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Season 3

25 Sep. 2007
Pandemonium: Part 1
The team members scramble to make sense of the disintegration of the unit, some in interrogation and others a continent away in Panama, and Colonel Ryan makes an unpleasant discovery.
2 Oct. 2007
Pandemonium: Part Two
Mack has been abducted for more torture, and the unit reunites to rescue him and clear their names.
9 Oct. 2007
Always Kiss Them Goodbye
Nerve gas is stolen and the team is sent to retrieve it - a task made more complicated when it goes airborne and the pilot is dead. Back at home, Mack and Tiffy have domestic issues that require Col. Ryan's interference.
16 Oct. 2007
Every Step You Take
Bob, Williams and Grey are charged with rescuing a group of Embassy personnel and their families who are under attack in Abidjan, while Jonas tests his daughter's strength and conviction when she decides to enlist.
23 Oct. 2007
Inside Out
Mack begins to bond with a hostage who may need to be sacrificed to save operatives' lives. Back at the base, Bob is distracted from training exercises when Kim is put on bed rest, and Tiffy resorts to an uncomfortable job when her past affects her future.
30 Oct. 2007
Jonas, Mack and Charles guard a spoiled singer in Iraq, and Bob is charged with surrendering a foreign prisoner to his country for execution. At the base, Hector pursues a waitress, aided by the women.
6 Nov. 2007
Five Brothers
When Charles is injured while the team rescues a journalist Jonas must try to save his life and still keep the mission on track, but it may not be enough. Back at home, Tiffy is victimized by a patron of the bar.
13 Nov. 2007
Play 16
The team deals with their loss, and Jonas vows revenge, putting the unit at risk with Washington.
20 Nov. 2007
Binary Explosion
Grey goes undercover because of his previous relationship with a suspect whose gang is dealing in dangerous explosive, and a CID's interference may derail the whole operation.
27 Nov. 2007
Gone Missing
Bob's crisis of conscience puts a mission at risk, and what started out as a gift for Molly exposes a deeply-held secret.
18 Dec. 2007
Side Angle Side
Jonas is asked to turn on an old friend, and things get complicated when Charlotte Canning reappears; at home, Kim fields a call from a depressed army wife who won't give up her location, and Charles feels guilty when he turns to Annie for comfort.

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