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Season 3

Episode #3.1
With just days to go before her wedding to Archie, Marsha's gone from irritable to road rage. Meanwhile, Nikki is getting ready to tie the knot to long-time love Tony and nothing but a gala affair will do.
Episode #3.2
Marsha's flying off the handle again, this time at the photographer and anyone else who doesn't get her overall concept. In California, fashion designer Yoshie hires Michael, wedding planner extraordinaire.
Episode #3.3
It's the night before Marsha's wedding to Archie, and the fur is flying. Archie's sister tries to calm her down. Also, Regina is taking a do-it-yourself approach to her wedding but the costs and her anger are mounting.
Episode #3.4
Regina's lengthy task list is definitely causing stress, but decorum flies out the window when she starts giving marching orders to the church. On the West coast, Lydee is starting to crack as the big day approaches.
Episode #3.5
It's the day of the wedding, and micromanager Regina pushes her bridal party to the limit. Spendthrifts Angela and John are surprised when they realize the cost of their nuptials is at 110K and rising.
Episode #3.6
Angela is determined to look hot at the reception with a sexy new dress but almost has a melt down when she sees what her mother plans to wear. Meanwhile, Shelayna is fed up with fiance Bart's pranks and practical jokes.
Episode #3.7
Shelayna and Bart have headaches and heated discussions over finances, resulting in a stressed out wedding portrait session. Ladessia has no problem dictating how everyone should be coiffed and manicured for her big day.
Episode #3.8
Shelayna is all tears when Bart's drunk brother exhibits inappropriate behavior at the wedding rehearsal. Milena's wedding woes turn her from a blushing, blonde bride-to-be into a direct, foul-mouthed woman on a mission!
Episode #3.9
After viciously insulting invited guests at the bridal shower, Milena ridicules her mother's taste in the reception decorations and threatens fiance Adi's family with murder when they cause the wedding to start late!
Episode #3.10
When questions arise about the seating chart, Kristina's mother Julie becomes a Momzilla, insisting it's her wedding since she's the one paying for it. Kristina explodes when her sisters are late for a nail appointment.
Episode #3.11
Although Calisse claims to hate strippers, her enthusiastic response to the bachelorette party suggests otherwise. On the morning of the wedding, the bride and her sister have a knock-down drag-out fight in the church!
Episode #3.12
When it comes to her wedding, Malia demands the best of everything, including an adoring audience. When Malia drags her fiance to their celebrity teeth-whitening appointment, she's upset when he gets all the attention.
4 Sep. 2006
Malia & Dana
Dana refuses to make plans for the groomsmen.
11 Sep. 2006
Dana & Melody
Dana has no flowers on her wedding day.
Episode #3.15
Melody flips out as wedding costs skyrocket.
Episode #3.16
Karyn's attempt to combine wedding planning with a family vacation fails especially when the caterer cancels a week before the reception and the beach is covered in seaweed on the morning of the ceremony.
Episode #3.17
Jon is a neurotic perfectionist and freaks when his partner Isaac and friend Sandy meet the wedding planner without him. Also, when Isaac's mother disapproves of the wedding, Jon is tempted to call the whole thing off.
Episode #3.18
26 year old Bessa fights with her fiance Lyle, her sister and mother-in-law. On the day of the wedding, this superficial bride orders her young daughter not to smile as her missing front teeth might ruin the photos.

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