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Season 5

10 Sep. 2009
Sympathy for the Devil
Sam, Dean, and Bobby must deal with the aftermath of the Devil's escape from Hell, and receive startling news from the Prophet Chuck.
17 Sep. 2009
Good God, Y'All
Rufus, an old friend of Bobby's calls, panicked about demons attacking a town in Colorado. Sam and Dean arrive to help, but soon discover things aren't exactly as they seem.
24 Sep. 2009
Free to Be You and Me
Sam decides to stop hunting but has a hard time after he receives a surprise visit. Dean and Castiel try to find the Archangel Raphael in their bid to stop the Apocalypse.
1 Oct. 2009
The End
Dean refuses Sam's efforts to help him battle the Devil, and then wakes up to find himself five years in the future, in a wasteland where Lucifer has begun his endgame by unleashing a virus that transforms humans into zombies.
8 Oct. 2009
Fallen Idols
Sam and Dean head to a small town where people are murdered by famous dead icons. However the brothers come to a dead end when two teenagers reveal they saw Paris Hilton kidnap their friend.
15 Oct. 2009
I Believe the Children Are Our Future
Dean and Sam investigate a series of murders that resemble fairy tales and urban legends; the brothers track down an 11-year-old boy that Castiel deems a serious threat.
29 Oct. 2009
The Curious Case of Dean Winchester
Dean and Sam learn that a witch is running a poker game where the currency is life years versus money; Dean tries to intervene when Bobby starts losing the game.
5 Nov. 2009
Changing Channels
Dean and Sam are thrown into an alternate universe by the Trickster where they are characters in different TV series.
12 Nov. 2009
The Real Ghostbusters
Dean and Sam are at a Supernatural convention where they meet lots of fans of the Supernatural Books. After a while they get the impression that something is not right at the location of the convention.
19 Nov. 2009
Abandon All Hope
Dean and Sam get to know the whereabouts of Lucifer and want to hunt him down. But Lucifer is well prepared and is working his own plans.
21 Jan. 2010
Sam, Interrupted
Dean and Sam check themselves into a mental hospital so they can investigate a monster that is attacking patients.
28 Jan. 2010
Swap Meat
While investigating a school, Sam is the target of a teenager's body-switching spell.
4 Feb. 2010
The Song Remains the Same
The renegade angel Anna escapes from her prison in heaven. She travels back in time to kill Sam and Dean's parents so that Sam is never born, and cannot be the vessel for Lucifer. Castiel sends Sam and Dean back to stop Anna.
11 Feb. 2010
My Bloody Valentine
Castiel helps Dean and Sam hunt down Cupid after people start killing each other for love on Valentine's Day.
25 Mar. 2010
Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid
Sam and Dean travel to Bobby's hometown to investigate why the dead are rising from their graves. Dean has a strange encounter with Bobby's dead wife.
1 Apr. 2010
Dark Side of the Moon
Dean and Sam are killed by the hunters Walt and Roy. They awake in heaven and Castiel contacts Dean and asks him to seek out the angel Joshua. Meanwhile Zachariah is chasing them in Heaven to force Dean to be Michael's vessel.
8 Apr. 2010
99 Problems
Sam and Dean meet a woman in a small town who claims to be a prophet.
15 Apr. 2010
Point of No Return
Zachariah has a new plan to overcome Lucifer but the strategy has unforeseen destructive consequences.
22 Apr. 2010
Hammer of the Gods
The Winchesters are abducted by a group of renegade gods who want to use them as a bargaining tool to stop the apocalypse.
29 Apr. 2010
The Devil You Know
Crowley offers to help the brothers hunt down Pestilence and reclaim his ring, while Dean gets a lesson in trust when Sam's history with the Four Horsemen's demon `Stable Boy' is revealed.
6 May 2010
Two Minutes to Midnight
Bobby sells Crowley his soul in exchange for the location of Death, while Pestilence infects the Winchesters with a deadly disease.
13 May 2010
Swan Song
With the Apocalypse looming, Sam and Dean realize they are out of options and make heart-breaking decisions that will change their lives forever.

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