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By-the-numbers werewolf flick
mvario2 October 2005
Okay, I just watched Beast of Bray Road. It was the new werewolf flick from Asylum.

The film didn't really cover any new ground, it was a pretty much by the numbers werewolf flick. The story was similar to the Jaws story line. The acting for the most part was pretty decent. The beast looked like a cross between a werewolf and bigfoot. No cgi, which I liked, this was a good old school guy in a costume. We don't get any full transformation scenes, but considering the budget I would say that was for the best.

Nothing new here, but it didn't bore me either, moving along at a decent pace. We had a good amount of gore and a little bit of boobs. Don't go out of your way looking for this unless you need to see every werewolf movie, but there are worse ways to spend 90 minutes.
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It's a fun indie horror flick
toddjones-11 March 2006
OK I felt the need to stick up for this movie a little bit. You have to take it for what it is, it's a low budget independent werewolf movie. With that in mind this movie really wasn't as bad as another reviewer has claimed. I purposely rent low budget indie horror flicks to see what people can do with a low budget, and sure there were things that could have been better, but there were a lot of good things about it too. For one, the fact that it didn't look like a kid grabbed his mom's video camera and started recording is a big plus, considering the picture quality on many indie horror flicks out right now is absolute CRAP. Most of the effects weren't bad. If you are like myself and can enjoy a mindless horror movie than you might like this one.
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finally a good Asylum flick
tdeladeriere27 October 2009
So what happens when The Asylum veers away from their Hollywood cheap send-ups and puts their heart into something original ? Well, a damn good b-movie, that's what ! "The Beast of Bray Road" is apparently based on local Wisconsin lore, but do not think this "based on true events" tag line means your next Lindsay Wagner & Robert Urich TV movie of the week. It's probably based on a true story told around a campfire. What this is is a fun, fast werewolf movie like you haven't seen in a while, better than recent submissions like "War Wolves" or "Never Cry Werewolf", shot efficiently on a tight budget. It has blood, beasts and boobs (well, just one quick pair) and makes for the perfect midnight movie.

The frequent and very clear views of the beast is a nice surprise for monster fans, and for the budget, I'll say it looks really good. The deaths are gruesome and plenty, sticking to a slasher template. All the actors make a good job and actually are given some basic development and dialogue to play with. I was completely taken aback when I burst out laughing at a one-liner delivered by a drunk bimbo just before her demise in a car. This is definitely not a comedy, but the joke was good and unexpected.

All in all, very recommended for B-movie fans.
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I'm moving to Wisconsin...
vachioc20 February 2006
After seeing this movie, if I were single, I'd be moving to Wisconsin. A small town full of smokin' hot women where all the men are drunken derelicts sounds perfect for a decent guy to move into.

But on to the movie. I thought it was a decent low-budget werewolf flick. Certainly worth the rental and far better than a lot of junk out there (Carnosaur, Alien Apocalypse, War of the Planets). Really, the acting was much better than I expected. The romance scenes were light-years ahead of Star Wars, Episode III (although that's not a huge endorsement).

The special effects were also pretty good considering the obvious low budget. The werewolf certainly didn't compare to anything from Underworld, but it wasn't nearly as cheesy as I was worried it might be.

I thought the plot moved along at a decent clip and even had a couple of unexpected twists.

All in all, I enjoyed the movie as a good, check-your-brain-at-the-door type flick. It was fun. What more do you expect from a low-budget monster movie?
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Nice B-grade werewolf movie
slayrrr66620 July 2006
Warning: Spoilers
"The Beast of Bray Road" is a lot better than it should be.


The new sheriff of Walworth County, Phil Jenkins, (Jeff Denton) is immediately assigned to a missing person case, and upon investigating it, he finds her friends Ray, (Joel Hebner) and Billy Loubes, (Tom Nagel) keeping her relationship secret. When a slew of reported sightings from the townspeople of a reported monster in the area, Quinn McKenzie, (Thomas Downey) a crypto-zoologist, comes in to offer his help with the investigation. He believes that the creature is a werewolf, which Phil isn't too keen to believe. When enough evidence is unearthed for Phil to finally accept that the killer may indeed be a werewolf, he takes a posse of the remaining towns-members into the woods and hunt down the creature.

The Good News: I was actually surprised at how good this was. Like most good werewolf movies, the werewolf is incredibly vicious and angry, making it more terrifying. That makes the kills very, very graphic. We get a decapitation, a leg ripped off, slashed throat and far more. The werewolf has a preference for ripped people in half at the waist, so there's a large amount of scenes involving corpses that are cut in half with entrails falling out of the bottom or lying on the ground. This is certainly one of the most vicious werewolves ever, and is a real gore-hounds delight. The film is also pretty fast paced and never really slows down at all. The attacks come pretty rapidly and with their brutal nature, it's nice to watch. It was interesting to see the film attempt a little in the way of werewolf mythologies here and there. Mention is made of the attacks being done on a full moon, silver bullets is used quite often, and several other popular myths are used. Quite a nice touch. The opening attack is also the best of the lot, as it's quite creepily-filmed and actually has a jump or two in there. The biggest advantage is it's B-movie atmosphere. It has all the proper ingredients: a fun, fairly uncomplicated story, buckets of gore, cool characters and a vicious monster. It has that charm inherent in it as well, making it a fun movie.

The Bad News: While it was nice to see a man-in-costume werewolf in a movie without it being CGI, the look isn't that good. It makes the creature look pretty laughable, as it looks incomplete as there's strings of hair falling of the body. The design of the face isn't vicious looking, and instead makes it look like an angry puppy. I'll give it points for going back to the costumed creature approach, but the look doesn't really inspire much terror.

The Final Verdict: It wasn't as bad as it should've been, and instead is just a fun B-movie about a vicious werewolf. It's got a rather weird looking werewolf, but if that doesn't stop you from watching it, it will entertain. Definitely one for werewolf fans to look into, as well as gore-hounds and those looking for a fun B-movie for a Friday night.

Rated R: Graphic Violence, Graphic Language, Nudity and a mild sex scene
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My Review: The Beast of Bray Road(2005)
crueltwistoffate2 November 2005
Review: The Beast of Bray Road(2005) So here's another one of those straight to DVD horror films that can either be really fun or really bad. So besides vampires, the second most played out genre is werewolves. Besides Neal Marshell's Dog Soldiers and Underworld, there has yet to be a were wolf film that has yet to broken new ground. Beat of Bray Road is somewhat based on a true legend in the Midwest about sightings of a real life were wolf on this road. This film comes from the same people who delivered the kick ass and fun "Jolly Roger" so I was pretty much expecting the same kind of film and hoped it would be just as good. Well the good news is the it is pretty good but the bad news is that it's as fun as Jolly Roger. While Jolly Roger was horror fun, Beast of Bray Road is more serious and straight forward horror film. Is that a good thing or bad thing...well truth is it's not a bad thing but it's not but it does hurt the film a little.

The Beast of Bray Road is more about telling a story then having killing and nudity every 10 minutes. The film feels like a real real story as it unfolds through out the film. I really liked the fact that the film was more about the characters of the small town and how the strange creature effects the town. So I liked the characters interacted with each other and slowly unfolded. But the bad thing is that the film makes the same mistake as other low budget films that want to be like real tries to tell a story that sometimes feels dragged on in certain places. I liked the story of the film a lot but there were some moments that seemed too long or uninteresting(plus some of the bland acting by some of the actors really doesn't help either). I really loved where writer/director Leigh Scott took the story and I knew just want he was trying to do. He really wanted to make a different kind of low budget horror film by taking it back to more of a classic story telling point of view ala Stephen King based classic like Pet Cementary and Graveyeard Shift. So I knew just were he was coming from and I really respected him for trying to do a different kind of film. He really does deliver a pretty good film here and a great story. I really liked that he made it flow so smoothly and had the set up of other bigger films. On the downside, I saw a lot of things coming but I really didn't care. I was really digging this film to bother with that. But the film's twist ending did have me bummed. I could tell from the way the character was written that they were going to be the werewolf because it was a classic set up of making the character so likable that I knew they were setting it up for them to be the were wolf. I knew they were going to do it for twist's sake, I didn't want them to do it but they did it and I hated it. But besides that...Scott writes a great film considering the budget he had to work with so much love for him for that.

Acting wise, this film suffers most low budget horror does from bad supporting cast. The leads were pretty great a believable. Jeff Denton as our lead Phil was great and I really liked the guy. Sarah Lieving was great as Kelly. Not only did she look good but the girl could actually act and was just fun to see on the screen. At least Jeff and Sarah had noticeable chemistry unlike the bigger budgeted The Fog remake where the awful Tom Welling and Maggie Grace had ZERO chemistry on screen and couldn't even act.Tom Downey from Jolly Roger is in this film and is great again. I really like him...he plays it straight but realistic. Now comes the only really draw back to the whole film...the acting of some of the supporting cast. Afew are pretty good at doing what they have to do but others here are just plain bland. They have zero personality on screen and it really comes across and hurts the film a lot. With the kind of script that Scott wrote, it would have really needed good actors to make the story interesting and alive but instead they drag the interesting script to kind of a bore. Then there's Tom Nagel, once again...he blows another role. I don't get this guy, he acting is just that...acting. He doesn't seem natural at all and is straight out acting and it gets annoying fast. I'm not a fan of his at all.

Direcing wise Scott does a really bang up job. I really liked all the different stuff he brought to this film. First he shot it pretty straight forward, there's nothing wrong with that because it gives the film a real classic feel to it. It seemed more like I was watching a real film than some low budget horror. Scott has a real feel for capturing that old school feeling and I really dug him a lot. All in all The Beast of Bray Road was as fun as I hoped it would have been but it was pretty interesting to watch. I really liked how the story unfolded and I liked the cool bloody kills. The film was hurt by some bland acting by actors here and there but I dug the whole film a lot. It's a smart, good little film that gave me what I wanted but still has it's problems. But it's all good. Great show.
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Savage werewolf
Dr. Gore22 October 2005
Warning: Spoilers

"The Beast of Bray Road" has all the elements of a successful werewolf flick. It's set in a small town. There are lots of hot women who like to wander off on their own while monsters are prowling around. Speaking of monsters, the werewolf in this one is actually a werewolf, not some sniveling animal. You wouldn't believe how many supposed monster movies pull the classic bait and switch scam. Well, maybe you would. Thankfully, this werewolf is a wild, savage beast who relishes the opportunity to rip and tear through flesh and have a feast on the organs. They even go so far as to make silver bullets to dispatch the monster. I love it when movies stick to the horror legend and don't try to make up some on their own. Add a few scenes of topless women and you have a very entertaining horror movie.

I enjoyed "The Beast of Bray Road" immensely. Every once and awhile I get pleasantly surprised by the straight to video horror market and pull something special out of that barrel. Normally I get heartbroken but this time I was cheering. My friend and I watched this one the other day and we both gave it a standing ovation. "The Beast of Bray Road" reminds me of "Silver Bullet" which also had a werewolf terrorizing a small town. Also like the Gary Busey classic, they keep the identity of the werewolf a secret which is half the fun of these movies. If you're into werewolf flicks, you should check it out.
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a decent film
redhead98985 October 2007
Warning: Spoilers
I actually thought that it was a decent film. I mean it had a couple of good actors, it had good dialog, some gore (a lot of it!) Like the beast climbs on a woman's car, when she gets out, here head is ripped in two. (Very violent) the beginning was good and gory, too. A woman gets out of the car, wanders over two a tree, and is torn in half. (don't know why she got out) Their has a mystery like the plot. (one person is the beast, a main character. Someone you wouldn't expect) The film wasn't boring and wasn't stupid either, so i gave it a ten. I watched it on TV, so I don't know if any of the violence was blocked out. But it did show violence. I recommend this film to a person who like to watch a cheesy b-movie late at night. The film does have suspense, so if you are wandering around at Hollywood video or blockbuster and you go to the horror section and see it on the shelf, you might want to rent it. I think you will think it is a decent asylum film. So i recommend it if you don't see any other movies you want to rent, i recommend you get it.
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I LOVE this movie! A great werewolf movie
tthomas-2628 April 2007
I first watched this movie on TV... I liked it, I would of given it a 7/10. Then I watched the real, uncut movie. It's wonderful!! It is actually believable, and the monster doesn't look like a huge pile of Hair and meat. It has a lot of gore compared to other movies like Friday the 13th and Nightmare on Elm Street. It actually shows him eating the people. This is by far tied with the best werewolf movie i've ever seen.(with Silver Bullet) This is an underrated movie, I've watched it over and over again and I never get sick of it. If you like gore, and getting scared out of your pants, you'd really like this movie. Also, what's so wrong with the acting? It's perfectly fine to me. I saw the Departed( everyone said the acting was fantastic) and it was just as good. Just because it doesn't have any stars like Leonardo Decaprio or someone famous doesn't meant that the acting is bad. The acting in Nightmare on Elm Street was even worse. It is really cool that it is partially based on real events, there actually WAS a massacre of the pilgrims around the Bray Road area in the 1800's and there have been sightings ranging from 1900-2000.
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I liked this one too!
MrMyron22 February 2006
Having seen and liked this guy's other movie FRANKENSTEIN REBORN, I decided to give this one a spin. Very cool. This is a great, old school horror movie. I liked the classic, no cgi werewolf and thought all the girls were really hot! The acting is good too. You can tell that some people were playing it a bit silly on purpose because its not meant to be that serious of a movie. And for the record, all you Wisconsinites getting all fired up need to relax. First off, if you look at the director's bio, HE'S FROM MILWAUKEE!!!! I think he knows what he's talking about, so lighten up. Besides, I live in Chicago, and this movie feels a lot like Wisconsin to me!
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How's the werewolf hunting going, Sheriff?
lastliberal29 November 2009
I watched on the SyFy channel, so I was denied the nudity. That's a shame because the babes in this flick were smoking! Nudity bad for SyFy, but flowing guts are OK and we saw them in the first five minutes as the werewolf gobbled up the babe that ran out of gas in the woods.

Now the second victim was a treat.

The blond with the tat was a real loss. I hated to see her go.

Lots of action and some quality acting from Jeff Denton and Sarah Lieving made this a direct-to-video film worth watching even if I was deprived of seeing the deputy's chest by Syfy.

Werewolf is big surprise.
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Step aside Chaney,There is a NEW Werewolf in town !
guestar5727 October 2005
Warning: Spoilers
I was enthralled with this monster flick ! The cast: Jeff Denton(Has a James Dean-like bent ),Sarah Lieving has a great screen presence and will go far, Totally believable. The special effects would gross you out, But logically. Wanna talk about the beast, Joel Hebner portrays the beast and he is great; the suit by Eva Lohse and Dizzworks design is different than earlier cinematic beasts . Producers push the envelope that this is a true story,And on IMDb a fan says he has photo of REAL Beast of Bray Road. I wanna talk about ending, It was innovative and yet made me mad , And the irony is we cant discuss without a Spoiler Warning, See you on the message boards AND WE SHALL DISCUSS !
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Not for historical accuracy
pcquicksilver22 July 2006
I am quite familiar with "The Beast", as I grew up in the location of this film. This is a case where fact is far more interesting than the fiction of this film. Yes, Walworth County did indeed issue "Werewolf Licenses". But that is where the similarities end. There is such a wealth of information the writers could have used which would have made this a fabulous film.

Breast shots are used to hold the viewer's interest and provide momentary relief from the scenes of endless drinking and poor costuming. It is not a bad film; I enjoyed several aspects of the plot and the acting was decent enough to hold my interest. I would hope that this effort does not prevent someone else from taking on this story at some future date and giving it a different, deserved artistic flair.
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You can see a very good direction that this team is heading in.
cannibalcam6 October 2006
You can see a very good direction that this team is heading in. With this movie especially. A great flick all the way through. A monster film to keep your pants on. A fantastic time waster, and I mean that in a good way.

A new Sheriff is in town, not familiar with the back woods. The locals per say. Then strange things begin to happen, people are missing and there are no clues. Nothing but blood and parts. A Cryptozoologist comes to town after a string of rumors pops up on the internet. Rumors of a Werewolf devouring savage. Here to seek and destroy. People keep turning up dead, in grizzly fashion. The deputies band together to fight this deadly menace. They'll do whatever it takes to finish this nuance once and for all. The finale ends ??????????? I never give the ending away, what would be the point of you even renting it then when you know what is going to happen. Well, it doesn't really matter. Just know that it's kind of weak and not as surprising as you might think. Or not.

This movie followed the supposed accounts of an actual Beast on Bray road, Wisconsin style. Like the 13th Child based on flick also, the Jersey Devil type deal. There is a lot of bloodshed in this here film. Bodies are ripped apart, heads split open, arms, legs, you name it. No CGI effects here either. Good old fashion make up. I always buy that for a dollar. The usual actors and actresses are beginning to make appearances in each film as they go. A common bond, Hammer style baby. You need the brotherhood to maintain a tight production and team overall. Just like a band, you can only get better, well you'd hope so.

A behind the scenes featurette, commentary, Bloopers, Trailers and so on. They can only get better, and this is prime example.
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Decent enough low-budget Werewolf horror film.
poolandrews21 October 2006
Warning: Spoilers
The Beast of Bray Road is set in Walworth County, Wisconsin & starts late one night as Kelly (Sarah Lieving), the owner of the imaginatively named bar Kelly's, closes up for the night. Potential lovers Billy (Tom Nagel) & Gretchin (Heather Conforto) have an argument & Gretchin drives off on her own, however her car breaks down a short time later & while stuck in the middle of nowhere she is attacked by a Werewolf like creature & brutally killed... It's not long before soon to be the new Sheriff Phil Jenkins (Jeff Denton) has found Gretchins abandoned car & starts to investigate, as he tries to find the whereabouts of Gretchin he is told of the local legends about the supposed 'Beast of Bray Road' which has apparently stalked the area for years. At first Jenkins is understandably sceptical but as the bodies start to pile up & a flood of 'Beast' sightings are reported he might have to rethink his position & break out the silver bullets...

Apparently 'Based on a True Story' (according to the opening credits), edited, written & directed by Leigh Slawner I thought The Beast of Bray Road was a pretty decent little horror film, it's nothing spectacular but it's certainly watchable in it's own right. The script moves along at a fair pace & it's not overly boring or talky. The film keeps the Werewolf's identity a secret until the end & the actual revelation as to whom it is comes across as a neat little twist that isn't as obvious as it might have been. There are pleasing amounts of violence & there's some nice nudity as well. I thought the character's were a bit poor, lots of small town small minded bigot's who hate the police & get drunk all the time. Still, nothings perfect right? The Beast of Bray Road isn't the best horror film ever made but it's a pretty decent time-waster all the same & there aren't too many Werewolf films out there, let alone good ones. I'm not sure what else I can say about it, it's a perfectly watchable film & that's about all that need to be said really.

Director Slawner does a pretty good job, the film looks quite good & isn't as cheap looking as a lot of low budget horror films. There isn't many scares & there's not much atmosphere either but there's some nice gore, there are crushed heads, split open heads, decapitated heads, someone has their leg torn off, there are various unfortunate people who have their intestines pulled out & eaten, there's a gory blood splattered skeleton, bodies ripped in half & there's a lot of blood splashed around which helps. There's some nudity as well. The special effects are good as well & there isn't a rubbishy cartoon CGI effect in sight, the Werewolf creature looks decent although we never see any sort of transformation scene & unlike a lot of Werewolf films whether it appears or not seems to have nothing to do with there being a full moon or not.

Technically The Beast of Bray Road is fine & considering it's low budget shot on a digital camcorder type origins it's pretty good. The acting was also fairly good.

The Beast of Bray Road is one of those films which is watchable, it isn't going to top anyones 'best film' list but it's a good Werewolf horror film with a decent amount of gore. You could do better for sure but you could also do a hell of a lot worse, worth a watch if nothing else.
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insulting and STOOPID
dargaard6715 July 2006
Just watched it on the sci fi channel and being a former resident of the area it was depicting I am insulted at the portrayal of the men being redneck illiterate drunks and the women being oversexed bimbos. recalling a previous comment on this film by someone from Chicago saying thats what he recalls thats what women are like there, well that area is mostly resort area and it is the Chicago women who are like that not the locals.

enough of that the film gore was overnessesary and the story was predictable and stupid, and the only thing based on the legend was the title. I have family that live across a cornfield from the actual bray road. it is a back road that leads to back roads. there is nothing there but farms.

this movie is a waste of time unless you enjoy unessesary gore no story and bad acting
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Extreme stretch of a Wisconsin werewolf legend ..............
merklekranz1 December 2009
This Wisconsin werewolf movie is supposedly based on a local legend, however, it appears to take massive liberties with the original fable. Unflattering stereotype hicks abound, and at some point, almost every character has a beer in their hand. Now some of this is actually amusing, as almost every monster on the loose film out there has been "borrowed" from. There is some gratuitous nudity involving a couple parking for some "business" and perhaps capturing a werewolf cell phone picture, that borders on the ridiculous, but does add to the fun. The ending is a real rubber band job (stretch). Not bad of it's type, and marginally recommended. - MERK
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I live near there
wrlang6 August 2006
I love horror movies and when this came out I was determined to watch it because I live only 40 minutes down the I system from Bray Road. As far as movie quality, it was definitely in the same league as the original Friday the Thirteenth. Is that good? The plot was manufactured, the acting was watch-able but not memorable, the camera work was OK, a moderate amount of gore. After watching it I still couldn't convince my teenage kids to take a midnight drive with me down Bray road on Halloween 2005. I thought that would have been fun. Instead, we just put in another video. Where's the sense of adventure in teenagers these days? To live so close to a place of possible frightening fun and not want to go there?
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The Werewolf steps in a steaming pile...
TerminalMadness16 July 2006
Warning: Spoilers
At the start of "Beast", a young bar patron drifts away from her friends after closing hours and is stalked and mauled to death by a werewolf. The beast grabs her, tears her apart, and howls into the sky. I enjoyed that. But, for no reason, director Scott feels that even though we had that good opening signaling grand things, we could have done without it for another thirty or forty minutes, which in common sense land is a large portion of a film that doesn't even hit the two hour mark, and that makes zero sense.

There's also mainly vapid characterization, plenty of padding including sex scenes, particular focus on sister journalists who have a web log, and a comedic barroom brawl included for no other reason but to pad the movie. Meanwhile, you'll be wondering if the monster is still lurking about, or just fell asleep waiting for victims to get out of that bar that's featured quite prominently.

Does anyone have a shop in that town, or is the main economic base that one small bar? You know that when a horror film is turned into "Roadhouse" for an instance just to keep the story going, it becomes painfully clear that you're not watching anything resembling entertainment. Also featured are a funeral that looks like it was held in a backyard, a town filled with an endless supply of women who look like they came off an open audition for "Hustler", the most inept inactive sheriff, and characters that constantly re-appear due to an obviously menial cast.

So, it's been confirmed to me. Even when The Asylum isn't ripping off another movie, they still suck. "Beast of Bray Road" could have been a fun movie had they actually had creature action and not so much utter stupidity and poor storytelling. Otherwise, this isn't even a fun monster movie.
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Worthwhile killer beast flick
Wuchakk12 March 2014
Leigh Scott's "The Beast of Bray Road," released in 2005, is a very loose telling of the legendary "dogman" of SE Wisconsin. In reality, the beast has only been sighted and has never killed anyone. In the film, however, numerous people bite the dust in extremely gory scenes, heads getting torn off, the beast eating their innards, etc.

In the beginning it's unclear what type of beast the "dogman" is, is it a bigfoot? A werewolf? A cryptozoologist appears and helps the police pinpoint the probable nature of the creature.


  • I liked the main protagonists, the police chief (Jeff Denton), the cryptozoologist, the beautiful bartender Kelly (Sarah Lieving) and the other police personnel.

  • The story is generally compelling and moves right along.

  • The killer creature looks excellent and you get quite a few good looks at it; no CGI.

  • The story turns out to be a mystery. The beast may be a human being that transforms into the bloodthirsty creature. If so, who is it? If you've seen films like "The Howling V: The Rebirth" you know what to look for.


  • Although the story takes place near Elkhorn & Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, the film was shot in friggin' California, near Los Angeles, likely to keep expenses down; they did fine, however, making sure the scenery didn't look too much like typical Southern California. It sorta passes for SE Wisconsin, I guess.

  • The film is filled with gorgeous women from beginning to end but Mr. Scott fumbles the ball and doesn't truly take advantage (and I'm not talking about top nudity or sex scenes at all; the film has some of both). Scott does much better in this area in 2008's "Flu Birds" and 2009's "The Dunwich Horror."

  • Until the last act the film has a we're-not-taking-this-too-seriously vibe. It wasn't so bad to ruin the horror experience, but it was there. This is a minor cavil, however; all-in-all the filmmakers did a decent job balancing camp with serious horror.

  • Every Wisconsin yokel, male or female, is portrayed as a hip, dour, alcohol-guzzling sex-fiend.

BOTTOM LINE: "The Beast of Bray Road" is a worthwhile killer beast flick but contains enough negative elements to prevent it from being truly good. The non-CGI monster looks great, however, and is worth the price of admission, not to mention this is a must if you're a gorehound (I'm not; I can take gore or leave it; all I care about is that the story & cast be interesting and entertaining).

The film runs 80 minutes.

GRADE: Borderline C+ or B-
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Entertaining Werewolf Story
ksj87016 October 2012
The Beast of Bray Road is certainly not an A-List picture, and to put it mildly it is very rough around the edges. The budget must have been extremely low, production values are negligible, and while there is a legend in Wisconsin concerning what may be a "real" beast of Bray Road, the film's claim to be based on a true story is plainly a gross exaggeration. On top of all that, the script populates the small town that is its setting with hardly anybody but unlikeable rednecks, the worst sort of white trash that you're often only too happy to see get torn limb from limb by the ravenous werewolf.

But despite it all, I had a lot of fun watching The Beast of Bray Road last night, so much so that it probably won't be too long before I watch it again. The story itself is built on a reliable formula, that of a small town beset by an unidentified monster which just might be something supernatural. Foruntately, our small cadre of heroes are more likable than most of the supporting characters. The protagonist is a local cop, but even so he's from the Big City and the locals mostly see him as an outsider not to be trusted. As our hero slowly puts the pieces together, he gradually comes to the realization that the predator he's looking for may spend most of its time hiding in plain sight as one of the townsfolk he's sworn to protect--even if they hate him for it. A cryptozoologist, drawn by the lure of fame and renown, shows up to lend the esoteric knowledge it takes to track down a werewolf, and aided by the deputy's beautiful almost-girlfriend and the rest of the rather clueless police squad, they put the truth together piece by piece, leading to a climactic hunt for the bloodthirsty monster in the dark of the forest.

Yes, this is a b-movie, but so what? It lacks polish and while its tough to ignore the obvious lack of funds, the picture still puts together a suitable atmosphere that, despite its official setting in Wisconsin, could be a small town almost anywhere in the USA. Direction is competent, with some creative shots worked in throughout the movie, and the acting is for the most part more than acceptable. The script does take some bold jumps in logic that require more than a little suspension of disbelief on the viewer's part, but that was okay with me. The werewolf itself is exceptionally well-done, and though we only see it a few times head-on, the eponymous Beast is very fearsome. Despite the low budget, the kills are pretty elaborate and gory, if you're impressed by that sort of thing. The big reveal near the end is quite a surprise, and the climax highly suspenseful.

This is a movie that would be pretty easy to pick apart, if you really wanted to. There's no denying its weaknesses, but it also has quite a few strengths. If the cast and crew don't have the tools to make a first-class blockbuster, they make up for it with a remarkable level of enthusiasm and dramatic flair. Together, everyone involved helps to create a story that is entertaining enough to overcome any inherent shortcomings. Thanks to an impressive werewolf, a simple but sound plot, surprisingly good acting, and a nice atmosphere, The Beast of Bray Road adds up to be more than the sum of its low-budget parts.
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This movie is junk
Jessicarabbit131317 October 2005
I lived and worked in WI in Delavan, the town around where many of the sightings took place. No one was ever killed in WI. Dogs went missing and some people thought they saw a wolfish creature with some roadkill. This movie does not even begin to touch on anything realistic about living in WI and calling it based on a true story just ticks me off. The beast in the movie looks cheesy and the story is just junk. I was disappointed and border line offended. If your going to make a movie about WI maybe spend a few minutes there first. First off all the sightings have always been late summer, early fall. There has never been property damage or cattle mutilations like they discuss in this movie. The could of touched on some of the funny real things that happened like the local pet shelter selling werewolf hunting permits, or the fact that a man was arrested with a gun and tools to break into peoples homes on Bray road and tried to use the defense that he was werewolf hunting to get off with no charges. It would of made for better padding of the movie then the junk they used.
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Plot Holes And Other Problems Galore!
sddavis6328 February 2009
Fact 1: over the years, there have been a number of reported sightings of a strange creature seen along Bray Road near Elkhorn, Wisconsin. Fact 2: in spite of the claim that this movie is "based on actual events" nothing in this movie (except that it's set on Bray Road near Elkhorn, Wisconsin) is even remotely similar to any of the sightings. Based on the reports of those sightings (which are intriguing in a fun sort of way) the most this creature is reported to have done is chase a couple of cars and maybe killed some cattle. The producers of this movie used those reported sightings as the opportunity to produce a gore-fest with a smattering of topless women thrown in for good measure. If you like heads being ripped off, and bodies being torn open (and topless women!) then you'll like this. If you prefer the sort of horror movie that leaves that stuff to the imagination then you probably won't. I like horror movies - but more for the atmosphere than the violence. This one failed on that count, and on several other counts as well. Let's point a few failings out.

(1) I figured out about halfway through the movie who they were going to identify as the werewolf, even though it made absolutely no sense because the person (who shall remain nameless in this review for fear of spoiling the "suspense" for others) did seem otherwise occupied during several of the attacks. (2) Where did the grizzly bear that was shot and killed come from? There ain't no grizzlies anywhere near Wisconsin! (OK, yes, even the characters in the movie were confused about that.) (3) The cryptozoologist becomes convinced that this is a werewolf (and that it would take silver bullets to kill the thing) on the evidence of one piece of video? True, the video was pretty clear, but surely a real scientist (even a cryptozoologist) would have been more skeptical than to use the old Sherlock Holmes line "when you have eliminated the impossible, whatever's left ... etc. etc." Surely they hadn't reached a point where a supposed scientist would conclude that a werewolf was the only possibility. (4) Why didn't the werewolf attack the woman in the house after finishing off her husband? That was never explained. (5) At the end of the movie, as we're set up for the sequel (say it ain't so!) the cryptozoologist says that there's another full moon in 15 days. OK. The werewolf is linked to the full moon, as often is the case. Well, the werewolf has been out and about up to this point, so there must have been a full moon. And now there's going to be another full moon in 15 days? Has the moon's rotation around the earth become faster? (6) Finally - I mean, there are more, but I'll stop with this one - the folks of rural Wisconsin aren't portrayed in a very positive light - thus the closing "dedicated to the great state of Wisconsin" seems a bit ironic.

Did I like anything here? Actually, I thought the werewolf makeup and overall film quality was not bad, and the acting from a little known group of actors was overall pretty decent with a couple of exceptions. Still - 3/10
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ghoulieguru23 November 2005
Warning: Spoilers
The ridiculous looking creature from the NIGHT OF THE DEMON makes his return as a shaggy sheepdog thing in the Asylum's pseudo-werewolf story, The Beast of Bray Road.

The ruination of the horror genre continues in this latest offering from the Asylum. Everything that you've come to expect from the Asylum is here. Poor acting, tired and pathetic storyline, a complete lack of talent in everyone involved. I wish I could say I was surprised by the shoddy production of the movie, but I knew I was in trouble as soon as I saw the Asylum logo.

In fact, I couldn't even get this stupid movie to play all the way through on my DVD player. Around chapter 11, the whole thing degenerated into a bunch of green pixels. I felt like I was watching THE MATRIX with a really bad audio track. I took the disc out and cleaned it, but whoever the Asylum is getting to author their DVDs is obviously doing it on their home computer. I should probably be thanking them for almost saving me from another dismal flop from this horrible production company.

After chapter skipping and searching several times, I did finally get to see the whole movie. Let me break it down for you, so you won't have to go through this excruciating experience. This is basically the story of a local Sheriff who's trying to save his small town from a werewolf. He teams up with a Cryptozoology professor and a local hunter to go find the thing. It's really just a cruddy remake of that old movie with Corey Haim, SILVER BULLET. They even stole some shots, doing a montage of the hunters as they melt down silver and make bullets for their machine guns. The only difference is that the final reveal in this one is that the werewolf is the local bartender that our Sheriff has fallen in love with.

If you are a fan of werewolf movies, you should stay as far away from this piece of dung as possible. It might sully your love of lycanthropy. It really is a beastly movie.
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Hoo hum
wntuc15 July 2006
Warning: Spoilers
I suppose if you have nothing good to watch and you want a "scary movie" to get you mind off things, this will fit. Pretty good scary moments and the expected gore. It also has the moments that make no sense--was the gun locked in the refrig? Why? Victims would noticeably place themselves in positions where you know the beast could grab hold of them. The shed scene is obvious when the guy with the ax backs away from his female companion (why didn't he stay with her??) and of course,the beast reaches through the wall and pulls him through--kinda telegraphed. Pretty much through the movie there was a lot of "why's and how come's". It also has the usual unnecessary sex scene and conflict between saving the beast or killing it.

Of course its a typical 90's--00's horror movie portraying the men as weak or idiots and the macho women having to take control because the men--are idiots. That is unless the woman is blond--two were the stupid ones in this movie. Interesting the bar fight scene where the cop is protected by the woman with a gun--yeah, never saw that on COPS before.

I guess we will have these types poorly written horror flicks for awhile until the next generation of writers are of age.
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