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This isn't just a movie...it is a time-machine to the glory days of Disney.
bigbillythefish9225 November 2007
I'm a teenage boy, and the reviews for "Enchanted," along with some friendly persuasion from my sisters, moved me to give this live action/animated combo. a chance. In the first fourteen minutes of Enchanted, there were two things that caught my attention: 1)The never-ending, sugar-coated, sing-along tune and 2) The grainy style of animation that Disney lavished upon the screen(a tribute to the Disney classics, such as Beauty and the Beast and Sleeping Beauty); in this time span, I felt truly embarrassed to be sitting in the theater with the older couples clustered around me. I mean, what kind of boy in his right mind would want to watch a movie with musical numbers and pretty princesses? And yet, there was something about it...the aire of it almost took me back to the days of my childhood when I would smash my face up to the T.V. screen, when Belle and the Beast were having their unforgettable ball dance or when Ariel was brushing her hair with a fork. It was these sorts of memories that surfaced to my mind as I kept watching Enchanted. And it kept getting better and better. When there was a sudden switch to live-action, my heart was captured by Amy Adams, who seems to be, in my opinion, the finest choice for Giselle. Prince Edward and Robert also had their perfect fits (James Marsden and Patrick Dempsey). Even though this movie is close to perfect, it still has its problems. There is an aire of predictability in the storyline, as well as the fact that it's swamped with clichés (some of which are fresh, and some of which are flat). Yet it flows on, innocently, with its strong actors/actresses, decent-enough screenplay that gives you a warm feeling in your heart (which is what Disney is supposed to do, right?), spectacular music numbers that have charm, and the fact that it is suitable for all ages. There is a little something for everyone in this film--and it's not just a film either--it is a time-machine back to the golden era of Disney's animated films, and its live-action ones as well. And it helps me look forward to the new Disney: one that keeps surprising me more and more every single day.
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I loved Enchanted!
Smells_Like_Cheese25 November 2007
I first saw the trailer for Enchanted in the spring, from the moment it ended, I knew this was a movie that I wanted to see. I finally saw it today and it's everything that I hoped for and more. It was nice to finally see a Disney movie that wasn't computer animated, the beginning was almost a forgotten memory of the old fashion animation that I miss so much. But Enchanted is without a doubt one of the most fun films of the year and so perfect for the whole family. I though the plot was so extremely clever, what if the cartoons with the fairytale stories met into today's world? Especially in New York City? The cast just looked like they had the ultimate blast making this movie and really brought it to life. They each held their own and were a perfect choice for the comedic role they had to play. Enchanted is a clever twist on the classic fairy tale.

Giselle has just met the prince of her dreams, he's saved her from a troll and asked for her hand in marriage, everything seems to be going good for them. But Prince Edward's step mother has other plans in mind when she doesn't want to give up her crown and let Giselle take it. So she sends Giselle to another world, one where there is no "happily ever after", cut to New York City 2007. She's in human form and needs to get back to her land, she meets a man Robert and his daughter, Morgan, she stays with them and ends up falling for Robert. Just in time since Prince Edward throws himself to the other dimension to save her, but it's definitely a life changing experience for both of them, especially when the queen arrives to take care of Giselle herself.

Enchanted is one of the year's best movies and one of Disney's best, I guarantee it'll be a true classic down the line. The whole story was charming as well as funny and just a great time to watch, I don't know if I could pick a favorite part, there were so many to choose from, but I think the part where the prince first arrives to New York, how determined he is, he even takes on the city bus because he thinks it's a beast. For me, I think James Mardson stole the film as Prince Edward, he just played it off so perfectly and was such a pleasure to watch on the screen. Enchanted is one of the year's best films, I would highly recommend it for you or the family, it's a definite treasure of 2007.

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That good old story with a modern twist
Jay_Exiomo21 November 2007
Combining elements of modern day Manhattan with romanticized fairy tale settings, "Enchanted" tells the story of Giselle (Adams), your typical Disney leading lady living in a cottage, singing with innocent creatures, awaiting the day she would meet her prince charming. He turns out to be Prince Edward (James Marsden), a dashing debonair who happens to be the stepson of the wicked witch Queen Narissa (Susan Sarandon). They meet, fall in love in a whim, and decide to marry the next day.

Problem is, step-mom wouldn't allow anyone to take over her throne so she poses as an old woman and pushes a clueless Giselle into a well that transports to - ahem - our world, where her quixotic perspective sets her apart from everyone else. Her city misadventures eventually lead her to Robert (Patrick Dempsey), a divorce lawyer separated from his wife and trying to raise his daughter Morgan (Rachel Covey) by himself.

While awaiting to be rescued by her Prince Edward, Giselle bonds with father and daughter, with him teaching her a thing or two about dating, and her teaching him on the positive aspects of love.

While obviously an attempt to satirize the genre it carved its name on, this Disney flick helmed by Kevin Lima does it in a way that's not in a mocking manner as Dreamworks animated films usually are. Rather, they are handled with affection that makes the fairy tale angle a rather sweet and funny affair. The interweaving elements of live-action and animation blend alright and don't feel unbalanced.

Of course, you can say that this movie really belongs to Adams, who with her cheerful nature, makes it easy for one to feel for her character by providing depth and giving an additional dimension to Giselle. The supporting cast pale in comparison although they do have their moments, especially Sarandon who easily hams it up during a climactic event.

"Enchanted" doesn't necessarily mark a return of the old fairy tale magic conspicuously absent in recent Disney films; but it has the charms and clever wit - not to mention star Amy Adams bubbly charisma - to win over audiences outside the target demographic.
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The steel beast is defeated peasants, you are free…Enchanted
jaredmobarak22 November 2007
In honor of the Thanksgiving holiday, I will post a family film review. Who better to deliver in that genre than Disney with their new animated/live action hybrid Enchanted. This movie is very cute and quite good at being both wholesome for the kiddies and tongue-in-cheek for the adults. You need to appreciate a studio being able to poke fun at itself. By using the classic stories of Cinderella, Snow White, and Sleeping Beauty, all made famous in their own right by the Mouse House, we are given some big laughs. The acting is very self-referential and broad as far as the fairy tale roles that make the journey into our world's New York City go. Screenwriter Bill Kelly gives the cast some great lines and set pieces to play in, ultimately showing us that the storybooks aren't always right. True love does exist, but not necessarily with the one you first think. The message is good, the songs are good, the animation and acting are good—Disney came through with this one. Along with Meet the Robinsons, Mickey and friends may be turning the ship around into a new renaissance.

We are ushered into the story with some 2D animation of Giselle, a pretty girl looking for her Prince Charming. That man is in fact Prince Edward, recently being led by his stepmother's henchman to battle ogres and partake in adventure to keep his mind off a wife. You see if he marries, Queen Narissa loses her crown and he becomes King. She is having none of that and will cross into evil stepmother/queen/hag territory to trick Giselle into falling through a portal to our world. Now a fish-out-of-water, she must find her way back to her love, that eventually comes looking for her along with her best friend Pip the squirrel and the evil witch's lackey Nathaniel. It is on this path that she runs into divorce lawyer Robert Philip and turns both his and her life upside down.

I love how the fantasy world comes into ours so awkwardly. Giselle's ability to call on all the animals of her meadows allows her to do the same in NY, only the creatures she gets are rats, pigeons, cockroaches, and flies—yet they all do the work anyway—it's priceless. Also, when she breaks into song, all the people on the streets join along and have a blast being part of the huge choreographed numbers. Her innocence is very precious and trying new things always gets her new lawyer friend in trouble, yet helps those in her wake. Patrick Dempsey plays that friend to great effect. He sees what she is doing and can't help but fall for her joyful, inability to see cruelty in the world. Playing the straight man to her craziness leads to wonderful moments of laughter as well as those full of poignancy and compassion, giving the kids in the audience something to think about and lessons to learn.

While Dempsey's evolution as a man is something to appreciate, it is the transplants that shine. Amy Adams and James Marsden play Giselle and Prince Edward respectively. They bring the happy-go-lucky mentality of Andalasia to our disenchanted realm. The over-acting is great and the culture shock fantastic. Adams is gorgeous and has the chops to make the aloofness work, but also change later on into a human being that sees what reality brings. When she tells Edward that she was thinking instead of singing, his reaction really hits home on the vast void between storybook fantasy and the real world. As for Marsden, his childish actions are truly funny; a borderline simpleton, he believes in chivalry and when he is told a suspected villain is really a friend, he just flips a switch and is OK with it. His smile is infectious and his vacant expressions indispensable to the film working on the dual levels it does.

Everything works here to bring a wonderful family-friendly story to life. Complete with its pop-up book bookends, Enchanted is truly magical. I don't know how it could ever have worked as a complete animated work, as I have read it originated as, so thankfully they took the plunge to expand it with live action. Crossing between the two worlds is seamless—2D characters turned into humans or 3D computer generated animals. With many instances ripe for a wrong turn, the filmmakers seem to come to all the right decisions. Working in older Disney yarns and playing each story thread to its effective conclusion leaves us with a tale that could become a classic amongst the ones it appropriates. So, if you are looking for a way to spend a couple hours with the whole family, Enchanted is definitely a great way to go.
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Adorable Family Film
schwanna14 November 2007
I had recently seen a screening of this movie and was pleasantly surprised that it had completely exceeded my expectations. The theater was full of laughs from the beginning throughout all ages. In the beginning I was worried that Amy Adams would make Giselle seem like some obnoxious daytime children's television character, but instead she managed to please the audience during the entire movie. There was also enough humor to keep the older viewers entertained from hilarious allusions to popular fairy tales and even some "adult" themes insinuated, while still keeping the film Disney clean. Overall I completely enjoyed this movie and recommend it to all families.
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Brilliant - something for everyone!
Rachel-36821 October 2007
Warning: Spoilers
I went to see Enchanted at the premiere on 20/10/2007 and I was really pleasantly surprised. I had expected all the usual Disney trademarks to be included; singing, animation, animals that talk, a prince and an evil stepmother, all these was there but also so much more! I was not expecting the film to be as funny as it was; it's packed with jokes; quite a few were aimed at adults, so went over the children's heads, but the weren't rude or distasteful enough to offend the children. This film is an 'all rounder'; it contains all the Disney elements that children and adults love, but also enough to humour to make it an enjoyable comedy for the adults.

Amy Adams is brilliant as the innocent Giselle, she embodies everything that a Disney character should; from her musical ensembles to her sunny view of the world. Patrick Dempsey plays the cynical lawyer, who isn't sure if Giselle has banged her head or is just crazy! James Marsden is perfect as the classic Disney prince; suave and arrogant, while Susan Sarandon obviously relishes being the evil witch. Timothy Spall plays the bumbling, and occasionally annoying, side-kick, but he also provides the basis for many of the jokes.

Disney knows what works, and have included many of their much-loved formulas, but they haven't been afraid to venture away from their traditional 'girl meets boy, they get married and live happily ever after' narrative. And that's what really makes this film stand out. If I were to sum up this film, I'd say 'a brilliant fusion'. It fuses animation with actors, Andalasia with New York, pigeons with chipmunks, Prince Charming with a Divorce Lawyer, humour with love, modern dilemmas with traditional values and Disney past, with what I hope is Disney future.

Definitely worth a watch, and the best part is, you won't even need to use your children as an excuse to go!
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Practically Perfect
greggandkristi3 November 2007
The movie is quite simply, the best Family movie in the past few years. From the beginning, the movie sucks you in with narration from a Disney Legend. You fall in love with the characters right away and it's quite simply a return to the greatness that Disney can deliver. The cast led by Amy Adams, Patrick Dempsey, James Marsden and Timothy Spall (Wormtail from the Harry Potter movies who gives an inspired Oscar-worthy performance) is impeccable. Rounding out the cast is Susan Sarandon who is part Evil Queen, part Maleficent and pure EVIL and the adorable Rachel Covey who is the perfect "mini-princess" for Giselle to play off of. The music by Stephen Schwartz and Alan Menken (in a return to brilliance) is terrific. The original songs are the best to come out of Disney since The Hunchback of Notre Dame. The story, quite simply is part fish-out-of-water, part romantic comedy, part animated and all fun. The live-action portion of the movie feels like your watching animation. The way that Giselle infects those around her with her innocent "Princess-esque" demeanor is really at the heart of what makes the movie so great. Of course, it wouldn't be Disney without a few scene-stealing animals who don't take over the movie and really are what they are meant to be, supporting characters. There are a few nods to the past as well. I won't share them here, but let's just say they are subtle enough not to be distracting, but still there enough to bring a smile to your face. The violence in the movie is nothing more than what you would see in any other PG family movie, and really aside from being live-action, isn't anything you wouldn't see in movies such as Sleeping Beauty or Snow White.
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A great, fun, Disney classic!
Dviitale-12 November 2007
First off, I want to say that, there is a comment on this thread where someone calls Enchanted disturbing, should be rated R, etc. It is obvious she did not see the film. This reviewer is high, and, this review should be removed.

Enchanted was a surprisingly great, fun modernized Cinderella tale, including 3 show- stopping musical numbers where the test audience applauded after each song.

Amy Adams is perfect, James Marsden, once again, as he was in Hairspray, was very appealing. I felt Patrick Dempsey was good, if not a tad old for the part, and, his fiancé was OK, nothing spectacular. (in fact, I feel this movie would have worked a bit better if Dempsey had a good girl "friend" vs a fiancé).

That being said, I loved the message this movie teaches to children, that is, get to know someone before saying "i do" (as is the message with way too many princess movies, and is the reason why too many suffer youthful failed marriages.

Enchanted was great fun, and very funny! A must see!
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An enjoyable romp.
roddmatsui22 November 2007
This is really the definition of "light entertainment," and seriously, I am still smiling about it now. After getting in the way of an Evil Queen, a fairytale princess is cast into an alternate reality--the real world as we know it--and must survive there until her rescue by her Prince Charming. Hmm! From the trailer I saw, my guess was that "Enchanted" was a one-joke show, a series of gags about how fairytale magic falls on its face in the real world. That Disney has managed to squeeze at least four or five good jokes out of the idea, and mixed in a few sprinkles of profundity on top of that, is something of an achievement. As a romp, it works fairly well, and it delivered quite a lot more than I was expecting.

This is a risky film to make, and Disney gets points for having the guts to unleash this oddity on the holiday season. It's a fun film that isn't afraid to go, occasionally, in weird and startling directions.

The intersection of the two worlds--the world of faith and magic, and the world of disillusionment and hard reality--creates the expected comedic drama at first. Then the two opposing realities begin to influence and change each other in unsettling and stimulating ways that may surprise the audience. The ideas aren't fully developed, but a crucial detail was attended to at the wrap-up that satisfied me--the main characters succeed mainly because they are able to grow beyond their previous conceptions of themselves.

Along the way of telling this story, we get to see a very challenging film production featuring two distinct worlds and their accompanying designs, and the intermingling of these two worlds. It's occasionally heavy on visual effects and animated sequences, but the effects are always story-driven and never gratuitous--a surprising enough thing nowadays that it's worth taking note of. Strong film-making skills, with an old-school sensibility, are at work.

My rating gets an extra point for an audacious, overblown MGM-style singing/dancing sequence, the kind that is rarely seen in theatres nowadays. Go see it!
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In love with this movie!
mariam21517 November 2007
My husband and I received tickets to this movie as a gift. My husband was just going to take our daughter, but we decided to all go. We took my 11 year old son and my 10 year old daughter to this movie thinking it would just be something to do since "we had the tickets anyway." It was supposed to just be a fun night. We had no idea how "in love" with this movie we would all be! We laughed out loud, I cried, and the kids had the best time. We were actually holding hands and singing on the way back to the car. It's a must see! Dads, you'll laugh, I promise! We can't wait until it comes out on video! It's Great family time. Go go GO see this movie.
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Hilarious Comedy by Disney
adsum8520 September 2007
Warning: Spoilers
I was lucky enough to see a preview of "Enchanted" yesterday, and I am really glad I went. The big appeal in this movie is , I think, the fact that Disney seems to be making fun of itself. From the one-day romances, to the spontaneous singing, this Disney movie delivers all of the classic plot lines but with a humorous and decidedly fresh panache. Amy Adams makes a sweet princess, and James Marsden plays Prince Charming (or Prince Edward in this case) as an innocent and ditsy hero. Susan Sarandon is witty as the evil witch, and Timothy Spall makes an endearing henchman. Patrick Dempsey makes for a great anti-hero. But in my opinion, Pip the squirrel was the most hilarious character, especially when communicating Spalls true intent to the oblivious Prince Edward. From the musical numbers to the CGI, this movie is definitely worth watching with the whole family.
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Can a guy like this movie? Actually, yeah
Rcwilkinson12317 February 2008
'Enchanted' looks like a movie that a guy would never be seen at. C'mon, it's another Disney princess, and just looks pretty girly, right? Well, this is true. But it is funny enough to make both males and females enjoy a film where Disney pokes fun at their own masterpieces in the form of a Cinderella, Snow White, or Sleeping Beauty.

Princess Giselle leaves the cartoon world for the real world, and has a whale of a time adjusting to the harsh realities of a life other than "happy ever after." This is where the movie is at its best, as Amy Adams is very funny and cute playing a princess who must adjust to life in New York City while bringing her very own charm to the real world, and teaches lessons about true love while also learning important aspects of relationships from the man who is lucky- or unlucky?- enough to have found her.

The ending is kind of weird, but that's not to spoil a movie that is for the most part refreshing in its premise and delivers plenty of genuine laughs. 3/4 stars
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Get real already!
zoegreenfrog25 November 2007
First of all, I'm going to tell you that I'm a 16 year old girl, so this review may be a little biased in your opinion. For the most part, the reviews for Enchanted have been stellar. I enjoyed reading them, and agreed with most of them, until I got to the end where a few wet blankets decided to ruin the rave reviews. They think there's too much marketing, the marriage/divorce issues aren't appropriate..the list goes on.

I don't know about anyone else, but I thought Enchanted was so cute. Sure, it was really glammed up and glitzy, but it's a Disney princess movie. What else could you expect? As far as the marriage/divorce issue goes, I really don't believe 6 year old girls are sitting in the movie theater to watch anything but the princess and listen to the music, etc. I really think some people are reeling too far into the issues of this movie, instead of simply enjoying it.

Enchanted was one of the best movies of the year in my opinion. It was funny, romantic, and just plain good. It even made me cry at the end! I really enjoyed it, and I would recommend it for kids of all ages.
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Very very good!
sourcegamer8 November 2007
Warning: Spoilers
I just got home from an advanced screening at my local theater, and all I can say is WOW! I must admit, when I first came into the movie theater, I was quite skeptical as to how good it would be, considering it's a modern Disney movie and all, but boy was I wrong. This was one of the best family oriented films I have seen in years. The entire theater applauded with vigor at the end of the movie. Truly an essential family movie-going experience.

I was following this movie for a while admiring the very interesting concept and wondering if Disney could pull it off. They did that and much more. This movie was a refreshing taste of comedy and the "happily ever after" love story. It did not follow the usual outcome however, I won't reveal what happened because you need to find out for yourself. I personally very much enjoyed this twist to the typical plot for this genre. The comedy seemed like it could appeal to all ages. They packed in many jokes perfectly into the plot. Not once did the comedy seem cheesy or even queer, almost every joke was funny. Very many parts of the old fairy tales were used in some parts of the plot, such as Snow White, Cinderella, and Sleeping Beauty. However they were used in such a stylistic manner that it all seemed to seamlessly blend together with the rest of the story. The villains were very hate-able, and the good guys were very lovable. Overall the plot was very solid and very well written. It carried all the magic and the entertainment factor of all the classics before it. 8.3/10

One thing that struck me upside the head, was the acting. The acting I felt was top notch for Amy Adams, the actress who plays Giselle. Her performance as a lost and confused princess from another world was very realistic and seemed to posses a pleasant flavor to it. I think I could see a potential Oscar nomination for her. Only time will tell though. The acting for the rest of the cast was very good. I don't have any nitpicks worth noting. 9/10

The sound mix was surprisingly good considering the film's Genre. Once again, another engrossing quality of the film. Skywalker Sound really does a good job with every film the do the sound mixing for. There were many ambient effects from all around the theater perfectly placed, which added a sense of depth to what was on screen. 8.5/10

My one big nitpick was the Music. I had no problem with the orchestral arrangements supplementing the vocals, (they were quite good in fact) but what killed me was the seemingly weak voice for Giselle. There was one musical number that took place in Central Park towards the middle of the film where I felt her character had to do a lot of strong singing, but it came across to me that the Music behind her vocal was stronger and more filled with emotion than the vocal that was supplied. However everywhere else I have no real problems. It was just that number that prevented me from swaying a little in my seat. 6.8/10

The Visual effects were very well done. (POSSIBLE SPOILER) There was one sequence that involved a massive dragon roosting at the tip of what I think was the Chrysler Building. The dragon seemed very believable, and the digital rain and lightning in the scene reflected very well off of the dragon's scales. I have no nitpicks here. 8/10

Overall this film was a magical ride fit for all ages. It houses comedy, fantasy, magic, and lots and lots of entertainment all in one reel. Definitely a movie to bring your family to this thanksgiving. Remember to buy lots of popcorn and candy! Nothing like making a movie which is already a great treat even better.

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a near perfect movie
slh22 November 2007
so lovely! this is a film for singles looking for love, for kids, just an all around adorable film--so different and so inventive! LOVED it. (not to mention the cutest chipmunk scene you've ever seen!) everyone who walked out of the screening was smiling. it's so rare to find films that are really well put together script-wise, and this is definitely one of them. u might even want to see it more than once--it's that good. i literally fell in love with this film. Amy Adams is a delight--I was pleasantly shocked to see there are a few comments below that suggest her role is Oscar worthy, but really. her performance is that good. And who doesn't like two hours with Mr. McDreamy?!
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Not what I expected...
crisisbrown6 February 2008
I was invited to see this film with my girlfriend, her parents and her little sister. Her dad and I where hesitant about seeing this film as we where both under the impression it was going to be a girlie flick or just another kids film. We where wrong! I don't think I laughed as much the first time I saw Jack Dee live as I did with this film! I think the very few blokes in the audience where actually laughing more than the women who wanted to see the film in the first place! Genius. This Movie caught me completely off guard! For the few blokes who are willing to put there masculinity to one side for an hour and 30 minutes, get some mates round; rent this movie and you will all be crying with laughter by the end.
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Classic storytelling blended perfectly with modern reality
isaacbbabcock26 November 2007
I'm not in this movie's target demographic. I'm a guy aged 24-30. Yet the preview sucked me in, and I'm glad I did. Why? It's a movie that tells us a little about ourselves, and makes fun of how we distinguish fantasy from reality and why we hold onto our dreams.

We all want the fairy tale to come true, but as we get older, we learn that reality is much less beautiful than the idealized world of Disney fantasy. This movie plays to that duality expertly, examining what we believe, asking us why, and making us laugh along the way.

Giselle the would-be princess will win you over with her idealist naiveté. She steals scenes with her energetic personality, and makes you wish you believed how she does. Her musical scene while cleaning house will have you laughing along as fantasy and reality clash in a brilliant mockery.

Prince Edward will have you rooting for the wrong guy because he's just so likable. He's played by James Marsden, aka Scott from the X-Men (who was a dick), which really showcases his versatility. He can sing, dance, and play naive romantic to a T.

Patrick Dempsey once again removes himself from the limelight with a too low-key performance, but he's the straight guy that grounds the film, so that's the point. He still changes as Giselle's giddy make believe world intrudes on his life and the way he thinks, so you get to feel for him as if he were you.

By the end of the film you'll find yourself wondering if you still believe in the fairy tale style romance, or if you're a modern realist. The best part is, this movie gives you that choice.

Everybody comes out a winner from this film, including the audience. It's a perfect date movie, unless you don't like who you're dating, in which case it'll be really awkward, because this movie is unrelentingly romantic.
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A fun, postmodernist ride (MILD spoilers)
shaneo63227 November 2007
Shaun Munro's Reviews (ShaunMunro.co.uk):

Enchanted's opening moments serve as a wonderful hark back to the classic animation of yesteryear, and even as someone not terribly fond of grand musical interludes, I was frankly taken aback and very much, dare I say, enchanted by this film.

The premise is such - Giselle (Amy Adams), soon to be Princess, is on the lookout for love in Prince Edward (James Marsden), whilst the evil Queen Narissa (Susan Sarandon) wishes to foil this plan to retain her prestige. The setup for Enchanted is unoriginal, but it has been so long since we have seen this dynamic in any sort of animated form that it is an instant win for director Kevin Lima.

Whilst the opening animated sequence borrows from Snow White (among other Disney classics) in many ways, the meat of the film is unlike anything else that Disney have cooked up over the years. Through the Queen's meticulous scheme, Giselle becomes banished to a world where there are no happy endings – the "real world".

As the film transforms from animation to live action, enter the gloriously dolled-up Amy Adams, traipsing around New York City in a gigantic white dress, entirely oblivious to what is going on around her. Enchanted is a classic "out of towner in the big city" story with a fantastical twist – the real world is a colossal culture shock to Giselle, as she learns upon being mugged (in hilarious fashion) by a homeless man.

Soon enough, she meets Robert, played by Patrick Dempsey, who, along with the majority of the cast of the horrendous Grey's Anatomy, I had near enough written off. Nonetheless, Giselle, who is simply looking to find her way home, becomes embroiled in Robert's life, and frankly, with her high-pitched voice and snazzy dress sense, who could blame Robert for thinking that she had escaped from the local asylum? In perhaps one of the film's few weak points of development, Robert allows Giselle to sleep at his place despite his previous trepidation, although this is very much his character all over – he buckles to her charms, and says more about Robert as a character than any sort of weak scriptwriting.

From this point, Prince Edward and his trusty chipmunk sidekick arrive on the scene to rescue Giselle. It becomes evident from James Marsden's first live-action scene in this film that he had great fun with this role, hurling himself into it completely with a rare energy seen nowadays. As with his memorable turn in this year's Hairspray, Marsden shows his knack for these melodramatic, charismatic roles, and moreover, who could resist that smile? Enchanted is not without its curiosities, such as how Giselle knows quite what a vacuum cleaner is as she sings about it, but that's probably one of the less ridiculous things about this film, considering it has vermin scrubbing a toilet with toothbrushes. The film is full of such divergences, but they are forgivable, and more to the point, acceptable ones.

As can be quite predictably expected, all of this chaos causes an upheaval in Robert's personal and professional life. Robert is given a number of opportunities to get rid of Giselle, and under normal circumstances, I would become irritated when he doesn't, but given how this is a live-action fairytale, and an ironic one at that, juxtaposing the real life and the transcendental, I can show some mercy. Also, let's face it – Amy Adams is just that charming – she adds a bravery to her role by adding a face to the would-be animated voice.

The film generally does well to steer clear from irritation, although it is not without its instances of unadulterated cheese, such as an impromptu dance number in the middle of Central Park. In its defense, it isn't anything more over-the-top than you would see in a normal Disney film, and it is just as well telegraphed.

The course of the film envisions a dichotomous change for our characters – Giselle becomes humanised, employing an air of rational thought (even at one point, quite hilariously, feeling anger), whilst Robert begins to exhibit a fresher, more romanticised outlook on life. Giselle's influence on not only Robert but the world around her is profound, her magic aura touching many lives, whilst all the positives of the corporeal world rub off on Giselle and her Prince.

Aside from the evil Queen arriving on Earth to take care of Giselle herself, the film posits a veiled question of morality, love and relationships. Regrettably, the answer didn't really seem within the ironic vein of the rest of the picture, instead leaning towards a clean, fairytale solution rather than an authentic one. I'm not sure if it sends the right message to the youngsters of 2007, but again, it hasn't done anything that Disney hasn't already been doing for the last seventy years, and like classics such as Mulan, Enchanted, by its end, presents us with an exceedingly strong female protagonist. Heck, the film even puts in a good word for stepmothers everywhere! All in all, I didn't expect, but merely hope for a more complex solution to the issues that Enchanted raises, rather than the syrupy ending we're treated to. Still, this is a solid urban fairytale with electrifying performances, namely from the wonderful Amy Adams, but also from James Marsden, and the surprisingly tolerable Patrick Dempsey. The film serves well to remain tongue-in-cheek right up until its final moments, and even despite the problematic third act, it is difficult to hold a grudge against a film where the term "feel good" has rarely been more apt.
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Surprisingly Enjoyable
iamthejoey27 November 2007
I was thoroughly surprised to find myself completely hooked on and enjoying this silly movie. There is nothing dazzling about it, and it is far from perfect, but it had me laughing at and caring for each of the characters. It was able to strike a notes of both comedy and sympathy while blatantly making fun of itself and every other fairy tale story. The idea of setting it in New York made it all the more enjoyable. Definitely give it a try, this isn't Oscar material, or even Disney's best, but at least you'll be smiling by the end.

Oh, and Patrick Dempsey and James Marsden in the same movie... how could you go wrong?
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festivaljunkie26 October 2007
Warning: Spoilers
Enchanted, Disney cartoon meets New York City a fantastic combination making this a 'laugh for all the family' film. This seemed to me as a classic Disney film modernised in a tasteful way. With such a good plot and characters I found myself completely absorbed into the film and was not disappointed as it held enough singing, dancing, romance and glitter to keep me happy and remind me of what a fantastic Disney creation I was watching. Starting in a typical fairytale cartoon immediately the plot became the usual true love tale until Giselle enters the real world of New Nork City she discovers and realises new ideas and emotions which change her mind about her true love. Amy Adams proved a great performance as 'Princess Gabrielle' as did James Marsden and Susan Sarandon as Prince Edward and the evil stepmother Narcissa. A* production.
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Delightful Fairytale with Happily Ever After
claudio_carvalho13 July 2010
Once upon a time in the magic kingdom of Andalasia, the evil Queen Narissa does not want to lose her position of queen and consequently that her stepson Prince Edward finds a girl. When Edward meets the dreamer Giselle, they immediately fall in love with each other and decide to get married on the next day. However, Narissa disguises in an old witch and lures Giselle, pushing her down in a magic wishing well that brings Giselle (Amy Adams) to the real world in Times Square in Manhattan. Giselle does not find anyone gentle and is completely lost in the cold and rainy New York trying to find the way back to Andalasia. However, the divorce lawyer Robert Philip (Patrick Dempsey) and his daughter Morgan Philip (Rachel Covey) help Giselle and she spends the night in their apartment. Meanwhile Prince Edward (James Marsden) and his squirrel Pip jumps in the well and arrives in Times Square seeking out Giselle. But Queen Narissa sends his minion Nathaniel (Timothy Spall) yo New York with a poisoned apple to kill Giselle. Robert, who is engaged of Nancy (Idina Menzel), becomes fascinated with the naive and lovely Giselle that falls in love with him. But her prince charming is in the real world to bring Giselle back to Andalasia.

"Enchanted is a delightful fairytale and a wonderful family entertainment. I have just watched this film because of the name gorgeous of Amy Adams in the lead role and the advice of my daughter that told me how marvelous "Enchanted" is. I do not understand the bad reviews of this film and I really feel sorry for someone that is so bitter and cold-hearted that does not enjoy an adorable fairytale that ends with "happily ever after". My vote is nine.

Title (Brazil): "Encantada" ("Enchanted")

Note: On 06 November 2010 I saw this adorable film again.
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Enjoyable fairy tale frolic, if you're not too cynical or damning...
moonspinner556 February 2011
New York City divorce lawyer and single dad Patrick Dempsey chances to meet distressed storybook princess Amy Adams, a once-animated maiden who has become mortal after being pushed into the real world by a wicked queen. Instead of a fish-out-of-water fairy tale from Walt Disney Pictures, we get a cartoon character turned three-dimensional...add songs, homages to Disney classics, plus a computer-generated squirrel (for slapstick value) and you've got the makings of a pleasant, if top-heavy, romantic comedy for eleven-year-old girls. Some of the humor is a bit too outrageous (I could have done without the bathtub-scrubbing cockroaches), but Dempsey and Adams really put their hearts into this sugar-coated scenario and give us an attractive, appealing couple worth swooning over. The animated prologue is fun, and Susan Sarandon is a perfect villainess, although Bill Kelly's screenplay is a little short on genuine supporting characters: the entire picture seems to take place in a vacuum, with the Big Apple residents (minus one ticked-off bus driver) under some sort of catatonic spell. **1/2 from ****
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"The steel beast is dead peasants! I've set you all free!"
bensonmum26 April 2008
Warning: Spoilers
I'll make this quick as Enchanted has already been discussed to death on IMDb. And quite honestly, I've got nothing much new to add. But I did want to post a comment and add my voice to those praising this movie. I am absolute stunned at how much I enjoyed Enchanted. It's just that – enchanting. And it may be the best thing Disney (without Pixar) has done in years. I love the way Disney uses Enchanted to poke fun at itself – something that quite honestly I didn't thing they would ever do. The song in the park is an incredibly inspired moment that works on two levels – one as an entertaining throw back to a time when musicals were acceptable forms of entertainment – and two as a spoof of all of those musicals. Finally, the casting couldn't have been better. I didn't know who Amy Adams was before I watched Enchanted, but she is awesome and plays the part of a Disney princess to perfection. It's just a fantastic movie!
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Disney is back!
ritsn25 November 2007
There is little more I could add to the stellar comments and reviews for this film. While it is not perfect (probably some expository songs were cut out to reduce time, particularly in the case of secondary characters), it left me smiling and happy, and I even bought the soundtrack on iTunes. One thing I didn't notice mentioned (probably it was noted elsewhere) was that in the beginning Giselle and Edward defeated an evil troll. Isn't this a reference to the upstart Shrek? I love how, instead of making fun of Disney lore this film gently nudges it and updates it. I hope the very tired Disney fairy tale mocking genre is slain by this film.
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Bearably Cute
prettymuse7891 December 2007
My friends and I are big Disney fanatics, so we went to see Enchanted with open minds.

The movie's playful satire of the age of classic Disney animation is the best part. Even the title is written in the Gothic style shown in Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty. The animation and score (composed by Alan Menken...see The Lion King and numerous other 90s Disney movies) are simply the icing on the cake at the beginning. In the animation world the kids will be entertained and the teenagers and adults will chortle as they remember the overly-enthusiastic naiveness of the protagonists of early Disney films.

Giselle (played superbly by Amy Adams...this woman walks, sits down, does EVERYTHING in character. The innocent vitality she has for life at the beginning of the movie never wavers even when she experiences reality) is super excited to get married to her cliché Prince Charming (James Marsden, also wonderful. His range is incredible...I still can't believe he is also Cyclops and Corny Collins). Conveniently, Charming rides up on his white horse and saves her from a troll, and upon meeting her for the first time decides to get married the next day. But alas, the evil queen(Susan Saradon, who has a regrettably short part so I can't comment on her performance) knows that once Charming, her stepson, marries Giselle she will have to give up her throne to her stepdaughter. So she decides to trick her into a play "where there are no happily ever afters" by way of a magic well.

Patrick Dempsey plays a lawyer who grows skeptical of the subtle fantasy of living thanks to his own corroding marriage, but thankfully he meets Giselle who reminds him (through turning a daily stroll through Central Park into a musical Howard Ashman would be proud of) of the Disney magic in everyone! The movie is rather cute, but the singing and the happiness and the flowers get annoying (although still bearable) after about an hour. The score is better than the forgettable script...the jokes come from the performances, not the writing. I was mostly disappointed in the holes in the plot. Events that shouldn't have happened in reality were never explained (how did the queen's henchman keep disguising himself? How was Giselle able to swing herself up on a building after the queen?)...I know the movie's supposed to be a fantasy but the screenwriters should not completely alter the rules of reality when the point is to show the differences between the real and animated world.

The script is the biggest flaw. Frankly I think the cinematography could have been better too, especially in Giselle's scenes (more sweeping tracking shots of the scenery would have maintained the realism of the fantasy). But whatever. It wasn't a waste of a movie. Take the kids, and Disney fanatics will appreciate the attempt to recreate the classic animation age...but will notice some elements missing that makes this movie feel like it has less heart than it advertises.
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