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MPAA Rated PG for some scary images and mild innuendo

Sex & Nudity

  • A man tells a woman that his girlfriend thinks they did something and when the girl asks if he means they kissed, he tells her it's "something similar"
  • A woman is showering when a man walks into the room, just as the shower curtain opens and pigeons fly in front of her with a towel, covering her. She is then shown wearing nothing but the towel in several scenes.
  • We see a cubist sculpture of a nude woman (breasts and buttock are visible, but there's no evident detail).
  • Several women wear low-cut dresses that reveal deep cleavage and bare shoulders.
  • A woman and a man fall out of a bathroom door onto the floor, and she lands on top of him wearing nothing but a towel (neither is hurt and the man is fully dressed).
  • The hero's girlfriend finds him after Giselle has fallen on top of him in her towel by accident,then gets upset and makes a comment about "grown-up girl bonding time".
  • A man knocks on a door, another man opens the door and smiles invitingly (implying attraction) and the first man walks away.
  • A man climbs out of a well, men standing around him ask if he too is looking for a woman and he tells them that he is looking for a prince (they seem to assume that he is gay).
  • A girl tells a woman that she shouldn't wear too much makeup, that "boys will get the wrong idea" and that "they are only after one thing"; she then says that she doesn't know what that "thing" is.

Violence & Gore

  • A scary dragon grabs a man, climbs up the outside of a building, uses its tail to thrash a woman, nearly pushing her over the edge, and it then falls to its death, exploding into glitter when it hits the pavement.
  • A man begins to fall from the top of a building, his coat sleeve is pinned by a thrown sword, his sleeve tears, he falls and he and a woman slide down a roof but do not go over the edge.
  • A woman bites an apple and falls to the floor unconscious (she seems pale and her eyelids are dark).
  • A woman throws an apple (it's poisoned) that strikes a bicyclist in the helmet, sticks to the helmet, sizzles, and we later see a hole in the helmet and a bald patch on his head.
  • A man threatens to kill another man and holds a sword to his throat, a man threatens a woman by holding a sword to her throat, and a man holds a sword to another man's neck (nobody is harmed.)
  • A woman rises out of a manhole with smoke and bolts of green lightning flashing around her. Later on, she hits some cars with these same bolts in order to stop traffic.
  • An animated woman is shoved into a deep well. She lands at the bottom and gasps as she is covered in stardust and transferred to the real world. She is unharmed, but is shown frightened.
  • A woman climbs out of a manhole and is nearly struck by a truck and several cars speeding toward her. Two cars end up crashing together.
  • A manhole cover is blown off a manhole, it strikes a lighted sign in the distance breaking it and sending sparks around.
  • A woman becomes angry, she yells and many bottles at a bar shatter, sending thousands of pieces of glass flying all over the place. A man cowers and covers his face as the glass shatters.
  • A man stabs a bus with his sword, he ends up cutting a woman's bag open, it's contents spill onto the floor of the bus and the bus driver yells at him.
  • A woman swings a sword over her head, slams it into the floor, she is surrounded by bright light and flames and she transforms into a large dragon.
  • A woman is pushed around in a crowded street She is unharmed but is shown to be confused and afraid. A man steals jewelry from her. She is unharmed but yells after him.
  • A troll tries to eat a woman, she falls out of a tree onto a man's lap. The woman is unhurt and the troll is thrown far into the forest.
  • A man is shown wrangling a troll with a rope, the troll skids on the ground, another man pokes the troll's face and his hands are covered with slime; there's talk of "troll hunting."
  • A chipmunk is repeatedly abused: it is never really hurt, but a broom is swung at it, it is thrown into a pizza oven (flames burst out of the oven and people think it is incinerated), it is hung by the front paws from hanger clips in an extended scene, and it is threatened with knives (a man holds a knife to the chipmunk's throat.)
  • A woman screams and flails when a chipmunk crawls onto her head and down her face.
  • A pigeon is shown eating a cockroach (we hear a loud crunch.)
  • A man tells his young daughter about Madam Curie and how she died from radiation poisoning and the girl is alarmed.
  • A cat hisses and lunges at a man, dogs bark from the other side of a door and a man is frightened.
  • A decrepit woman with warts on her face and discolored and missing teeth speaks to a woman and flaps her tongue repeatedly between her teeth.
  • A dog urinates on a man's boot.
  • A woman drinks fish tank water then spits out a fish into a cup.
  • A chipmunk defecates when it is scared. We hear a squirt and see a dropping.
  • A pigeon flies into a window, but is unhurt.
  • Roaches pour up and out of a bathtub drain and clean the tub and rats scrub a toilet using toothbrushes.
  • A man panics when he sees roaches, flies, birds and mice in his apartment and struggles to get rid of them.


Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • A man and a woman are shown with alcoholic beverages in a restaurant and the woman almost drinks from hers but is interrupted.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • The first time we see the real people version of the hag, it may startle some kids.
  • A woman turns into a dragon threatening to kill everyone in a room.

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