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Season 1

4 Apr. 2006
Pepper Dennis, a reporter for WEIE 4 Chicago, receives the shock of her life as the network announces who will be the new news anchor.
11 Apr. 2006
Poker Clubs and Boob Cams
Pepper investigates rumors that a new poker club for men is really the front for a bordello. Her first discovery... that Charlie has joined the club.
18 Apr. 2006
Frat Boys May Lose Their Manhood
Pepper's personal anger during a live interview lands her on the couch of the company shrink, who forces her to confront her issues with Charlie. Meanwhile, Kathy's desire to please people leads Pepper to discover dangerous hazing rituals at a college fraternity, leading one of the pledges to hold everyone in the frat house, including Pepper, hostage at gunpoint.
25 Apr. 2006
Heiress Bridenapped
Pepper is assigned to cover the Chicago society wedding of the year but the story becomes real news when the bride disappears moments before the ceremony.
2 May 2006
Saving Venice
Pepper may win an award, an audience 'homeability' focus group hates her grim appearance, unlike charming Charlie Babcock. So Jack expects her ordered behind the screens. Even Chick is tempted to bond in order to get seduction tips. Giving Pepper a pets/human interest segment backfires. Charlie offers to coach her in charming on air, but she still gets it wrong every time. Kim has the hots for Pepper's kid brother Mitch, now in college.
9 May 2006
Celebrity Twin Could Hang
Editor Jack Bell, Pepper's mentor, has been fired and replaced by recent graduate and CEO relative Lester 'Les' Gaye. He incorporates a ludicrous management mission, including audience entertainment instead of hard facts - and forced vacation days catch-up, even for Pepper. Kathy is determined to keep her from working on (unpaid) for an interview with socialite April May Tyler, who is accused of murdering her twin. Charlie bends to the new wind, followed by the gang. Charlie bumps into an interview with April and realizes her manager Benny Gold is manipulating her.
17 May 2006
Curtis Wilson's a Total Nut Job
Pepper investigates the background of the new mayoral candidate. He SEEMS to be too good to be true, but Pepper's job becomes more complicated as she finds herself attracted to the guy.
23 May 2006
Hiroshi Watanabe in Bed with Curtis Wilson
Curtis gives Pepper an exclusive tip on an upcoming story. Babcock finds out that Pepper and Curtis are seeing each other and questions her integrity as a reporter. Kimmy tries to resist the temptation that is Pepper's brother Mitch. And, most importantly of all, Pepper has to find a new swimsuit for her weekend trip with Curtis.
23 May 2006
Charlie Babcock's Homosexual Encounter
An accident at the paper copier puts Guy in no condition for work, so Pepper is assigned to cover Guy's story about Grady Harper, a football star, who's big fan Babcock is. Babcock wants the story, but Pepper is still bitter about the "Pope story" incident and does not give in to Babcock's pleas. When doing the story, Pepper gets injured and Grady takes care of her. Then he invites her out on a date. Babcock invites himself, but all is not as it seems, as Babcock finds out in the men's room (hint: there is a clue in the title). Meanwhile, Chick's class reunion is ...
6 Jun. 2006
Dennis, Bulgari, Big Losers at ACoRNS
The ACoRNS nominations are announced and Pepper is excited to get four nominations, especially since Babcock gets only one. Kathy as a dinner date that just gets a bit too uncomfortable for her. She turns to Pepper for advice because "slutty doesn't come easily." She hasn't been single for ten years. Sadly, Pepper only encourages her to seek support groups, since she is too busy fantasizing about her quadruple ACoRNS win. Pepper invites her parents, but they couldn't be less interested because Pepper's brother Mitch needs all the support for his performance at a ...
20 Jun. 2006
Pepper Dennis Behind Bars
After refusing to reveal her source in a city scandal, Pepper finds herself behind bars. While in the slammer, after observing several inmates suffer food poisoning, Pepper uncovers a scandal that's plagued the jailhouse for years. Meanwhile, Kathy realizes she wants to be more than just a receptionist and pursues night classes at the local college. Charlie shows up at Pepper's doorstep and shocks her with an unexpected question.
27 Jun. 2006
True Love Is Dead
What begins as a simple attempt to help Kimmy get a refund from a dating service turns into an investigation when Pepper discovers that the agency is defrauding its clients for thousands.
4 Jul. 2006
Star Anchor Weds Colleague
Charlie proposes to Pepper, in hope of avoiding deportation; Kathy works to organize the wedding; Chick and Blanca have a realization about love.

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