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Sex & Nudity

  • 2/10
  • We see a boy's bare buttocks when he urinates in a potted plant.
  • A man's pants are pulled off and he is shown in patterned jockey shorts.

Violence & Gore

  • 2/10
  • Lots of slapstick
  • Several children with paintball guns and super soakers attack other children and men (we see several being shot repeatedly with paintballs) one man is punched hard in the crotch, one boy is given a wedgie, one man is tied to a tree and shot with paintballs repeatedly and another is bound in a net and tied to a tree.
  • A man is pelted by many eggs and tomatoes, a pie is smashed in his face and his pants are pulled off.
  • A boy kicks a man in the shin.
  • A boy strikes a man on the buttocks with a large stick.
  • A piece of wood is flung into a man's crotch and the force pushes him to the ground (he lies on the ground moaning briefly).
  • A man lights a lighter while sitting in an outhouse, causing an explosion from the built up gas (the man stumbles out of the rubble with char on his face).
  • Children with bows and arrows take aim at a rabbit, a man picks the rabbit up, the children shoot the arrows into the sky and they all come down toward the man (the man screams and ducks and he is not injured).
  • A man and several children are swarmed by bees when the man kicks a tree stump, and they run away screaming.
  • People panic when a boy is missing and they search for him in the woods (they find him hiding in a tree).
  • Several children on four-wheel vehicles race around other children sitting in the woods.
  • A bus without brakes crashes into a building (we see rubble but no one is injured).
  • A boy kicks the door of a shack causing the walls to collapse (no one is injured).
  • Men threaten each other, to beat each other in competition, in a few scenes.
  • Several boys tease another boy about being small in stature.
  • We hear that children played in poison ivy and see a boy with red patches on his face.
  • We hear that there is a problem with a build up of methane gas in an outhouse and that it could be dangerous.
  • A boy playing a video game says, "Die scum, die."
  • A father tells his son, "Don't make anyone bleed" as he boards the bus to summer camp.
  • A man holds onto the bumper of a jeep as it drives away, dust is thrown in his face and he lets go.
  • A man falls through a roof while trying to repair it (we hear him yell).
  • A boy breaks a water balloon filled with urine on another boy's head (the urine drips down over his face).
  • A boy urinates in a potted plant (we hear the trickle and see the stream).
  • A boy vomits on another boy and he and others fall into a puddle of mud.
  • A boy vomits on a man's shoes (we hear loud gagging and goo splatter), and a boy vomits in a tent (we hear gagging and goo splatter and we see several drops on a man's head when he goes to investigate).
  • A man grilling hamburgers squishes a fly on one of them (we see green goo on the meat), and another man picks up the burger and eats it not knowing a dead insect is on it.
  • A man flatulates loudly in a couple of scenes.
  • A boy on a bus holds a skunk by the tail, the skunk sprays and the other people on the bus are upset by the smell.
  • A boy collapses from the aroma of another boy (he's been sprayed by a skunk).
  • A young boy squirts ketchup on another boy.
  • A young girl pulls a cake off a counter, it lands on the floor and she begins to eat it.
  • A boy is shown with carrots sticking out of his nostrils.
  • A man prepares to clean a filthy toilet and bathroom and collapses from the odor and ambiance.
  • People burp loudly.


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