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God-awful Family Film with Little to Offer
PoisonKeyblade9 August 2007
After sitting through the entirety of Daddy Day Camp, I have to wonder what was going through everyone's minds who were involved in the making. The most likely reason was probably them thinking, "Is it really possible to make a movie this year that is worse than Evan Almighty and Delta Farce? Let's go for it!" Fortunately, Daddy Day Camp is nowhere near as horrible as those other two films, but lord know that it does come very close. This abomination of a movie somehow manages to feature a great actor, Cuba Gooding, Jr., in by far his worst role yet.

Anyone even slightly familiar with the first film will know the deal here. Low on money, Charlie Hinton decides to open up a camp similar to the day care service he ran in the first movie. Along the way, he must resolve problems with his father and show his son that he really loves him.

Yes, I know the plot sucks. While the first movie wasn't anything to write home about, Daddy Day Camp is about a thousand times worse. In the few scenes where there is supposed to be something meaningful occurring, everything just comes off in the wrong way. It might be because everything about this careless sequel is just ridiculous. Was it really necessary to make a sequel? The first film is almost entirely disregarded and almost every role is recast (although I haven't seen the first one in quite some time so there might not be any of the original cast members returning.) When Eddie Murphy turned down the movie, they should have just dropped it and forgotten about it. He was part of what made the first movie work, to some sort of level. His manic energy, his great comedic timing, his general appeal… Cuba Gooding Jr. is a great actor, but this role was just altogether wrong for him. It just didn't work as well as it should have. That being said, however, he was certainly the best aspect about this utterly atrocious film.

Daddy Day Camp is missing much of the magic that made the first movie watchable. None of the scene meld together very well (some of the younger characters go from heartfelt moments, to being rude to other kids for no reason to be rude and increasingly annoying) and the writing and dialogue are as unbelievable as they come. The villain is just pathetic, and the lesson that is supposed to be learned by the end of the film is a very weak one. Since none of the younger characters follow this lesson throughout the movie or seem to have learned anything by the film's end, it all feels just so useless. There are also, of course, those same old gross-out gags that you find in any boring family comedy. Here, however, they are not done as tastefully as in Underdog or as effectively as in the Cheaper By the Dozen films. In Daddy Day Camp, just like with the first film, it is pretty much lame gag after lame gag, watching flashy boring moments thrown onto the screen in the hopes that something will stick and not come off as completely and totally immature. In the first film, more often than not, most of the gags worked to a certain extent. In this film, there are very few redeeming factors, though. Barely any of those gags work. In fact, I didn't even crack a smile throughout the whole movie, and I am incredibly easy to please.

Another huge problem of the film was that most of the child actors were not only annoying, but their acting was so bad that I wanted to kill myself. Each person had their moments, but the kids mostly came off as incredibly inexperienced. Movies as bad as Daddy Day Camp could at least have the common decency to provide us with a semi-likable cast of children that won't annoy us to death throughout the movie. The people who cast this predictable shame of a movie should have learned a lesson from the talents of the kids in the feature film adaption of How to Eat Fried Worms. All of those kids were incredibly likable, and I loved every minute spent with them and their childhood lives. That film is much more interesting and complex than this simplistic bore-fest that cannot even credit a single laugh to its name. With Evan Almighty, I did at least laugh quite a few times. In Daddy Day Camp, I cannot even give it that compliment. The only reason that it ended up better than Evan Almighty was because of the story between Charlie and his father. Surprisingly enough, it actually worked at times, and it worked very well I must say. And not all of the kids were completely terrible.

So all in all, Daddy Day Camp was a pretty crappy movie filled with wasted talent and some of the worst child actors I've seen on screen. It is really obvious from the get-go that very little effort was put into this boring sequel. I just hope that nobody goes into this movie expecting even a relatively good movie, because it disappoints with even the lowest of expectations. 2.5/10
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Average movie..definitely NOT worst in the history!
toh-323 December 2007
This is my first comment on IMDb, because i am not very good in English. But seeing that this movie was so underrated, i cant resist to write review. This is good kid-movie! It kinda remind me my childhood. Kid's acting was not annoying, and directing - not boring. Storyline - simple, but not crazy unbelievable. Jokes makes me smile, but not laugh of course, i am probably too old for this humor :) But kids may like it very much. And most important, movie is not stupid and has some moral thoughts.

It is definitely NOT 2nd worst movie in history! I see A LOT of movies every day and to half of them i am not paying attention too much or just turn off after few boring minutes. Daddy day camp i watched till the end (and with some pleasure). 5/10

p.s. but if this movie had 3/10 i am probably never would watch it :) "Worst in the history" take my attention.
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I don't like this
lvalyani24 July 2020
I guess the only reason you should watch this family movie with your family is if you hate both your family and yourself.
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simply a horrible idea
MLDinTN13 August 2008
This movie was just awful. The plot is 2 guys who run a day care decide to take over a day camp. One of the guys, Charlie, is at odds with the guy who runs the other more fancy camp. Charlie doesn't want that guy to take over the older camp. Some of the "funny" parts were the cleaning up of the camp. It's always so funny to see someone fall through a roof while hammering or cleaning up a nasty bathroom. It will have you rolling in the floor, NOT!! So, the ending is the predictable competition between the 2 camps and the other camp cheats to win some of the games. But, Charlie's kid saves the day by winning.

Why would Cuba Gooding be in this. He must have been desperate for a check.

FINAL VERDICT: You will hate yourself if you waste 90 minutes on this. Don't do it.
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All in all, it's still terrible...
mvd10200015 June 2008
Really, I'm only commenting because the original "most useful" comment was idiotic, and praised the movie. Upon seeing the case for the movie, I realized that Eddie Murphy was not in the movie. I turned the case around, and discovered that the same character was being played by another actor; an actor who shouldn't be in terrible sequels, playing an already well-known actors character, only a few years after the original had come out. The film itself delivers a lack-luster storyline and secondhand laughs. The acting isn't so great and the believability of the entire thing is low, much unlike most of the first movie. I'm going to have to say, for Oscar-winning Cuba Gooding Jr. to take a role such as this, he may have risked his entire career's great overview. The original itself wasn't exactly sequel prone, but at least it was watchable.
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thatFNAFFan27 June 2019
This movies is terrible Eddy Murphy isn't in it and his role from the first movie fits perfectly. But, they replace Eddy Murphy with Cuba Gooding Jr. and Cuba doesn't fit into his role. They even replace all of the other actors, as well.

The only jokes in this movie is fart and poop jokes and only 5 year olds will laugh at those kind of jokes.

This movie is really hard to watch and I will easily forget this movie even existed.
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Most Pointless Sequel Ever?
benangelus5715 August 2008
OK first off i was put off this movie by the fact that Eddie Murphy didn't want to be in it, which looking at the films he pumps out now is saying something (i have Norbit in mind) i only saw this movie as a friend had it so it didn't cost me anything, and i was sorely disappointed.

I had always liked Cuba Gooding Jr. since i saw him in rat race, but this has ruined my opinion of him.

I found this movie unfunny and as it develops it becomes a poor mans cheaper by the dozen 2 (which was no masterpiece itself) truly a film to avoid
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I liked the first one, this one was horrible though.
videogamer396010 March 2008
I saw this movie when they forced us to see it in summer camp. It was a lot worse than i expected. Most of the movie is 'pee' jokes and shallow kid humor. It doesn't help that the acting is terrible, and even though the movie is short, it feels as if you have been tourtered for days. If you even want to think of getting this movie for your kids, put it down and get the billionth season of spongebob. So if you want a horribly made summer movie that should have won the razzie award for best picture, go ahead and see this movie. If you want a good movie go see juno or ratatouille for the kiddies. Well i've hope i got my point across, do not see this movie. Bye.
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Family movie
imdb19 January 2008
The movie starts off a bit like a slapstick, with humor more aimed at (very) young kids (although it didn't bother me that much; I'm still a child at heart). The second half of the movie is just good, when the plot picks up, evolving around a rivalry between two summer camps, intertwined with "lessons" about the father-son relationship. Despite that this movie is currently rated on average 1.7, I don't think that any child will be disappointed by it; they just don't vote on IMDb that young. If you want to hire a movie for your kid between 5 and 10 years old, don't be afraid to hire this one and I assure they'll have lots of fun and really feel good afterwards.
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Hard and boring to watch
CandidlyCandid22 February 2009
A sequel, with a new cast and new theme. The movie was a utter disappointment, for the reasons of the bad characters, bad dialog and recklessly unfunny sequences. The opening movie Daddy Day Care was a found enjoyment, and a nice family movie. Cuba Gooding Jr. always one of my favourite actors, almost made me hate him for his performance. Basically he just acted himself, and laughed or screamed here and there. A boring, fun-made family movie that just targets towards kids for their innovative crude and immature humor. The characters were either too over the top and executed wrongly, or there was hardly no character in one at all. Daddy Day Camp is an humorless piece of garbage, that shouldn't be seen by anyone, at any time.
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You'll know what you'll get even before you watch it
Wizard-821 June 2010
One day, I would really like to see an interview with Cuba Gooding Jr. as to why he accepted one crappy movie project after another after getting an Oscar, eventually finding himself only able to get work in direct-to-DVD projects - or movies originally intended to go direct-to-DVD, as this project was. His performance here isn't exactly one that suggests he cares about how he comes across - he is constantly mugging and overacting, and it's hard to care for his character or for Gooding himself. It's also hard to care about anything else in this movie. The bad guys are cartoon characters, and the white partner of Gooding's character is given almost nothing to do. As for the rest of the protagonists, they are a group of people you will hope will fail, mainly because the kids are obnoxious stereotypes. Throw in some gross literate potty humor, as well as the production values of a television drama, and you get what you think you'll get just by seeing the front of the movie's DVD case.
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Not as bad as everyone says it is
rdhigg15 March 2008
This was not bad at all. Be honest, most of the negative reaction came before anyone even saw this movie (due to Eddie Murphy's absence). Everyone is stuck on "Cuba won an Oscar and now he's making this?". I thought it was a good idea not to have Cuba Gooding Jr act like Eddie. Cuba doing an "Eddie" impression for 90 min would have been a mistake. He's his normal neurotic/slightly geeky self. Director Fred Savage did a capable job. Hopefully, he gets another shot at a major studio release. Yes, the first one is better, but this is not a bad sequel. Maybe it could have saved itself some abuse by being released direct to video.
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Better than most reviewers say
matowakita12 August 2007
This film does depend too heavily on various "stink" jokes, but the performances are generally strong.

The father-son relationship is well portrayed, especially by Cuba's father (Richard Gant). It could use more convincing development of the motivation for the "loss" that haunts Cuba's character so many years later. However, Lance (L. Munro) is a good, bad-guy.

Paul Rae, who plays Cuba's sidekick is impressive. I've seen him called a John Goodman clone, but other than in general appearance, that isn't true. Rae gives a subtle performance that goes far beyond the usual fat-guy role.

Fred Savage does a good job with the kids. All of the are realistically cute, without being over-the-top. Tyger Rawlings is good as the "bully", but I worked several days on this shoot and Tyger is a natural comedian. He could carry a leading comedy role with ease.

A bit of trivia -- it was very cold and raining or snowing most of the days the competition scenes were shot. If you watch the trees, you'll see increasing numbers of leaves that have turned yellow or red from the frost. The scenes shot on a few days had to have low angles to keep the snow from showing.
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Fair Family Fare without overly perverse antics
msims17 August 2007
Saw this at a sneak preview Saturday (August 4) with mostly families who were excited about being with their family members AND seeing a free movie. Cuba Gooding, Jr., is not as wildly off the wall as Eddie Murphy, nor as funny. Still, the conflict between his character and his character's father is something that many fathers and sons encounter and can relate to. The interplay between Cuba and his on screen wife is also something to which many husbands and wives can relate.

Most of the laughs are for wacky, wildly inappropriate adventures, and the conflicts between Camp Driftwood and the exclusive rival camp brings up many noteworthy topics for family members to discuss long after the movie is over. This is a silly, pleasant movie, that is probably just as good on cable or DVD as it is in the movie theater. However, that being said, with so many non-family friendly movies in the theater this summer of 2007, this might be one of the better movies for the family to see before school is back in session.
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a bad sequel
hedin_8814 April 2008
i saw the first part in the cinema and the second ant home, not expecting much. I was right, the movie was boring and not much funny at all, the first thing was that Eddie Murphy was missing, he did an great job in the first part and gave a lot to the humorous part of the movie. This second part had a more serious lead actor that does bot seem to be funny enough. The idea was also a bit boring and one-sided. Predictable and lacking reality. The kinds also had no idea about acting and that had its on contribution to the boringness of the movie. What else to say than the characters were not developed enough... one by one, the puzzle shows to be boring, predictable and plain humor. But hey, the movie is made for those younger folks and if they don't give a damn about the acting and the story, still like it. The first one is a great family movie but the second is just too childish....
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Not quite craptastic enough to be in the Bottom 100....but this isn't exactly high praise.
MartinHafer16 February 2010
Wow. I can only assume that either Cuba Gooding Jr.'s agent is crazy. How else can an actor go from an Oscar-winning performance in "Jerry McGuire" to making crap like "Daddy Day Camp" in a decade? As the expression goes...."my how the mighty have fallen"! Here, you know you are in for trouble when this film is meant as a DVD sequel, of sorts, to an Eddie Murphy comedy--a man whose taste in film projects in recent years has also been baffling to say the least! Both men play the same character, Charlie Hinton, and I guess we are to assume he's been through a major accident and massive plastic surgery between films--only this would explain how much Charlie has changed!

So why would I choose to watch a film that from all appearances will be crap? After all, in addition to the down and out Gooding, the film also has the distinction of being on IMDb's Bottom 100 list--the 100 lowest rated films with at least 1500 ratings. Well, by this point, I've done over 8000 reviews and I've gotten bored. After watching a lot of foreign, art and independent films, I have recently decided to try watching the very worst there is to offer as a change of pace! I've already seen 41 of the 50 worst films from the Harry Medved book ("The Fifty Worst Films of All Time") and since the other 9 just don't seem to be available, I'm now working on IMDb's list. This particular film is about the 55th film from this list I have seen. Wow, am I a glutton for punishment!! But also, I like laughing at the ineptness of many of these films--they often really are unintentionally funny. Of course, occasionally they are just horrible...period.

The film begins with a Black actor and a White actor (just like in "Daddy Day Care"--just with different actors). They are trying to find the perfect summer day camp experience for their kids. They hit upon the lame idea of re-opening the camp that they'd gone to as kids--as it's bankrupt and COULD be run successfully if they use their "Daddy Day Care" method they used in the last film.

As for the camp, the kids and their parents are all kooky characters (or is it 'caricatures'?. Of course, things soon completely fall apart at first and things look dire for the future of the camp--especially when the folks at Camp Canola (who bear a lot of similarity to the folks at Cobra Kai) try to put them out of business and buy their land. But, given that this is a Hollywood film, you can safely assume that against all odds, everything will magically work out by the end of the movie. So what is their secret for making it all work? Charlie brings in his drill sergeant-like father, the Colonel, to help run things--since he is an organized man of action. And, of course, there is the obligatory sports competition between the nice camp and the evil one.

Overall, the film isn't quite as bad as you might think, though it's all formulaic and predictable and has every cliché this sort of film could possibly have. Now I am not saying it's good--but it's also pretty harmless entertainment for kids. However, I can't imagine teens or parents watching this poorly written fluff and actually enjoying it because the writing is amazingly broad and the humor awfully dim.
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Disappointing Sequel Without a Heart
timothygartin15 November 2019
I liked Daddy Day Care. We bought this movie by accident trying to get the original. I hoped it would be good but it is more of a shadow of the first one.

It feels like a focus group watched the first one and identified the best parts. Then, the writers took those parts and made a movie around them. Unfortunately, this movie does not work.

The lead character is just sad. He is painful to watch. His past isn't funny and the pressure he puts himself and everyone around him under isn't funny either. The enemy are stereotypes and one-dimensional.

I didn't laugh and I cringed way too much for a comedy.
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TheUnknownReviewer20 May 2019
First of all, Why did they replace the already good actors! Eddie Murphy did so good in the first movie why just why did they have to replace them and they replaced everybody from the 1st movie!
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TheLittleSongbird10 November 2010
Daddy Day Care was flawed, but actually pretty watchable. Daddy Day Camp however is a poor film. The production values are pretty good, but for me nothing else works.

The story is very predictable with one too many clichéd and unfunny situations, while the script is weak. The direction is lacking, the pacing is rushed and the characters are never believable. The acting is nothing special, Cuba Gooding Jnr tries hard to make something out of his character and replacing Eddie Murphy, but instead comes across as bland and annoying. Same with Paul Rae, and how Richard Grant got dragged into this I shall never know.

Overall, a poor comedy and family film with little to offer, old or new. 2/10 Bethany Cox
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Best Film of 2007
johnny-w5 February 2010
What is with all of the negative reviews? Sometimes I think the reviewers here on IMDb are just messing around with our heads. Bottom 250? Really, IMDb?! I'm fairly certain that in a few years, when people start seriously looking back on the Greatest Films of the 2000s (I call them the "aughts"), Daddy Day Camp will be at the top of most peoples' lists.

This film stars Cuba Gooding, Jr., who never really impressed me in his earlier roles in Boyz n the Hood and Jerry Maguire. I forgot everything I previously knew about Gooding once I saw this movie. In Daddy Day Camp, he is in charge of running a day camp with Paul Rae (Daddy Day Camp) where they find themselves in some knee-slapping crazy situations.

The film gets some magic touches from director Fred Savage (The Wizard). I think Savage should have been put in charge of directing the original Daddy Day Care movie; he might have saved it from flopping so horribly! Give this one a shot, folks. It's a family-friendly movie (and a hit with teenagers). Looks like all of the other Negative Nancies reviewing this film woke up on the wrong side of the tent!
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summer camp
kairingler28 December 2013
this movie isn't near as bad as most of the reviewers on here claim it to be,, I don't honestly know what their expectations were, but they must have been pretty darn high,, they must have been expecting it to be as good as the first one,,, wrong,, course it's inferior to the first one I figured it would be. Cuba Gooding Jr. however will have you rolling on the floor with laughter,, which is exactly what I was looking for when I bought this movie,, lot's of mayhem and practical jokes about in this movie. sure it's not gonna win any awards,, but then again it doesn't stink up the joint either,, good comedic relief if you ask me.
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May seem like Deja Vu all over again, but if it inspires laughter, no one cares!
inkblot119 December 2013
Charlie (Cuba Gooding, Jr.) and Phil (Paul Rae) have been running their successful Daddy DayCare for several years now. However, summer vacation starts and the kid care guys are ready for a break. Not so fast! Charlie's wife thinks it would be good for their now elementary ages son to go to day CAMP. This horrifies Charlie, who hates bugs, snakes and competitive sports. But, when he finally agrees, there is no other camp choice but the one he, Charlie, went to, Driftwood. Driving out to the woods, though, with his son and Phil, they are astonished by a couple of things. First, there is a flashy day camp just next to Driftwood, run by an medal-winning and obnoxious Olympic athlete (Lochlyn Munro). Secondly, Driftwood is about to go under from the competition and is extremely rundown. Guess who steps in to turn it around, Charlie and Phil, that's who. Good at promotion, they snag a bus load of kids for their first week. But, after exposing the kids to poison ivy, wet boots, getting lost among the trees, etc., they lose a good deal of the children to the nearby "super" camp. Not wanting to be defeated, Charlie calls on his retired Marine-father colonel, Buck (Richard Gant). to help save the day, even though they have crossed horns many times. Eventually, the wangle more kids AND a day of competition with their foes next door. Who will win? Viewers may think they are traveling down Deja Vu lane, which is true, but the movie still hits the funnybone. The cast is one big reason, for Gooding, Jr., Paul, Munroe, Gant and the rest enthusiastically play out the slapstick script. All other film aspects, that is, costumes, sets, script and direction are worthy as well. Think this is one to skip? Not so, its fun!
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Harmless family movie with some good laughs
joecarong23 June 2021
Not the worst movie out there but not the best! They tried too hard to make it like the first one without Eddie Murphy with Cuba Gooding Jr. Doing an adequate job as his replacement.
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Oh I enjoyed this one WAY much to hate it.
tlyqmyl6 February 2021
Sure it's "campy" (Get it?) But hey, I at least enjoyed in some of the jokes and I had an ironic enjoyment on this.
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Daddy Day Camp
studioAT16 November 2020
Always beware a sequel where none of the original cast return, it rarely indicates a hit.

So here we have 'Daddy Day Camp', the sequel to 'Daddy Day Care' that I don't think anyone was really chomping at the bit for.

It makes the cardinal sin (for me) of having Cuba Gooding Jr step in and say he's playing the same role as original star Eddie Murphy did, with no real overlap in portrayal to back it up.

This film isn't bad, the original was hardly masterpiece comedy to start with, but the material is certainly weaker this time around, and even the presence of former 'Wonder Years' star Fred Savage, who has directed many a successful sitcom, can't lift it.
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