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  • Dean's ringtone is a generic guitar riff made for the show so they could avoid paying royalties. It is supposed to sound familiar, but it was made exclusively for Supernatural. Edit

  • Season 15 was the final season. The finale aired on 19 November, 2020. Edit

  • Supernatural tells the story of Sam [Jared Padalecki] and Dean [Jensen Ackles] Winchester, two brothers raised from childhood to be nomadic hunters of supernatural phenomena. When Sam was six months old and Dean was four, something otherworldly killed their mother in a house fire. After that, their father John [Jeffrey Dean Morgan] became obsessed with the paranormal and took to hunting evil across the backroads of America while teaching them the tools of the trade along the way. For awhile, Sam turned his back on hunting and lived a normal life attending college at Stanford University and building a healthy relationship with a girl named Jessica. But that all came to an end when Dean showed up on Sam's doorstep asking for help after their father disappeared on a hunt. Today, the brothers travel from town to town investigating the demonic and the paranormal while continuing John's quest to find what killed their Mom. Sometimes the stories are based on actual urban legends, such as the Lady in White, Bloody Mary, or the Hookman, but more often than not, Supernatural will take pieces from folk lore, classic mythology, ghost stories, etc. and put them in a new context. The show premiered on YTV on Sep 6th, 2005 and started on the WB a week later. Generally, there are 22 episodes in any given season with seven to nine episodes focused on the mythos while the rest are standalone episodes. Ten seasons have been completed so far. The fifteenth season is currently being aired on the CW. Edit

  • They drive a black 1967 Chevy Impala, 327, 4-barrel, V-8 engine, automatic, 4-dr, Hardtop. It was given to Dean by his father, John. It has the license plate KAZ 2Y5. The KAZ is a reference to Kansas, the Winchesters' home state, and the 2Y5 is 2005, the year the show premiered. As of 2007, the license plate is CNK 80Q3. Edit

  • According to Jensen Ackles, Dean's necklace is an Egyptian protection amulet, possibly a representation of the Bull-Man, a Mesopotamian demon that helps people fight evil and chaos, or Mithras, a Roman Zoroastrian god whose many duties include protecting the righteous from demonic forces. It was revealed in A Very Supernatural Christmas where and how Dean got the necklace (Sam had actually bought it for their father, John and oblivious to the "hunting" at the time. Dean asked "What -- did you steal it?" Sam replied "No, Uncle Bobby (one of the first mentions of him) gave me the money" Sam then gave the necklace to Dean since John wasn't there and Dean had told him the truth about how their dad "was like a superhero") but not what it was intended for nor if does anything special. Kripke hinted at LA Con in 2008 that the necklace may contain an extra bit of mojo. He said that there is a reason why Dean always wears it but that they haven't yet found the right story to reveal why. It was revealed in the second episode of the fifth season that the amulet could be used to find God. Edit

  • At the start of season one Dean was 26, and Sam was 22. Dean's birthday is January 24th,1979. Sam's birthday is May 2nd,1983. Edit

  • They are from Lawrence, Kansas, which isn't just some random thing on the part of the producers. Do a google search of "Lawrence Kansas legends", and you should find some good stuff. Edit

  • Dean runs elaborate credit card scams and hustles pool and poker games to make it from day to day. Edit

  • November 2, 1983 which is Day of the Dead (All Souls Day) in the Roman Catholic Church. Edit

  • Y.E.D is an acronym for Yellow Eyed Demon, a term first uttered by Dean in episode 2.9 Croatoan. Acronyms and names for the other lower class demons and supernatural creatures featured on the show so far include: B.E.D (Black Eyed Demon, typical soldier demons), R.E.D: (Red Eyed Demons, crossroads demons). and PsyKids (Psychic 23-year-olds that have enhanced mental abilities such as visions, telekinesis, telepathy, etc.). Edit

  • Don't worry, there are thousands of people out there in the same boat. Region 1 DVDs (US and Canada) have the special features. They were removed from both the Region 2 (Europe, Israel, and Japan) and region 4 (Australia, Central and South America) DVDs for some reason. You can get the Region 1 DVDs at any good DVD importing site. Most DVDs players are able to play the Region 1 NTSC. However, some may have regional encoding and will not play DVDs from other regions. There are a number of websites set up to deal with this by providing hacks to change the encoding of your machine. Just search in Google. There was also a "Special Collector's Edition" released in region 4 (Australia and New Zealand) with special features intact, in early 2007 Edit

  • Actor, Jared Padalecki's arm was broken in a bar fight. However, in order to incorporate the cast into the show, Sam got his arm broken when he was tackled the ground by a zombie in the episode, Children Shouldn't Play with Dead Things (ep. 2.4). Edit

  • Two possibilities have been offered: 1) Since Mary was out of Mirror-world, her presence would cause anyone nearby to bleed out of their eyes, or 2) Dean was bleeding because he felt guilty over something that happened in the past. Originally people thought the answer was in the flashback scenes from Something Wicked, but Eric Kripke confirmed that Dean was hiding a bigger secret than that. Kripke recently reiterated at the LA Con in 2008 that Dean's eyes were bleeding for a reason but did not say why. Edit

  • In a deleted scene, Dean notices that his watch had stopped and that the radio was going to static (two signs of nearby paranormal activity). Dean's hunter instincts kicked in, and he rushed to Sam's place figuring he would be the target. Edit

  • In episode 2.10 Hunted, Gordon casually revealed to Dean that he had roadhouse sources who were watching the brothers. We were supposed to meet Gordon's source in that episode (some old shifty guy that Ellen would run out of the bar), but Eric Kripke said the scenes were so bad and corny they had to drop them from the episode. Edit

  • John's journal has been placed online here by Warner Brothers. You'll have to click around a bit, but you will eventually get to it. Edit

  • Sorta. While they changed the name of the town and built up the legend, it is based on the village of Dudleytown, Connecticut, which is left in ruins and resides on private property. In fact, it was supposed to be called Dudleytown in the show but they had to change the name for presumably legal reasons. Here is a link on the history and legends of Dudleytown. Edit

  • He was locked in Lucifer's cage in the center of hell with Lucifer and Michael. Edit

  • Season 1: The boys try to track down their father John who has gone missing after finding a lead on the thing that killed their mother.

    Season 2: Sam and Dean try to figure out how Sam and other special children like him fit into the Yellow Eyed Demon's plans.

    Season 3: The boys try to find a way out of Dean's demon deal as a mysterious leader takes command of the new demon army.

    Season 4: The Winchesters try to prevent Lilith from breaking the 66 Seals that imprison Lucifer.

    Season 5: Sam and Dean try to stop Lucifer and the Four Horsemen as the apocalypse looms large.

    Season 6: Dean tries to recover Sam's soul from Hell and the brothers have to stop the "Mother Of All". Castiel also struggles with the war in heaven.

    Season 7: Sam and Dean are trying to stop the Leviathans, and Sam deals with his memories from Lucifer's Cage.

    Season 8: Sam and Dean try to shut down the gates of Hell, while Dean deals with memories from Purgatory, an unlikely friend and the loss of Castiel. In flashbacks, Sam re-visits time spent with his girlfriend Amelia Richardson.

    Season 9: The angels have fallen. Heaven is closed. Sam, Dean and Castiel try to stop Metatron and Abaddon.

    Season 10: Dean is a demon. He has the Mark of Cain. Sam tries to cure his brother and bring him back to humanity.

    Season 11: Removing the Mark of Cain from Dean has freed "The Darkness"; God's sister Amara, intent on getting revenge on Him for locking her away for millennia; even if it means destroying all creation just to get His attention.

    Season 12: Sam and Dean must try to return Lucifer to the cage, as well as track down his "baby momma" before his child is born into the world. All the while, the British Men of Letters have come stateside to approach American hunters with their own agendas. Edit

  • Yes.The antagonists in "The Benders" (1:15), "Family Remains" (4:11) and "#thinman" (9:15) are human. "Bad Day at Black Rock" (3:3) revolves around a cursed object. Edit

  • They are married in real life. Genevieve Cortese, who played Ruby in season four, married Jared Padalecki. They have three children. Also, between seasons 3 and 4, while Dean was in hell, Ruby worked with Sam to develop his demonically based psychic powers. Edit

  • While made fun of by civilians throughout the series with lines such as "so ghosts are afraid of condiments?" This is really only fully explained once, and almost in passing; in Seas2 - Ep16, "Roadkill" by Sam to Molly: -Molly: "That thing shoots rock salt?" -Sam: "Yep." -Molly: "And plain salt keeps away spirits?" -Sam: "Simple remedies are always the best. In most cultures, salt is a symbol of purity, so it repels impure and unnatural things. Same reason you throw it over your shoulder." The old wives' tale to avoid bad luck after spilling the salt shaker was a bit poor and outdated; a better example (IMHO, that people would be more familiar with) would've been the Biblical tale of Lot and his wife leaving Sodom, with her being turned to salt upon looking back and seeing the purifying light. Edit



The FAQ items below may give away important plot points.

  • In the earlier seasons (1-5), most of the main female characters are antagonists. However, this changes in later seasons. Many characters (male or female) switch back and forth between being good and bad. This includes Ruby, Meg, Lilith, Eve, Bela, Abbadon, Anna, and Rowena. Good female characters include Hannah, Charlie, Jo Harvelle, Lisa, Jody Mills, Donna, Claire, Alex, Kya, Dark Kya, and Mary Winchester. It should also be noted that there are plenty of male evil characters. Edit

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