. I personally would like to Thanks to the director for letting the world know the current situation in BURMA. Stallone! you rock! Moreover I wish there will be a lot of RAMBOs in real world out there who will save many lives of innocent BURMESE people.
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Return of the action movie as we know it
mknez25 January 2008
First of all, let me start by saying John Rambo is a masterpiece. They don't make them like this anymore. It is a return of the classic action movie of the 80's and 90's but with a touch of modern directing. Some will say it is gory, some will says it has no plot. But let's be honest, nobody wants a dramatic twist or a deeper meaning when they go to see Rambo! And even if you want to, you can still find it in traces. John Rambo is a killing machine but he is also a guy with strong moral values so if you are really looking for a message it is there to be seen. Other than that it is a full blooded action movie that will strap you to your seat for whole 95 minutes!
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Just look at the tagline: "Heroes never die........they just reload."
rhapsody-zaman25 January 2008
Just watch it, words don't justify it! People didn't believe Sly still had it, but they were so wrong. After the the great performance at Rocky Balboa I expected another great performance for him. But this was even better than I imagined. You don't have to be an Stallone fan to enjoy this movie. If you like action movies, this one is for you. A word of caution though, this isn't for the light hearted, there are some serious violence in this movie. I am gonna say this is one of the best action movies I have seen in a long time. But you don't have to take my word for it, just watch it. It's better than the previous Rambo films. Expcept for about 15 minutes in the middle, the whole film is action packed. You can't possibly be bored. If you hate action movie or if you have something against violence, this isn't for you. But if you are not, than sit back and enjoy the legend that is Rambo for one last time.
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I Just Watched All 5 Movies, & This Is Definitely The Best Rambo
Lepidopterous_2 October 2019
There isn't a dull second in this film. It is full of memorable & cinematic "moments" and packed with insane carnage, all with tourniquet-tight editing (Extended Cut only hits the end credits at just over 90 minutes). Even the slow start is almost serene, using the Apocalypse Now ever-flowing, insidiously slow but constant stream to lure us into a deeper part of our own selves. To deliver us, along with a group of believers, into a true hell on earth.

"Nothing does change. It's what is."

As my first viewing now since having seen the first three, I can appreciate the way this film mythologizes the character. This is done in part through School Boy's reverence, which adds a great counterbalance to the chemistry of the cast. We also revisit the human core of the first installment, from the dialogue scene in the rain to the close up of his knife sinking with the boat-symbolizing the indefinite struggle of a PTSD veteran who has to live with the heavy soul of his past. And the St. Francis prayer recited in the backdrop of the weapon-welding montage: a prayer of opposites, of contradictions, of embracing humility and forgiveness in the face of evil. A prayer of philosophical inquisition-an appeal directly to God to help one understand and navigate the world around us with greater wisdom and clarity. It is a fitting theme for John Rambo.

"Where there is darkness, light."

Granted, the film is not a cerebral one, but it has some fitting choices for mood and set up. The peaceful stream to doom is abruptly juxtaposed by a sheer brutality that is so extreme, it can really only be matched by the unrestrained amount of violence onscreen throughout the last act. Could Stallone have capitalized on this earlier mood and went with more stealth à la First Blood? Sure, but given how perfect the pacing is and the pointed catharsis of the film's setup & violent delivery, I find it quite forgivable how shamelessly the film forgoes drama and suspense, all without betraying character. In this way, Rambo truly is a staple barebones action film. A fitting peak in the series as a manifestation of his inner war.

The baddies are paper thin and one-dimensional, but the Tatmadaw Burmese militia being a real entity and perpetrators of genocide gives the antagonists weight. The solid score from Brian Tyler is built around Jerry Goldsmith's classic theme from the earlier installments, yet polished free of the 80s vibe (Battle Adagio stands out as John Rambo's new theme). Visually, the post-production CGI blood is poor and detracting. I don't know how much of that can be attributed to the feature's comparatively lower budget having been independently made by Stallone. Nonetheless, I admire the man's passion for the legacy that his films leave for his fans.

David Morrell, the writer of the original novel "First Blood", has said this is the closest in tone he has seen any of the movies get to the character he wrote. Personally, I think Rambo 4 has the best of both worlds: a sincere depiction of an aged Rambo and the over-the-top action, brutality, and thrills of Rambo II & III. I'd even say it is the best of all the Rambo movies.
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Pure fighting machine a bad-ass solid action flick best Rambo movie ever my third personal favorite action film
NightmareOnElmStreetFan15 October 2019
A pure bad-ass action movie brutal, violent realistic and powerful. Rambo IV aka Rambo (2008) come out 20 years later after Rambo III. Sly always wanted to make a new Rocky and Rambo movie and he did. I love this movie to death. I love this movie to death. It is Rated-R it is realistic action war movie the best Rambo movie in my opinion.

"Any of you boys want to shoot, now's the time. There isn't one of us that doesn't want to be someplace else. But this is what we do, who we are. Live for nothing, or die for something. Your call."

Sylvester Stallone and Art Monterastelli wrote a beautiful script for the movie and it is the first and only Rambo movie Sylvester Stallone ever directed and that masterful, briliant and beautiful.

I know people are always saying this is the second best film in the Rambo franchise. I disagree In my opinion it is better than First Blood. It is even better action movie to me than Terminator 2: Judgment Day and yea that movie is overrated. Rambo (2008) is practical effect no CGI, I disagree that, they are CGI in here or people claiming it, is not correct in my opinion.

In Rambo III movie review I did not mention a lot of actors, only three because most of the actors in Rambo III are not memorable, but the action is just top notch in the third movie. In this movie we have Julie Benz excellent performance as Sarah Miller. Sly saw her acting performance in Dexter so he asked the actress, if she would love to appear in his movie and she did. The movie was about genocid and real war in Burma against Karen people and I read acctress Julie Benz decide to help poor people. I don't understand why this movie did not get an oscar? Why Sly did not get an oscar for this movie? Sylvester Stallone's best acting performance of all time I have ever seen. Graham McTavish as Lewis mercenary was a bad-ass soldier not the best like Rambo but really good, I love his lines. Matthew Marsden love him as School Boy. Those bad-ass soldiers as a rescue group a great to me. Reynaldo Gallegos as Diaz another mercenary was excellent to me. I love that these mercenaries call Rambo boat man I love that.

This movie is great to me, I love this movie dearly with my heart. Rambo: First Blood Part II, Rambo III and Rambo (2008) are real action movies too me top notch. This is better than Terminator 2: Judgment Day, better than The Equalizer 1 and 2, First Blood and yes they are overrated movies they are not great. Rambo (2008) is MILES way better than director from First Blood Ted Kotcheff's Uncommon Valor (1983) I don't care what aynone says that's my opinion. Rambo in this movie is also searching for missionary's who are P.O.W in Burmese army camp. In my opinion it is better paced better rescue mission movie than Uncommon Valor is. I Love this movie with a passion I love it.

I love Rambo's choices of his weapons his using in here: Rambo uses a pistol Colt M1911A1 this is the first time in any Rambo movie I see Rambo using a gun. Just like in Rambo: First Blood Part II he was using shotgun for the first time ever. I love the scene where he uses his bow and arrow and (you see a soldier getting shot with an arrow in his face, my absolutely favorite scene.) In the fourth Rambo movie Rambo dosen't use C4 tip arrows I wish he would. I love Rambo with his machete in this movie, his knife now is a machate and you see a soldier's head off been cut by Rambo. Rambo using a machine gun Browning M2 Aircraft and blast soldiers to pices. This movie has tons of action.

This time the music score was used by Brian Tyler he did a perfect score to First Blood, I love his music tune score. Jerry Goldsmith past away in 2004 so he couldn't make a music score so what. Richard Crenna pased away in 2003 and he couldn't reprise his role as Sam Trautman back. So that is why they werent in this movie. So what. But Stallone uses a flashbacks about Rambo trilogy in the last scene you see in which Trautman fiers at Rambo with a gun. That was deleted scene from First Blood.

Rambo (2008) is my third favorite Rambo movie in the franchise and Rambo made a full circle in here because we see him walking back home in Bowie Arizona. I love this movie to death, it is my personal favorite action film of all time.
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Last entry directed by Stallone with lots of frenetic action and plenty of blood and violence
ma-cortes22 October 2011
Thrilling and moving Rambo episode in which he returns to war and to rescue American prisoners . The famous trilogy has been completed by this recent ¨ John Rambo¨ , a definitive improvement and directed by the same Stallone in which Rambo fights enemies in Thailand ; nevertheless the best considered is the original . Violent movie with Rambo character who started in ¨First Blood¨ and that launched Stallone career going on his successful Rambo episodes . Sylvester Stallone as brawny hero Rambo is top-notch , he was a previous Green Beret , now retired and living a pacific existence in Thailand . He has retreated to a easy life in a rural Thai village next the Burmese frontier , capturing snakes for local entertainers, and transporting visitors in his old 109 PT boat . But John Rambo joins a group of mercenaries (Graham McTavish, Matthew Mardsen) to venture into war-torn Burma, and rescue a group of Christian aid workers (Julie Benz,Paul Schulze) who were abducted by the ruthless local infantry who carries out a brutal massacre . He then frees the prisoners but cruel soldiers sett off in pursuit and Rambo leads his pursuers into all kinds of booby snares , puts dangerous traps in the jungle woods and mountains . Rambo appears threatening , lurking and harassing to his enemies pursuers escaping the innumerable risks and dangers .

From the beginning to the end the comic-book action-packed and extreme violence is continued and it's fast movement ; for that reason the picture is pretty amusing ; furthermore contains lots of explosions and some of the best action scenes ever made , including an impressive machine-gun attack . Stallone is enormous as the tough and rebel one army man and excellent Julie Benz as suffering missionary , in addition the veteran Ken Howard and including some flashbacks of deceased Richard Crenna in an enjoyable homage . The outdoors are spectaculars , the landscapes have been filmed on location in Arizona, USA ,Chiang Mai, Thailand and Mexico . Awesome and exceptional cinematography by the cameraman Glen MacPherson . Splendid and rousing musical score by Brian Tyler. This nail-biting film is well played , produced and stunningly directed by the great Silvester Stallone .

The motion picture is preceded by the original ¨First blood¨ by Ted Kotcheff with Richard Crenna , David Caruso and Brian Dennehy, in which Rambo is falsely accused as vagrant and wrongfully imprisoned and he pulls off the break-out ; Rambo II by George Pan Cosmatos with Martin Kove, Steven Berkoff and Julia Nickson, in which he's forced to go Cambodia in search of American POWs , and followed by ¨Rambo III¨ with Kurtwood Smith and Spiros Focas and of course Richard Crenna , in which Rambo against the Russians who control a particular sector of Afghanistan and he goes behind Russian-dominated enemy lines too rescue his former coroner from jail . The film will appeal to action enthusiast and Stallone fans . It's a movie for adrenaline lovers and frantic thrillers buffs. Rating : Good, entertaining but violent , two thumbs up . Although the movie has some aspects a little tough to take , this exciting film still has its magnificent moments. This large-scale and lavishly produced pic attempts a peculiar atmosphere with spectacular results . Rating : Better than average , well worth seeing .
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Stallone is still here!
misel98200120 January 2008
During his career, Sylvester Stallone gave the audience many great times to remember him.From Rocky and Rambo, to Demolition Man and Shade, Stallone was always a true super star. As an almost exclusive action films actor, he brought to the audience for over three decades, high quality action movies. However, aging is always a problem for such actors and Stallone could escape it....a little though! His physical condition is tremendous! Let's not forget that he is almost 62. It is a fact that his last films did not manage to reach the quality of his previous successes. Driven, D-Tox, Avenging Angelo and Shade, were really good films indeed but their shine was not as big as Rocky or Rambo. That is why Stallone returned with his major two success roles. Rocky Balboa was excellent and meaningfull. Now it is time for...John Rambo! This film is simply excellent. Although it is mostly an action movie it has also deeper meanings such as ethical values and political messages. Just like Rocky Balboa, John Rambo uses the formula of the first movie mixed with this of the forth!Monosylabic dialogues from Rambo meet the political messages of the activists, The violent reaction of Rambo towards the brutal soldiers is justified by his ethical code with a deeper meaning that oppresion and injustice generates strong reaction! Acting as a whole, is very good and convincing. Stallone is really born to be Rambo and the supporting cast is made by young actors who meet the quality standards of Milo Ventimiglia. The project budget is 50m so as you understand there are many real-like explosions and effects. What is new is the ultra violent death scenes. They really look true!The story is interesting although ,as you expect, not complicated. To summarize, John Rambo is one of the best action movies that 2008 will probably bring to us.Also it is a must to see because not only it is a really good movie but also because it is the last Rambo film. Stallone even if he is 62, looks no more than 45 and his condition is impressive. A must for all action film fans and not only by them, Rambo is a really good film and you should not miss it.
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Rated "R" for Rambo
rnabessosu26 January 2008
OH the Haustacity. Yes...I will say it again, HAUSTASTIC!!!! Rambo at his best...I don't care, he may be old, but crap man. This movie is awesome.

Stallone definitely took a step towards the Mel Gibson approach in making it realistic. That is what a .50 caliber round does to a man. The genocide scenes are rough and graphic...definitely not for young audiences, but for everyone else. HAUSOME!!!

The story is solid. It doesn't take long at all to get to the action. This is a must see for any person looking for some great action.

Rated "R" for Ridiculous, rampaging, reoccurring Rambo
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Rambo is simply great!!!
zdenkolino25 January 2008
Rambo is a great action movie and reminds me on how the action movies were made in 80's. The plot is developing very fast and the pacing is very good. Sly is doing all his stunts and doesn't speak much. Mercenaries were good in my opinion and without them the movie would be to unbelievable and unrealistic.

Rambo displays the war like I've never seen it before and believe me I've watched many war movies. Camera is beautiful, music is perfect and fits to the action scenes. Bryan Tyler's take on Goldsmith "Home coming" theme is in the beginning and in the end of the movies (ending is great).

I have 3 objections: 1. - the acting of Julie Benz was too unbelievable to me. 2. - maybe more drama and less action (not necessarily). 3. -camera work in some places is to "shaky" for my taste, but on the other hand it gives a lot of tension to the action.

Everything else is great.

My expectations were high and now I am pleasantly surprised. I had my doubts about the movie (especially after some negative critic reviews), but now all I have to say thank you Sly for giving us Rambo IV.

I must say the movie may not be for everyone because of violence, but I think every Rambo fan and fans of the action movies of the 80's will be happy with this movie. My theater was filled .

I hope it does well at the US box-office because Sly deserves it. I have no doubt that the movie will be success in other parts of the world also.

Rambo is definitely back!!!
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This was easily one of the best action movies.
tribal_floorfilla24 January 2008
Being a huge Sylvester Stallone fan, I was more than happy just seeing him on screen again, and I would usually just be content watching any movie with Stallone, and that's what I went in expecting. But hell, was I wrong, this had me jumping up from my seat every 2 minutes. This had one hell of a message, and wasn't just a mindless action movie with gore. I loved each bit of the movie, and watching Stallone act so well was a total pleasure. It was also kind of shocking at how Stallone is still in physical form, considering his age. He was very flexible for his age, and that's also what helped push the movie further. Also, his ruthlessness in regards to the injustice. Overall, a brilliant 10/10 if you ask me.
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Rambo Should Have Ended The Franchise
Marian2026 September 2019
Sylvester Stallone just made another sequel to the Rambo franchise entitled,"Rambo:The Last Blood". Too bad that it faltered. It only made myself re-visit the better films of the franchise starting from "First Blood" and the other three Rambo sequels. After viewing all the films in the franchise,I have concluded that "Rambo" should have been the conclusion of the franchise.

Before presenting my case,let is briefly discuss what "Rambo" was all about. The film tells the story of John Rambo,who apparently is spending the rest of his life in Thailand. It seems that he is just living until the end of his life without any goals in mind. When he meets the American Christian evangelists, he felt that they were disturbing his peace. But when these evangelists got captured in Burma,Rambo made an effort to save them. Upon accomplishing his mission,he finally found hope and optimism through them and the last scene was definitely a great scene especially as we get to see Rambo return to his hometown in Arizona.

No question,this is definitely the second best film in the franchise behind "First Blood". It has a balance of character and action. Rambo's character was presented in a way wherein he found a renewed motivation in life through the influence of the Christian evangelists whom he saved at Burma. Added to that, it was definitely a gory and violent movie that exceeds both "Rambo:First Blood Part II" and "Rambo III". We get to see Rambo as a killing machine and the action scenes were definitely more violent than the previous two Rambo films.

In the end,this movie should have ended the franchise as it was a great send off to John Rambo. But unfortunately,"Rambo:The Last Blood" -the worst movie of the franchise - was made.
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Not Much Of A Talker, But He Can Kill With The Best Of 'em!
ccthemovieman-130 May 2008
Take the first 20 minutes of "Saving Private Ryan" - with soldiers limbs being shot off at the D-Day landing at Omaha Beach, add some magnificent jungle scenery and action a la "Tears Of The Sun, and put it all in " Blackhawk Down" mode with gunfire dominating the film....and you have the latest Rambo movie.

Hey, I knew it was going to be a tough, adventure story but this was a shock. I've never seen so many heads blown off, limbs blasted away with blood spurting out and holes blasted in the middle of chests and stomachs in one movie in my life.....and it's only 81 minutes long! (The last dozen minutes are ending credits.) Man, this is almost non-stop action and suspense/ Yeah, a bunch of it is overdone but overall, it still was an entertaining movie.

I know it sounds like some dumb Texas Chainsaw Massacre-type thing, but it wasn't despite the mayhem. There actually was a small story with a decent message about making your life stand for something. "Rambo Gets A Conscience" could be another title to this movie.

However, if you are the least bit squeamish about bloody violence, you better skip this movie. If you enjoy a good action movie and don't care if it gets a little gross in spots, this is your cup of tea......in spades. If you have any hostility in you, after 80 minutes of watching this, it should be gone.

After an absence of 20 years, Sylvester Stallone's "John Rambo" comes back to the screen. Rambo is the kind of guy you don't want on your college debate team but he's a number one draft choice on the field of battle. He's a man of few words and a lot of testosterone. With veins popping out of his arms like a 25-year-old bodybuilder, Stallone looks more juiced than Barry Bonds but at least it makes him look the part, even if he does have bags under his eyes. I liked Stallone's comeback in the recent "Rocky Balboa" better, but this was still an entertaining flick.

The middle-aged John Rambo was more realistic than the male missionary, "Michael Burnett," who was a bit obnoxious for who he was playing. I've met a number of missionaries and none of them act or sound like this guy, but that's the film world for you. The guy with the Australian accent who was the "leaders" of the mercenary group was a bit over-the-top and cartoon-like with the profanity. With him, and the Burmese rebel leader, you had no probably identifying who the a-holes were in this movie, and who were the good guys. They weren't too subtle about that. Then again, the action scenes weren't too subtle, either - but it was entertaining, in a sick sort of way.

One last thing that everyone should agree with: this was nicely filmed, with fantastic jungle scenery. Kudos for cinematographer Glen MacPherson and director Stallone for some incredible shots. I cannot imagine how good this must look on a high-definition disc.
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About what you'd expect
daveygandthekeyboard30 January 2008
A 60 year old Stallone as an ex-soldier who can still kick ass is more believable than him as a 60 year old boxer--it's one of the things that worked about this...ahem..film. I felt the same way after watching the last Rocky movie as I did after watching this. It was good, but ultimately pointless; you know that the peace-corp types will be wrong, and violence will be the only solution, and it will result in a major bloodbath (seriously the most violent of the series). Rambo has no surprises. That said, Rambo is enormously entertaining, violent as hell, and you get what you came for. It will definitely satisfy fans of the series, though I had a weird feeling when I left the theater: did I really just pay to see Rambo? Wow...
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Rambo came home at last...
slideshowp27 December 2019
Stallone's getting old... 60 years old, deep-set eyes, covered with wrinkles, face fat almost neck together...

At first sight, I almost cried...

An idol who was once a god... Compared with the governor's hard, rambo and Loki these two characters feel a more tragic color, I think this and Scott's blue eyes are inseparable...

Rambo is a killing machine, the battlefield is destined to be his home, he showed that the attitude of peace is really charming... Especially in the first episode of the first blood, I think that's the real rambo...

At the end of the film, rambo finally comes home to the land on the other side of the ocean. In this sense, rambo 4 is a good ending.

Shi daguang spent his old age peacefully, your image of shirtless, wearing a headband and carrying a grenade launcher will stay in our hearts forever...
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The Rambo Franchise Should Have Ended With This Film
RealChristian1428 September 2019
After 20 years of not releasing another film with the Rambo franchise, Sylvester Stallone released another sequel following "Rambo III" from 1988 to this film simply entitled "Rambo" in 2008.

"Rambo" follows the story of John Rambo after his reconnaissance mission at Afghanistan. The movie starts when we see Rambo living the remainder of his life at Thailand. But when he meets Christian evangelists whom he saves from the military at Burma, he unknowingly finds hope and optimism. It also changes his outlook in life after having another violent experience on another rescue mission at Burma. It was evident that Sarah Miller was a big part of Rambo's change in character.

The ending of this film was perfect was we get to see the final scene wherein Rambo arrives at his hometown at Arizona. That was a fitting conclusion to the franchise.

It was rather unfortunate that another film called "Rambo:The Last Blood" was made wherein Rambo goes back to his violent ways and means. The new movie also neglects the development that the character arrives as well as the character that we first knew in "First Blood" as we see Rambo becomes a violent and sadistic person who is ready to kill and put the law into his own hands. It was seen that the first four films have shown that Rambo only resorts to violence when it is necessary: when defending himself as well as others and when he is on a rescue mission. The first four films have established that.Added to that,we also get to see Rambo in a new character direction after he arrived in his hometown.

"Rambo" was a perfect ending to the franchise. Too bad that the filmmakers tried to squeeze more money from the franchise with the fifth film known as "Last Blood". This only ruined the franchise and it even elevates the third film - "Rambo III" - which was regarded by many as the worst film as "Last Blood" takes over its place.
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Not a man of many words but definitely a man of action
sampsonart19 September 2019
I grew up with the Rambo movies as a kid.. born in 1977, I found myself watching all of Sly's movies.. most of which I loved.. he's an underrated actor, writer and director in my opinion. He directed this one and I thought it was awesome. Brutal, intense and just insane!! I loved it
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Shockingly Awesome
*(CableGuy)*27 January 2008
I have to say, this exceeded any expectations I had for a Rambo film. This is no sad comeback farce, this is the real deal. Sylvester Stallone plays to his strengths, using his age (and mileage) to his advantage as a haunted old bulwark. There's no oiled-up posturing or sad old man-boobs on display. The drama's quick and to the point. Rambo maybe speaks 50 words throughout.

Gone is the ridiculous action hero of Rambo 2 or 3, gunning down hundreds of bad guys alone atop a hill without cover. This Rambo sticks to stealth and surprise, and he has allies that are both memorable and competent, which is nice for a change.

I will also say Rambo has the most consistent and realistic gore you've ever seen. You could call it over-the-top, but really I think it's just as close to real as you'll get. Limbs get blown off, heads get sheared, children are killed on-camera. It's all in your face, not as exploitation, but simply illustrating what it really means to rain lead upon a human being.

Let's not kid ourselves, this isn't the film to end war, and in the end, it's a kick-ass action movie. It does exhibit some conscience without hitting you over the head with it. Burma really is one of the prime shames of the human race, and I'm glad to see this movie bring attention to it.

I feel so happy that Stallone could pull of such a great movie. He really does care about this character and this movie, and it shows. If you don't like heap big explodo, this ain't your flick. But if you like action, it's a can't-miss. Seriously!
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The best action movie in over a decade
Smells_Like_Cheese4 February 2008
I remember the first time that I saw First Blood, I thought it was going to be a typical silly action movie, but it turned into one of the best action movies I had seen. I remember hearing about the Rambo sequel which was at the time titled "John Rambo" with "Rocky Balboa", I saw Rocky and was very disappointed, so I was assuming the same was going to be with Rambo. But after some promising reviews, I went ahead and saw it today and this is seriously the best action movie in years. I couldn't believe how incredible this movie was, it was brutal, terrifying, but had a great story. Sylvester Stallone still has it, and is incredible, I can't believe how great he looked and how he still hasn't lost his edge. The reason why this movie worked is because I think he really understands John Rambo, this movie could have never worked without his touch.

John Rambo lives in Vietnam as a guide of the river, he makes a living collecting snakes for a sport for the villagers. There is a huge war going on, a civil war, where the Vietnamese are brutally killing villagers if not taking their boys and making them into soldiers, and violently raping their women. When a peace group who is convinced that they will change everyone's ways asks John to bring them into the war, they go into more than they expected when they are captured. John has to go back into action to save their lives and bring them back home safely.

Rambo is seriously the best film that I have seen so far in 2008, the only thing that was disturbing to me is that the civil war is not far from the truth at all and how brutal it was, but it was nice to have a good guy to root for and have hope that some people can regain their faith in the goodness in people. I was thinking today how weird it is, this is a genuine action movie, the one people have been waiting for years to have, and it took the old school to bring back that exciting feeling. I highly recommend Rambo, believe me, this is an excellent movie and I can't wait to have it on video. Sylvester is back and he's better than ever, Rambo is still awesome and so much fun to watch.

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Returns to the excellence of the original...
tccandler25 January 2008
Do you want to know how good "Rambo" is? Well, if it had been released in 2007, I would have had it ranked just outside my Top 10. It is somewhat embarrassing to admit that -- after all, the franchise had become a joke after the 1985 and 1988 sequels. Those two efforts had completely undermined and overshadowed the brilliance of the original, "First Blood".

This latest effort from actor / writer / director, Sylvester Stallone, is a gut-twisting, soul-pounding action adventure that will have the squeamish running for the aisles. It is so intensely violent that it boggles the mind how Stallone managed to avoid an NC17 or an X. Then again, with the MPAA's hypocrisy never in doubt, I am not that shocked.

Years after our last encounter with the lonesome warrior, we find him living as peaceful a life as possible on the banks of a Burmese river. John Rambo has severed all remaining ties with the outside world, choosing to survive with his knife, his arrows and his boat. That existence is turned upside-down when a peace group consisting of doctors and missionaries ask for his assistance in getting up river, deep the heart of a genocidal Burma.

Rambo's initial reaction is to shun the group, telling them to "Go home... nothing can be done here." His defiance lasts only until Sarah (Julie Benz), a fair-headed beauty, guilt-trips him into doing something more with his life. She says, "When you're trying to save a life, you're not wasting yours." I suppose that if there is a theme underlying all the extreme violence and carnage of this story, it is this -- "that it is better to die fighting for something, than to live fighting for nothing." When the peace mission goes horribly wrong and a village is massacred, "Rambo" and a team of mercenaries are called upon to go in and rescue Sarah and her colleagues. What ensues is an astonishing sequence of brutality, the likes of which has never really been seen in a mainstream release. I am pretty good at holding my lunch under any circumstances, but "Rambo" pushed my boundaries to the limit. There are some scenes which obliterate the senses in every way. If you are looking for a visceral cinematic experience, make sure to see this film on a massive screen with a cranked-up sound system. The 19-inch Sanyo will not do this film justice.

I loved every single second of this bloody, disgusting barrage. The scenes were directed superbly, keeping the audience fully aware of the unfolding events without any of the typical confusion seen in most action flicks. The visuals and the sounds combine to literally move you in your theater seat. "Rambo" places you in right next to the explosions... right next to the relentlessly rhythmical bass-line of gunfire. There are no cut-aways in this movie.

With all that praise heaped on the action scenes, it might be easy to overlook the unexpected. The acting, the dialogue, the music, the cinematography -- each and every aspect of the film is far better than you would typically suspect from this franchise.

Stallone and Benz are wonderful in what amounts to an unspoken attraction between two very different people. Their scenes together are among the strongest moments in the movie. Stallone manages to do here what he managed with "Rocky Balboa" -- he returns to the roots of the character, creating two finales that rival the originals in both franchises. They are both so supremely well done that one can easily forgive the directions they took during the mid to late 1980's.

Listen... I went in to this film expecting very little. I hoped for some action, some brooding Vietnam resentment, and some of that familiar Rambo theme music. I got everything I asked for and a whole lot more. Without giving anything away, there is a moment, late in the film, when Rambo stands atop a hill, staring down at Sarah -- That moment got to me the way I never expected possible from this character. It is a very lonely moment. I felt for the guy. But I wasn't crying... that was just popcorn seasoning that got in my eye. I swear! TC Candler IndependentCritics.com
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