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4 Jan. 2007
Out and In
Kenny confronts Dave after hearing that he thinks he's gay, and ends up coming out of the closet to him. Dave suggests to him that he tell his parents, but when Kenny tells them, they kick him out of the house. Meanwhile, Hillary goes on a date with a blind guy she met at the coffeehouse, but she quickly gets tired of having to describe everything to him.
11 Jan. 2007
Put on a Happy Face
Kenny becomes a member of the family, while Dave fights to get into a new office after a fellow co-worker suddenly passes.
18 Jan. 2007
It's Not Easy Being Green
Dave starts to put pressure on Hillary for her to do well on her college admissions interview by setting up mock interviews, which only makes her even more nervous. Meanwhile, Vicky organizes a movie night for the family, and they end up watching Al Gore's An Inconvenient Truth. Finding the film very profound, Dave forces the entire family to live in an eco-friendly existence, but takes things too far.
25 Jan. 2007
It's a Lower-Middle-Upper-Middle-Class Problem
Money crunch time hits Dave's household and he places the kids under strict allowance, which prompts them to come up with ways of making more money. When Vicki wants new boots, she gives Dave a taste of his own medicine with cheaper beer.
1 Feb. 2007
Zero Tolerance
After Larry is suspended from school for having pot. Vicky discovers it was Dave's pot and tells him to join Pot Smoker Anonymous, where the principal that suspended him is there.
1 Feb. 2007
No Weddings and a Funeral
When Vicki's mom gets a marriage proposal, Dave finds out that her intended was not faithful to his mother-in-law during the bachelor party and keeps his mouth shut just to get the family an all expense paid vacation to the wedding in the Carribbean.
15 Feb. 2007
Kenny Doesn't Live Here Anymore
When the school bans Kenny and his date from attending the Sadie Hawkins Dance, Dave complicates matters further when he inadvertently informs the principal that Kenny is living with him and not his own parents, resulting in interference from Social Services and their attempts to place Kenny in foster care. Dave also gives Hillary advice on getting back together with her old boyfriend, which only alienates Hillary and exhilarates Dave.
3 Mar. 2007
Take This Job and Bleep It
Dave decides he wants to start his own company after his job lowers their commission rate. Hilary decides she wants to go into the army after not being accepted to any colleges. Larry puts off his permit test.
4 Mar. 2007
The White Shadow
A music executive wants to meet with Larry after hearing some songs he uploaded online. Hilary tells Taye she loves him. Mike is trying to put on weight.
25 Mar. 2007
The War of the Golds
Vicky's plan for a living will meets with some resistance from Dave, and a bitter fight ensues, leaving the kids wondering if they'll all end up in divorce court.
1 Apr. 2007
A Bitter Pill to Swallow
Larry rejects the idea of being put on medication, much to the dismay of his parents. Dave finds a pill of his own hard to take when he finds out his daughter isn't "daddy's little girl" anymore.
22 Apr. 2007
The Graduate
Because of failing gym class, Hillary risks not graduating high school. Feeling that their nest is emptying a little bit, Dave and Vicky feel the need to keep it that way, resulting in both of them agreeing to have no more children and taking steps to prevent that from happening. But in the end, Hillary graduates and a shock for Dave and Vicky unfolds.

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