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Season 3

10 Aug. 2007
The Valley of the Shadows
Moments after the drive-by shooting at the King High prom, ambulances rush the victims to the ER - and everyone realizes that nothing will be the same again.
17 Aug. 2007
The It Girls
Ashley and Kyla have $25 million to spend, and they're starting by dropping a chunk of it on a gorgeous new loft as far from Ash's mom as possible.
24 Aug. 2007
Spencer's New Girlfriend
Ashley and Aiden keep getting hotter, but when a former prom queen opens Aiden's eyes, things might cool off really quickly.
31 Aug. 2007
The Truth Hurts
Madison asks Spencer for help getting into "Ego," a club where Ashley and Kyla have been hanging out. Spencer has been avoiding Ashley but agrees to go to the club so that Ashley will put Madison on the list.
7 Sep. 2007
Fighting Crime
Spencer's done with Carmen, and just in time too - Ashley needs her support, because an old friend from New York is ready to make her famous.
14 Sep. 2007
Saturday Night Is for Fighting
Jake's working hard to make Kyla the new It girl, but when she finds out that Ashley's poised to out-It her, It hits the fan.
21 Sep. 2007
Gay Pride
Spencer wants Paula to attend Gay Pride with but Paula has a work excuse. An unlikely friendship is born when Ashley pulls off a major miracle.
10 Oct. 2008
Career Day
Spashley's back! After a night they'll never forget, Spencer and Ashley are ready to pick up where they left off.
17 Oct. 2008
Spencer's 18th Birthday
It's the weekend of Spencer's eighteenth birthday, and her grandmother's flying in to celebrate with the family.
24 Oct. 2008
A Very Inconvenient Truth
Now that Kyla's been humiliated on national television, she decides that the only way to redeem herself is to put the lies behind her and come clean to Ashley.
7 Nov. 2008
Love and Kisses
Spencer's falling into Lily's hipster crowd and loving every second of it--especially the seconds she spends making passes at Jonica.
14 Nov. 2008
Better Late Than Never
Glen finally realizes his feelings for Chelsea just as Sean blows back into town, looking to scoop her up for himself. Will the new-and-improved Glen watch her slip away?
21 Nov. 2008
Past, Present and Future
Everyone's life has become about choices. Chelsea has to choose between Glen and Sean. Aiden has to choose what's next in his life.
5 Dec. 2008
Taking Seconds
Aiden's cheated death for a second time, and it's enough to convince him that he's practically invincible.
12 Dec. 2008
On the Precipice
The future always seems so far away, but it's here NOW. How can Chelsea start a new life in Paris when what she wants might be right here, right now?

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