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Zoë Bell: Zoë Bell (segment "Death Proof")



  • [Kim and Zoe are convincing Abernathy to convince Jasper to take his 1970 Dodge Challenger for a test drive] 

    Zoe : What are you going to do? Blow him?

    Abernathy : [repulsed]  No!

    Abernathy : [pause]  I'm going to insinuate that Lee is.

  • Zoe : [jumps up after being thrown from the hood of the car]  I'm ok!

  • Kim : Oh you know I can't let you go...

    Abernathy : Kim?

    Kim : Not without tappin' that ass...

    Zoe Bell : Umm Kim?

    Kim : One... More... TIME!

  • Zoe : I'll be your slave. I'll do anything you want... I'll even crack your back.

    Kim : You'll do that anyways.

    Zoe : Yes, but this time, you won't even have to ask, you can just say "Bitch, do it" and I'll do it.

  • Kim : Now, what did you say after the last time?

    Zoe Bell : Look, I know what I said...

    Kim : What did you say?

    Zoe Bell : I know I said we shouldn't do this again...

    Kim : No! You didn't say we shouldn't, you said we ain't ever gonna do that again.

    Zoe Bell : Yeah, but...

    Kim : But, my ass! You said not only are we never gonna play "ships mast" again, but you also said that if you ever do what you're trying to do now, to not only refuse, but that I had permission to physically restrain your ass if necessary. Now, did you or did you not say that?

    Zoe Bell : What...!

    Kim : No, no, no, no! Answer the question, motherfucker! Did you or did you not say that?

    Zoe Bell : Yes, I said that. However...

    Kim : Whatever witch your however.

  • [last lines] 

    Stuntman Mike : Be careful, my right arm's broken!

    Kim : What, *this*?


    Stuntman Mike : Oww!

    Abernathy : Such a fuckin' cry-baby!

    [punches Mike, the other girls take turns] 

    Zoe : Oh, you want some of this?

    Abernathy : Fuck yeah!

    Kim : Come here!

    Abernathy : Ha ha ha!

    [series of punches] 

    Abernathy : Motherfucker!

    Kim : Motherfucker!

    Abernathy : Asshole!

    [Zöe delivers a spinning kick to Mike's face, and the girls throw their hands up in victory] 

  • Zoe : You know some cultures might say he made the wiser choice.

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