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The best cinematic experience of my life.
Michael V Fosho10 December 2007
It was disgusting, perverse, and childish, and I loved every minute of it--including the times I wanted to throw up. There were quite a few of those. If you're a longtime Troma fan, or if you just like the idea of a musical about zombie chickens full of nudity, gore, and satire, then this movie is for you. The first five minutes delivered more than most movies can in two hours. It was the best Troma movie I've ever seen. The acting was actually good! Don't wait for it to come out on video. Find a theater near you that shows it. I drove 2 hours to see it, and I regret nothing. Nothing. Thank you, Lloyd Kaufman. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
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It's Tromarific!!!
LoneWolfAndCub5 April 2008
Poultrygeist: Night of the Chicken Dead is Troma's latest offering and easily one of their best movies. Loaded with everything that makes Troma awesome; copious gore, breasts, sex, lesbians, political incorrectness, scatological humour, fat people, slime, car crashes...did I mention gore and sex?? Poultrygeist tells the wonderful story of an American Chicken Bunker fast food store being built on an Ancient Indian Burial Ground (the 'Tromahawk' tribe, to be precise). Young Arbie decides to work there to defy his now ex-girlfriend (who is now a lesbian). What follows is, in typical Troma style, the employees fending off a horde of zombie-chickens who want to the humans flesh.

Lloyd Kaufman has returned to his 'Toxic Avenger' roots and gone for a gross-out comedy/musical/horror that is so much fun, it is hard not to love. Consistently funny the whole way through, with some excellent musical numbers and some truly disgusting special effects, 'Poultrygeist' proves that morally incorrect satire is still alive and kicking. The fact that movies like 'Meet the Spartans' get theatrical releases and this doesn't further proves something needs to be done to get these far superior flicks out for everyone else to enjoy.

Of course, you have to take into account that the acting is not that good (although surprisingly passable), it looks cheap, the story is incredibly random and illogical and it IS shocking. The point of the movie is to be as foul as possible, and it works. The last 20 minutes are a non-stop gore-fest that is bound to please gorehounds around the world.

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You'll laugh, you'll scream, you'll wish you hadn't eaten
CarolynneD24 August 2007
By offending absolutely everyone, POULTRYGEIST can offend no one ... and even if it did, they would be laughing too hard to do anything about it. Nothing is safe from ridicule in this gory TROMA comedy -- fast food people, lesbian people, fat people, Middle Eastern people, Latino people, zombie people, middle-aged male people in scout skirts and thongs ... they all get Tromatized! In addition to buckets of chocolate pudding, chicken guts and lime gelatin, this movie also contains singing and dancing, which sends an over-the-top film right over the edge. Bring a strong stomach, a sense of humor ... and any friends who don't take themselves too seriously.
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Shocked, Offended, Grossed Out...And It Was Hilarious!
Samualt27 July 2008
This was my first Troma film and the most outrageous thing I've ever seen. It is not for the faint of heart or straight laced ignoramuses. This is gonzo cinema all the way. It contains lots of blood, slime, low ball humor, nudity, singing, more blood, more slime, some more blood, and even more disgusting low ball humor. This movie gets really really disgusting and silly in case you haven't guessed. So, get some friends together, grab some brews, and laugh till you drop. The talented and beautiful Kate Graham does some fine acting as well as the lead Jason Yachanin. The movie couldn't have been cast better. The plot may be a little silly but it works well for this genre (comedy horror exploitation.) A must see!
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Loved Every Minute Of It
ary080044 April 2008
Oh joy of joys,why aren't there more movies like this around.From the opening scene in the cemetery,the songs,"Fast Food Love",is no.1 on my hit parade"MY MEAT IN YOUR BUNS MAKES A SPECIAL SAUCE",LOL,and should be on everybody's,funny as hell yet somehow,bizarrely,touching.The chemistry between the two leads is obvious,and is why this movie works so well for me,apart from the hundreds of other crazy scenes and dialouge.Troma somehow melds all this craziness and disgustingly hilarious anarchy into an almost perfect piece of z-grade pap,but as with almost all Troma film's,there always seems to be an underlying "eco" message in there somewhere,where i'm not exactly,sure but you just know it's in there somewhere.But hey don't take my word for it,buy it,rent it,watch it at a drive-in,(perfect drive-in fare),but whatever you do ,indulge.8/10.
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"The chickens! The chickens have come back from the dead!!"
schism1011 June 2008
If you love troma, then you will no doubt be wanting to see Lloyd Kaufman's latest opus POULTRYGEIST: NIGHT OF THE CHICKEN DEAD. It is one of the most entertaining films that i've had the pleasure to sit through. You want OTT, then this film brings it, almost outdoing itself, yet still filled with enough ideas, action and humour that can fill a 100 films! The simple plot is, the American chicken bunker fast food chain has built a new restaurant over an ancient Indian burial ground, yet unbeknowist to them, the Indian spirits are restless and seeking revenge, leading to the body's of the dead chickens coming back to life and causing havoc all around, while at the same time our hero, Arbie, has to fend off the mutant chicken zombies, while trying to win back his former girlfriend, Wendy, who has become a 'left wing lipstick lesbian!' Nothing is sacred in tromaville and everything is under attack, from right wing bigots, left wing protesters, jihad obsessed suicide bombers, Indians, the handicapped, the American public in general, corporate culture and political correctness all backed by buckets of bloody over the top gore and musical numbers!! If you have a chance to see this then do so, as you will not regret seeing it, though be warned its troma, so leave your sense of seriousness at the door!!
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Troma fans unite, and rejoice at the release of POULTREYGIEST!
Jeff Chitty24 September 2007
This film may be the most absurd, violent, gory offensive and hysterical film I have ever seen!

I loved every minute of it!

Troma fans delight, Lloyd has returned with a film definitely worth waiting all of these years for, and he pulls no punches and makes no appologies. There is at least one thing in this film to offend nearly everyone in the audience.

It is gleefully sick and twisted and made me laugh so hard that I cried and my stomach hurt. One person in the row with me nearly vomited!

It will not be coming to DVD for quite some time, so if this film comes to your town GO SEE IT AT ALL COSTS! You will not be disappointed!
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Troma Sweet Troma
chaos-rampant5 April 2008
Troma's return to form is probably one of the better pictures they've ever produced. In the Troma scale Poultrygeist takes the full 10/10. Watch it for zombie chickens, gay Mexican chicken tackos, inbred trailer trash chicken f-ckers, the most insane 15 minutes of gore I've seen in some time, a Ron Jeremy cameo, fundamendalist Muslim hotties defending America, musical numbers, bucketloads of green slime, blood and sh it, a man transforming into a giant egg with a giant zombie chicken hatching out of it, laugh out loud moments and of course that very familiar car crash stunt. Heck this is as good as it gets. In case you're wondering, no this is not one of those movies where the description is better than the actual movie.
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Great dramatic potential, but they had to make it into a musical!
siderite23 February 2010
The movie is in the same time gory, funny, stupid, musical (complete with dance routines), offensive, gross , racist and it features Ron Jeremy in a cameo. It's what you get when you build a chicken fast food on an Native American burial ground in Tromaville.

You have to understand that I just had to watch it all. I knew it was sick, but I did it anyway. I rated it 3 stars because the musical scenes annoyed me, otherwise I would have rated it 2, that is: so bad it is worth watching.

Truth be told, the movie had great potential for fun, I was in a continued state of disgust but with a happy smile on my face at the same time. However, the jokes almost turned into one of those Scary Movie kind and that potential was partially lost.

It is not with zombie chickens, but people zombies with chicken attributes. It is not really a horror movie, but a parody. It is what you would get for crossing American Pie with Poltergeist, Scary Movie and a political movie against fast food chains. Damn effective, too. I can't imagine anyone actually eating chicken after they saw this film. You will find yourselves unconsciously ordering veal or pork and not know why :)

Bottom line: could have been better, but who am I kidding? They never went for quality here. Had some good jokes amongst a lot of average to bad ones.
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A C-level attempt at White Bread Trash
radfordj27 April 2012
Don't waste your time with this C-Level attempt at white bread trash. This movie plays on a ton of movie tropes that almost seem ironic and playful with the horror genre...but are funny only to 16 year old boys. If that's not you, don't watch this movie. If you are a 16 year old boy, don't watch this movie. It will actually make you less of a person. The acting is good given the writing, directing, and general concept behind the movie. The premise is good. The execution is good. It's polished. But, it's a movie that Matt Parker and Trey Stone wrote in middle school. Watch Cannibal: the Musical or save yourself for some other genuine, crappy movie like Hot Shots: Part Deux or Scary Movie. Don't waste your time with this C-Level attempt at white bread trash.
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I saw the Northeastern Premeir in Maine...
Dylan Palme9 September 2007
... and I loved it. This has to be one of the greatest movies I've seen. I haven't been to a theater to see a movie in years and when I heard that this one was coming within an hour of my house I just knew I had to go. It was the greatest time I've had in a theater, though the lesbian make out scenes were a little strange to watch sitting next to my dad. After the screening Lloyd Kaufman did a brief Q&A and hung out in the lobby with fans for a little while. Lloyd is one of the nicest people I have met.

If Poultrygeist comes anywhere near you, go see it. You'll be a better person for it.
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So bad it's... Bad.
npettinato147 December 2012
Troma has become self-aware in its flagrant appeal to the "so bad its good" crowd. That concept can be hilariously funny, but only when played straight. Movies like "Troll 2" are entertaining because the director had a serious horror flick in mind, but lacked the budget or (more often) talent to execute his vision.

"Poultrygeist" pretends to be a schlocky, Z-grade flick, but it actually comes full circle and remains awful. The jokes are intended to be low-brow and the effects are an intentional nudge to low-budget horror. This is a bit like the woman from the "Where's the beef?" commercials of the 1980s. It was initially funny, but once the gag has been played over-and-over, ad nauseum, it becomes pathetic. It makes you wonder if they have anything beyond their one-dimensional schtick.

This movie is utter garbage and doesn't entertain on any level. If you laughed, you're probably already a fan of Troma. I can't imagine this appealing to anyone beyond fanboys.
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Kiosk Rating <1
westsideschl28 December 2011
The best part of the film is in the bonus features and is from a person who walked around with a camera documenting everyone involved in making the film as it was sort of being made. It showed the anger, frustration, cussing, ineptness behind the scenes. After seeing that, which I suggest viewers see before seeing the film, I can understand why the target audience is 10 to 14 year old males given that the adults actors were, for the most part, regressing to or never egressed from that period in life. Yes, we all know it's all a very low budget spoof of the sex/horror stuff that's been around for decades. But, whether it's high or low budget the "for money & status" task of simply redoing without creativity or imagination is just plain boring.

Acting? Never was a consideration unless you count one or two, brought in for 10 seconds or so, cameo spots. Setting? An abandoned fast food restaurant. Props, costumes? Reused from previous movies for the most part. Rubber penis; Halloween store nasty trick stuff; fake internal organs; detached plastic/rubber legs, arms, heads. I wonder if the gallons of fake blood and green gooey stuff was previously used?

The inverse ratio test of quality: Over 200 special thanks/citizen volunteers; 28 personal assistants; 26 songs. That's too much low quality filler. I wonder if Rome got to this point before it fell?
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Run for your life!
tamimarie22826 August 2009
Warning: Spoilers
This is one of the worst movies I have ever seen in my life. I couldn't believe that the entire thing is over two hours long. I only had to sit through five minutes and I couldn't take it anymore. I'm the type of gal who can sit through some pretty horrible movies but this one I couldn't even look at the TV. That's saying something right there. It was all about dry humping and having something in his other hand and the acting made me want to hurl. There was nothing to this movie at all and it was a waste of time making it. I didn't even get to see the chickens because I shut it down right away. Anyone who has sat through this entire piece of crap must be the most bored or the most brave person to ever watch movies. I couldn't stand it.
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A cinematic atrocity
T. J. (Xanthochroid)7 April 2008
To be short and blunt, Poultrygeist is abhorrent. The film is an epitome of the horrors of cinema - poor acting, ghastly costume design, characters breaking out into song, extreme, extreme toilet gags and the inclusion of senseless T & A. The concept is amusing but the presentation is lackluster and unpleasantly tasteless.

I watched Poultrygeist with an open mind. I knew it was going to be bad, in fact I counted on it. Bad films can be a lot of fun. But I could have never imagined just how revolting this movie was. Not just revolting due to the over-saturation of bodily fluids, unsympathetic characters and canyon-sized plot holes, but revolting for its sheer existence. I am truly saddened that human beings are capable of creating such an abomination.

Troma deals in making stinkers, but they're (for the most part) enjoyable stinkers. Poultrygeist is far from enjoyable to the point where it can be said that there is nothing redeemable about this film. Nothing at all.

In summary, avoid Poultrygeist at all costs.
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Great Film... by far Troma's best
Jeremy Morrison20 August 2007
I had the chance to see this film at the B-Movie celebration in Franklin, Indiana. The film is well worth the wait. If you have a chance to see it on the big screen it is a must! It looked so amazing. The film itself is well written and the musical numbers are just beautiful. The ending will quickly replace Eli Roth's Hostel: Part II as the greatest ending in the history of cinema. I salute Lloyd, Gabe, Kiel and the rest of the Troma team for making the BEST film in Troma's amazing catalog of films. Again, if you get a chance to see this with an audience, DO IT! I drove 5 1/2 hours to see it in Franklin and will drive another 2 hours to see the actual premiere in Milwaukee, WI.

xoxo, Jeremy
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Totally stupid packed with recycled jokes
metalrage66614 April 2013
Warning: Spoilers
I had high expectations when I settled in to watch this, (well, as high as one can get with a Troma movie), however even for them this seems to be nothing more than an drunken excuse to sully their "So bad it's good" reputation. To say that this movie took so many years from script writing to the final product is really indicative of the problems that are obvious throughout the movie as it doesn't gel together like many other Troma films seem to do.

This movie is just plain bad in every sense. It starts off fine enough with a young couple, (Arbie & Wendy), getting it on in a old Native American burial ground and before you know it, in typical Troma fashion, the place gets bulldozed and paved over to make way for a burger joint. Suffice to say, the deceased members of the "Tromahawk" tribe are none too happy about it.

Arbie has returned to the spot of his one and only sexual encounter and found that burger chain, American Chicken Bunker now stands on the site and Wendy has become a lesbian who's in the midst of protesting the fast-food chain along with her activist girlfriend. So naturally Arbie decides the best way to get revenge, is to get a job there.

From there the movie seems to really lack that panache that made many other Troma movies, as low-budget as they may be, enjoyable to watch. I didn't really see the point in having musical numbers throughout the movie, which just slowed it right down. After the first 2 songs, I found myself fast-forwarding the rest as they didn't even add to the story.

With a movie like this, you expect bad acting, poor effects, little story, nudity and over-the-top death and dismemberment scenes, yet even knowing this before hand, still won't prepare you for this futile attempt at making a low-budget and watchable movie. The sort of stuff that made Toxic Avenger, Class of Nuke Em High and the original Mothers Day etc. the trashy classics that they are.

There are quite a number of disgusting and inventive torturous death scenes and random displays of nudity in Poultrygeist to keep most fans of exploitive movies happy throughout, (the woman who gets her breast implants ripped out is a new one), however if you're no stranger to Troma films, there's very little that hasn't been done before. Instead of Zombie Rednecks, Zombie Kids or Rabid Grannies, it's simply Zombie Chicken people who are now disemboweling people, which leaves me to wonder why even make a movie like this. The overall premise of the story is trashy enough to make a fun blood-drenched movie, but the singing, child-like acting and recycled humour just made it boring to watch, (I fell asleep twice while watching this), so there's my summation of Poultrygeist - A snooze-fest.
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What the hell??...
emlouise24 August 2008
Warning: Spoilers
Oh my god,I sat and watched this film even though my partner kept saying "seriously,turn it off,its crap" I kept telling him it would get better,its bound to get better,guess what,. it didn't!. What a totally pointless film this was,was it a horror?,a musical? a wanna-be low budget porn film?? I really don't know!! I do know one thing though (and it kills me to say this) my partner was right!! The ending did make me laugh a little,only 'cos it was so unrealistic so unbelievable and fake,I do like films that have too much gore and where things explode out of the body and give life to grotesque things,in this case killer mutant chickens,That is the only reason I'm giving this one a Two.
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Troma Should Just Call it Quits
Scars_Remain1 April 2008
This movie, if you can even call it that, is a complete waste of time and of film. Granted, I haven't seen a ton of Troma's films, this is easily the worst I've seen thus far. I have no idea why people are giving this movie so much praise. It was a very agonizing experience for me and it makes no sense why anyone would enjoy it.

Usually musicals are musicals because the songs fit nicely with the story. Was that the case Poultrygeist? Hell no, the producers just thought it would be funny to add songs! The acting is terrible as usual with Troma so no surprises there. The only thing surprising to me is how Troma has been producing films for years but they never seem to get any better at film-making. The gore was alright in this but definitely not enough to make it worth seeing.

Take it from me, don't see this movie. You'll be upset if you do because it's worthless and should be thrown away.
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Troma's best!!!
CrimsonKingLives18 February 2009
I'm a huge fan of Troma films, especially the Toxic Avenger flicks, although I haven't seen a lot lot of Troma movies (Tromeo and Juliet's one of my faves also) This movie is freaking hilarious! It's very low budget, but watching the movie, it doesn't look like it. The acting, for a Troma film, is great, the effects are good, and just the production values look good.

The whole film is satire, and you'd have to have a really good, open sense of humor to enjoy it. Those who hate it obviously didn't "get" it, thinking it took itself too seriously, or maybe they just think Juno is the only funny movie out there.

It's insanely gory and over-the-top with some pretty disgusting moments (durrrr) and just plain fun and hilarious. Also, the musical numbers are pretty sweet!! ANY Troma fan should see this and love it, and even if you've never seen a Troma film, THIS is where you should start! Poultrygeist is an 8/10 !!
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Super raunchy and super funny.
Deja (kimtmo)21 November 2007
This move is an odd mixture of gross out raunchy, and wonderful satire, mixed in with surprisingly appealing musical numbers.

I mean really really raunchy and gross out. Not for weak of stomach, but the satire makes up for it. If you liked Rocky Horror Picture Show, you may like this.

The story has been detailed elsewhere. I think it could have been a better film without all the gratuitous raunchiness..it still would have been as funny as all get out.

Satire is not seen in films today and this one is done very well in that aspect, poking fun at many aspects of popular culture.
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arminio13 August 2007
I saw it at Slovenian Grossmann film festival before few days (with Lloyd introducing the movie by himself!) and I am stunned! This is without doubt absolutely the most pleasantly outrageous Troma movie so far! And, boy, it is funny as hell and "takes no prisoners" while making parody of everything - from American style of living, fast food chains, American political & military situation, gay&lesbian groups, terrorism... to zombie movies in general and classic movie clichés... Filled with some inventive and never-before-seen over the top gore (occasionally it is gorier and in the same time funnier than Braindead!), extremely catchy songs, tons of humor and Lloyd in thongs, this is instant Troma classic!

Bravo Lloyd!
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Troma is Back! Gorier, trashier and more demented than ever!
Coventry14 April 2007
The last genuine Troma class-sick got released almost a decade ago already ("Terror Firmer"), but "Poultrygeist" was definitely worth waiting for all these years! Lloyd Kaufman and C° truly surpassed themselves with this over-the-top gooey, absurd, chaotic and unbelievably entertaining splatter-flick that easily ranks amongst the eccentric production company's best efforts, next to "The Toxic Avenger", "Mother's Day" and "The Incredible Torture Show". This movie doesn't feature a single serious moment and the script is just a non-stop spitfire of immature toilet-humor, unsubtle political satire, goofy sleaze, retarded dialogs & song-lyrics and repulsively gross make-up effects. The crazy title doesn't only sound cool, there actually is a connection with Spielberg's ghost story "Poltergeist", as the basic premise also revolves on the desecration of an ancient Indian burial ground, only the elaboration of the idea is *slighty* more grotesque. The fast-food chain American Chicken Bunker built a new restaurant in Tromaville where the cursed burial ground used to be and the furious spirits of the Native Americans invade the carcasses of the frozen chickens to attack the obese & disrespectful guests. Local dork Arbie applies for a job at ACB, only to annoy his ex-girlfriend Wendy who turned into a college-lesbian and protests against the exploitation of poor defenseless chickens. Eventually Arbie, Wendy and a handful of other survivors will have to save the world from a constantly increasing army of zombie-chickens. What a totally demented movie! You can't really blame Lloyd Kaufman of discriminating certain races or social classes, because he offensively assaults everyone! The satire is mainly aimed at the American fast-food industry and military propaganda, but Kaufman simultaneously makes fun of Hollywood, the battle of the sexes and every type of religious belief. The gore & splatter is nauseating and outrageous, but – as usual with Troma – the effect is more hilarious than shocking. You'll see people transform into humongous chickens, exaggeratedly wild fountains of spurting blood, decapitations & crushed heads, nasty green vomit and – especially – a whole lot of unconventional stuff either going in or coming out of people's rear end. Usually I don't even like musicals, but the song lyrics in "Poultrygeist" are equally deranged and scandalous as the rest of the screenplay. Maintaining good old Troma-traditions, this new effort also contains a lot of rancid nudity (male & female), tasteless camera-work and a whole lot of delightful cameos of Kaufman's old friends, like Ron Jeremy and Trey Parker. I'm rating this 10/10 for pure entertainment value and nostalgia. I really don't care if it's basically just utter crap and provocative nonsense, it's 100% guaranteed fun
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Good effort but bit too much ..
Amit K21 March 2008
The movie started well but ended up with too much of non sense and forced comedy. Comparatively other movies like Braindead and Shawn of the dead were miles ahead.

It would help to have some laughs but can get on nerves after sometime. Too many songs and less of story line scored the movie down. Don't go by those over exaggerated reviews...

If you are desperate to watch a movie to have few laughs then it might do well for sometime. But i was not happy with how the movie was carried further.

The acting was reasonable.

I will give it a 5.

i would recommend black comedies like botched rather.
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Gorier than braindead and funnier, Tromas best!
mgproductions200620 March 2008
This is by far troma's best movie

it starts out with these 2 people making out in a grave yard and just from the 1st line its hilarious.

the whole movie is so funny and the last 20 minutes will DEFFANTLY not disappoint as you will see things like "Breast implants ripped out,eyes ripped out, arms ripped out, balls ripped out" every thing possible is mutilated in this movie 10x more realistic than others like toxic avenger and 10x more excruciatingly gory and hilarious than any other.

This movie is entertaining from start to finish and not one scene will leave you thinking "oh my god i'm so bored when will this end."

Any one remember the eye rip out scene from the movie "naked blood" Well thats nothing compared to the over 10 eye rip outs you will see in this movie.

The scene that probably got to me the most was when he was turning into a chicken and he touches his body and when he pushes down you see his fingernails fall off. its a simple scene but i found it disgusting.

Braindead is off the list for most gory movie ever. welcome POULTRYGEIST NIGHT OF THE CHICKEN DEAD

P.S : you may think this is coming from some one who doesn't know many horrors "WRONG" i have watched many like Slaughtered vomit dolls Guinea pig series All night long series Salo or the 120 days of sodom man behind the sun toxic avenger 1,2,3,4 etc..

and this makes the top of the list by far.
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